The Bachelor featured Jess Edwards calling Maria Georgas "disrespectful" and a rude and awful "b-tch," and Joey Graziadei eliminating Madina Alam, Allison Hollinger, Edwina Dorbor, and Autumn Waggoner during the Season 28 episode that aired Tuesday night on ABC.

Joey eliminated Allison, a 26-year-old realtor from Philadelphia, PA, and Edwina, a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Atlanta, GA, at the fourth Rose Ceremony of the season.

And then during the subsequent Rose Ceremony in the same episode, Joey denied roses to Autumn, a 26-year-old account executive from St. Louis, MO, and Madina, a 31-year-old mental health therapist from Charlotte, NC.

"Obviously I wish the cards were different for me. I would love to be loved, and that's why I'm here," Madina lamented to The Bachelor cameras.

"I'm proud of myself for coming here and opening my heart to Joey, but there was so much drama, I don't think we got to know each other."


The Bachelor broadcast began in Malta before the fourth Rose Ceremony of the season, with Maria, a 29-year-old executive assistant from Kleinburg, Ontario, crying, "I just want to go home. I hate this. I don't care. Give someone else my rose. I'm willing to let them win just so I can go home!"

Maria was upset Lea Cayanan, a 23-year-old account manager from Hawaii who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, had essentially scolded Madina for being nice to Maria following Sydney Gordon's exit.

Lea thought that since Madina and Sydney had become close friends, Madina shouldn't have been so supportive of Maria after her two-on-one date victory.

The mood at the cocktail party was serious and tense. Women were starting to feel deeply for Joey, and Lea had expressed to Joey how she was surprised about his decision to keep Maria in the competition.

"Honestly, I hope she leaves. Please, just go home," Lea vented to The Bachelor cameras after her chat with Joey.

The Bachelor's Rose Ceremony then commenced, and Joey explained to the women how he was going to hand out roses based on the connections he had developed. Joey said he wanted to be honest and truthful with how he was feeling and he'd never want to lead a bachelorette on.

Joey proceeded to hand out roses to Kelsey Anderson, a 25-year-old junior project manager from New Orleans, LA; Katelyn DeBacker, a 25-year-old radiochemist from Santa Fe, NM; Daisy Kent, a 25-year-old account executive from Becker, MN; and Rachel Nance, a 26-year-old ICU nurse from Honolulu, HI.
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Joey also gave out roses to Jenn Tran, a 25-year-old physician assistant student from Miami, FL; Autumn; Jess, a 24-year-old executive assistant from San Diego, CA; Madina; and Lea.

Joey therefore eliminated Edwina and Allison from The Bachelor's 28th season.

"I'm sad because I did feel like I had a connection with him. He's someone who I see -- well, I saw -- as a husband," Edwina said in her final words. "I'm proud I'm leaving and going, knowing I gave it 100 percent."

Maria told The Bachelor cameras how she was there to stay and she was going to keep her eyes on the prize, regardless of whether Lea wanted her around or not. Maria said she was very confident in her relationship with Joey and the rest was all "background noise."

Joey then informed his 12 remaining bachelorettes that they'd be traveling to Andalusia, Spain for the next round of dates. Joey had high expectations that he could start falling in love in Spain.

After the women arrived and got settled, Joey met the ladies while they were out to lunch, and he scooped up Kelsey A. on a Vespa scooter for a one-on-one date.

This upset many of the women, including Kelsey T. and Rachel. Rachel hoped Joey was holding out on something good for her, but Joey being with other women was getting harder for everyone to watch. Kelsey T. even broke down into tears after The Bachelor star took off with Kelsey A.

Lea was also annoyed with Maria, saying that if Maria was ready to leave after a little conflict, was she truly there for Joey?


For their solo date, Joey and Kelsey A. explored a local market, played soccer with locals, and enjoyed a wine tasting. Joey said being with Kelsey A. felt "so right" and that she put him at ease.

"She makes me feel happy. She makes me feel special. She is someone who with a simple look or a smile in a crowded room, I notice her," Joey shared with The Bachelor cameras.

Kelsey A. told Joey that she was "starting to trip" on her journey to falling in love, and Joey was in the same place. The pair had an amazing and romantic date, and then during dinner that evening, Joey said he wanted to learn more about the bachelorette.

Kelsey A. shared how her mother had shaped the person she is today. Kelsey A.'s parents were both military police officers, and once her mother got out of the Army, she was diagnosed with cancer about 10 years ago.

The cancer metastasized to her mother's bones, and then she died in a matter of months. Kelsey A. gushed about her mother's bright light and positive energy and how it was hard for her to think about getting married without her mother there.

Joey could tell that Kelsey A. was compassionate, kind, understanding and loving, and he said all of those qualities "oozed out" of her. Joey told the bachelorette that he felt so lucky to be dating her and also felt excited about their potential future together.

Joey therefore gave Kelsey A. a rose, and The Bachelor star admitted he was "smitten" with her. He was also so grateful she had opened up to him about her past. Kelsey, meanwhile, said she was starting to fall in love with Joey.

Meanwhile, a Date Card arrived for Lexi Young, a 30-year-old digital strategist from Atlanta, GA, as well as Daisy, Jenn, Autumn, Maria, Katelyn, Madina, Lea, Jess, and Kelsey T.

For The Bachelor group date, the ladies were asked to come up with one sentence to explain how they felt about Joey and their connection. They were also asked to paint a picture representing that notion.

Lea boasted about how this was her time to shine because she's a painter with "many talents," but in the end, Jess won the date. Jess had written down, "Our future is as bright as the diamond I hope to receive because our love is something I truly believe."

