So You Think You Can Dance eliminated two more finalists and determined the tenth season's Top 6 contestants during Tuesday night's live show on Fox.

Jenna Johnson, a 19-year-old ballroom dancer from Salt Lake City, UT, and Tucker Knox, a 23-year-old contemporary dancer from Nashville, TN, were eliminated by So You Think You Can Dance judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy as well as guest judge Jenna Elfman after they found themselves in the week's bottom-four dancers based on home viewer votes cast for the Top 8 finalists immediately following last Tuesday night's show.

Hayley Erbert, an 18-year-old contemporary dancer from Topeka, KS, and "Fik-Shun," an 18-year-old hip-hop dancer from Las Vegas, NV, were the other two members in the bottom four still in danger of elimination prior to Jenna and Tucker's ouster.

The judges required all four dancers to "dance for their lives," especially since last night's vote will determine which four performers will make the finale.

The judges were forced to eliminate one male and one female competitor based on their solo routines and round of performances from last night and the week prior. The judges also based their decision on other criteria including what their choreographers had to say about their talent and progress on the show.

Following the night's dances in which each Top 8 dancer took the stage with a So You Think You Can Dance all-star, the judges revealed they had to send Jenna and Tucker home.

The judges seemed reluctant to oust Jenna because although she's repeatedly landed in the bottom based on home viewer votes, they believed she was one of the best dancers on the show all season. Nigel even admitted he's been getting flak from fans on Twitter for saving her over and over again.

During Tuesday night's broadcast, Jenna danced a jazz routine with all-star Mark Kanemura, while Tucker performed a jazz routine with all-star Courtney Galiano. Before the all-star phase of the competition commenced, Jenna and Tucker had been paired together.

"Fik-Shun" danced a contemporary routine with all-star Allison Holker, while Haley performed a rumba routine with all-star Dmitry Chaplin. Prior to all-stars coming back, "Fik-Shun" and Haley had been partners.

The four dancers who didn't land in the bottom last night performed the following: Aaron Turner and all-star Chelsie Hightower (jive), Paul Karmiryan and all-star Comfort Fedoke (hip-hop), Jasmine Harper and all-star Twitch (hip-hop), and Amy Yakima and all-star Travis Wall (contemporary).

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.