Rachel Lindsay is letting everyone know The Bachelor star Nick Viall's decision to dump her probably hurt him more than her.

"It didn't work out. I guess he was looking for something else. His loss!" Rachel, 31, said with a big smile on her face during Friday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Rachel was announced by ABC as The Bachelorette's upcoming Season 13 star nearly two weeks ago. Because she's still competing for Nick's heart on The Bachelor's currently-airing 21st season -- which is heading into Nick's round of overnight Fantasy-Suite dates -- her casting was a major spoiler.

"He let me go! He let me go," Rachel noted, confirming that she did not quit and decide to leave The Bachelor on her own.

"I was really shocked. I thought that Nick and I had a really strong connection, and I was pretty heartbroken when it happened, but I've moved on since that."

It has yet to be seen on TV whether Nick dumps Rachel after the Fantasy Suite, at the final Rose Ceremony, or some time in between, but she told Ellen DeGeneres that she was rejected "three months ago."

So although it doesn't seem like it to The Bachelor viewers, Rachel has had some time to get over Nick, a former software salesman.

When looking back on her time on the show, Rachel admitted it's certainly a "different" dating environment.

"It's not the typical way that I'd like to date a man," the Dallas attorney explained, "but you know, it was something different for me to try, and I really had a connection with Nick! And I was shocked because I was kind of skeptical it would happen that fast, but it did."

Rachel is the first African-American lead cast on The Bachelor franchise, putting longtime criticism to rest that the show lacks diversity.

The Bachelorette begins filming next month, and Nick previously said the men who will get to date her are "so lucky."