Married at First Sight: Nashville Reunion Part 1 featured Gina Micheletti and Clint Webb hinting at possibly getting back together, Shaquille Dillon admitting the real reasons why he divorced Kirsten Grimes, Jasmine Secrest revealing she has a boyfriend, and Airris Williams getting called out during the Season 16 episode that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

The two-part reunion special, hosted by Kevin Frazier, featured all five couples reuniting months after Decision Day, long after the cameras went away.


On Decision Day, Nicole Lilienthal and Chris Thielk were the only couple who decided to stay together.

Gina and Clint had decided to get a divorce, along with Airris and Jasmine as well as Kirsten and Shaquille.

Mackinley Gilbert and Domynique Kloss had divorced early in the process, less than two weeks into the extreme experiment.

Each couple provided a relationship update at the reunion, and the cast members discussed how much has changed since they starred on the show.

The eight-week experiment was clearly a learning experience for all, and the cast agreed they all could've done better at times and have things they need to work on in the future.

Below is what happened on Part 1 of the dramatic Season 16 reunion.


Domynique said her DMs are filled with more unhappy than happy people and some fans have asked for pictures of her breasts in exchange for cash.

Domynique revealed she and Gil Cuero from Married at First Sight's thirteenth season are just friends but she thinks he's a great and "solid" guy.

Mackinley confirmed he had moved to Michigan and bought a house for himself, which Domynique didn't find surprising since she never thought Mackinley was going to stick around in Nashville when they were married.

Mackinley, however, insisted that he only had moved back to Michigan because his married to Domynique didn't work out and so he decided to start fresh and go after a job with good money.
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On the topic of Domynique's new dog -- which Mackinley had said was irresponsible and "immature" of Domynique since she works all the time and loves to party on the weekends -- Mackinley apologized to his former wife for having taken "the lowest blows" at her out of anger.


Jasmine said fans think her perfect match is Gil Cuero Married at First Sight 13; however, nothing has happened between them.

Looking back on tension between Jasmine and Airris' outspoken cousin Fallina, the cast agreed Airris should have put his foot down and supported his wife against attacks Jasmine was allegedly "fake" and rehearsed as a former beauty pageant queen.

"He should've had my back," Jasmine noted, before snapping at Mackinley for trying to defend a "conflicted" Airris.

Airris admitted Fallina's assessment of Jasmine wasn't fair but he "rocked with someone" he had known since he was four-months-old since Jasmine was his new wife and they had barely known each other for 24 hours.

Airris, however, apologized for not stepping in and squashing a situation that could've been "totally avoided."

When Kevin asked Airris to reveal the real problem in his marriage, Airris said -- out of respect for himself and Jasmine -- he wanted to keep some things private.

Kevin explained how Airris had appeared stunned and impressed by Jasmine on their wedding day, only to turn around and claim he wasn't attracted to her.

"I feel like, honestly, if I was to say what I want to say, I would get nailed to the cross. Nobody deserves that, and I have respect for [Jasmine] and I have respect for her family. I care for her and I care for her family, so that's kind of where I'm at with that," Airris explained.


Jasmine said her husband not being attracted to her was her "worst fear" going into the Married at First Sight experiment and it unfortunately "happened."

Footage then flashed back to Airris telling the experts during the matchmaking process that his celebrity crush is Serena Williams and he thinks Zendaya is "very pretty but maybe a little too small." Jasmine noted how her body type is in the middle of those two women.

"They gave you something in your attraction parameters," Kevin pointed out.

Airris repeated how he wasn't going to name specifics but Jasmine's body type has nothing to do with why he and Jasmine were sitting next to each other divorced at the reunion special.

Jasmine admitted her friend, the woman Airris had been hooking up with two weeks prior to joining the MAFS experiment, is the complete opposite of her looks-wise.

"[Airris] does have a type, and it's not me," Jasmine announced.

But Jasmine assured Kevin that Airris was always honest with her and she was happy Airris had come clean about his feelings but it allowed her to take a step back early in the process and not fall in love with him.

In a never-before-seen clip, Airris told Jasmine that he'd like to have an open marriage one day, but Airris clarified that he just wanted to shock production because having cameras around him all the time was overwhelming and tiresome.

"I told [Jasmine] I was joking... I'm not built that way," Airris said of potentially having an open marriage.

Jasmine's friend Adrienne then joined the former spouses on the reunion stage, and she admitted that she had been concerned about Jasmine's mental space during the show and Airris' "disrespect." Adrienne was also worried, right from the start, about how Airris had never been in love with a woman before.

Adrienne also thought Jasmine was a little too reserved for Airris' lifestyle and past sexual experiences. However, Adrienne thought Jasmine would've been open to exploring her sexuality off-camera with Airris considering her young cheerleading team had been watching and Jasmine wanted to be a good role model.

