Survivor featured the Coco Tribe voting out Geo Bustamante with a powerful advantage in his pocket at Tribal Council after the season's fifth Immunity Challenge during the Season 43 episode that aired Wednesday night on CBS.

Geo, a 36-year-old project manager from Miami, FL, who currently resides in Honolulu, HI, was voted out of Survivor on Night 11 of the game in a split 3-2 vote instead of Cassidy Clark, a 26-year-old designer from Plano, TX, who currently resides in Austin, TX, at Tribal Council.


"Wow, you can't trust nobody around here! I just got blindsided but it's part of the game," Geo said in his final words with a laugh.

"That's Survivor. I'm going home with a little souvenir in my pocket, and I'm happy with the game that I played. I might have played a little too hard, but that's fine because if you don't come to Survivor and play hard, then there's no point of coming to Survivor -- it's pointless."

The Survivor broadcast began on Night 9 at Coco's camp after Lindsay Carmine was voted out.

The Coco Tribe consisted of Geo; Cassidy; James Jones, a 37-year-old event planner from Philadelphia, PA; Karla Cruz Godoy, a 28-year-old educational project manager from San Diego, CA, who currently resides in Newark, DE; and Ryan Medrano, a 25-year-old warehouse associate from Savannah, GA, who currently resides in El Paso, TX.

Cassidy explained how she, Karla, James, and Lindsay were originally going to vote Geo out but then Lindsay was suddenly struck with paranoia and "started spiraling out." Lindsay's allies wanted her to trust the process, but she had threatened to hunt down her own allies.

It was a last minute decision, according to Cassidy, who also received one vote to go home. Cassidy wondered who had voted for her, assuming it was either Geo or Ryan.

Cassidy figured the two men would keep gunning for her, and she told the cameras, "Revenge is a dish best served cold, so I'm just biding my time until I can pay them back for that."

Geo said in a confessional he had voted for Cassidy because he didn't think she liked him or would trust him going forward. Geo was convinced, however, he had the numbers -- and he believed there was nothing Cassidy could do until the merge.

"She is in the outs, completely," Geo boasted.

But then Cassidy and Karla were shown talking about how Geo needed to go and the men were not king of the castle on their tribe. Cassidy called Ryan and Geo "idiots," and Karla planned to stroke their egos under the assumption they'd make some mistakes.
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Over at Baka on Day 10, Elisabeth "Elie" Scott, a 31-year-old clinical psychologist from Atlanta, GA, who currently resides in Salt Lake City, UT, and Jeanine Zheng, a 24-year-old UX designer from South Hamilton, MA, who currently resides in San Francisco, CA, were looking for a hidden Immunity Idol.

The Baka Tribe was made up of Elie; Jeanine; Mike "Gabler" Gabler, a 52-year-old heart-valve specialist from Houston, TX, who currently resides in Meridian, ID; Owen Knight, a 30-year-old college admissions director from Bethesda, MD, who currently resides in New Orleans, LA; and Sami Layadi, a 19-year-old pet cremator from Las Vegas, NV, who currently resides in Las Vegas, NV.

Jeanine found a "Beware Advantage" shoved in the crevice of a split tree, and she shared the news with Elie.

Jeanine felt she was in a good position to vote out Gabler with Elie and Sami, and so she thought it would be okay to risk her vote and go for the advantage. Jeanine said Owen was convinced he was with them but he was a bit of a wild card.

Gabler had a working idol, but Jeanine and Elie thought Gabler didn't know it was still valid. (The women were wrong, as Gabler had been putting on a play-dumb show for them).


Jeanine's advantage was the same one Karla had found on a previous Survivor 43 episode.

Jeanine then learned each player on her tribe had a distinctive bead attached to their personal bag.

"You must persuade each of them to give you their special bead," the advantage read. "How you persuade them is up to you, but you cannot steal a bead. It must be willingly given to you by the player."

