So You Think You Can Dance will be celebrating twice as much this year.

So You Think You Can Dance executive producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe has announced the upcoming ninth season of the reality dance competition will crown two winners instead of its usual solo champion, E! News reported Friday.

"We are down to one two-hour show each week. We are changing it up. We are going to have two winners this year, one male and one female. It's something that we wonder why we didn't do it in the first place. We should have done it years ago!" Lythgoe told E! News.

"Each one brings something different to the table. We can split up the numbers and have America vote for their favorite guy and girl, so why not do it?"

Lythgoe has also revealed some details as to how each week's So You Think You Can Dance broadcast will work now that the show's prior standalone results show has been axed.

According to the executive producer, beginning with the second performance show, the outcome of America's votes from the prior week's show will only be revealed after each dancer has performanced on the current show.

"We might end up saying, 'This routine wasn't your best, and that's unfortunate, because based on America's vote last week,  you are in the bottom three.' The reason that info will be held until after a routine is because we don't want the [at-risk] contestants to be panicking [when they dance]," Lythgoe told TV Line in a recent interview.

After the So You Think You Can Dance judges watch all the dancers perform, they'll reportedly then take into account the home-viewer voting results and also weigh both of each dancer's routines over the two-week period to decide who will be eliminated. Lythgoe told TV Line that if the panel has trouble making up their minds, they'll reserve the right to ask certain dancers to perform additional solos.

"We need to be as flexible as possible," Lythgoe said.