The Bachelor featured Maria Georgas nearly quitting the competition, Daisy Kent admitting she wasn't in love with Joey Graziadei yet, and Joey choosing Daisy, Maria, Kelsey Anderson, and Rachel Nance as his Final 4 bachelorettes during the Season 28 episode that aired Monday night on ABC.

Joey denied roses to Jenn Tran, a 25-year-old physician assistant student from Miami, FL, and Kelsey Toussant, a 31-year-old actress from Los Angeles, CA, at the Rose Ceremony in Jasper, which is located in Alberta, Canada. 


"It's definitely tough to know that I wasn't enough. That's not fun," Jenn cried in her final words.

"I know we would've been amazing together. I know that we would've been so happy, and I'm totally going to miss him. I know what I have to offer. I know the amazing woman that I am, and I know that someone else will be more than happy to be my person. I just hope that I find someone as special as him one day."

Joey's Final 4 bachelorettes as a result are Daisy, a 25-year-old account executive from Becker, MN; Kelsey A., a 25-year-old junior project manager from New Orleans, LA; Maria, a 29-year-old executive assistant from Kleinburg, Ontario; and Rachel, a 26-year-old ICU nurse from Honolulu, HI.

The Bachelor broadcast began with Joey hoping for clarity, confidence and to start falling in love during the cast's time in Jasper.

The women thought the location was extremely beautiful, and Daisy -- who had grown up on a Christmas tree farm -- felt in her element in nature.

"This is such a romantic place. I just want to get naked and cuddle in the woods," Jenn told The Bachelor cameras.

Daisy was hoping for a one-on-one date because she said she'd like more time with Joey before introducing him to her family.

Daisy got that one-on-one she wanted, and Maria and Jenn noted how this process was getting hard for them. Jenn cried and admitted she was in her head. It was hard for Jenn to see Joey have strong connections with other women.

Joey, meanwhile, gushed about how his first real connection of the season was with Daisy, who had accompanied The Bachelor star on his very first one-on-one date.

"[Our connection] hasn't faded. It's been there the entire time, and I feel like I am falling for Daisy. But Daisy is the only woman who has not expressed how she feels about me," Joey said in a confessional.
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"She is giving me the feeling that she is falling, but I haven't heard it yet -- and I do think it's because we haven't had enough alone time. So it's time to take it to a different level today. I have to feel that she's there with me, and I don't know yet... I just really want to make sure we're on the same page and that feelings are developing together, because I can see it."

Joey wasn't sure his relationship with Daisy was going to progress to the point where he'd feel confident to meet her family, and so this date was make or break for the couple.

For their date, Daisy and Joey went horseback riding through the woods and across a beautiful mountain landscape.

Daisy said she'd love for Joey to meet her family because they're the most important people in the world to her. Daisy, however, didn't want to have any question in her mind about Joey, and she admittedly wasn't at that point yet.

Joey called Daisy "special," and The Bachelor star said she impressed him all the time. The pair then changed into their bathing suits and hopped into a hot tub.

"I can see us growing into a love and her being someone I can spend a life with, and I'm hopeful," Joey gushed to the cameras.


And Daisy said she loved being with Joey and he kept surprising her. She thought he was hot and sexy, and the hot tub definitely heated things up.

Daisy told Joey that she wanted an unconditional love with a man, and Joey said he wanted to find a woman with whom he couldn't live without, even during the bad times.

Daisy told The Bachelor cameras her feelings for Joey were really strong and she could picture a future with him but she wasn't "in love" with him yet.

"I think honesty in a relationship is the most important thing, and so I definitely want to let him know how I'm feeling," Daisy explained in a confessional.

"But I'm not going to sit here and be like, 'I'm in love with you' when I'm not. I know his biggest fear is being at the end of this and someone not reciprocating what he's feeling. And so I think that's what makes me nervous."

A Date Card then arrived, and it had all of the women's names on it except for Kelsey A., who would be going on the second one-on-one date with Joey in Jasper.

Jenn got very upset and admitted that she felt scared. She said she needed more time with Joey, and now she'd have to share him with other bachelorettes.

Back on Joey and Daisy's date, Daisy told The Bachelor cameras that she wasn't going to tell Joey that she loved him just to get a rose. She planned to tell Joey that she could probably get there with him, but she wasn't there yet. Daisy said if Joey rejected her over this revelation, she'd be "devastated."

At dinner that night, The Bachelor star flat out asked Daisy how she was feeling with hometown dates right around the corner.

Daisy told Joey that she'd love to watch him interact with her family, but she confessed, "I really, really like you. But am I there yet? No. I can see us being so great together, and I can see myself falling in love with you, to be honest."

Daisy shared how she'd always be honest with Joey, and he noted how they were having "a very real conversation." Joey admitted he needed to feel confidence in his relationship with Daisy before meeting her family, and so he asked her if she was truly ready to introduce him to her loved ones.

Daisy explained how her family was very protective of her since they had seen her "so low and so sick" before from Lyme disease and going through hearing loss. She therefore said her family would make sure that Joey could be there for her and take care of her.

"I don't want you to doubt that I can be that person, fully... if it was us [in the end]," Joey assured her.

Daisy sensed nervousness and fear from The Bachelor star because she wasn't 110% there yet, but he still gave her the date's rose and confirmed that what she had told him didn't scare him and he appreciated her honesty.

Joey said he saw "potential" with Daisy and he was going to go with his gut on this one.

Joey then surprised Daisy with a romantic skate around an ice rink that they had all to themselves, and Daisy revealed how she was "falling" for Joey after all.

