Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag and the rest of The Hills crew have become household names thanks to the MTV reality series, however the fame they've achieved won't be featured on the show when its fourth season debuts this summer.

"The show purposely leaves out the fame life and leaves in the non-fame life," MTV programming executive Tony DiSanto told The New York Post in a Wednesday report.

"It's not a documentary about Lauren who is a star because she's on a show called The Hills."

However filming The Hills sans fame is increasingly becoming more difficult -- as its cast members' celebrity status soars and the aspects of their life disconnected for the show dwindles.

"The bigger The Hills becomes, the bigger the talent becomes, which makes the non-fame part of their world smaller," DiSanto explained to The Post.  "So it becomes more a challenge to shoot the show."

MTV renewed The Hills for a fourth season earlier this month and it is currently slated to premiere in August with 19 new episodes.