The Hills stars Spencer and Heidi Pratt attempted to return to NBC's I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! during Wednesday night's broadcast of the NBC reality competition, suddenly claiming to be contrite and apologetic for quitting the show after boasting that they were "super-celebrities" and belittling the celebrity status of the rest of the show's cast.

According to the couple, temporary insanity and "the devil" were the reasons for their behavior.

"We realized that we made a big mistake and that the devil got to us and said, 'Get out of the jungle,' and we realized it's not even about us," Heidi claimed as the couple spoke with I'm a Celebrity co-host Myleene Klass during a live portion of the show, which features the celebrities competing to earn money for a charity of their choice.  "It's about the charities and it's about the experience here and we really took it for granted."

"People tried to tell you that in there -- they said that you were lazy and spoiled, that you didn't help out around camp.  They reminded you.  i remember [Lou Diamond Phillips] saying 'You're doing it for charity,' why didn't you listen them?" Myleene replied.

"I mean because it took us to get out of the situation to realize that we had lost our minds.  That was so out of the body," said Spencer, who had also previously boasted that the couple had intentionally selected large charities that wouldn't be impacted by the pair quitting the competition.

"Oh absolute," he added when Myleene asked if the couple was pleading insanity. "Like straightjacket, they should of brought in a straightjacket Night 1 on me.  I should of been in 'the white room.'"

Although they stopped short of outright apologizing for Spencer's previous boast that the rest of the D-List cast was "devaluing our fame," the couple also attempted to backtrack from the comments when Myleene brought the quote up.

"I lost my mind," Spencer said. "I love all of those people and I think that they are amazing and I can't wait to learn from their experiences because they all have such unique backgrounds.  I just looked at the whole experience the wrong way. I looked at it so selfishly."

New footage aired prior to the couple's live appearance had continued to show Spencer boasting about their fame after they quit the competition late Monday night.

"I live for being famous... we're over in here with Brad and Angelina on a fame level," Spencer told an off-camera production staffer as the pair departed the show's production area in a white SUV. 

"I would have never really lived in a jungle," he added.  "I thought we were all chilling in your hotel, we'd come in the jungle, we'd make drama, we do these crazy stunts, we sleep on the cots for a little bit [and then] we'd go back like. No one told us we were really guinea pig torture rats."

However the couple -- who reportedly spent part of their Tuesday night enjoying some wine at a Costa Rican Marriott hotel and telling a Washington Post reporter that they'd spent the day discussing the situation with their agents and publicists and come to conclude they had made a mistake in quitting the show -- were suddenly claiming to be singing a new tune during Wednesday night's live interview.

"We want to beg America and we want to try and win back everyone," Heidi told Myleene.  "We want to win for our charities."
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However after listening to the allegedly newly humble couple speak, Myleene revealed that in addition to needing the other cast members' approval in order to be able to return to the competition, they would also have to participate in a task that "[won't] make it easy for you."

"We're going to send you back to The Lost Chamber and we want you to spend the night there," Myleene told Spencer and Heidi, referring to a critter-filled structure the couple had briefly entered while participating in a food challenge before they quit. 

"We want you to spend the night there alone... and after completing that challenge we are then going to speak to your campmates and if they feel, after you've successfully done that, that they want to have you back -- they might not even want you back in camp -- then you can go," Myleene added as Spencer sat silently and Heidi laughed nervously.

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! co-host Damien Fahey then surprised the remaining celebrities -- who had just been joined by Daniel Baldwin, the brother of pre-existing participant Stephen Baldwin, on Tuesday night -- by entering their camp and asking them to decide whether Heidi and Spencer could return to the competition.

"I knew it, it's an act!" Janice Dickinson shouted.

"If Heidi and Spencer spend the night in The Lost Chamber will you take them back?" Damien asked the celebrities in the live broadcast's closing minutes.  "Take a few minutes, just talk it out among yourselves and I'll be back and we'll get an answer from you."

However the broadcast ended with Damien never returning to the camp to get the cast's formal answer.  Instead, it ended with the 10 celebrities taking a vote in which only three -- Janice, John Salley and Stephen Baldwin -- initially stood in favor of letting Heidi and Spencer return to the competition.

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!'s next episode will air this evening at 8PM ET/PT.