The next day, Maria, Rachel, Kelsey T., and Jenn competed in a "Lumberjill" contest during the group date. They chopped wood, attempted a "buck cut" -- which was sawing off a piece of the end of a log -- chugged elk milk, and threw axes at a target.

Maria admitted she's not an outdoorsy girl, and so she struggled through the different tasks. She was also getting aggravated and annoyed about having to share Joey's time with three other women.


Kelsey T. ended up winning the competition, but Jenn stole him -- in the middle of one of his confessionals -- for a makeout session. The other girls watched the kiss from a distance, and it had a very negative impact on Maria.

"It made me sick to my stomach," Maria vented to The Bachelor cameras.

"I don't even know what to say to Joey tonight. It's extremely out of my comfort zone to introduce someone to my family who's not all mine. This is just too much... This is really hitting me because of how real this is to me."

During the group-date afterparty, Jenn expressed how she had a very hard week and she had never brought a man home to meet her family before. Joey explained how that didn't scare him, and he gave her the validation she needed to get out of her "bad headspace."

Kelsey T. reminded Joey that her feelings for him were "really strong," but her father didn't know that she was on The Bachelor. Regardless, Kelsey T. said her heart felt "full" when she was with Joey.

But Maria's heart was in a different place. Maria wanted Joey to make her feel like he belonged to her -- and not a bunch of other women. It killed her that she couldn't tell her family, "This is it," and she just wanted it to be the end of The Bachelor process.

"I am spiraling. I just want to be chosen," Maria vented in a confessional.

When Maria spoke to Joey, she explained, "Bringing you to meet my family, knowing that you are that way with these other women, it just doesn't sit right with me. My biggest fear would be doing all of this and not ending up with you. It's gotten the best of me, and I don't know if I can do this anymore."

Joey was worried and taken aback. He told Maria that he was "shocked" and "didn't expect" to hear this from her. Joey told Maria that she discredited the connection they had, but Maria clarified how she couldn't stand thinking about how Joey felt just as good -- or better -- with other women.

"My brain can understand, but honestly, my heart doesn't get it because I thought we were going somewhere. So is this it? Is your mind made up? I feel like it might be," Joey said.

"I think it is," Maria responded. "I hate this."

Maria then stood up and left the conversation, and Joey appeared disappointed and upset. Joey was afraid to have his feelings for Maria build and then deal with her leaving him. He needed a woman who was going to stick with the process no matter what.

When Maria returned to her conversation with Joey, she acknowledged how she had "a moment" and may have overreacted. Maria shared how she tended to think out loud a lot, and Joey insisted that he loved that about her.

"If you felt the way I felt, there would be no way you would be [quitting]. That makes me want to hold back from letting the feelings I'm truthfully feeling start to develop too," Joey told Maria.

"Whoever I choose at the end, I'm in... and you have to start believing that it can be you. I need someone who's in it fully."

Maria confirmed that she truly wanted to be "in it" with Joey and she was sorry for making him think otherwise. Maria agreed to trust the journey because she could truly see a future with Joey.

Joey left the conversation feeling "conflicted," and he questioned if Maria could ever "get there" with him. He also wondered if Maria was being the most real with him out of all the women, who seemed so certain about wanting to be with him.

Joey therefore didn't hand out a rose during the group date, saying that he needed more time to think.

"Now I think I'm doubting the conversation I had with him," Rachel told The Bachelor cameras.

"I wish he knew -- and I wish that he knew it was me. I feel like I'm losing him," Jenn lamented in a confessional. "That puts a lot of pressure on the cocktail party."

And Maria admitted that she was afraid she had "screwed things up" with The Bachelor star.

The next day, Joey and Kelsey A. embarked on a one-on-one date in Jasper. They explored the shops, had hot cocoa from a vendor, tried different foods, and went to a pub where they enjoyed beers.

The couple also did a "Polar Plunge" together, which resulted in them kissing and holding each other in the cold water. It was a crazy moment for the both of them that brought them closer together.

At dinner that night, Kelsey A. shared with Joey how he was definitely going to meet her father at her hometown date, if he chose to give her a rose. Kelsey A. wasn't close with her father when she was younger because he worked a lot, but then her mother passed away and it brought them closer together.

Kelsey A. cried because she was so thankful her dad had stepped up in her life when he was probably so devastated and crushed about losing his wife. Joey said he looked forward to meeting this "amazing man," and then he gave Kelsey A. a rose.

"You have this light about you that just makes me so happy to be around. It's easy to smile, it's easy to sink into our conversations... I can see a future. I know how big next week is, and I want to meet your dad," Joey told Kelsey A.

Joey also told Joey that he wouldn't get down on one knee unless he was 100% confident that woman is his "person," and that made Kelsey A. feel better because she said she only wants to get engaged and married once.

Joey could feel that Kelsey A. had so much love to give, and so he thought the idea of them coming together could be "magical."

Once the cocktail party commenced, The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer greeted the ladies and let them know that Joey had canceled the cocktail party. The women had to go straight to the Rose Ceremony, and the news made Kelsey T. feel particularly nervous and anxious.

Maria had also been hoping to make Joey feel more secure about their romance, so she thought this decision sucked.

At the Rose Ceremony, Joey pulled Maria aside for a chat and asked her for confirmation that she truly wanted to continue on the show and continue dating him with confidence in her heart. Maria assured The Bachelor star that she'd stick it out and wasn't going anywhere.

Joey then handed out roses to Rachel and Maria, eliminating Kelsey T. and Jenn from the running for his heart.


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