Nicole Franzel is a two-time Big Brother contestant with a lot of potential.

Nicole, 24, first entered the Big Brother house in Season 16, during which she was the eighth person evicted from the house. However, she was great in challenges and had a strong social game.

Nicole got her second chance to play the game on Big Brother's currently-airing 18th edition. She returned to the house with three other veteran players -- Da'Vonne Rogers, James Huling and Frank Eudy. Although the returnees were immediate targets for the newbies, Nicole managed to become the first Head of Household and flip the game upside down.

Want to learn more about the blonde beauty who always rocks her black glasses?

Below is a list of 9 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Nicole Franzel:

- The small-town girl from Ubly, MI, was born on June 30, 1992.

- Nicole describes herself as classy, flirty and adventurous.

- She has already become a member of the "Fatal 5" alliance of all women as well as an "8 Pack" alliance on Big Brother.

- Nicole's favorite activities include watching basketball and hockey, cuddling, coffee dates, traveling, and shopping.

- Her life's motto? "Make the most of your situation."

- If Nicole could bring anything into the Big Brother house with her, it would be a journal to write down her thoughts and relieve stress as well as her puppies and the ring her mother gave her because it's meaningful.

- Nicole began dreaming about a Big Brother appearance when she was only eight-years-old.

- The houseguest earned a Bachelor of Science nursing degree. She was pursuing her education while competing on Season 16 of Big Brother.

- Nicole had dated fellow Season 16 Big Brother contestant Hayden Voss, but they've apparently split.
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