Savannah Chrisley is apparently relieved she's no longer in a relationship with Luke Kennard.

The Chrisley Knows Best star admits she "dodged a bullet" with NBA rookie Luke Kennard.

Savannah slammed Luke during a recent interview with E! News' Daily Pop.

When talking about her August split from Luke after a whirlwind romance of just a few months, Savannah said, "Obviously any breakup you go through, it's going to be hard, especially when it's in the public eye and people are watching, and I love putting things on social media, so it was all over socia media."

Savannah's father and Chrisley Knows Best co-star Todd Chrisley made an appearance with his daughter on the show and chimed in, "That's her bad."

"That's my fault at that point," Savannah, who confirmed she was dating Luke in June 2017, agreed of her constant social-media activity.

"But I'm great today. I mean, you live and you learn. I learned a lot of things that I don't want, and that's what relationships are for! You date people to figure out what you want and don't want, and thankfully, I dodged a bullet on the last one."

Just before announcing their split, Luke joined the Chrisley family on a vacation to the Cayman Islands for Savannah's 20th birthday, according to the website, however, she subsequently deleted romantic photos of the couple from the trip on Instagram.

Todd believes his daughter would be better off trying to live a more private life in general.

"I don't think you should ever put all your business out on the front porch for everybody to see, and I think because of who she is, everything that she does and everything that any of our family members do, it's out there for the public to see," Todd explained on Daily Pop.

"Are celebrities judged differently? Absolutely we're judged differently, but we're also paid differently."

Todd continued, "So, you know, put up with the bullsh-t, cash your check and keep it moving. Because at the end of the day, what someone's opinion of me is sitting in their kitchen in their underwear is not something I'm concerned about."

In late September, Savannah was rumored to be dating Tim Tebow, but she insisted to TMZ they're just friends who run in the same social circle.