Now that Fox TV has crowned Taylor Hicks its latest "American Idol," U.S. networks are lined up with summer knockoffs of the hit talent competition.

Each of the big four has an "Idol"-like show and even judge Simon Cowell rips off the show that made him famous in the United States with "America's Got Talent," which premieres this week on NBC, Daily Variety reported Sunday.

"Everyone's chasing the 'Idol' audience," Cowell told Variety.

However, Variety noted, it's been tried before and CBS saw its "Star Search" revival tank, as did NBC with "Fame" and ABC with "All American Girl."

This time around, ABC is rolling out "The One: Making a Music Star," NBC is back with "Last Comic Standing" and CBS rolling out "Rock Star" in July.

Cowell says his NBC show cannot be compared to "American Idol," nor does he see it as competing with "Idol" either.

"After 'Idol,' I wouldn't put on a one-genre talent show, be it singing, dancing or whatever," Cowell said. "You can't top 'Idol,' so if you offer yourself up as a comparison to it, you're going to fail."