The Bachelor star Colton Underwood eliminated Onyeka Ehie, Nicole Lopez-Alvar, Demi Burnett, and Katie Morton -- and he also saw Sydney Lotuaco quit during Monday night's Season 23 episode on ABC.

Colton denied roses to Onyeka and Nicole at a Rose Ceremony held in Thailand and later ousted Demi when she paid him a surprise visit to his place in Vietnam.


"It hurts. This is why I haven't wanted to be in a relationship for a really long time, because of this feeling," Demi said following her ouster.

"Being hurt is just the story of my life. Nobody has ever loved me back. I just feel like I'm not good enough. I hate that feeling, because I know that I am."

Sydney quit during a group date in Vietnam because she simply didn't feel her relationship with Colton was progressing fast enough. Sydney didn't feel Colton was invested in her either.

And as for Katie, she missed out on receiving a rose during the Rose Ceremony held in Vietnam.

The Bachelor episode began where last week's episode had left off, with Colton taking a minute for himself after witnessing Onyeka and Nicole's heated altercation at the group-date afterparty.

In addition to Onyeka, Nicole, Sydney, Demi, and Katie, the other bachelorettes who were in the running for Colton's heart at the start of the episode were Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Cassie Randolph, Hannah Brown, Hannah Godwin, Heather Martin, Kirpa Sudick, Sydney Lotuaco, and Tayshia Adams.

Onyeka asked all of the girls on the date whether they ever felt bullied by her and everyone said, "No." However, Nicole stood by her accusation that Onyeka had bullied and belittled her.

Colton then met with Chris Harrison and said he didn't sign on for the show to date women who wanted to throw each other under the bus.


It then became time for the Rose Ceremony in Thailand, and Colton handed out roses in the following order: Caelynn, Tayshia, Kirpa, Demi, Hannah G., Katie, and Sydney.
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Colton therefore eliminated both Onyeka and Nicole.

"I'm sad. Ugh, this sucks so bad! I feel like we were really connecting and I was excited to progress that more and see where it could go. Rejection doesn't feel good, but if I'm going to get rejected, I'm happy to get rejected not to Nicole," Onyeka said with a laugh following her ouster.

Nicole then told the cameras she couldn't even describe "how badly" she was hurting.

"I wish it didn't have to go down this way. I had a deep-down feeling this was a possibility. Onyeka put me in such a bad situation and I guess I just felt like there was no turning back," Nicole told the cameras.

"I came here so ready, looking for love, and I just saw so many amazing qualities in Colton. It's hard to find love in my life; it's hard. At least I can feel kind of good that Onyeka is gone."

Colton admitted the next morning there had been a lot of moments where he felt anxious or overwhelmed, but he hoped the next week in Nha Trang, Vietnam, would give him some clarity.

There were still a lot of women who hadn't been given one-on-ones, so many of the bachelorettes were nervous.


The Date Card then revealed Hannah G. would be accompanying Colton on the first one-on-one date of the week.

For their date, Colton and Hannah G. enjoyed a relaxing spa date in which they received massages and facials.

Colton had his eye on Hannah G. since the very beginning. He called her "absolutely stunning" and said he became smitten with her every time they saw each other.

In addition, Colton said he instantly connected with Hannah G. earlier in the process.

"Hannah and I have a great physical connection. The chemistry is just out of this world. I'm not going to lie, it's hard for me to keep my hands off her," Colton told the cameras.

Colton and Hannah G. ended up making out in numerous locations -- including an outdoor shower, a hot tub and on the massage table. She got lost in the moment with him and loved being intimate.

"If I get the chance to get an overnight with Colton, then I will definitely take advantage of it," Hannah G. said in a confessional.

Meanwhile, Caelynn discussed with Cassie how Hannah G. had relied on her beauty for most of her life and she wasn't sure who exactly she is as a person beyond "giggly Hannah."


