Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now? featured Stacia Karcher and Nate Barnes separating after the reunion, Justin Hall calling Alexis Williams "fake" and "a narcissist," Alexis and Krysten Collins going on a double date, Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago house hunting, and Krysten still having feelings for Mitch Silverstein during the Wednesday night special on Lifetime.

Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now? for Season 15 filmed five months after "Decision Day" but only two weeks after the San Diego reunion special.


Viewers were updated on Stacia and Nate's troubles after the reunion, Justin and Alexis' unresolved issues, Lindy and Miguel's happy marriage, Krysten and Mitch's attempts to move on, and Morgan Bell and Binh Trinh's road to friendship.

The San Diego-based couples were either trying to make their marriages work in the real world after the show or navigating a new journey as single individuals.

But in true Married at First Sight fashion, the five couples -- who had been matched by show experts Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Calvin Roberson -- all came together for one last reunion on-camera, a birthday and going-away party for Krysten.

Below is what happened on the dramatic Where Are They Now? special.


Lindy and Miguel were shown taking wedding photos in their wedding attire since they knew each other better months after saying "I do" and were in love. They were comfortable with each other, much unlike when they had first met.

Lindy said she'd like to start thinking about buying a house because Miguel's space was small for the both of them.

Lindy said she appreciated how he was making her feel like their place belonged to the both of them, but Miguel told her that she could take the lead on house hunting because he didn't think it was necessary or a pressing matter.

"We don't need to get too ahead of ourselves," Miguel noted.

Lindy, however, said she wanted to be in a home before she and Miguel started talking about having children. Lindy was trying to push Miguel out of his financial comfort zone.

Lindy and Miguel proceeded to look at homes, which Miguel called "exciting but also daunting."
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Miguel told Lindy that when the timing was right, it would feel right to the both of them.


Krysten and Alexis read DMs they had received from men to each other while out for lunch one day.

Krysten admitted her guard was up again but she was never going to accept anything less than what she deserves again.

"I have not spoken to Mitch since the reunion. There is no animosity, however, I don't feel the need to be best friends or even friends for that matter," Krysten shared.


Alexis said Justin had called her and asked for advice and also thanked her for regulating his emotions during the reunion special. Alexis insisted she had no interest in being anything with Justin other than his ex-wife.

Krysten got a big promotion at work and planned to move to New York City, where she'd be closer to her family and get a nice apartment.

Krysten and Alexis planned to still hang out and be friends, and Krysten acknowledged how dating is all about intention, open-mindedness and boundaries -- and so location doesn't matter. She just wanted chemistry and compatibility to like up with somebody.

"The worst is behind me," Krysten noted.

Krysten wanted to throw herself a birthday party with the whole MAFS cast so they could end on a better and more amicable note than the reunion. Alexis was a bit nervous and said she wouldn't be upset if Justin didn't show up.


Stacia revealed to her mother that Nate wasn't living with her -- and she changed her hair.

"I asked Nate for a separation," Stacia revealed, "or a divorce, I guess."

Stacia explained how she wasn't sure if she was done or not with Nate. She had wanted to move at a faster pace and claimed Nate wanted to slow down after the experiment.

Stacia's mom pointed out how Stacia's pace wasn't normal for most people or couples, but Stacia said she didn't want to be "anchored down" and had tried hard to make Nate as comfortable as possible.

Stacia said she lived in Nate's studio after "Decision Day" for a while but then he asked her to leave because he needed space. Stacia then went two weeks without seeing him.

Nate apparently called Stacia's mom and said he loved Stacia and felt hopeless. Stacia's mom explained how marriage takes hard work, and Stacia confirmed that she doesn't want to be divorced or single. But at the same time, she didn't want to be alone in a marriage.

Later on, Krysten checked on her friend Nate to see how he was doing.

Nate was still wearing his wedding ring but he said he hit a rough patch with Stacia after a disagreement over a lack of communication. Nate said Stacia demanded he dip deep and be vulnerable, which was triggering for him.

Nate said he feels unsafe when someone tries to pry him open, and so they both felt emotionally exhausted.

"I think it's over. I'm clear-headed, but now I feel like I've lost my wife," Nate lamented.

Krysten advised Nate to pull out all the romantic stops for his wife, but Nate said he was afraid to be rejected and turned down. With that being said, Krysten insisted he must keep fighting.



Justin -- who had his beloved dog Maya back -- said he moved on from Alexis after she had told the world that he "couldn't get it up."

"She's inappropriate, she's disrespectful and I'm pissed. I'm just hanging on by a thread," Justin said.

