Going into this week's competitions on a three-challenge losing streak, Drake needed a win badly, and they got one... the only problem being that it was the Reward Challenge rather than the much more important Immunity Challenge. But hey, when "Scrawny Jon" is the third guy in your tribe, you know you're going to be be in trouble during any strongmen challenges -- a fact that even Drake recognized by opting to compete with Christa instead of Jon.

At least "Whiny Osten" gets points for stepping up to the platform (although not many -- after all, Christa lasted longer than the world's wimpiest survivor.) And in the end, Drake was once again no match for Morgan, losing their third straight Immunity Challenge and facing yet another Tribal Council. Somewhere in the ghost tribe's village of the damned, Burton cracks another smile.

As outsider observers, our only question is what made Trish and Jon so confident that a clearly uncomfortable Sandra had abruptly reversed her feelings on a Rupert booting and was suddenly on board with the idea. Then again, sometimes there's no explaining arrogance... or stupidity.

Unfortunately for the spoiler folks, while we foresaw and outlined the "Trish betrays Rupert and gets booted" scenario, in the final analysis, we opted to consider the scenario less likely than the simpler "Shawn the outsider gets the boot" scenario and only identified Trish Dunn as our alternate bootee. As a result, SurvivorBlows' prediction record moves to 4-0-2 (four correct predictions, zero incorrect, and two correct alternate bootee.)

In Spoiler Island fantasy game action, clearly many of the top players also favored a "Shawn's going" scenario as our leaderboard has seen a significant shakeup for the second week in a row -- but one thing remains the same, "richthedevil" remains atop the board!

So what happens next week's part one of a two part Survivor special? Exactly who'll be in the returning ghost tribe? Who among them will actually return to the game? Who'll be leaving? And exactly how will it all be going down? Check out our Survivor spoilers forum for the latest details on these and many other hot topics!