Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now? featured Chris Collette dating former MAFS star Olivia Cornu, Alyssa Ellman and Ryan Ignasiak having a date and then an explosive ending to their short-lived romance, Mark Maher and Lindsey Georgoulis signing divorce papers, Noi Phommasak having a change of heart about her future with Steve, and broken couples finding closure during the Wednesday night special on Lifetime.

Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now? for Season 14 filmed five months after "Decision Day."

Viewers were updated on Chris and Alyssa's love lives, Mark and Lindsey, Noi and Steve Moy, Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson, and Jasmina Outar and Michael Morency.


The Boston-based couples were either trying to make their marriages work in the real world after the show or navigating a new journey as single individuals.

But in true Married at First Sight fashion, the five couples -- who had been matched by show experts Dr. Viviana Coles, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Pastor Calvin Roberson -- all came down for one last reunion on-camera.

Below is what happened on the dramatic Where Are They Now? special.


Lindsey moved to California a month prior from when this special filmed, and she said she had fully acclimated to her new life with a condo and a job.

But she was shown returning to Boston to visit her dad and sign the divorce papers with Mark. She also intended to participate in a Season 14 couples' getaway.

Looking back on the Married at First Sight reunion special, Lindsey called it "a shock" and said she stopped talking to Mark immediately afterwards.

Lindsey said Mark didn't challenge her and push her out of her comfort zone and so he's not the right person for her. Lindsey said Mark didn't contribute to her life in a positive way and so she had no desire to keep him in her life. She was ready to focus on her own happiness, close that chapter, and hopefully meet a guy whom she believes is better suited for her.

While putting a litter box together, Steve suggested Mark should go out with his friend Crystal, a special woman who used to work with his sister at a school. Mark called her nice and beautiful, and she and Mark both lived in Medford, MA.

Steve said Crystal and Mark could play pool together, but Mark planned to take things really slowly. Steve thought Crystal could be really good for Mark, whom Steve thought deserves the best.
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Mark just hoped his interaction with Lindsey was going to go well at their divorce-paper signing.

Later on, Mark and Lindsey met in-person for their divorce signing, and they apparently hadn't talked much up to that point.

Lindsey and Mark were civil with each other, and Lindsey called signing the papers "liberating."

Lindsey was happy and relieved to be divorcing Mark, but she apologized for the bowling alley scene that Mark ended up watching on TV. Lindsey had poked fun at Mark's low income and said she "hated" him among other terrible insults.

Lindsey said she was just trying to vent to a producer behind closed doors and she felt bad and "embarrassed" that Mark had to see and hear that. Mark appreciated the apology and said he'd always remember that.

"I don't hold anything against you. I'm blessed I met you because I got so many good things... I eat better, I push myself, I stand up more, I've grown because of you. I am forever thankful for you and I'm always going to have so much love for you," Mark shared. "I'll always weigh that over the negative."


Lindsey was pleased that Mark understood her true intent, that she'd never "want to hurt or disrespect him." The couple agreed the marriage did not bring out their best selves, and Mark noted how he was looking forward to having a final hangout with everyone.

Mark was optimistic that he and Lindsey could be friends in the future, but he acknowledged "you never know" with Lindsey, who's a real wild card.

Later on, Olajuwon helped Mark pick out an outfit for his upcoming date with Crystal given he had lost 40 or 50 pounds, and Olajuwon advised Mark to take it easy and not overthink things.

Mark then met up with Crystal, a special educator and former high school volleyball coach, for their date where they could play arcade games and enjoy a couple of drinks and a good meal. The pair had fun together and Mark learned that Crystal is not allergic to cats!

"I actually really like cats. I used to have a cat," Crystal told Mark.

Crystal said her conversation with Mark was easy and relaxed, and Crystal called her "a breath of fresh air compared to Lindsey." Mark suggested slow and steady was going to win the race.

"I don't know if the Shark is back yet, but I still want to find love," Mark told the cameras.


Katina and Olajuwon were doing great and finding their new rhythm. Katina considered Olajuwon her best friend, and the pair was shown having a paint night in their new apartment.

Olajuwon gushed about how they had so much fun together and were rounding the corner to their one-year anniversary. But Katina feared spending too much time with Olajuwon in the small apartment would put a damper on their chemistry.

Olajuwon and Michael were then shown meeting up with Season 6 MAFS star Jephte Pierre

Olajuwon went to college with Jephte and asked him for guidance and advice about marriage.

Jephte admitted being on the show was hard but he and Shawniece Jackson were going on five years, still married and together.

"We stopped thinking about forever and just focused on today, and I wouldn't change anything," Jephte said.

Olajuwon admitted the only problem he was having with Katina was that he had been "chilling with her too much" and so stupid, little things were starting to bother each other.