Jess had painted an engagement ring and a wedding ring interlocked with each other.

Jess and Joey then went off alone and created a giant piece of art by painting each other and rolling around on a blank canvas in their white bathing suits. The pair had a great time, and Jess was so thankful to have received some extra time with The Bachelor star.

At the afterparty that night, Joey shared how he had great communication with Jenn and how Kelsey T. had been very patient.

"I am realizing how much I care, because it's hurting me to see [Kelsey T.] that way," The Bachelor star revealed in a confessional.


Maria also broke out of her shell and showed Joey more layers of herself. Maria shared how her mother had left her when she was younger. When Maria was a baby, a cement truck fell onto her mother's car and the both of them nearly died.

Maria's survival was dubbed a "miracle" in newspapers at the time, and Maria explained to The Bachelor star how her mother struggled with depression after that and "wasn't capable" of being the mother that she wanted to.

Maria's dad apparently stood by her mother's side, and Maria grew extremely close to her father. Maria told Joey that she was essentially raised by men, which molded her into a strong and outspoken woman.

Maria said she and her mother continue to work on their relationship and so her mom looked forward to hopefully meeting Joey on a hometown date. Joey liked hearing that Maria was already thinking down the road, and Joey could feel a weight had been lifted off the bachelorette.

Joey decided to give the group-date rose to Maria for showing new sides of herself and being vulnerable with him, and Lea admitted her heart had dropped into her ass.

"I don't know who Maria is when she steps into a room with Joey, but she's putting on a damn good performance," Lea complained to The Bachelor cameras, adding, "I thought she was the last person this rose could have gone to."

Meanwhile, a Date Card arrived for Rachel, and she was ecstatic because she loves Spanish culture. The Date Card also hinted that she'd get to dance with Joey, and so she gushed, "Dreams are coming true!"

The following day, Rachel and Joey embarked on their date, and Joey wanted to see if the level of ease they shared with each other could turn into something deeper.

"I told Joey I'm a slow burn... I don't like to share too much. So today, I hope I'm feeling comfortable enough to share more parts of myself with him," Rachel noted.

For their date, Rachel and The Bachelor star learned a flamenco dance and were asked to perform it together in front of a loud and supportive audience. Rachel was in her element and enjoyed every second of the experience, and Joey praised Rachel for her beauty and rhythm.

At dinner that evening, Joey told Rachel how conversation just flowed with her, and Rachel explained to Joey how her nursing career affected her emotionally. Working in the ICU, Rachel said she often saw traumatic injuries and people passing away.

Joey admired the fact Rachel loves helping people, and he realized that he would need to be aware and considerate of the fact that Rachel may bring home sadness and grief after a day at work.

"Being with Joey makes me feel safe, and I felt that comfort. You need a partner who is going to support you through everything... [I'm] enjoying letting a man listen to me," Rachel told The Bachelor cameras.

Joey ended up giving Rachel a rose, and he explained how he was "all in" on her slow burn and he'd be there to listen to her when she's ready to open up more.

The couple's night ended with a romantic fireworks display in the sky, and they shared a passionate kiss. Joey wondered if their slow burn would potentially turn into a "raging fire" and true love.

It then became time for the next cocktail party of The Bachelor's 28th season.

Daisy told Joey that there was no place she'd rather be than with him, and Joey said Daisy was "100 percent someone [he] could fall in love with." Joey said he was "super excited" about the bachelorette and could imagine a real future with her.

As more and more women spoke to Joey, Jess began comparing herself to all of them. Jess was starting to feel insecure and spiral on her journey to hopefully find love on The Bachelor.

While Katelyn was talking to Joey, Maria apologized and interrupted them. Maria already had a rose in hand, and so Jess thought her move was "disrespectful" considering some of the bachelorettes were still waiting to talk to Joey that night.

"It's frustrating," Jess cried in a confessional. "I just don't understand what he sees in her!"

Lexi acknowledged how Maria and Joey's apparent strong connection could be threatening to a woman who hadn't received a lot of time with Joey.

When all of the women were sitting together, Maria asked Jess if she had a problem with the fact she pulled Joey aside for a chat. Jess admitted it was disrespectful, and Maria asked her how that was the case.

Jess laughed, and then Maria snapped, "Right! That's what I thought. So moving on."

Jess called Maria "so f-cking rude" and "disrespectful," claiming Maria had shut her down mid-conversation. Jess said Maria had offered up "a fake-ass apology," and Maria said sorry for having a good connection with Joey.

Jess told Maria, "I'm not giving you my time," and then as she walked away, Maria said, "Grow up."

"You need to grow the f-ck up, b-tch!" Jess shouted.

"There it is! Stop. Stop," Maria clapped back.

Jess admitted she was "about to lose it." She was over Maria and said she couldn't handle being around the bachelorette anymore. Jess then cried to Lea about how Maria was "awful," and Lea agreed and comforted her.

At the fifth Rose Ceremony of the season, which was "difficult" for The Bachelor star, Joey gave out roses to Jenn, Kelsey T., Daisy, Lea, Lexi, Katelyn, and Jess.

Joey therefore eliminated Madina and Autumn from the Season 28 competition.

"This was a hell of a lot harder than I ever thought it would be," Autumn said in her final words. "I guess Joey is not The One, but I can walk away from here saying, 'At least I tried.'"

Madina said she's sad she couldn't go on, but at the same time, she was truly happy for The Bachelor star and the girls he had left.

The episode ended with Joey revealing to his remaining bachelorettes that they'd be traveling to Montreal in Canada next.

"I think the drama has just begun. Watch your back, girl," Lea concluded.


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