Married at First Sight's Part 1 of the Houston reunion featured Gil Cuero revealing Myrla Feria had blindsided and dumped him, Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel admitting they split, Brett responding to rumors she had dated another man while filming, and an explosive Zack Freeman and Michaela Clark confrontation during Wednesday night's Season 13 episode on Lifetime.

The Married at First Sight reunion was hosted by Kevin Frazier, who couldn't be in the studio with the couples or singles due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


The five Married at First Sight couples of Season 13 are Gil and Myrla, Rachel and Jose, Brett and Ryan Ignasiak, Zack and Michaela, and Johnny Lam and Bao Huong Hoang.

The five couples were matched by Married at First Sight experts Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Dr. Viviana Coles and Pastor Calvin Roberson.

Below is what happened on the dramatic reunion, according to the Part 1 MAFS episode.


Rachel and Jose said they were matched perfectly. They both said everything they had asked for, they received.

"I felt so lucky. I was like, 'Oh my God, it worked!'" Rachel gushed.

Jose said he never intended to lock Rachel out, but then took accountability and said "yes" when Kevin insisted he had known what he was doing. Jose, however, said he didn't think Rachel was going to return home after 12:30AM since they hadn't resolved anything.

"I am remorseful for it, and I own it," Jose confessed, although he stood by the fact his decision was not intentional.

Jose admitted, "I'm very passive aggressive," before Rachel said she remembers that fight like it was yesterday and she didn't feel cared for.

Rachel told Kevin that she thought Jose had fooled her about his intentions and how good of a person he seemed to be until the pair had a tough discussion that ultimately made their relationship stronger.

But when asked if they're still together, Rachel surprisingly revealed, "Well, we did break up."
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"We're working on things right now," Jose explained. "It was difficult once the cameras turned off. We got very complacent to a certain degree and we took a little bit of a break — about a month, like, three or four weeks."

Jose said their relationship was progressively getting better day by day and they continue to move forward.

Rachel called it "a reset" and agreed she and Jose had gotten too comfortable, which resulted in their emotional connection deteriorating over time. Rachel said adjusting outside of the experiment caused a lot of arguments and Jose allegedly kept nagging her about trying to move too much stuff into his home.

"He got a little impatient with me when it came to moving in my stuff, so I didn't feel like it was our home. I was like, 'You know what? I don't want this to be my marriage,' and so I decided to leave," Rachel revealed.

Rachel said they are currently working through those issues and aren't sure if they're going to stay married. Rachel went back to her mother's house and thought it was the end of her marriage.

Jose told Kevin that he wanted to make his marriage work because he wants to be with Rachel long-term, and Rachel said they're closer to bettering their marriage than they are to divorce.


"I was done. At that moment, I was done. And he was just like, 'Look, let me just take out you.' I said, 'You can take me out but the spark is just not there for me anymore.' I was feeling so exhausted from the constant bickering and arguing, but now, we talk on the phone every night for hours," Rachel shared.

Rachel said she and Jose are getting to know each other better but she needs to be really sure about him in order to have a marriage that lasts forever, and Jose said he'd welcome Rachel back -- with all of her things -- at any time.

Jose also insisted he won't be cheap with vacations, which prompted Rachel to reveal he almost spends too much when he travels. They also have more trips together planned.

Love is still at the root of their relationship and they agreed they want to be together and try hard to be a team.


Brett and Ryan are still broken up and talk "very seldomly," although there is "no bad blood" and they don't mind being around each other.

During the honeymoon, Ryan said he and Brett weren't in life yet and didn't have to deal with anything difficult. Brett also said it wasn't fun to hear that she's not Ryan's type so many times although it didn't affect or hurt her necessarily.

Brett said Ryan wasn't being honest and open with her during their marriage because he was afraid to hurt her feelings but she wished he had just ripped off the Band-Aid — and Ryan said he regretted that behavior and wished he had handled many situations differently.

Ryan told Kevin that he's become a better communicator, but Brett wasn't quick to believe that.

Ryan said he learned not to focus on a woman's physical traits going into a relationship and he can be patient when he wants to be. Brett added that their differences taught her to be more open-minded about whom she dates and spends time with.

If the couple could do the process all over again, Ryan said he would've had tough conversations.

Ryan's sister Alexa then joined the couple onstage, and Alexa said Brett fit in well with the family and Ryan could use a strong and independent girl like Brett.

Alexa had told Brett during the season that it seemed like a woman from his past had suddenly returned and "distracted" Ryan, and Ryan revealed that he could understand why Alexa would say that. The pair had lived together for four years and so Alexa knew about his habits and made assumptions about his marriage to Brett based on the past.

Alexa said she regretted making that assumption but Ryan didn't have a glamorous dating past and it had been her gut feeling at the time.


