Married at First Sight: San Diego Reunion Part 1 featured Justin claiming Nate hit on him and is gay in an explosive confrontation, Alexis and Justin revealing a shocking intimate secret, one cast member being "ready for a baby tonight," Mitch Silverstein confessing he still has feelings for Krysten, and Nate Barnes admitting if he's said "I love you" to Stacia Karcher yet during Wednesday's episode on Lifetime.

The four San-Diego based couples who made it to the Married at First Sight finale were Lindy Elloway, a 29-year-old doctor of physical therapy, and Miguel Santiago, a 35-year-old associate medical director; Krysten, a 32-year-old sales representative, and Mitch, a 41-year-old environmental policy advocate; Alexis, a 29-year-old logistics specialist, and Justin, a 33-year-old digital marketing specialist; and Stacia, a 37-year-old accountant, and Nate, a 34-year-old day trader.


On Decision Day, three couples chose to stay married, but Mitch and Krysten decided to get a divorce. However, Alexis broke up with Justin days later.

As for Morgan Bell, a 27-year-old registered nurse, and Binh Trinh, a 29-year-old engineer, they chose to divorce weeks before Decision Day filmed.

The two-part reunion special, hosted by Kevin Frazier, featured all five couples reuniting five months after Decision Day, long after the cameras went away.

Each couple provided a relationship update, and the cast members discussed how much has changed.

The eight-week experiment was clearly a learning experience for all, and the cast agreed they all have things they need to work on. Miguel, for example, realized he's hard-headed and stubborn, and Justin admitted he needs to grow a tougher, thicker skin.

Below is what happened on Part 1 of the dramatic Season 15 reunion.


Kevin asked the cast if they're all on good terms, and Justin quickly made it known he doesn't like Nate. In fact, Justin accused Nate of being "fake" and two different people.

Nate asked Justin for an example of how he's supposedly two-faced, but Justin replied, "I don't need to give you an example."

"Because you can't come up with anything," Nate snapped.

Justin then recalled how Nate had claimed he wasn't raised to get into people's business but then he got involved with Binh's marital issues and had a strong opinion on Morgan's behavior throughout the season.
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Nate said he wasn't looking to be Justin's therapist and it wasn't his job to tend to him because he has a wife who comes first.

"You're a crybaby," Nate declared.

Justin then made a startling accusation.

"Dude, you made a pass at me twice before the show... You were hitting on me!" Justin said.

"I didn't even talk to you," Nate argued. "I won't even talk to you."

Justin said he'd put Nate in his place "real quick" because he simply didn't like him. And that's why Justin said he unfollowed Nate.

Justin recalled how Nate had complimented his skin and nice teeth on two consecutive days, and Nate insisted he's comfortable with his sexuality and Justin was the one who got emotional all the time.

Justin then swore at Nate and they both stood up and got in each other's face.

"Oh no!" Krysten yelled.

Justin and Nate yelled at each other about taking their issue outside, and Nate accused of fabricating lies and making stuff up. Kevin had to break them up, and then Justin left the stage. Nate complained to Kevin once Justin was gone that Justin was trying to "low blow" him.

"He's making sh-t up!" Nate vented.

"Everyone knows his bullish-t though," Stacia said, defending her husband.

Alexis comforted Justin backstage and told him that he's better than the drama, and so the pair rejoined the reunion -- and Kevin got back to the social-media scandal.


When asked why he unfollowed the cast members such as Krysten, Justin said Krysten acted one way with him and another way around other people.

Justin also explained he had unfollowed Lindy and Morgan when they went on a hike without him, instead of telling him that they were uncomfortable with his presence. And Justin said he unfollowed Stacia simply because Nate is her husband.

Kevin pointed out how a man complimenting another man doesn't mean he's gay, but Justin repeated how Nate's alleged passes were "consistent."


When asked where they stand today, Krysten confirmed "The Mitch and Krysten Show" is over and there definitely won't be a sequel. The pair, however, agreed they have an "amicable" and casual relationship.

Mitch explained how his words didn't come out great when Krysten had talked about leaving the marriage door open and he immediately shot the possibility down. Mitch said he shouldn't have tip-toed around the subject of wanting to stay divorced from Krysten but he was just afraid to hurt her even worse after Decision Day.

Going back to the honeymoon, Mitch said he had a panic attack and wasn't respectful to Krysten. Krysten said she knew things were off at that time because Mitch wasn't touching her at all or being affectionate.