Adrienne told Airris that he didn't try hard enough to make his marriage work, but their pair ultimately buried the hatchet and hugged it out.

"Everything happens for a reason. In a year or two years when Jasmine is married and she has kids... and when I find my person, all of this is going to make sense," Airris concluded.

In terms of what's next, Airris said he began volunteering to feed the homeless, which is something he's passionate about that Jasmine had inspired him to do. And Jasmine said she's going to continue being a cheer coach and hopefully run a spa one day.

On a previous episode of Married at First Sight, Jasmine was shown going on a date with an unidentified friend.

When asked to talk about "friend boy," Jasmine confirmed that guy is now her "man."

"He's known me for a while. After I went through all of this, he messaged me and he asked me out -- and we're happy!" Jasmine revealed, adding that she had decided to keep his face off-camera.

For Airris' part, he is currently dating but there is no special woman in his life. Airris said he needed to work on himself and maybe stop being so open and honest with other people.


Clint revealed he had moved into Nicole and Chris' apartment building and so he was like another husband to Nicole, especially since he cooked for the happy couple all the time.

Gina confirmed that she "definitely" thinks Clint has more swag now, but their relationship never managed to move from the friend zone into a romantic one. Gina said they never felt an initial spark but they both "really tried" to get there.

Clint agreed the physical boundary was difficult for them both to get past, even though they had fun together and both loved Hank. Clint said the other components of their relationship was strong but they just "couldn't get there" on a physical and sexual level.

Clint admitted the experts had "nailed" matching him with Gina based on her looks and body type but they just didn't "jive" in a romantic way. Clint, however, was proud of the former couple for never giving up.

"We both put forth as much effort as we could," Clint declared. "I think we were holding on just to make sure that we weren't missing something."

Clint and Gina told Kevin that they had considered just sleeping together to see if they could create a spark, at least in a joking manner, but that never happened.

Clint wished Gina had been a little more vulnerable with him about her past experiences, and Gina agreed she could've been a little less guarded.

Gina also owned up to the fact making a marriage work was difficult amid business problems at her hair salon -- such as losing $100,000 over an issue with a contractor and having one of her hairstylists quit. Gina said her business was very stressful for her during the show.

"She's so involved in her business, that's become her," Clint said, adding how he no longer thinks that Gina went on Married at First Sight to promote her business.

Gina then revealed that she and Clint became even better friends after the show and started hanging out all the time. Clint agreed their relationship became "different" after Decision Day.

Kevin noted how Gina and Clint looked like a perfect couple, and so he asked if there was a chance things could ever come back around.

"That's the burning question," Gina said.

"I don't know. She can answer that for you," Clint added.

"Umm, I mean, I guess. I don't know," Gina said.

"Who knows! Life is strange!" Clint yelled.

But Kevin didn't give up on this. When asked if their relationship could ever be fixed, Gina said she still wasn't feeling physical chemistry with Clint but they were more comfortable around each other and communicated better.

"There's a ton I appreciate about Clint. Like Clint said, you never know," Gina concluded.

While Kevin clearly hoped Gina and Clint would try again, Clint revealed he had been dating a woman for several months at that point.

"She's great. She's very passionate about what she does, she's got a great energy for life, and I'm teaching her how to sail," Clint revealed.

Although Gina and Clint's marriage didn't work out, Gina said she has a lot to offer a man and she wants to get married more than ever now.


Nicole and Chris are still together, and Nicole confirmed that they are "very happy" as spouses.

Kevin had thought Nicole and Chris wouldn't work out because Nicole was going to drive him crazy, but Nicole insisted Chris could handle himself and handle a lot more than people have given him credit for.

Chris called Nicole his "ride or die" and said that she's there for him when he needs her most. Chris said it was clear Nicole was "special" and someone that would be great for him when she found a way to solve their dog and apartment issue after the honeymoon. (The pair had three dogs total, and their shared apartment allowed only one).


Nicole admitted that she often gets upset but Chris has learned that she needs to voice her frustration over "little things" and then she gets over it quickly. Chris said there are times when his "opinionated" wife needs space and there was a little adjustment to be made in that area.

Chris gushed about the couple's strong communication, and Nicole also shared how Chris does a great job of speaking his mind and standing up for himself.

"It's honestly been great. We have little, normal bickering over dinner and stuff like that. But other than that, there really haven't been any arguments," Chris said.

Chris and Nicole also said their dogs have been getting along great.

On the topic of having children together, Nicole announced that they're "not ready" yet and have their hands full with three dogs.

"We're going to start looking for a house because we want to settle and start planting roots and have a backyard for the dogs, and then we're planning to revisit the kid conversation probably in a year or so and decide if we want children," Nicole explained.

"I think we do," Chris chimed in, "but at the same time, we're not rushing it. We want to enjoy each other and have experiences."