Alexa then admitted her opinion of Brett "changed a little bit" because she "found out that she was seeing someone and was telling me to my face that Ryan was distracted when she was actually the one distracted."

When asked if that's true, Brett replied, "No."

"She's still seeing him," Alexa said.

"I'm not seeing anybody," Brett argued. "I did meet somebody but I didn't pursue anything with them until my marriage was done — and now that's also a situation that's done."

Ryan said of Brett's alleged romance during filming, "It is what it is. I wish it's something we could've talked about because whether it was actively being pursued or not, I know that it carried on throughout and past Decision Day," Ryan said.

Brett shook her head "no" and countered, "There's facts and there's rumors."

Brett claimed, "The fact is that I met someone and exchanged numbers. That's the fact. That's it. [It was] before [Decision Day]."

When Kevin asked Brett if she actively stayed in touch with this mystery man, Brett shrugged her shoulders like it was no big deal and replied, "Maybe here or there."

Brett said this person did not distract her from her marriage, but Ryan disagreed and said he had seen one of Brett's conversations.

"There was more to it than a friendship that was being developed. Whether it's happening now, I don't know, but there was more than just friends exchanging numbers. Even the night they met," Ryan announced.

Brett then confirmed she had some type of interaction with this man the night that they met.

"Yeah, that was not fun to hear, and then it was validated by other sources," Ryan said.

Alexa believed that Brett was in a full-blown relationship and was going home very late to Ryan a couple days after the pair met. Brett said everyone is entitled to their own opinion about the subject.

Ryan said Brett's romance didn't have an affect on his relationship but being called out about the dating app sucked since she was also apparently meeting new people at the time.

Ryan expressed frustration over finding out about Brett and this man a few weeks after she scolded him and made him feel guilty about the dating app, and Brett pointed out, "I see what you're saying."

Brett also said she had no romantic interest in this new guy at the time she was still married to Ryan.

Alexa advised Ryan to speak up in relationships going forward, but she insisted he's ready for marriage and he just needs to meet the right person.

"I've been ready for marriage, I would say, for several years now," Ryan agreed. "Never more true than today. I would love nothing more than to meet that person."

And Brett said she was ready for marriage and still is.

Had Ryan been more invested in the relationship, Brett's still not convinced she and Ryan would have remained a happy and healthy couple.

"My gut says 'no,'" Brett said, later adding, "We never emotionally and deeply connected… There is no reason to have animosity or arguments."


And Ryan agreed they have major core differences and just weren't right for each other from the start.

"It was a slow break up… We are definitely friends. We are like war buddies. We kind of went through this really stressful, transformative, reflective, fun and crazy thing together," Brett explained.

Brett said it was nice to go back to normal life but she really misses her dog who passed away during the season.


Gil was wearing red-bottom shoes, and Myrla said she was feeling fabulous in her red dress and thigh-high designer boots.

Gil recalled the process being really slow with Myrla but he wanted his marriage to last for 60 years and so he was ready for any and all challenges. Gil said he respected Myrla taking her time to kiss him, even though it took longer than he had anticipated.

Gil believed he never crossed the line when it came to poking fun at Myrla and calling her out on her unflattering habits or traits, such as being a Debbie Downer. Myrla, however, said she had never experienced that in a relationship before and so it wasn't easy to handle. Myrla said no other man had called her "a diva" or "high maintenance" before.

But Gil said the men Myrla had dated in the past were just like her.

"They are you. You dated yourself," Gil said.

"Agree to disagree," Myrla snapped.

Myrla said physical intimacy is really important to her once she gets to know somebody and she'd like to have sex as much as possible.

On Decision Day, Gil told Myrla that he loved her and the pair revealed they had consummated their marriage. The pair decided to stay married, and then after the show, Myrla and Gil moved in together.

However, there was apparently a major change or shift in their relationship once the cameras went away.

"Unfortunately since Decision Day, we have not been together," Gil announced.

Gil said 14 days after Decision Day, Myrla decided that she didn't want to be with him anymore.

Gil's disclosure came as a huge shock to Kevin considering Myrla had cried to Dr. Pepper during the experiment about how she had gotten everything she wanted and more in marriage.

When asked why she suddenly chose to leave Gil, Myrla relied, "I don't think there's an easy answer to that. I think for me, it was a variety of things, right? I think for me, it was just acknowledging that we are so different. The things that I had said were non-negotiables were really important to me."

Those non-negotiables are financial stability, for one.

Gil, however, said he has an amazing pension and makes $100 more, every two weeks, than Myrla.

Myrla explained it's not about making "enough money" but rather her issue was not having an "initial attraction" to Gil and "chemistry."

"I realized I was not happy. I think there was an attraction that eventually came, but for me, there has to be more. And I didn't think that was fair to me or to him -- when you don't have that chemistry, that fire. You can't force that," Myrla explained.