"I didn't think there was a chance he wasn't going to be attracted to me... I think I bring a lot to the table... and I didn't believe it," Krysten admitted.

Mitch said Krysten handled the situation with grace and he "f-cked up" by telling her that he wasn't attracted to her, because it set a bad tone and kicked their marriage off on the wrong foot.

"I always felt like he truly... didn't really want to be married and didn't see the catch that I am," Krysten said.

When asked if that's true, Mitch hesitated.

"Yeah, I have some guilt for sure the way I handled certain things, especially in the beginning. It's painful," Mitch confessed.

Mitch revealed he's still attracted to Krysten and he still has feelings for her. And he added, "I think I always will, and that's why I'm so happy that we do have a friendship. And that's important to me."

But Mitch said the likelihood of them getting back together and trying marriage again is low. Krysten then confirmed she'll never be with Mitch again because she doesn't want a man who's unsure about her or says things like "unlikely."

"I know what I'm worth, and that ain't it," Krysten noted,

Krysten said enough was enough when Mitch talked to Krysten's sister about Krysten's appearance and how he could get her to dress down and wear less makeup. Mitch called that a moment of weakness and explained how he just thought Krysten looked even prettier in a more natural state.

Krysten said it took screaming at the top of her lungs to get Mitch to see the problem and then they had fun at the couples' retreat. At the retreat, Mitch acknowledged how he still had some concerns on a broad level, but Krysten didn't think that was fair to say because they had a great time.

Had Mitch been willing to stay married, Krysten said she still would've said "no." She even said, "Absolutely not."

Mitch said he wants to work through some things within himself before dating again, and Krysten revealed she is now spending a lot of time in New York City for her job and has been traveling a lot. Krysten said she recently began dating again and is keeping her options out.


When asked if they're still together, Lindy said "yes," and Miguel said their relationship was going great.

The pair agreed they get along and have fun, and Lindy said their personalities mesh and she got the man she had asked for. Miguel also said he loved Lindy very much.

Lindy had also moved into Miguel's place after Decision Day, and she said he was so great about letting her make the place her own by decorating and brightening it up with plants, artwork and photos of them.

Miguel also said he was "definitely in the wrong" during the couples' retreat when he kept snapping at Lindy. He explained how he felt emotionally, mentally and physically drained. Miguel said he needed to recharge that weekend and just hoped to feel understood and loved by Lindy but there was obvious miscommunication.

Kevin then asked Miguel how he's been dealing with the things that bothered him about Lindy -- her alleged negativity, how she gets easily distracted, and her tendency to cut him off in conversation.

Miguel said he's focused on being more positive and understanding and loving Lindy for who she is. Lindy also said she's been working to improve those things but they are surface-level flaws.

Miguel also said he's seen Lindy when she's REALLY mad but he can handle it.

On the topic of Lindy taking Miguel's last name, Miguel said that's something really important to him. Lindy revealed that she hyphenated her name and so she's now proud to be Lindy Elloway-Santiago.

Lindy said she didn't feel secure in the marriage a few weeks in but she's so pleased to be a Santiago now -- and it was her decision. Lindy apparently surprised Miguel with her new social security card.

Lindy said she'd be ready for a baby "tonight," but Miguel said he'd like to get a house first and then have a child. Miguel said they'd ideally get pregnant one year after securing a home.

Lindy said she knew she wanted to stay married to Miguel after prom because they were able to get past a very tough point in their marriage. It was their first real conflict and she said they "killed it."


They're still together but have been going back and forth between Nate's apartment, where he has a lease for eight more months, and Stacia's house. The couple said it's healthy for them and they're making their own rules. Nate apparently lives in downtown San Diego and she's in the suburbs.

"It's getting more comfortable and we agreed on going back and forth. It was a compromise for us," Nate revealed.

Stacia said she wanted Nate to feel comfortable and supportive. She said as long as they're living together, she doesn't care where their house is.

Nate gushed how Stacia is nurturing, independent and responsible, and he said he's attracted to how she's "wifey material." Stacia also gushed about their chemistry and Nate's ambition.

Stacia said she found an emotional and mental connection with Nate but it took time since Nate struggled to be vulnerable. On that note, Nate recalled how Stacia was intense and wanted to get answers and get things done, which resulted in a little tension between them.

"My wife needs a lot of attention, and even though she's a boss... I need to attend to that. She's my little baby!" Nate announced.

Stacia shared with Kevin how communication was very important in their relationship and they worked as a team. Stacia confirmed she hadn't gotten tired of Nate but they could still work on opening up and showing emotions.

