The ongoing media speculation about eighth-season American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert's sexuality is apparently about to come to an end.

After repeatedly publicly playing coy about his sexuality and declining to confirm or deny speculation that he's gay, Lambert is now planning to address the matter "soon," according to American Idol host Ryan Seacrest.

"Btw, Adam will address the sexuality speculation soon," Seacrest wrote in a Thursday morning posting on his account.

Seacrest's comments came just hours after People published an interview in which Lambert suggested he didn't plan on publicly confirming or denying his widely-assumed sexuality anytime soon.

"Calm down... [and] keep speculating," the makeup and fingernail polish-wearing singer told People when asked if he had a message for viewers and media outlets that have spent the last few months speculating that he is gay.

"It's not dangling over my head.  It may be dangling over yours, but it's not over mine," Lambert told an Entertainment Weekly reporter who asked him if he wanted to put the "dangling" speculation to rest after last week's American Idol finale ended with him losing the competition to Kris Allen.  "I think speculation keeps things very, very interesting."

Entertainment Weekly's question came after the magazine had previously published a glowing pre-finale "Loving Adam Lambert" cover story in which Lambert had dodged a similar question with a "I know who I am" reply.