The final ratings for last week's debut of the first two episodes of NBC's new Next Action Star reality series, and despite the claims of the network's pre-debut promos, so far the series is shaping to be anything but "the next big thing in reality TV."

According to final in-home viewing figures from Nielsen Media Research, last week's special Monday, June 14 special "preview episode" of Next Action Star stumbled badly out of the gate, drawing only 4.9 million overall viewers and a 2.2/6 rating/share in the Adults 18-49 demographic. Things went so bad for the show that in addition to getting smacked by a repeat episode of CBS' CSI: Miami, Next Action Star also lost handily to a new ABC show -- yes, ABC -- entitled Weddings Gone Wild: Anything For Love.

The situation got only slightly better for the network on Tuesday when Next Action Star's "premiere" episode aired at 8 PM ET/PT. The June 15th episode drew 5.5 million overall viewers and a 2.3/8 in Adults 18-49, a performance that placed it third for the time period, behind a repeat broadcast of CBS' Navy NCIS and ABC's combo of a 8 Simple Rules repeat and NBA Finals pre-game show.

The performance did feature a few silver linings however -- Action Star did manage to finish first among Adults 18-34 and second among Adults 18-49, where its performance increased slightly from 2.2 to 2.4 from its first half-hour to its second.