Married at First Sight star Lindsey Georgoulis doesn't believe she's to blame for her altercations with her fellow Season 14 cast members during the cast's joint honeymoon.

As viewers saw on last week's Married at First Sight episode on Lifetime, Lindsey clashed repeatedly with her fellow cast members as they traveled to Puerto Rico to begin their honeymoons.

Lindsey apparently sparked drama when she boasted of her many prior visits to the island and used the flight to lecture her castmates to speak Spanish, not English, while in San Juan.


Her comments rubbed Olajuwon Dickerson especially the wrong way given Lindsey had allegedly already repeatedly "poked" at him earlier in the trip, prompting him to vent that Lindsey was out of line for telling people what to do as they were all adults Lindsey was "nobody's mother."

Lindsey's behavior on the plane was also allegedly so unruly that a flight attendant had to approach her repeatedly during the flight to Puerto Rico and tell Lindsey to stop yelling, remain in her seat, and keep her mask on.

Then as the couples were leaving the airport to head to their hotel, Lindsey also allegedly said she wanted to fight Olajuwon -- a development that resulted in Lindsey and her husband Mark Maher riding to the hotel in a second shuttle van separate from the rest of Married at First Sight's Season 14 cast members.

However according to Lindsey, her bad behavior at the airport was triggered by Olajuwon's new wife Katina Goode and she never said she wanted to fight Olajuwon.

During the February 2 episode of Married at First Sight: Afterparty, Lindsey and Katina watched back a Season 14 clip of Katina putting Lindsey in her place during a catamaran ride that followed Lindsey and Olajuwon's airport altercation.

"You were just saying, 'I was triggered [by Olajuwon] because of what happened to me [in the past]. I don't care what happened to you when you were two, three or four years old. You are 35 years old," Katina tells Lindsey in the footage.

"It's like you poke people and then when you get a reaction, you play victim so much. You're a manipulative person."

Lindsey replies, "That's really rude," to which Katina responds, "I don't care if it's rude or not. I'm telling you because you're rude."

Afterparty host Keshia Knight Pulliam asked Katina what had made her mad enough to speak up in that moment especially considering Olajuwon had asked his wife to just drop her beef with Lindsey prior to the cast's catamaran sailing.
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"Everything I said in that clip, I stand on. You started an argument and so you basically triggered yourself," Katina said of Lindsey.

"You can't blame that or cast that on other people."


Lindsey, however, replied that Katina seemed confused about what had actually triggered her during that trip.

"I was actually triggered by you, [Katina]. When I was leaving the airport and you, like, came for me and they had to pull you back, that moment just put me in a place," Lindsey claimed. "I couldn't process it."

Katina therefore explained why she had alleged gone after Lindsey like that, in a physical manner.

"When we got off the plane, you said, 'I want to fight him,'" Katina recalled of Lindsey allegedly threatening Olajuwon.

Lindsey argued, "No, I was like, 'I don't want to fight. Do you want to fight?'"

Katina put her hand up and said, "You didn't say that."

"So you said, 'I want to fight him,' so because you came for my husband, my husband is a Black man and you are a white woman," Katina explained. "As soon as I hear, 'I want to fight him,' it's not his job anymore -- I'm going to step in place for him."

Keshia then stepped in to provide Lindsey with some cultural context, claiming that she wasn't taking a side in the dispute.

"I just want you to understand there's some things in this world that unless you're a Black woman, that you can't understand because you haven't had that experience," Keshia said.

Lindsey responded, "I'm very aware," and then Keshia continued, "There's certain things that if you say especially in a crowded place, that can create a situation that could potentially put a Black man in harm by doing it."

Keshia explained how that seemed to be "the piece" of the story that Katina wasn't sharing.

"That's the underlying issue with this," Keshia noted.

Keshia then asked the women if there was a way for them to get back to a good place, despite all that had happened.

"As of right now, I just need to take my time and just keep my distance a little bit," Katina admitted. "I'll still be respectful, obviously, but it will just take some time."

And Lindsey announced how she'll "always give somebody a second chance."


Olajuwon had recently revealed how there was more to his fight with Lindsey than what was shown on Married at First Sight's fourteenth season during his own separate appearance on Afterparty.

"I think Lindsey got caught up with cameras, and felt like, 'I need to be the spotlight of the camera,'" Olajuwon claimed.

"The first time she met me, she came up to me and I had slippers on, and she doesn't know me from a hole in the wall. And she says, 'Man, you're fly but your slippers look cheap,' and this and that."

"That don't sit well with me," he said. "You don't know me. You don't judge anybody or make any comments."

Olajuwon said, however, he "let that slide," and Mark confirmed he had witnessed that particular conversation.

Moving onto the plane and the cast's flight to San Juan, Olajuwon recalled, "She made little remarks -- and she's sitting right behind me. So it's tough to ignore but I ignored them twice."

However, a flight attendant apparently couldn't ignore Lindsey's inappropriate behavior.

"A flight attendant came up to us twice, maybe two or three times, and told Lindsey herself, 'Stop yelling. Sit down in your seat. Put your mask on,'" Olajuwon said.

"I'm just trying to get to know my wife! It was shocking and it just didn't sit well. Where I come from, I just think any adult, you don't let anybody downtalk you or tell you what to speak. You're not from that land, you know? So yeah, it was very, very frustrating."

In regards to Katina's claim Lindsey had said she wanted to "fight" Olajuwon, Olajuwon told Keshia, "When I was walking off the plane, she yelled it -- that she wanted to fight me... She said she wanted to fight me. And that is not okay."

"That is not okay because now you know what you're doing," Olajwuon complained.

"I was in front of Katina carrying our bags off the plane, and by the time I turned around, Katina was already finger-up saying, 'Who are you talking to about fighting?'"

Olajuwon insisted "the cameras didn't catch that" and so viewers didn't get to see everything that went down.

But Lindsey accused Olajuwon on the show of getting "aggressive" with her at the airport.

Once everyone got settled into their respective hotel rooms, Lindsey said Olajuwon had shaken her to her core and she was so happy to be with Mark, who was acting "supportive and nurturing" ever since their travels had begun.

Mark later tried to diffuse the tension by meeting with his castmates at the hotel pool, when Lindsey was not present.

Mark explained to the group how Lindsey tends to operate "at a 10," which can press other people's buttons, and so he apologized for what had happened on his "team."

Mark asked everyone to rise above the drama and not feel angry "over little things," and everyone agreed. Olajuwon and Mark even toasted to forgiveness and moving on.

However, Katina later brought up her issue with Lindsey again when sailing on the catamaran.


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