Mitch shared how he was living with a friend and wasn't ready to date quite yet.

Justin stood by his claim that Nate had made a pass at him at the start of the season, and he said he wasn't going to apologize for how he "came at Nate" during the reunion.

Justin said he looked forward to seeing Miguel and Nate at Krysten's party but he planned to keep his distance from Nate. Justin was apparently going back and forth on whether to bury the hatchet with Nate.

Mitch later met up with his brother and sister-in-law, who said Mitch hopefully realized his shortcomings and can act on them now. Mitch said he was almost ready to date again but he was still processing what happened with Krysten.

"Obviously a lot of this was a bit traumatizing, but I don't want to lock myself in a room for the rest of my life," Mitch said.

Mitch was prepared to see Krysten again at her birthday and going away party, and he hoped they could keep it light and enjoy each other's company. Mitch acknowledged he had made mistakes with Krysten and really liked being with someone rather than being alone.


Nate and Stacia were together almost every day for six months, but they went three days without seeing each other.

Nate showed up at Stacia's house with paint supplies and they did some painting on canvases together.

Nate called his painting "Healing," and the couple enjoyed a few laughs. Nate told Stacia that he still had hope they could work things out. Nate said he wanted to be with her, but he wanted to take things slow and not be back to 100 percent overnight.

Nate thought they were on two different pages because he wanted to live more in the moment while Stacia constantly planned for their future. Nate shared how Stacia hurt his feelings when she said he had signed up for Married at First Sight for a relationship and not for marriage.

"This is giving me more confirmation of, 'Why are you here?'" Stacia told the cameras.

Nate hated Stacia saying he wasn't fully committed. Nate thought his wife, deep down, was insecure and that she didn't feel the love he had for her. But Nate asked to take things day by day, which Stacia thought was annoying and nuts. Stacia pointed out how they seemed to fight every time they were together.

Stacia said Nate only came over because producers had to film for the show, but then she giggled and succumbed to saying that he was, in fact, fighting to save their marriage. Nate said he wanted to be with her, and so she let him stay.

Two days before Krysten's party, Stacia and Nate were back living together under one roof.

Stacia said she Nate bickered when they felt stubborn and hurt. She said it felt delightful to be back with Nate and to have made some progress.

The pair agreed to actively listen, and Nate was happy some real changed had been made. The pair had fun cooking together, and Nate hoped something would click if they took things day by day.


Morgan taught Binh some Muay Thai, hoping he'd build some backbone for his future relationships.

Binh apparently got a promotion as a project engineer and was consistently going to therapy and working on himself. Binh said he didn't want to let anyone make himself feel inferior or less than. Binh also said he had been hanging out with Nate a lot.

Morgan said she was excited to see the cast again but didn't want there to be any drama between Justin and Nate.

Morgan revealed she had gone on a few dates but nothing stuck. She apparently wasn't in the mindset to date at all.

When the pair practiced some moves together, Morgan wished they had done this while they were still married because it was very therapeutic for them. The couple agreed, however, they could probably be friends.


After doing a pole dancing class with Stacia, Krysten and Alexis revealed how they were going on a double date.

Krysten matched with an attorney on a dating app before the show -- and they never went out because she got picked for MAFS -- but they rekindled a conversation after she got a divorce from Mitch. Alexis got set up with a friend named Greg, a contracted model and violinist.

Krysten said she didn't want to cut and run at the first red flag, and Alexis hoped to leave all the issues she had with Justin in the past.

Stacia then told the girls how she and Nate were going to therapy and were spending two weeks downtown at Nate's place followed by two weeks at her place. They were trying to mix their two worlds and make it work.

"I know this is just marriage and we're going to run into small patches... [but] I think we can continue to move forward. I don't want to give up," Stacia shared in a confessional.

Krysten and Alexis then went out to dinner with Evan and Greg, respectively.

Alexis said seeing Greg for the first time in real life, she definitely thought he was her type and she seemed excited. Greg also said he liked it what he saw in Alexis.

Greg said he wants to be infatuated with a woman and so looks are 75 percent important to him. Meanwhile, Evan said he was looking for the full package, including someone he could connect with intellectually and on an emotional level.

Greg also revealed he's stubborn, but Alexis felt chemistry.

Krysten, on the other hand, needed Evan to loosen up a little bit and make some jokes. She also learned Evan doesn't drink coffee, which was a turnoff. However, she seemed to like how wasn't obsessed about not using plastic.

Krysten said Evan didn't knock her socks off but it was a good step to get back out into the dating world.


