Overcoming a clash with last month's Hurricane Ivan that resulted in the evacuation of its marooned castaways and brought a temporary halt to filming, TBS's The Real Gilligan's Island, a reality show remake of the classic 1960's sitcom, has wrapped production and will premiere as previously scheduled on Tuesday, November 30 at 8PM ET/PT

Kicking off with a special two-hour premiere, The Real Gilligan's Island will feature seven reality contestants personifying the characters of the original Gilligan's Island working together to escape their stranding on a Gulf of Mexico island. While the island's exact location remains a secret, TBS had noted that sustained winds of 90MPH were recorded on the island's beach when its cast and crew were evacuated on September 16.

Despite also keeping the exact identities of its castmembers secret, the network has released a teaser photo and descriptions of the cast. The seven members of The Real Gilligan's Island are:

• A real-life millionaire who owns 26 different companies

• The millionaire's wife, who is a television personality

• A skipper who is "the fleet captain at his local boat club, a commercial fisherman and a harbor master"

• A bumbling first mate who once crashed a two million-dollar boats into each other while working at a marina

• A beautiful small-town girl whose mother, upon learning she'd been cast on the show, made her learn how to open a coconut with a rock and make a coconut cream pie

• A professor from a major California university

• A high-maintenance but fun-loving movie star who, according to the network "will be featured in three movies in 2004" (and whom, according to Star Magazine is Carmen Electra.)