Deemed to be a beautiful girl that just couldn't manage to take a good photo, Megg Morales, an 18-year-old retail clerk from Los Angeles, California, became the fourth girl eliminated from the seventh edition of America's Next Top Model during last night's broadcast of The CW reality show.

Top Model 7's fifth episode began with the ten remaining girls returning back to the house and celebrating the previous episode's elimination of former house psycho Monique Calhoun. "Monique's pretty much the only girl out of all thirteen girls that I didn't like... justice was served," Michelle Babin told the cameras. "The house is so much better without Monique, I'm not sitting there wondering what is she going to do to me next," Melrose Bickerstaff, the former frequent target of Monique's wrath, vented.

But with Monique gone, some of the girls found someone new to complain about -- Melrose. "Melrose frustrates me very much, I'm like don't complain, it's supposed to be fun," Megg commented after Melrose asked some of the girls who were still yelling loudly at 1AM to respect the fact that some of the rest of the girls were trying to get some sleep. "Melrose always rubs girls the wrong way, she's a little Miss Know It All," Brooke Miller told the cameras.

The next day, the girls net with Stacey McKenzie, a model who also serves as one of Canada's Next Top Model's judges. Stacey introduced the girls to contortionist Jonathan Nosan, who taught them how to contort their bodies into extreme poses for high fashion photo shoots. "Everyone was trying to be serious and make these model faces -- it cracked me up," Megg said. But while Megg found the entire exercise funny, tempers flared between Melrose and Anchal Joseph when Melrose expressed her surprise about how well Anchal (one of the competition's more "curvy" girls) had done. "I don't know why Melrose has to concern herself with my body -- it's my body, what the hell do you care," Anchal vented during confessional.

When they got back at the house, Anchal broke down crying after overhearing Melrose and some of the other girls continue to talk about her. "It just really sucks how mean they can be," a tearful Anchal told the cameras. "They're the fake ones... they don't matter," A.J. Stewart consoled Anchal. "I hate Melrose and it takes every ounce of strength in my body not to retaliate when she says mean things," A.J. later told the cameras.

The next day, the girls met with designer Bao Tranchi, who used the girls as art installations to display her new fashion line. Each of the girls had to strike dramatic couture poses utilizing their recent knowledge of contortionism, then hold the pose for an extended period of time. "It was really intense," Megg commented. While several of the girls impressed Bao with their body positions, Eugena Washington was chosen the challenge's winner. As her reward, Eugena got to keep $32,000 worth of jewelry designed by Erica Courtney.

The following day, Tyra Bank visited the house and surprised the girls with a group discussion about their fears. After Anchal told Tyra that she had overheard Melrose and some of the other girls talking about her, Melrose began to worry about Tyra's perception of her. "I hope and pray that Tyra doesn't see me as this horrifying person, but I do feel kinda singled out in the group as 'the mean one,'" Melrose later commented during confessional.

After receiving Tyramail that warned them that models "are freaks of nature," the girls took a two hour limo ride to "the middle of nowhere." Once there, Jay Manuel informed the girls that this week's shoot would require them to pose as various freak circus characters as guest judge and Seventeen magazine editor-and-chief Atoosa Rubenstein observed.

While many of the girls managed to pull their looks off, Megg's inability to exhibit the natural and effortless posing that Jay had seen her do during the show's casting left him frustrated. "Megg [was once] again a huge disappointment. When you talk to Megg, her whole face lights up but I'm not sure that she'll be a successful model," Jay told the cameras after the shoot ended.

Like Jay, Megg was also frustrated by her tendency to overthink things and freeze up. "I can do so much better, I get too worried about being perfect at it and it drives me nuts," Megg vented to her makeup artist after her shoot ended. "When I think too much it's just all over for me, I'm like a crashing airplane."

When it came time for the elimination ceremony, Megg broke down in tears in disappointment over her "The Bearded Lady" photo. "I'm so worried about what I look like in my pictures that it comes out in my photos... I know I'm capable of giving so much more than that photo and its seriously disappointing to look at that," Megg told the judges. Afterward, Nigel Barker reminded the rest of the judges that Megg had thus far failed to take a good picture.

"We see such a magic in you that for some reason is not translating into your pictures... you've got the goods but you're not bringing it to the table," Tyra explained to Megg before eliminating her from the competition.