Elena Davies seems pretty popular on Big Brother's nineteenth season, but that doesn't mean she's sitting pretty.

Elena is a 26-year-old radio personality from Fort Worth, TX, who currently resides in Dallas, TX, and she has a big personality.

The blonde beauty is a member of the house's majority alliance, but people are starting to view her as a threat since she's also involved in a showmance with fellow houseguest Mark Jansen.

Now that Jessica Graf is in power as the latest HoH, Elena may be in trouble because her name was brought up as a potential target. Josh Martinez and Ramses Soto are currently on the chopping block, but that doesn't mean Jessica and her closest ally, Cody Nickson, can't backdoor Elena or her man.

Below is a list of 6 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Elena Davies:

- Her favorite Big Brother houseguest of all time is James Huling from Season 17 and Season 18 because she says he made the game fun.

- Elena believes she is equal parts charming and abrasive, and that she only offends people if they are easily offended. She also considers herself funny, expensive and needy.

- Elena loves cheeseburgers, ice cream, dogs, watching TV, experimenting with makeup, napping, dancing, tailgating, shaking her booty and attending festivals and concerts.

- The radio personality hosts Two Peas in a Podcast with her good friend at KiddNation.com. The pair began this job several months ago.

- While Elena is single, she initially didn't want to get involved in a showmance on Big Brother because she thought her experience would be similar to her terrible and unlucky dating life back home.

- Elena tends not to be emotional, revealing that her friends back home call her a "mannequin" and question if she even has a heart sometimes.