"I'm just wondering -- is there a layer to her we are missing? Is there some depth to her we are missing? I mean, Colton gave her the First Impression Rose," Caelynn said.

Back on the dinner portion of Hannah G. and Colton's date, Hannah revealed to Colton she has trouble opening up about things because she always had to be strong and positive for other people, such as her parents during their divorce.

Hannah recalled a moment when her mother drove across her father's lawn, which her father loved tending and mowing multiple times a day.

Since Colton's parents are also divorced, the couple bonded over that hardship and became vulnerable with each other. Hannah G. acknowledged she was "falling in love" with Colton and he has many of the qualities she wants in a husband.

Colton said Hannah G. made him feel special and he could picture her being his wife, and with that being said, he offered her a rose.

"After tonight, I can definitely say I am falling in love with Hannah," Colton revealed.

The other bachelorettes then learned who would be accompanying Colton on a group date, and the selected women were Cassie, Heather, Tayshia, Caelynn, Katie, Hannah B., Sydney and Demi.

Sydney cried with disappointment about not getting more alone time with Colton, as did Demi. Kirpa, however, was thrilled to finally be receiving a one-on-one date.


For the group date, Colton and the ladies challenged themselves mentally and physically at the historic Hai Thai Ancient House.

The women trained in the Vietnamese martial art of Vovinam and had to fight for Colton's love in a series of intense sparring matches. Chris Harrison and The Bachelor Vietnam host Khoi Tran provided the play-by-play.

Demi had her guard up during the match with Katie, and Colton even admitted it was hard to watch. Demi told the cameras she's great fighting with her words but not with her body.

That night, at the afterparty, Tayshia disclosed to Colton she was having a tough week. She was scared because she had been "burned before, in a sense."

Tayshia wanted to continue moving forward with Colton, but she hoped Colton had the same curiosity about her.

Colton expressed how he felt a sense of calmness and comfort whenever he was in her presence. Tayshia realized she was happy to be on the show and everything was falling into place.

"I definitely feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be," Tayshia noted.

But Katie was feeling the pressure, as she didn't want to be misunderstood. Katie said she had a tough time showing her emotions, even happiness because she never wanted that feeling to be taken away from her.


Colton knew Katie was trying and he actually appreciated her tears because she was totally being herself. She could tell Colton cared about her, but she was afraid a single disconnect would make their relationship fall behind.

Colton then had a playful, flirty conversation with Hannah B., which ended with the bachelorette showing him some "ninja moves." Sydney and Tayshia watched from a distance and commented how most of the girls left weren't bringing much more to the table other than fun vibes.

Sydney found it very hard to watch Colton with other women -- who didn't seem ready for marriage -- when she was so serious about dating him and potentially becoming his future wife. She therefore expressed her frustration to the Bachelor himself.

Sydney asked Colton why he was closed off to her, and he admitted he was navigating each relationship and trying to figure out how they differed.

"Do you think you can get there with me?" Sydney asked, wondering why she had yet to receive a one-on-one date.

"I want to try," Colton replied.

Demi then got some alone time with Colton and said she wanted to be soft and sensitive with him, as well as supportive and loving. She could see Colton being by her side in life, and so she invited Colton to listen in on a call with her mother in prison, Tina.

Colton told Tina that she raised a fabulous daughter, and then Demi expressed pride in her mother and said she looked forward to introducing them to each other in person.


Sydney then sat down with Colton again and said, "I need more, and I think I can get more out of you and from us."

Colton noted he didn't have things figured out, but Sydney accused the Bachelor of "taking a lot of easier choices with the people" he's pursuing.

Sydney wasn't sure what exactly Colton was looking for, and in the meantime, she was in pursuit of something "real and magical."

"If it was right, it would be a lot easier between the two of us," Sydney reasoned. "I don't think we can get there just based on me needing more. Because of that, I am going to go home today."

Colton was upset to hear Sydney wanted to quit the journey, but he took it in stride and walked her out. Colton apologized, knowing how much she had given up -- her job as an NBA dancer -- to come on the show.

