OK, the Spoiling Safari fantasy game scores, including the Top 200 Leaderboard, have been updated to include the Week 7 results.

Since there was no Reward Challenge this week, zero points were awarded to all players regardless of who they selected. A reminder to all players that since the challenge winners are now INDIVIDUALS instead TRIBES, the number of points awarded for a correct challenge winner has increased from 250 to 500 points. The award for selecting the correct bootee still remains at 1000 points.

The new Top 10 leaderboard:

1 hearkittykitty 6750
2 fibster 6250
3 Survivor5? 6250
4 chaos28 6000
5 IceCatt 6000
6 technoir 6000
7 jalane 5750
8 kellingporta 5750
9 Bebo 5500
10 kelleyjo 5500

Congrats to hearkittykitty for becoming the new leader -- Survivor5? selected BRANDON instead of CLARENCE and slips to the #3 spot as a result. Don't worry Survivor5?, there's still plenty of time to grab the lead back.

Btw, for those who have been asking, the latest count is that there are over 2500 users playing Spoiling Safari.