Rosann Fama was seen as a liability by both her teammates and Gordon Ramsay.

As a result, the 33-year-old receptionist and former cook from Staten Island, NY became the eighth culinary contestant cut from Hell's Kitchen's fourth season during last night's broadcast of the Fox reality competition series.

"I will definitely go back into the culinary business because it's a passion for me," said Rosann after her ouster.  "I'm disappointed in myself, but I'm definitely going to tell my daughter that no matter what happens to you in life, you just keep on trying.  Dust yourself off and never stop going for what you want."

Hell's Kitchen's eighth fourth-season episode began following the previous dinner service, which saw Gordon eliminate Ben Caylor.  Since the Red Team currently had a five-to-three advantage over the Blue Team, Gordon also told them one of the remaining females would be joining the boys to even out the numbers.

Corey Earling, a 25-year-old private chef from Brooklyn, NY, immediately tried to talk Jennifer Gavin, a 24-year-old line cook from Chicago, IL, into switching sides -- explaining Jen would be a "better asset" to the Blue Team.  However Jen realized what Corey was doing and described her as a "manipulative ass bitch."

The next morning the eight remaining contestants met Gordon in the kitchen and he asked if there were any Red Team volunteers who wanted to switch sides. 

After a brief moment of silence, Jen volunteered herself, explaining she thought it would be "safe" for her to remain on the Red Team and she wanted to prove she was up for the challenge.  Christina Machamer, a 25-year-old culinary student from St. Louis, MO, said she was "happy" Jen made the decision and Corey beamed with delight.

"This is huge," said Jen.  "If I can go over there and make a difference, there really ain't no stopping me."

Gordon explained it's important for chefs to be creative and have the ability to improvise at a moment's notice.  For their next challenge, each team would be given 20 items and 45 minutes, with each contestant having to create their own individual dish.  Each team had to use all 20 items, none of which could be repeated. 

The challenge commenced and the Red Team got off to a quick start, immediately listing all the items and dividing them amongst themselves.  The Blue Team moved much slower, with nobody really being vocal about what ingredients they needed.  Ten minutes into the challenge and the Red Team was already cooking as the Blue Team still went through their items.

However the Red Team hit a snag when Matt Sigel, a 35-year-old sous chef from Pinehill, NJ, sliced off the tip of his finger while cutting food.

"It's pretty bad, huh?" Matt asked the medic who was tending to the injury.

"Yeah, you cut the tip right off," answered the medic.
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The Red Team continued to cook without Matt and seemed to be doing quite well until Gordon raised a good point.

"Where's the tip of his finger gone?" he asked.

Nobody really knew, but the Red Team didn't let that slow them down as they continued to work.  Matt rejoined them with a bandaged finger that said he was in "pain."  Meanwhile the Blue Team was still lacking communication, with a few of the contestants using the same items for their dishes.

"We're like a wild pack of dogs," commented Bobby Anderson, a 37-year-old executive chef from Niagara Falls, NY.

As the time continued to dwindle, Jen and Bobby implored Louross Edralin, a 24-year-old hotel cook from Las Vegas, NV, to include an already cooked piece of veal with his red snapper to create a surf-and-turf dish. However Louross was reluctant and didn't put the veal on his plate as time expired -- meaning the Blue Team didn't use all of its ingredients.

"Putting veal next to red snapper would just throw off the taste," explained Louross.

Realizing they would be disqualified from the challenge for not using all of their ingredients, Jen asked Louross to lie to Gordon and tell him that the veal's fat was rendered and used on the snapper.

"For me to f**king lie and tell him that I used five ingredients, that's going to haunt me forever," said Louross.

Christina presented her dish, a fried snapper with crab meat that contained five items.  Louis Petrozza, a 47-year-old catering director from Charlotte, NC, then presented his dish, a crab salad and onion souffle that also used five items.  Gordon said it was too close to call and both teams received a point.

Matt presented his pan-roasted quail that used six items, and Jen also presented a quail dish that used four items.  Gordon wasn't a big fan of Matt's quail, and thus awarded the round to the Blue Team.

Corey's lemon chicken and artichoke dish only used three ingredients, while Bobby presented a walnut-crusted buffalo chicken wing that used six ingredients.  While Gordon thought Corey's dish was "plain," he also thought Bobby's sauce was "horrendous," and the Red Team tied the score at two.

Rosann presented a pan-seared veal for the Red Team's final dish, which used six ingredients.  Louross then presented his red snapper dish, but told Gordon that he only used four ingredients and wouldn't lie about using the veal.

"Stupid ass," said Jen under her breath.

"Blue Team, you failed miserably because you forgot to use the veal," said Gordon.  "Where's the veal?"

Jen sold Louross out and told Gordon that the veal had been cooked and could have been plated, but Louross was against the idea.  The reasoning didn't really matter in Gordon's eyes, as he awarded the challenge's victory to the Red Team.

