The Hills star Spencer Pratt has wasted little time in responding to remarks made by Darlene Egelhoff, the mother of his new wife -- and fellow The Hills co-star -- Heidi Montag, that the couple's November 20 marriage will be a brief one.

"I can't wait to prove her wrong and be married for the rest of our lives," Pratt told Ryan Seacrest during a Thursday morning interview on the American Idol host's On-Air with Ryan Seacrest syndicated radio show. "I'm sure she's just hurt and reacting crazy because she wasn't there."

While vacationing in Cabo San Lucas at the One & Only Palmilla resort on November 20, Pratt and Montag were wed after taking part in a "spontaneous" 15-minute wedding ceremony at a chapel at the resort with no family members or friends present.

Pratt also said he agreed "100%" when asked by Seacrest if his marriage to Montag was "forever" and "a commitment for life."

Pratt laughed as Seacrest read Egelhoff's comments -- which also accused Pratt of trying to separate Montag from her friends and family and possibly drugging her into marrying him -- and then shot back that she was attempting to "[play] into her character that she hates me or something."

Upon hearing Egelhoff's comments, he said that a family get-together during the holidays was not likely.

"After [hearing] that statement the Pratts -- as in Heidi Pratt and Spencer Pratt -- will probably have their own Christmas tree out here," Pratt told Seacrest.

Pratt added that despite the ongoing war of words between the two, he not only been in contact with Egelhoff since the elopement, but had already filmed a scene with her for The Hills on Wednesday.

"We just filmed together yesterday on The Hills which was pretty much the most insane day of my entire life," said Pratt.

When asked about the wedding itself, The Hills star also maintained that it had not been planned in any way and cited the rings the couple had exchanged -- which he added "may have [cost] eight dollars" -- as an example of its spontaneity.

"If I had planned it, I think I would've stepped up my ring game a little bit," he told Seacrest.