Myrla insisted Gil is a handsome and amazing person but they are just not meant to be together.

Gil shared his "biggest issue" with the whole situation is that Myrla felt this way from the very beginning and never spoke up about her true feelings or concerns, which left Gil feeling totally "blindsided" and rejected.

Gil prided his marriage on good communication, and so he said he was disappointed that Myrla was never honest with him. Had Gil known how Myrla really felt about him, he apparently would have taken a step back and not gotten so invested in her and their relationship.

"We both decided we were going to stay together. I sold everything that I own. The only thing I kept was my blender, my clothes and my dog," Gil revealed. "For me, it came out of nowhere! She said, 'Hey, I don't find you attractive. I'm not happy.'"

Gil said he hoped things would turn around and so he decided to stay with her for about a month longer, until Myrla allegedly abruptly decided she wanted to move out of their shared apartment.

Gil told Kevin that he moved out first, about two or three days after Myrla let him down, but Myrla appeared angry and recalled the story of their breakup differently. However, Myrla said she didn't want to argue and go back and forth.

"I would never make that up! I guess I don't have enough money," Gil announced.

"Those are your insecurities [being put] onto me," Myrla snapped.

Myrla said she acted in a way that she believed was best for Gil -- which clearly shocked Gil -- because she didn't think it was healthy for them to continue living together and spending time together when neither of them looked happy.

Myrla expressed how Gil deserves all the happiness in the world and she doesn't want him to be miserable with her.

When asked if she was ever "in love" with Gil, Myrla responded with, "There was never a time I was in love, and I was very clear about that up until Decision Day. I know what love is; I've loved someone before... And I did not [love Gil]."

Myrla explained to Kevin that she wasn't going to say "I love you" until she really meant those three words.

Gil proceeded to reveal that he's "absolutely" still in love with Myrla, whom he still called his "wife."

Gil even admitted his heart and his mind would tell him to get back together with Myrla if she was interested in salvaging their relationship and working on their marriage. However, he would be cautious because he said he wants to be with a woman who truly wants to be with him.

"I do not want to be married to [Gil], and that's not [because] of who he is as a person. It's just sometimes, it doesn't work. He deserves to have a woman love him," Myrla shared.

Gil confessed the breakup had been really "tough" for him because he genuinely wanted to be married. Gil said he thought his marriage was good "until it wasn't" and Myrla gave him no opportunity to try to fix things.


Gil said he had yet to heal from the split because he really loves Myrla and "love is not something you can just shoo away the next day."

"It's been hard and I've been going to therapy," Gil revealed. "I've never had an issue with rejection... I wanted it so much, I was willing to do whatever!"

After the breakup, Myrla said she's been doing okay and life goes on. She hasn't begun dating again but plans to start in the near future.

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Gil shared how he loves how his wife is an ambitious go-getter who makes him want to go out and get more. Kevin pointed out how Gil repeatedly called Myrla his "wife" when they've broken up.

Ryan found it "shocking" when Gil and Myrla broke up after they moved in together, although he acknowledged the men had questions about whether certain things would present issues down the road.

"But they always seemed solid to us," Ryan said.

Jose agreed he was "extremely shocked" and "devastated" over Gil and Myrla's breakup because they had amazing chemistry.

Johnny also said he was "really shocked" because he had considered Gil and Myrla "the golden couple" after Jose and Rachel.

"Everything seemed fine! It's so strange," Johnny said, before Gil admitted he's going to be insecure about a woman being with him and whether she truly wants to be with him.

Zack, on the other hand, voiced how he never thought Gil and Myrla's relationship was going to work out.

On Zack's marriage to Michaela, Zack, a self-declared perfectionist, said he's learned to compromise more in relationships and stop thinking that things could always be better.

When discussing Jose and Rachel's temporarily split, Zack said he wasn't surprised about the breakup but he was surprised about them getting back together due to what they had gone through as a couple.

"But it's a testament to you guys' strength," Zack told Jose. "I know you worked hard for that. You worked your ass off to get back into her life, and I appreciate that because not a lot of guys would have... been as vulnerable."

Zack voiced how Rachel may have had some influence -- from her close pal Myrla, especially -- to stay single after her brief split from Jose.


"I think Myrla really liked Rachel being single," Ryan said.

Johnny said he likes to think he had a part in Rachel and Jose getting back together because he'd dropped hints to Jose on how he could change and better the situation. Johnny revealed how Jose needed to stop hanging out at home so much because Rachel likes to go out and have new experiences, regardless of the cost.


Michaela refused to be onstage with Zack at the same time in order to protect her energy and talk without being interrupted.

