Tareq Salahi has filed for divorce from his wife, U.S. reality TV star Michaele, citing adultery and abandonment as the reasons, court records say.

Michaele, a cast member of "Real Housewives of D.C.," has been traveling with Journey guitarist Neal Schon.

Tareq Salahi reported his wife of eight years missing this week and told police he thought she had been kidnapped because she didn't take any of her belongings with her. A publicist for the rock band later confirmed to media outlets that Michaele and Schon are together.

"She continually exposes our friends and acquaintances to her adulterous relationship and has flaunted the same throughout the community, the nation and indeed the world, and thus caused me to suffer great harm, humiliation and embarrassment," TMZ quoted Salahi as saying in court documents filed Friday.

Salahi also claimed Schon taunted him about the relationship by sending him an e-mail "with an attachment of a penis," TMZ said.

The Salahis gained infamy when they turned up uninvited at a state dinner at the White House in 2009.