Matt Clines is playing an under-the-radar game so far on Big Brother's nineteenth season.

Matt is a 33-year-old renovation consultant from Arlington, VA, who hasn't gotten much airtime.

Matt, despite making viewers swoon because of his good looks and salt and pepper hair, appears to be floating through the game, as he solidified himself in the majority alliance but has yet to stand out by either winning an important competition or receiving a temptation that has game-changing potential.

He's definitely strong and fit, so it's surprising he hasn't been crowned Head of Household yet. But maybe this is Matt's strategy and he's just waiting until the perfect time to shine and make some big moves. In the meantime, viewers can enjoy watching his showmance with the sweet Raven Walton.

Below is a list of 6 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Matt Clines:

- The Big Brother houseguest is 5'10" and a college graduate. Throughout school, he always played sports.

- Matt has competed in bodybuilding competitions and previously worked as a financial analyst.

- Matt's favorite Big Brother player of all time is Donny Thompson, a groundskeeper with a long beard who wore camouflage, from Season 16. Matt thought he was generally a good dude and a fun little man.

- Matt is pursuing his personal training and nutritionist certification so that he can train and motivate others to get in shape.

- He admitted he would rather have America love him by the end of his time on Big Brother than actually win the game and the $500,000.

- If Matt could describe himself in three words, he'd say fun, competitive and silly.