For their reward, the Red Team would accompany Gordon to an In Touch Weekly photo shoot.  For their punishment, the Blue Team would have to hand-wash all of the kitchen's laundry -- from tablecloths to aprons.  As they washed, Jen continued to hurl insults at Louross and blamed him for the defeat.  Petrozza described Jen as a "little volcano."

"Jen is out-casting herself from the rest of the group," said Bobby.  "You can't hold a grudge like that.  Jen's got to shake it off.  We can't afford to lose tomorrow's dinner service.  It could be a dangerous game she's playing."

The next day as the two teams did their prep work for that night's impending dinner service, Jen and Louross continued to bicker with one another.  Meanwhile the Red Team was working well together without Jen, and Christina said it was "great" not having her being bossy in the kitchen.

Hell's Kitchen's seventh fourth-season dinner service commenced, and Gordon explained that two food critics would be in attendance.  They would help Gordon determine which team would win the dinner service and be safe from elimination.  The critics would order the same dishes from each kitchen to choose which one was the best.

Corey thrust herself into the leadership role for the Red Team, realizing it was her "time to shine" since Jen was gone.  She got the Red kitchen off on the right foot as her and Christina's risotto was complimented by both Gordon and the critics.  Jen and Louross also proved they could work together in the Blue kitchen, as they prepared the scallops for the critics, who enjoyed that dish as well.

As the Red Team finished their appetizers and move onto entrees, Matt's filets were criticized by Gordon for being uneven portions.  Gordon called Matt "Mr. Inconsistent."

"I knew better than that," opined Matt. "I'm an idiot."

However Petrozza was also having problems in the Blue kitchen, as he prematurely cut open a piece of beef before the rest of the dish was ready, meaning the meat would lose its flavor by the time it was served.

"I couldn't help myself from looking inside," explained Petrozza.

As the rest of the Blue kitchen rushed to keep up with Petrozza, his blunder could actually be seen as a blessing in disguise since they finally started to communicate.

Things then started to fall apart for the Red Team, as Christina's salmon was criticized for being dry and overcooked.  She further raised Gordon's ire when she explained she had problems handling two tasks at once, and he told her to stop with the excuses and get back to work.  While she subsequently cooked the salmon correctly, the critics weren't very impressed by it.

In contrast, the critics were big fans of Louross' salmon, describing the dish as "flavorful."

With almost all the Blue Team's entrees served, the Red kitchen was currently at a standstill.  Rosann further set them back when she burned the garnishes for the beef dish, and Gordon said she was making him "nervous" in the kitchen.  She then revealed that due to too many mistakes the kitchen would be short on both gnocchi and carrot puree.

"I'm sorry," she told Gordon.

"I'm sorry you're here," he replied.

The Blue Team continued to roll as Petrozza's beef was complimented, however the Red Team continued to falter as Matt's beef was raw.  The critics could overhear Gordon criticizing the Red Team, specifically when he called Matt's meat a "pile of s**t."  He then threw the Red Team out of the kitchen and had the Blue Team finish their orders, which made Jen ecstatic.

"Getting kicked out of the kitchen by Chef Ramsay was the hardest thing ever," opined Matt.  "I failed myself and I failed Chef Ramsay and I feel horrible.  I'm ashamed of myself right now."

The dinner service concluded and Gordon chastised the Red Team for being a "mess" and an "embarrassment," adding the Blue Team was constantly complimented by the critics while the Red Team was thoroughly bashed.  Since Corey was the "best of the worst" for the Red Team, she'd have the task of nominating two people for elimination.

As Corey deliberated her decision up in the dorms, she quickly grew frustrated as Matt, Rosann and Christina failed to accept responsibility for losing the dinner service and instead made excuses.

"They're like little children," said Corey.  "Honestly, tonight, I could put all three of you up there."

The two teams then reconvened in the kitchen and Corey nominated Matt for his overall poor performance and Rosann -- who she was a little harsher with.

"I never want to work with her in the kitchen ever again during dinner service," boldly stated Corey.

Gordon understood the situation Corey was in and decided that Christina also deserved to be nominated for elimination, so he did it himself.  It represented Matt's third time up for elimination, so he didn't really have much of a defense.  Christina said she knows she can do better and described herself as a "fighter."

"The more I stay in Hell's Kitchen, the more I'm learning here," said Rosann.  "I do not give up."

However Gordon decided her education was over as he booted her from the competition.

"If the size of one's mouth corresponded to the size of one's talent, then Rosann would have been a world-class master chef," said Gordon.  "Unfortunately,  she just has a big mouth."

Hell's Kitchen's next fourth-season episode will air Tuesday, May 27 at 9PM ET/PT on Fox.
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