The Bachelor star Ben Higgins was blown away by his group of bachelorettes, and "blown away" in this circumstance could have many different meanings.

"As beautiful as these women all were, they were so smart and sweet and charismatic too! I mean just impressive! Words can't describe how blown away I was by each and every conversation I had. From having a woman as impressive as [Jen Saviano] telling me that she was actually attracted to ME to talking to [Jubilee Sharpe] about her being a war veteran!" Ben wrote in his first People blog of Season 20.

Ben actually revealed during Bachelor Live that if he was afforded the opportunity to hand out a second first-impression rose, it would've gone to Jen.

"And the twins! How could I have gone this far without talking about [Emily Ferguson] and [Haley Ferguson]!" Ben continued. "My mind was blown meeting them, and, even though they look so similar, it was apparent right from the start that even as individuals they are really incredible women."

But what went down as the "most shocking part" of Ben's first night on the job?

"[It] might've been when [Becca Tilley] walked into the room while I was talking to [Lauren Himle] -- and then [Amber James] too! I had NO idea what was going on, and I think that showed on my face. Were they here for me? Or just to offer advice to the other women? I was clueless. And when they told me they were here to stay, I was extremely flattered," Ben admitted.

And on the other side of the coin, Lace Morris shocked Ben as well, but not in such a manner the Bachelor would compliment. After she got a rose, Lace confronted Ben about his lack of affection towards her, and more simply, lack of eye contact.

"When Lace pulled me aside, I was floored, honestly. After all that had gone on that night (and I hadn't even seen the half of it!) was she really questioning my intentions after I had just sent seven incredible women home?! But I guess you'll have to see next week," he said.

"Just the first of an immeasurable amount of twists, turns and surprises on what was the most unforgettable journey of my entire life."

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.