The Bachelor alums Raven Gates, Astrid Loch, Danielle Lombard, Alexis Waters, Jasmine Goode, and Sarah Vendal found a big way to celebrate their pal Rachel Lindsay's engagement.

Rachel's crew of ladies has been partying it up at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana.

The girls' vacation appears to be filled with sun, sand, pools, booze and bikinis. The girls are seemingly having a blast, as they've played mini golf and relaxed on hammocks.

"Sitting pretty in Paradise," Raven captioned one photo on Instagram.

"Now this is paradise," wrote Loch.

Raven, Jasmine and Alexis are among the original Season 4 cast members of Bachelor in Paradise, which will premiere August 14. The other girls are also rumored to be appearing on the summer reality series this year. 

The party in the Dominican Republic was thrown for Rachel, however, Us Weekly reported the Season 13 The Bachelorette star missed her flight.

The bachelorettes still found ways to honor Rachel though -- including toasts and photo shoots.

The Bachelorette season is coming to a close, as Rachel will be shown deciding between Eric Bigger, Bryan Abasolo and Peter Kraus in the season finale, which will air on Monday, August 7.

Rachel has told multiple media outlets that she is "in love" with her current fiance and incredibly happy with him.

According to Astrid, Rachel will be having two bachelorette parties after the finale airs, with one being in her hometown of Dallas, TX. Rachel, a 32-year-old attorney, hopes to get married at some point next year.

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