Syfy has announced that it has ordered three new reality series -- Haunted Collector, Legend Quest and Paranormal Witness.

The tentatively-titled Haunted Collector will follow renowned paranormal investigator John Zaffis and his family as they attempt to track down unusual haunted items such as paintings, jewelry and dolls for storage in their museum.

Haunted Collector will premiere in June and is being produced by Gurney Productions. 

Legend Quest will chronicle the life of symbologist Ashley Cowie as he travels the world in search of historical relics and artifacts believed to hold powers and mystical significance from ancient and modern cultures. 

The series is being produced by BASE Productions and will premiere in July.

Paranormal Witness will tell the stories of people who claim to have lived through paranormal experiences beyond reasonable explanation and feature a mix of first-hand testimonials and dramatic footage.

The series is being produced by RAW TV, the production company behind National Geographic Channel's Locked Up Abroad and Discovery Channel's Gold Rush Alaska reality series, and will premiere in September.

In addition to the pickups of Haunted Collector, Legend Quest and Paranormal Witness, Syfy also announced it is developing 10 additional new reality projects -- Culture Shock with Tommy Lee, Monster Man, Stunts Unlimited, Hi Tech Hoaxes, Dinner with Deepak, Tyler Shields, Overthunk, Change the Day You Die, Imagination Nation, and America's Smartest Kids.