Rachel Lindsay is growing impatient as she must hide her The Bachelorette fiance until the Season 13 finale airs in two weeks.

"I don't even know what my ring looks like anymore," Rachel joked with People at The Men Tell All taping.

"It's beautiful and I wear a lot of rings, but I'm ready to wear my engagement ring. I'm ready to have my fiance by my side. There are so many things I get to do and he's not with me, and I'm, like, 'Oh my gosh, he would love this so much.' We're just ready to be normal and be with each other."

Rachel gushed about being in love and engaged even before The Bachelorette premiered in late May. She either selected Peter Kraus, Bryan Abasolo or Eric Bigger at the end of her journey, and she can't wait to show him off.

"This is getting harder and harder," Rachel said of keeping her future husband's identity a secret.

"I love this man, and I never knew it'd be this great. You take a risk when you choose someone because there's so much you don't know, but I'm telling you, it gets better every single day."

Rachel initially assumed that watching The Bachelorette unfold on TV would "suck at first" because she's trying to make a new relationship work; however, the 32-year-old Dallas attorney insisted things are great when they're together.

"It's not always sunshine and blue skies, but at the end of every day, it's amazing," Rachel told People.

It's probably not easy for Rachel's fiance to hear that she was falling in love with each of her Final 4 bachelors -- Eric, Peter, Bryan and Dean Unglert, whom she eliminated after the men's round of hometown dates.

But Rachel gushed, "It's like what Charlotte says in Sex and the City. She's like, 'I'm not happy every single moment of the day, but at the end of every day, I'm happy.'"

The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All is set to air on Monday, July 31, followed by the Season 13 finale one week later on August 7.