Olajuwon was looking for a balance in a marriage, and Jephte said it's important to not lose oneself in his or her marriage but Olajuwon would eventually find the balance.

Olajuwon, however, gushed about how he really loved Katina and he wanted his boys to be as happy as he was.


Later on, Olajuwon and Katina discussed how it would be okay for them to spend more time apart and hang out with their respective friends without each other. Olajuwon said their love wasn't going to fail and so they didn't need to be around each other all the time.

"Just look at your ring when you're losing sight," Olajuwon told his wife, who was smiling big. "And I've got my ring on to keep my eyes clear. We're going to be alright."

The couple agreed on having a one-night outing per week in which they'd hang out with other people, family or friends.

"I hope this only makes our relationship stronger," Katina noted. "I love my husband and everything, but I miss my friends!"


While putting a litter box together for Mark, Steve revealed to Mark and Chris how he and Noi had been doing home renovations. Steve also said Noi loosened up "ever so slightly" about her desire to have three children.

Steve admitted he wanted to kids -- but only one or two -- and so he and Noi weren't seeing eye to eye on that.

"We've hit a few road bumps," Steve confessed.

Steve and Noi were later shown doing home renovations, and Steve hoped Noi would move in with him within two or three months. Steve was trying to make Noi happy, but she admitted she needed more time to process her marriage and what life was going to look like next.

"I don't think there's a huge rush," Noi told the cameras.

Steve then revealed to Noi he had volunteered to watch his brother's three children, which would be a little test run for Noi since she had her heart set on having three kids.

Steve hoped a crazy household would make Noi reconsider having three kids, but he wasn't sure that was going to happen.

When Steve and Noi babysat the three girls all under the age of 10, Noi was in for quite the shock. Noi thought she'd handle the kids with ease, and the pair had fun making bath bombs, making pizza and having a dance party with the girls.

At the end of the day, Noi admitted it was "a lot of work," and she appeared very tired.

Steve said while having three kids could be a dream, it also may be a nightmare at times.

On the day of the getaway, Noi conceded to moving in with Steve in three months. She appreciated all the work he had been doing on his place to make it feel like her home as well.

"I feel like he really wants to build a life that we're both happy with, so it means a lot that he'd be willing to go the extra mile for me," Noi said.


Steve also asked Noi where she stood on having three children after putting so much effort into their babysitting adventure.

"I was deadset on that number, [three], for so long. But I think having all three of the girls over, it was pretty eye-opening to see how much work and effort goes into looking after three children," Noi said.

"So it did make me re-evaluate. So I think maybe having two would be a good start."

Steve smiled ear to ear and appreciated Noi being more flexible. He felt more comfortable about having kids going forward, and so Noi and Steve planned to move in together and then start trying for a baby.



During the gathering with Olajuwon and Jephte, Michael let the guys know that he had put effort into his marriage to Jasmina after the show and she didn't give him any credit for that at the reunion.

Michael acknowledged that he just gave up at one point and determined his marriage was over.

"I felt like if I didn't reach out, we just weren't talking. And then I started to really think about the marriage in its entirety, and it made me realize there's still a lot of unresolved things we can't ignore, and so I decided to distance myself from her," Michael explained in a confessional.

Olajuwon hoped Jasmina would take some accountability for the demise of her relationship, and Jephte advised Michael to meet with Jasmina and speak his truth.

Meanwhile, Jasmina opened up to Alyssa and Katina at a restaurant -- where they met up for lunch one day -- how she had been dating "cute" guys but found nothing serious.

The girls also discussed reuniting with the rest of the cast "like old times," and Jasmina said she'd be fine with seeing Michael even though they hadn't spoken at all after the reunion.

Jasmina and Michael had been friends working towards romance after "Decision Day," but Jasmina said Michael just stopped talking to her before the reunion, which was really frustrating.

"He didn't put forth effort, and we don't have a relationship right now. And I'm not sure why," Jasmina told the cameras.

Michael and Jasmina later sat down for a conversation, and Michael admitted that he felt "played" and Jasmina had tried to paint a picture that he wasn't trying, which resulted in him wrapping up their relationship before the reunion.

Jasmina said she didn't understand where Michael's bad energy had come from and she didn't feel like she deserved that.

Jasmina insisted she had tried very hard and so she also felt played by Michael.

Jasmina told the cameras that she knew her truth and the work she had put into her marriage, but she and Michael clearly had different perspectives on why their relationship failed.

"I hit you up every day. Not once did you pick up a phone to text or call me," Jasmina griped.

Jasmina acknowledged Michael had spent two days with her, one on her couch and one at the hospital with her dog Mr. Feeny, but he allegedly never called her or FaceTimed her to talk.