"It's a lot for him, and I'm a lot. So we're just trying to find a medium [middle ground]... I want more emotional and mental stimulation... He can't shut down on me," Stacia explained, adding how she needs to be patient and also provide a safe space for her man to be vulnerable.

But Stacia apparently still struggled to relinquish control, even when cooking dinner in the kitchen.

Nate then announced how he finally broke down and said "I love you" to Stacia.

"I say it almost every day now. My heart is opening up and I'm loving you every single day," Nate told his wife.

Stacia said that brought her happiness and relief, especially because she didn't want to push him into saying something he didn't mean.

However, Nate said Stacia still doesn't give him the credit he deserves for planning fun or romantic outings. Stacia, on the other hand, said she gives Nate credit but not in the way he wants it.

Stacia said jetskiing and axe throwing were things Nate wanted to do and she wants to feel like her husband is putting her above all else and is constantly thinking about her and has her back.

"I feel she's a moving target. The target can never be hit because there's always a "but" or there's something missing or I'm not getting deep enough," Nate complained.

Stacia confirmed she felt satisfied "in moments" but wanted to feel an emotional connection on a consistent basis. Stacia also acknowledged she has high expectations and needs to work on letting Nate feel like he's enough.

On the topic of kids, Stacia said "maybe in a year," but Nate would apparently like to wait two years. Nate confirmed he and Stacia have to work on their emotional connection before he feels ready to have a child.


Morgan said Binh is hot and she was attracted to him immediately. Binh also thought they had chemistry and a legitimate early connection.

Binh announced that Morgan is a registered nurse and has been one for three years. Binh said he wishes he could go back and talk to Morgan about her career before confiding in Justin. Morgan said it was disrespectful for her husband to talk about an issue that she didn't even know was an issue.

Morgan said Binh genuinely felt bad because he's not a bad person.

Binh admitted Justin had done him "dirty" by talking to him on Speakerphone so Alexis could hear them.

Morgan apparently regrets ending things early and not trying to make things work. But Morgan said she didn't think Binh was her person because of the "betrayal;" she wants a man who will always have her back.

"I realized I'm not ready for marriage. There are things I haven't healed from in the past," Binh shared. "I was bullied being Asian growing up, and then the feeling of not being good enough in Asian culture."

Binh said he projected his own ego and insecurities onto Morgan, which was the only thing she had wanted to hear. Morgan said on the show, Binh was just regurgitating things people had advised him to say.

Kevin pointed out how they looked happy together. When asked if they could ever repair their relationship, Morgan said they are good friends but their romantic connection is over -- and they were really never meant to be.

Morgan said she has a trip to Europe planned and has "been on some dates," although nothing successful or super romantic. She said she's just been having fun.

For Binh's part, he accepted a new job as a project manager but is not ready to date yet because he's been working on himself.

The pair agreed marriage is in their "distant" future.


Alexis and Justin looked happy together, and Justin recalled how he had made a commitment to love his wife early on. Justin said he may have jumped the gun and moved a little fast, but Alexis noted that she felt love at that time and was prepared to love.

Kevin heard a secret Justin and Alexis had actually consummated their marriage during their honeymoon, and Justin smiled big and confirmed the speculation.

"We tried to," Alex clarified. "We dabbled in some adult things."

"In her eyes, it wasn't very long. In my eyes, we penetrated," Justin revealed.

Justin claimed they both had an orgasm -- but Alexis' face told a different story -- and actually had sex twice during the honeymoon, on the first and third day.

Justin apparently asked Alexis not to tell anybody about their sex life, which is why they pretended to wait so long to consummate their marriage.

But Alexis claimed Justin threatened to expose their secret later on in the process, which she thought was manipulative since it brought her in on his lie and would've made her look bad.

When asked if they're together, Justin said they are not together and it was his choice.

"What?!" Alexis asked in disbelief.

Alexis claimed she has screenshots of evidence that she's the one who called off their marriage.

Alexis recalled how Decision Day was rough and she couldn't take anymore and so she asked Justin for a divorce. Alexis said she didn't feel free in the marriage and it felt like she was losing herself.

Alexis said she wanted to remain friends with Justin, but he accused her of putting on a front and lying. Justin said friends don't call each other drunk, and Alexis said she just wanted to be "done" because her dynamic with Justin was exhausting.

Justin announced how Alexis showed up one night drunk to his apartment, which she denied, and he called her "a compulsive liar" and scolded her for gaslighting him.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger with Alexis and Justin's argument.


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