Michaela said her wedding was one of the best days of her life and Zack was "right" about how she must learn to manage her outbursts and strong, impulsive reactions to conflict.

"I honestly believe if I would have calmed down, that [our relationship] would have turned out better," Michaela said.

When asked what her problems with Zack's behavior were, Michaela shared, "It was the lack of forgiveness, the lack of grace, the lack of compassion. I felt like in being with Zack, he was always waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting for me to do it again."

Michaela said she couldn't be okay in a relationship if her partner is always waiting for her to mess up and make another mistake. Michaela therefore felt stressed in her marriage and didn't feel that was a healthy state of mind to be in.

Michaela told Kevin that she and Zack were equally to blame for their fights and the demise of her marriage, and then the host welcomed Michaela's sister Shareefa onto the stage.

Shareefa said both Michaela and Zack are stubborn and wanted to be right during their arguments.

Michaela said Zack messed with her emotions because she allowed him to leave the relationship multiple times and he chose to stay. But while he stayed, Michaela alleged that Zack would say mean things and hang divorce over her head, which gave her "relationship anxiety" and made her feel confused.

"Are you sure about that though?" Zack asked backstage.

Michaela recalled her one-month anniversary with Zack being a pick-me-up for their relationship because they had a great time and truly bonded.

"And that night, we were kissing and touching and other," Michaela said. "And it was strange to me because I remember he got out of bed and was like, 'Don't tell anybody we did that.'"

Michaela accused Zack of trying to keep their intimacy a secret, adding that Zack allegedly said of the sexual encounter, "If you tell anybody about it, I'm going to deny it."

"Now I see why she wanted to do this [interview] separately, because I wouldn't be able to be there to defend myself," Zack lamented backstage. "I get it."

Michaela confirmed she and Zack never moved in together after Decision Day but Zack had invited her to stay at his place, which turned into a seven or eight-day "lovers' holiday," according to Kevin.

"I was cooking, cleaning and having sex with him. But he claims I was only over there because he was trying to help me out and that I was mooching off of him and encroaching in his area. But I was like, 'No, you invited me there!'" Michaela claimed.

Michaela said after their little affair, she wrote Zack a message and suggested they shouldn't be together but could hang out as friends and get to know each other better. Zack allegedly obliged but then, one day later, said he just wanted to be "cordial" with each other "in the presence of other people."

Michaela recalled the situation upsetting her, and she concluded, "That's it. We're done. I don't want somebody like that in my life, and I don't need closure from him."


Kevin asked Michaela whether Zack had "played" her, and Michaela responded, "Yeah, I completely got played."

"What? Wow!" Zack said backstage.

Michaela insisted that she was trying to be in a marriage and didn't understand what Zack was doing.

Once Michaela left the set, Zack sat in the hot seat.

Zack said his relationship went off the rails when Michaela moved out of their apartment for the first time because she reacted strongly to something that wasn't a big deal.

"It wasn't a roller coaster for me," Zack said of his marriage. "It was just up and down."

Zack claimed he was tired of hearing that everything was his fault and he allegedly abandoned his wife, but Michaela said backstage she didn't feel that way and that wasn't the case.

Zack said he and Michaela would probably have a chance had "Hurricane Kay" never showed itself. He also wanted Michaela to take more responsibility for her actions, which Michaela disagreed with.

When asked what he wishes he had done differently in his marriage, Zack replied, "I wish I would have left. This is the worst relationship I've ever been in -- romantically, friendship-wise, work-wise. Any time of relationship, this is the worst one by far."

Kevin called Michaela out, however, on giving her "confusing" mixed signals since he would often say how much he liked and appreciated Michaela and her character and personality.

Zack also said he wanted a divorce while suggesting he'd like to continue dating Michaela after Decision.

Kevin said Michaela clearly thought her relationship had a chance, but Zack said working on the relationship didn't necessarily mean he and Michaela would be together. Zack pointed out there was a clear "disconnect" between Kevin and himself.

"Zack, have the balls to say, 'I want a divorce. This didn't work out, let's move on -- instead of saying, 'I want a divorce but this could work out, and let's start a relationship," Kevin said.

Zack replied, "I have a relationship with everybody in this room; that does not mean we are married. Stop acting like what I said or did has caused this! You make it seem like I don't know what I'm talking about!"

Zack said Michaela overreacting is "who she is" and marriage should never be that hard.

Kevin then asked Zack if he had been intimate with Michaela on their one-month anniversary, and he insisted, "Hell no!"

Michaela called Zack out for denying the facts, but Zack said he didn't even kiss Michaela that night.

"It's actually pretty insane, what [Michaela] was saying," Zack said.

Michaela then confronted Zack on the stage, and Part 1 of the reunion ended with Zack walking away from his estranged wife. Zack refused to participate with Michaela sitting next to him.


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