Michael didn't agree with Jasmina on her points, and the pair held on to their own feelings. While there was no resolution, Michael at least felt closure with Jasmina.

The couple ultimately decided to put the past behind them and continue on as friends.


While putting a litter box together for Mark, Chris discussed his reunion appearance with Mark and Steve. Chris didn't think Alyssa took "full accountability" for her behavior during the season although she said "sorry," but he said their relationship was nonexistent and so he didn't really care anymore.

Chris then revealed he was "talking" to Olivia Cornu from the Married at First Sight New Orleans season. Chris had plans to fly to Olivia to Boston so they could have a true, real first date.

Chris was nervous about flying a girl halfway across the country for a date, but he said he thought Olivia was smart, grounded, practical, and beautiful. He called dating Olivia a "no brainer," and Mark thought the pair would hit it off due to their similar values, hobbies and goals.

Meanwhile, Alyssa felt ready to move on "and be a good person," focusing on herself.

Alyssa also revealed to a friend how she had been "chatting" with Ryan Ignasiak with whom she had a lot in common. Ryan Starred on the Houston, TX, season of Married at First Sight, and she was attracted to the fact he likes the country and ranch life -- country music, cowboy boots, four-wheelers and horses.

"I think in a way, Ryan is who I asked for," Alyssa told her pal. "I just started messaging on social media and then that led to text messages and phone calls and FaceTimes. We just get along really well and we have a lot in common. It's nice to have someone to talk to who's also been through the same thing."

Alyssa said she "definitely" liked Ryan and wouldn't talk to him if she didn't. Alyssa, however, got a little anxiety when thinking about meeting Ryan in person.

"I don't know if Ryan is The One, but I definitely want to find out if he is. I haven't had the best luck dating these days, so it's scary going back to that. It's scary meeting someone you like," Alyssa shared.

When Alyssa met up with Katina and Jasmina at a restaurant for lunch, and Alyssa shared how she was romantically interested in Ryan. Katina and Jasmina therefore pushed Alyssa to text Ryan and invite him out to Boston.

Alyssa obliged and sent the text, and Ryan apparently replied, "Sounds like a horrible idea. I'm in."

"I'm nervous. I'm sweating! Which cowboy boots should I wear?!" Alyssa said.

Alyssa looked forward to the reunion but had been having problems with Lindsey, so she was worried about Lindsey drama during the getaway. She could only hope for the best.

CHRIS and former MAFS star OLIVIA

Chris and Olivia enjoyed their first date in an igloo at a restaurant.

Olivia said she was shocked Chris had reached out and invited her to Boston, but she was looking forward to a fun experience and maybe connecting with Chris, with whom she saw potential.

Chris is allergic to cats, but Olivia has two of them. She apparently gets allergy shots every month so she can live with the cats, and so she joked with Chris that being allergic is no excuse.

Olivia said her marriage with Brett Lindsey on Season 11 of Married at First Sight was not meant to be and ended badly.

Chris thought Olivia was the textbook definition of "a nice and kind person," and he said that's what he was looking for more than anything else at that point.

Olivia told Chris that she loved living in New Orleans but has a job, as a nurse, that she can do wherever. She also said she prefers to live in a bigger city with bigger hospitals, hinting she may be open to moving to Boston in the future if things between them worked out.

Olivia said Chris seemed to be the life of the party and he could bring her out of her shell.

Chris proceeded to invite Olivia to the Season 14 cast's getaway to Cape Cod, MA, and she accepted his invitation. Chris promised there would be no fighting with Alyssa although tension still existed between them.

Chris looked forward to learning more about Olivia without rushing into anything.

"I know exactly what I want," Chris told Olivia.

"I brought a ring, you don't want to get married?" Olivia joked.

ALYSSA and former MAFS star RYAN

Alyssa and Ryan had their first date at a bowling alley, and Ryan told Alyssa that she had a whole city to show him. Ryan showed up in cowboy boots, which Alyssa loved, and Ryan said they had a lot to learn about each other.

Alyssa shared how Married at First Sight had put her in such a bad place, and Ryan joked about how she hadn't cried yet -- which was a good sign.

"I think he's just as cute in person as he was on FaceTime," Alyssa said. "Plus, he's a cowboy and we all know how I feel about that."

Alyssa thought she and Ryan had so much in common, and she said she wished she had been matched with somebody on Married at First Sight who had the same interests that Ryan has.

Alyssa said she was thinking about moving to Austin, TX, which seemed to excite Ryan, who lives in Houston, TX. Ryan said he was finally at the point where he could get serious with a woman again.

Alyssa then invited Ryan to the cast getaway in Cape Cod, and he said, "I'd be down... It's scary but it sounds fun."