"It's really hard to leave, and I feel very disappointed right now. But ultimately, he just didn't want to let me in. I don't regret being here and I don't regret what I've learned and how far I've come," Sydney said in her final words.

"There's some great people there and there are some not-so-ready people there. I just hope for him he can figure out what is right and what is wrong. I can't keep being here expecting something to change, because I know it won't. So that's why I'm leaving."

Before Sydney left, she told Colton to pay attention to the truly wonderful women in the group and not be distracted by "shiny things." Colton realized in that moment he had a lot more to give to the women who were left.

After taking Sydney's words to heart, Colton decided to give the group-date rose to Tayshia because she was someone who continued to push and challenge him at every opportunity.

The next day, Kirpa and Colton embarked on their one-on-one date in Vietnam.

Kirpa was worried because she had a similar connection with Colton as Sydney did. The pair got off to a slow start and so Kirpa feared her relationship with Colton may not catch up to the others.

Colton, however, thought he and Kirpa made "leaps and bounds" in their romance week to week and they had "a slow and steady burn." He also loved the mystery between them and potential surprises to come.

Colton loved how open and honest he could be with Kirpa, and he thought their connection was easy and natural.

The couple enjoyed a day on the water, boating and looking at fish.

That night, Colton hoped to dive deeper into his relationship with Kirpa, and he asked to hear more about her prior engagement. Kirpa revealed she had dated the man for eight years and he was saving himself for marriage.

Kirpa said she became so comfortable in her previous relationship that they were stagnant and not progressing, which was a problem for her. Kirpa wanted to make sure her next engagement was going to be the right one.

And Kirpa told Colton she could 100 percent see herself getting engaged to Colton at the end of this as long as they kept progressing. Colton was taken with her quiet confidence, and he decided to give her a rose.

Colton could tell Kirpa was taking the process seriously and she was ready to make a lifelong commitment, which was exactly what he was looking for.

Once Colton returned from his date with Kirpa, Demi decided to pay him a late-night visit to his place. Not only did she want more time with the Bachelor, but she wanted to show her passionate side.

"I'm not leaving Vietnam without making a big move with Colton. I've got to really go balls to the wall this time. Hopefully, after tonight, Colton won't be 'the virgin' anymore," Demi told the cameras.

Colton was surprised to see Demi at his door, but she was falling for him and wanted another breakthrough in their relationship. Demi told Colton her feelings for him were "real" and she felt "so confident" in what they had.

"I know feel like I am falling in love with you," Demi told Colton. "I just want time to enjoy each other and let myself fall."

Colton said Demi never failed to make him feel special, but her profession of love brought up some different emotions in him.

"There is a part of me that just doesn't know if we can get there," he told her. "I just don't know right now if I can see myself with you at the end of this. I can't sit here, and after hearing this tonight, put you through a Rose Ceremony."

Demi burst into tears, but she thanked Colton for being honest. She advised him to stay away from the "safe choice" because it won't make him happy in the long run.

Following Demi's ouster, it became time for the cocktail party preceding the next Rose Ceremony with eight women left. However, Colton had made his mind up -- and so he canceled it.

Colton wanted a woman who would be ready for an engagement at the end of the process, but he did fear making a mistake.

At the Rose Ceremony, Colton handed out roses in the following order: Hannah B., Caelynn, Cassie and Heather.

As a result, Katie was also eliminated during this episode. Colton told Katie she's incredible but he was hoping to get more out of her during his journey to find love.

Katie told Colton on her way out that some of the girls weren't ready for a serious commitment and he needed to be smart.

Colton was shocked because this was the third girl to warn him about this. He said such news was "absolutely terrifying" for him and he needed answers in the next week.

"I have an idea of who she's talking about, and I agree with her. It should be brought to his attention. Colton knows the tea is brewing and he wants someone to spill the tea," Tayshia said in a confessional.

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