In order for this idol to have power, Jeanine had to collect all of the beads and make a bracelet before the next Tribal Council session. If even one bead was missing, the idol would remain powerless and Jeanine would lose her vote at Tribal Council.

Elie and Jeanine decided not to tell Owen, but Owen happened to walk up to them right as they were having the conversation behind his back.

"What was that?" Owen asked.

"Nothing," Elie replied.

But when Owen asked where the girls had found it, Elie felt they had no choice other than to share it with him.

Owen realized he could deny Jeanine his bead and go with Sami and Gabler to vote Jeanine out next time they lost an Immunity Challenge. Jeanine wouldn't be able to do anything about it because she didn't have a vote.

But Owen had also been thinking about working with Elie and Jeanine, which would apparently give him more options moving forward.

"Playing with Gabler is a little concerning because you never know what you're going to get with him," Owen explained. "So I am going to give Jeanine my bead... a symbol of my trust that I am handing [over]."

Jeanine also told Sami about her "Beware Advantage." Sami played it cool and acted like he was happy for Jeanine and Elie, but he had actually been plotting against them up to that point.

Jeanine told Gabler that she wanted a little souvenir from each of her tribemates to bring home, and so she asked Gabler for some of his beads.

Gabler had been collecting beads for his daughter, and he willingly gave Jeanine two little green beads -- but he didn't want to part with the one big bead Jeanine needed.

However, Jeanine made a trade with Gabler and he eventually gave in.

"Thanks for entertaining the artist in me," Jeanine said with a laugh.

Now Sami and Owen knew Jeanine had a working Immunity Idol, and Sami decided to share the news with Gabler so he would trust him more and they could work together.


Gabler was shocked and wished he had said "no" to giving Jeanine his big, brown bead. He couldn't believe it, and the game had suddenly become very complicated in his eyes.

On Day 11, the three tribes gathered together and met Survivor host Jeff Probst for the next Immunity Challenge.

The Vesi Tribe was comprised of Noelle Lambert, a 25-year-old U.S. Paralympian from Londonderry, NH, who currently resides in Manchester, NH; Cody Assenmacher, a 35-year-old in elevator sales from Preston, IA, who currently resides in Honolulu, HI; Dwight Moore, a 22-year-old graduate student from Palo Alto, CA, who currently resides in Collierville, TN; and Jesse Lopez, a 30-year-old with a Political Science PhD from Venice, CA, who currently resides in Durham, NC.

For the challenge, Jeff explained four tribe members would be tied together and must work together to get through a series of obstacles.

After filling a bucket with water, they must make their way over a giant teeter-totter, transferring whatever water is left into another larger bucket. Each tribe would be forced to repeat these tasks until there's enough water to lower a gate.

After lowering the gate, one tribe member would roll balls up a ramp, attempting to land them on a small platform.

The first two tribes to finish would win immunity and be safe from the vote. They were also playing for Reward in the form of tarps.

The first-place tribe would receive a large tarp, while the second-place tribe would earn a smaller tarp. The losing tribe would lose their flint and have to attend Tribal Council, where the fifth player would be voted out of the season.

Coco sat out Karla, and Baka sat out Gabler.

Dwight ended up winning the challenge for Vesi, and it became down to Sami vs. Ryan with the ball rolling.

In the end, Baka finished in second place, sending Coco back to Tribal Council.

Vesi then had to choose one person from Coco to go on a journey, and they picked Geo.

Vesi also had to select someone from Baka to join Geo on the trip, and they picked Jeanine.

Jesse also volunteered to go on the journey on behalf of Vesi.

Ryan later admitted he had thrown the challenge because he wanted to take out Cassidy sooner rather than later.

After the challenge, Ryan allowed his tribemates to tell Cassidy that they were voting him out.

"She's caught in our web; she's not going to be able to escape," Ryan bragged.


But James told Cassidy to take a deep breath because they had three votes and would be putting them on Geo, who seemed totally comfortable. The pair agreed they could 100 percent trust Karla.

Cassidy, however, wondered if they should vote out Ryan since Geo was on a journey and may return with some type of advantage.

