Practical Magic producer Denise Di Novi told UPI the streaming series in development for Max is no longer in the works. However, Di Novi teased another Practical Magic project.

"There is something else that's going to happen that is still a secret," Di Novi told UPI in Los Angeles interview for her upcoming FX series The Veil. "But, I think the fans are going to be thrilled."

Prior to the launch of Max, originally called HBO Max, writers Melissa Rosenberg and Dan Baratta were writing a series adaptation of The Rules of Magic. Rules was author Alice Hoffman's prequel novel, featuring the characters of Frannie and Jet as young witches.

The 1998 film adaptation Practical Magic starred Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as the nieces of Frannie and Jet. So there won't be a Rules of Magic series, but Di Novi has more plans to revisit the franchise.

"It's not The Rules of Magic which I did develop for television but it's in the world of Practical Magic," Di Novi said. "Something is in the works."

UPI will present our interview about The Veil when the show premieres April 30.