Nicole agreed they simply weren't ready at the moment to have a kid, but she confirmed that her father still loves Chris and the men get along fabulously.

Nicole's dad had also changed his mind about Chris, revealing that he has "big d-ck energy" now. Nicole's dad also gushed about how Nicole and Chris' future kids will have aunts and uncles from the rest of the Married at First Sight 16 cast.

Nicole called Chris her "perfect match" and said she's learned to be more mature in certain situations and have more love for herself. Nicole said it took time to view Chris as her teammate but now she doesn't question his love for her at all.

Chris concluded the segment by saying he looked forward to growing old with Nicole, and she dubbed their love story a "magical" fairy tale.


Jasmine shared how she was glad to have her girls during the show because they were there for her and helped her through tough, emotional times with Airris. Jasmine said it was sad to see her light dimmed and "the life sucked out of" her during the show.

"I feel like I didn't get what I deserved," Jasmine confessed in tears. "I just wanted something different out of this, and I feel like he wanted something different too. It sucked because I was so ready for this and I was so excited for this, and it just didn't happen the way I wanted it to."

But Jasmine said she had zero regrets from the process, even though she thought Airris was never "all in" and had been closed-minded during the experiment.

"I've always wanted to slap Airris upside his head for the way he treated her," Nicole said. "I want to wring his neck a little bit."

The women then watched back a clip of Clint, Mackinley and Airris telling their boys that they had sex after divorcing their wives. Clint made crude comments about a NASA explosion and his pelvic action, and that's why Gina said she never wanted to "jump his bones" during the show.

The girls agreed that Gina needs a man with swag and Domynique would be well-matched with a hunter or lumberjack. The group thought Jasmine's current boyfriend is perfect for her, and then Nicole admitted that she'd like to see Jasmine and Shaquille get back together.

Nicole wished Kirsten and Shaquille would explore their relationship further because she thought Shaquille had helped Kirsten to come out of her shell and be more vulnerable.


Kirsten told Kevin that she didn't want anything to do with Shaquille after Decision Day because she was so upset and angry about his choice to divorce her and not warn her about that decision ahead of time.

Kirsten said she took steps back and only reached out to Shaquille during desperate times, like when his grandmother had passed away. But Kirsten confirmed she and Shaquille were now cordial.

Shaquille said he was working on having more self-awareness after relocating to Austin, TX, for a new job.

And Kirsten admitted she was still "hurt" by the breakup because she thought she had been a very supportive wife, especially in the way she cooked, cleaned and did laundry for him at home.

"I made sure I was pouring into the marriage and giving him what I could give," Kirsten said.

Shaquille explained that filming was tough and he needed more time with Kirsten to really know if things would've worked out between them. Kirsten and Shaquille agreed that they could never get on the same page, and Kirsten said they didn't talk enough once cameras turned off.

Shaquille said he wanted to fall in love with Kirsten but it was hard because he felt a lot of pressure, mainly from Kirsten to be and act a certain way.

Kirsten insisted that she never wanted Shaquille to feel pressured or overwhelmed but he allegedly kept shutting down on her.

"I feel like the process got the best of him, honestly," Kirsten said.

Shaquille noted that he could finally acknowledge his flaws and mistakes, and Kirsten said she should've just accepted Shaquille for the way he was and just be present in the relationship.

Shaquille then revealed he said "no" on Decision Day because a "prophet" -- a pastor in his PhD program -- had called him and advised him to make a decision for himself.

Shaquille complained about how Kirsten was obsessed with spending time as a couple when he thought they were together all the time. Shaquille also believed there was a lack of support in their marriage.

Kirsten accused Shaquille of saying "no" on Decision Day because he didn't want to be married, but Shaquille disagreed and argued that he and Kirsten simply weren't soul mates.

"He's not going to get another Kirsten. He missed out," Kirsten said, adding, "I definitely felt blindsided [by the divorce]... He almost got strangled. Thank God I was in my right mind and I said, 'I'm going to be alright. I'm going to be okay. This is his loss.'"

Kirsten said they should've gotten to know each other outside of filming, which could've changed everything for them. Kirsten was annoyed Shaquille kept referring to their marriage as an eight-week process when she had tied the knot to be married forever.

Shaquille said going into Decision Day, he thought he was going to say "yes" and he wasn't sure about what Kirsten's answer was going to be.

"I would work to try to get better, to be the man or husband that Kirsten needed me to be. But ultimately, I did get in my head that maybe I wasn't good enough for Kirsten," Shaquille announced.

Kirsten said she never said anything of the sort to Shaquille, who confessed that he wasn't sure if he could make Kirsten happy.

"And that caused you to say, 'No?'" Kevin asked.

"That caused me to say, 'No,'" Shaquille confirmed.

"Do you regret that decision?" Kevin asked.

The episode then ended on a cliffhanger. Part 2 of the reunion will air next week on Married at First Sight.


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