Ryan was willing to fly back to Boston for Alyssa, who noted how it would be nice to have someone by her side at the trip.

However, Alyssa decided to uninvite Ryan to the getaway in a shocking turn of events. The day after they bowled together, Alyssa asked him to meet up with her.

Alyssa revealed how a bomb had been dropped on her when the men in her cast claimed Ryan and Lindsey "talk all the time" and are "pretty good friends."

Alyssa said the news had blown her away because it seemed like a lot of people knew about Ryan and Lindsey's friendship except for her.

"I'm really upset about it, and I feel like you betrayed me," Alyssa told Ryan.

Ryan said Lindsey had DMed him the previous week, asking where she should go out for drinks in Las Vegas.

"You never once told me that you even know Lindsey or have spoken to her. That shocked me honestly," Alyssa complained.

Ryan denied having Lindsey's phone number, but Alyssa said she knew the facts and her guy friends had seen Ryan on FaceTime with Lindsey, which suggested Ryan and Lindsey had a close relationship.

Alyssa said Ryan had talked to Lindsey more than twice and she "has a really big mouth." Ryan insisted he and Lindsey just had back and forth banter, nothing more than a friendship conversation, but Alyssa didn't care.

"It doesn't matter. I thought we were close enough friends that you would never betray me like that. You know she lies about me and makes up stories about me, and I'm just confused why you would come here and go on a date with me and also be talking to Lindsey," Alyssa complained.

Alyssa said she didn't care if Ryan and Lindsey were friends but she was angry over the fact Ryan had never mentioned it to her.

"I was dishonest about it?" Ryan asked.

"Yes, you never told me that you speak to her, never!" Alyssa snapped, adding how she would've looked like "an absolute fool" at the getaway because Lindsey was allegedly telling people Ryan had been "trying to get with her."

Alyssa said regardless of whether Lindsey's claim was true, her showing up to the getaway with Ryan would make her look like a total idiot.

Alyssa accused Ryan of talking to her "enemy" behind her back. While they had fun on their first date, it turned bad very quickly.

Alyssa said she had asked for respect, honesty and good communication, which Ryan had not provided. Alyssa told Ryan that their trip was off and she had nothing left to say to him.

Ryan told a producer that this was not his drama and he wasn't going to get involved with it.

"I can be friends with whoever the f-ck I want," Ryan told the producer.

The cast's final on-camera getaway to Cape Cod

Alyssa shared the story about what happened with Ryan when she got to sit down with Jasmina and Katina. Jasmina believed that while Alyssa can overreact sometimes, she had every reason to be upset about Ryan's secret relationship with Lindsey.

Jasmina thought Ryan should have mentioned that to Alyssa, who admitted a romance with Ryan was "not meant to be."

Chris then introduced Olivia to the group and she got along with all the girls. Olivia said she hadn't spoken to Brett since their divorce.

Chris announced how he had slid into Olivia's DMs, and he just hoped Olivia wasn't going to feel uncomfortable with Alyssa around. However, Alyssa appeared nice and cordial.

Jasmina thought Olivia could be a good fit for Chris, and she predicted the new couple would sleep in the same room that night.

Mark told the guys that Crystal was nice and "very, very beautiful."

Once Lindsey arrived, Steve and Alyssa were noticeably awkward around her. The pair just planned to ignore Lindsey at the getaway, but Olajuwon and Mark were excited to see Lindsey.

Olajuwon gave "kudos" to Lindsey for maintaining a positive attitude and not starting drama or picking fights with anybody.

Lindsey also confronted Steve, saying that she never knew he had a problem with her. Steve explained how Lindsey had made "a low blow" by making fun of the idea of Noi being a stay-at-home mom when Steve didn't work and made "zero dollars."

Lindsey apologized to Steve, who said he'd need a track record of good behavior in order to welcome Lindsey back in his life and be friends with her.

Lindsey insisted that she was happy for Steve and Noi, and Steve said that he accepted Lindsey's apology. Lindsey was happy they could have genuine interactions going forward.

"I still proceed with caution when it comes to Lindsey... but we can be okay and cordial in the same room, and I think that's progress," Steve told the cameras.

Alyssa also told Chris that she was happy for him and wanted to get along in the future. She said Olivia seemed nice, and Chris and Alyssa wished each other the best and happiness.

"This apology feels more genuine than at the reunion," Chris said in a confessional, adding that he felt "closure" with Alyssa.

Alyssa joked in a subsequent confessional, "I am definitely a good person."

The special ended with Jasmina saying she was ready for marriage again and intended to treat her next guy incredibly, and Michael also looked forward to the future.

Lindsey and Michael also gushed about being in a great place.


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