Ryan then put on an act with Cassidy and said he had a feeling it was him and so if she needed to vote for him, that would be okay because he didn't want her to be on the wrong side of the numbers.

Cassidy laughed about how Ryan was "full of sh-t," and Karla noted that she was "not opposed" to voting out Ryan, especially since Geo probably wouldn't use an advantage or idol on him because they both thought they were safe.

Meanwhile, the three people on the journey were told to get to know each other while they rowed their way to a little island.

Once Jeanine, Jesse and Geo got to the island, they were asked to make a group decision. Geo felt safe and protected, but he lied about feeling on the bottom of his tribe so the other two players may feel bad for him and want to help him out.

Geo told the other two castaways how he was going to risk anything he needed to do in order to stay, but Jeanine wasn't really buying his "underdog" story. And Jesse wasn't sure what he wanted to do.

The players had to decide whether to risk their vote for a shot at an advantage or play it safe and take no risk.

For those who chose "Risk," only one player would earn an advantage and the others would lose their vote at the next Tribal Council. Those who chose "No Risk" would face no consequences.

Those who chose "Risk" would choose one of three numbered bags, hoping an advantage was inside.

All three players chose "Risk," knowing they'd have a 33% chance to get the advantage. They all came to play, and Geo admitted he was frustrated he had done all that lying for no reason.

Once Jesse returned to Vesi, he was honest with his tribemates about having risked his vote along with the other two players. Jesse then opened up his shell and revealed to his tribe he had lost his vote at the next Tribal Council.

When Jeanine got back to the Baka camp, she also learned she had risked and lost her vote at the next Tribal Council. She was honest with her tribemates and pretended to open her shell for the first time with them.

Sami said it was apparent Jeanine was playing the game really hard, and he was clearly going to hold that against her.

Geo told his tribe that he never risked his vote, but he ultimately came clean to Karla and opened his shell with her. Geo discovered he had won the advantage.

"At Tribal Council, before the votes are cast, you are allowed to ask one player one of the following questions: 'Do you have an advantage or do you have an idol?'" the advantage read.

"The player cannot lie. If the answer is 'yes,' they must give you their advantage or their idol and it becomes yours."

But Geo planned to put this advantage in his pocket and use it later considering he was totally convinced that he wouldn't be getting voted out that night. Geo was certain Cassidy would be going home with Karla, Ryan and James' help.

Karla then shared the news with her tribemates, and Geo's advantage "spooked" them, according to Cassidy, who began fearing that she'd be going home. Cassidy knew Geo was voting for her, and she started to freak out.

"I hope this is not a Lindsay No. 2," Karla secretly vented to James.

James asked Karla if she'd like to put their votes on Cassidy, which is what they had done to Lindsay. James acknowledged how Cassidy was no longer "a cool customer" but it would also be "dangerous" to keep Geo in the game with his advantage.

At Tribal Council that night, Ryan kept up the act that he was being targeted and didn't feel any hate or animosity towards anybody.

"Staying true to myself, I've always been a giver... and that's not something I'm ashamed of," Ryan said, as Cassidy smiled and basically rolled her eyes.

Karla played along with the notion it was going to be an easy vote that night, and Geo announced how he felt uneasy because he had missed a lot of conversations at camp while he was on the journey.

Geo claimed he didn't know what his tribemates had been talking about and planning, and Ryan announced how he'd like his tribe to stay unified going forward -- even if he's not a part of it.

Cassidy got the final word and said this vote would strengthen her alliance going into the merge.

Geo was then shown voting for Cassidy.

After all the votes were cast and Geo decided against using his advantage, Jeff read the votes aloud in the following order: Cassidy, Cassidy, Geo, Geo, and Geo.

Geo's jaw dropped to the ground and he said, "Wow!"


Karla then said sorry to both Geo and Ryan.

The episode's closing credits later showed that Geo and Ryan voted for Cassidy while everyone else on the tribe voted for Geo.

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