Alexis asked Justin to meet up one day before Krysten's party. Justin expressed how Alexis had embarrassed him on Afterparty by revealing how he couldn't get an erection.

But Justin claimed Alexis had left out that he couldn't get it up because her pH balance was off.

Alexis said Justin's insecurities were speaking and he was having an adult hissy fit. Justin then called her a narcissist.

"I'm not going to entertain you. You are a sad individual," Justin said, adding how Alexis was "fake" and talked about him behind his back and so he was "done."

Justin stormed off and Alexis didn't know what else to do. She and Justin were clearly both "over it." Alexis told Krysten not to uninvite Justin to her party, but the girls just wanted to have a nice weekend.


The women of Season 15 got together at a winery, and Morgan revealed she was going to travel to Spain and Greece to just relax and have a good time. She also planned to buy a condo in San Diego within the next year, and Lindy shared how she and Miguel were looking at homes.

Alexis said she wasn't going to settle in her next relationship and be authentic about what she can and cannot take. Krysten also revealed she'd see Evan again but she didn't see it turning into a romance.

Alexis acknowledged she should just apologize to Justin for her Afterparty comment, but at the same time, she was enabling Justin, and Morgan totally agreed with that.

The whole cast then gathered together and the party got off to a happy, positive start.

Justin told the cameras that the vibe in the house was "fake as f-ck."

Justin was a bit awkward with the group and intended to keep his distance from Alexis, and Nate just stayed away from him. Stacia thought Nate deserved an apology but Justin probably wouldn't give him one. She didn't like how Justin had treated anyone at the reunion.

Krysten seemed a little upset because Mitch didn't pay much attention to her. But then Mitch gave his estranged wife a birthday gift.

When Krysten opened her card, she started to cry. Mitch said he was extremely thankful for the experience they shared and that he'd always remember the good times, their team work, and how they overcame challenges together.

Mitch also said Krysten had inspired him to grow as a person and forced him out of his comfort zone. He also bought her a Fanny pack, which she really liked, and a little plaque telling Krysten that she's strong, capable, and perfect the way she is.

Krysten was very appreciative Mitch had put the together for her.

"There are a bit of lingering feelings but it's because we were husband and wife, and that really meant something to me and I don't think it will ever vanish and go away," Krysten said in a confessional.

Krysten said she held no ill will or hard feelings toward Mitch and she just wanted the best for him.

Later that night, Alexis pulled Justin aside to talk. Alexis said she never meant to hurt him and she was sorry for her remark on Afterparty. At the time, Alexis thought she was being tactful, and she said she always tried to look out for him.

Alexis said Justin's responses sometimes scared her but she appreciated him and what he taught her. She just didn't want to end on bad terms, and Justin said he understood her.

While Justin thanked her to her face, he said he took Alexis' speech and apology with a grain of salt.

Justin then asked Nate to sit down for a chat.

Justin said sorry for ever insinuating Nate had made a pass at him. Justin said he respected Nate and was acting with emotion at the reunion. Nate said it was a messed up situation because Justin was hating on him, no Justin admitted it was "f-cked up."

Nate also said he had taken things out on Justin at the reunion, and they agreed they're both human.

However, Nate told the cameras this wasn't going to change their dynamic because the damage had been done and there would always be a little animosity between them. Justin tried hard to leave the experiment on a good note with everybody.

After Krysten thanked everyone for coming and said it meant a lot to her, Justin took the floor and announced how words are powerful and he was sorry to everybody for anything hurtful or offensive he had said.

Justin expressed how he was learning, and he apologized to Krysten for calling her fake and to Morgan for being "a d-ck."

Justin apologized to Lindy for being vindictive, although that was never his intention, and to Stacia for being disrespectful to her husband. Justin said he didn't expect anybody to forgive him.

"I don't think any of Justin's apologies are sincere. He's apologizing to everyone but me, but I'm at complete peace. I can move forward without getting an apology from Justin," Alexis vented in a confessional.

Because of how Mitch acted that night, Krysten wondered if she should've given her marriage a chance outside of the show and away from the cameras. But Alexis reminded Krysten how she felt awful and sad when cameras were rolling.

"I really wish it worked out," Krysten confessed.

Alexis also called Justin "childish" for not apologizing to her as well as manipulative.

The episode ended with Stacia and Nate saying they had a lot of work to do, and then all the couples parting ways and wishing each other well.

Mitch said he'd never marry a stranger again, but Lindy and Miguel felt very lucky to have been matched with each other. The entire cast also learned a great deal about themselves.


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