MTV has announced Pageant Place, a new Donald Trump-produced reality series that will follow several beauty queens as they live together in a New York City apartment and represent their different crowns, will premiere Wednesday, October 10 at 10:30PM ET/PT.

Current Miss Universe Riyo Mori and Miss USA Rachel Smith as well as former Miss Teen USA Katie Blair will star in Pageant Place, which captured the beauty queens' daily lives during their respective reigns this past summer.  Pageant Place's season will also eventually feature Hilary Cruz -- who was crowned Miss Teen USA 2007 last month -- moving in with Mori and Smith and adjusting to the spotlight that comes with being Blair's successor.

While the women coexisting together isn't new -- as they normally live together during their yearlong reign -- this will be the first time viewers will be invited inside to witness some royal cattiness. 

In addition, The Donald -- who is co-owner of the Miss Universe Organization, which includes Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA  -- will also make regular appearances on Pageant Place to keep the beauty queens on track and in check, similar to the way he handled the January controversy surrounding former Miss USA Tara Conner's underage drinking. 

Instead of taking Conner's crown away, Trump announced she would keep her title and attend an in-patient substance abuse rehabilitation center.  Conner -- now 21 years old -- will also be of part Pageant Place's cast and serve as the beauty queens' "unofficial peer advisor."

The previously announced eight-episode series is being produced via Trump Productions (which Trump launched last summer), Evolution Film & Tape, Inc. and the Miss Universe Organization. 

In addition to Trump, Andy Litinsky (the former The Apprentice 2 contestant that Trump hired to run his own production company last year), Miss Universe Organization president Paula Shugart and Evolution's Douglas Ross, Greg Stewart and Kathleen French will serve as executive producers.
About The Author: Christopher Rocchio
Christopher Rocchio is an entertainment reporter for Reality TV World and has covered the reality TV genre for several years.