Married at First Sight's Season 10 reunion special feature jaw-dropping revelations -- including Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad's marriage ending after she allegedly cheated on him twice, Taylor Dunklin and Brandon Reid filing for protective orders against each other after being arrested at a bar, and Zach Justice and Katie having gone on a date.

Derek and Katie, Zach and Mindy Shiben, Meka Jones and Michael Watson, Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd, and Taylor all reunited, without Brandon, to provide updates on their single lives or marital status.


The two couples who stayed together on "Decision Day" were Katie and Derek as well as Jessica and Austin. The other three pairs, however, chose to divorce either on or before "Decision Day."

Married at First Sight, Season 10 Reunion Special

So what happened once the cameras turned off and the Married at First Sight experts -- Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Dr. Viviana Coles -- went home? Are any of the couples still happily married five months after "Decision Day?"

Kevin Frazier hosted the reunion special and got to the bottom of each couples' successful or failed relationship.

Katie and Derek reveal they've split

Katie and Derek met with Kevin first and revealed they had moved into their new apartment after "Decision Day" but didn't have much time for each other.

Katie said Derek went back to his old life once cameras left, claiming her husband stayed out until midnight sometimes. While Derek insisted he was just working late, Katie noted there was very little communication.

Katie admittedly felt left out, like Derek didn't really want their marriage to work out. While Katie explained Derek often said the right thing, he didn't prove his words through his actions.

Katie felt Derek assumed he already had Katie and didn't need to work to keep her, but Derek said he attempted to change his ways and make an effort by cooking dinner once a week and buying Katie her favorite sheets as an early Christmas gift.


As for Katie, she felt she contributed to the marriage by maintaining an open mind about their differences, and being patient and communicative. Katie claimed she also initiated physical intimacy and every difficult conversation they had.

Katie acknowledged she and Derek sometimes had breakthroughs through their difficult conversations, but their marriage clearly didn't last.
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"Are you still married?" Kevin asked.

"The answer is 'no,' we are not," Derek replied.

Derek claims Katie cheated and had an affair

When asked why their marriage had failed, Derek recalled Katie asking to take a step back from their romantic relationship and just being friends. Derek said a couple of days later, Katie asked to sleep in separate rooms.

"And then we go out to Nashville for our one-month anniversary that I got for Katie, and while we were there, she pretty much asked if I wanted to get separated," Derek said.

"I said, 'Okay.' I'd be lying to myself if I said I didn't see this coming."

The couple therefore decided it was over but continued living together in separate bedrooms until they could find someone to take over the lease to their apartment.


"Derek, you said on the show you've never had your heart broken before. Did this break your heart?" Kevin asked.

"Um, thankfully, Katie made it really easy for me to not be able to fall in love with her," Derek replied. "Yeah, I got hurt."

"In all of this, Katie kind of confesses to me how she had an affair with her ex about a week ago," Derek alleged, confirming the man was Katie's ex whom she had wrestled feelings for during the Married at First Sight season.

Katie said she had a physical connection with her ex rather than an emotional connection, adding that she and Derek went a month without "being physical."

"Despite me trying -- and you saying, 'No,'" Derek argued.

"When were you trying?" Katie asked.

"That's part of the reason you said, 'Let's sleep in different rooms,' because I was trying to start something," Derek noted.

Katie responded by saying they didn't share that type of connection and so she didn't want to keep pretending there was something there when it wasn't. Katie assured Kevin that she was not falling in love with Derek, and the more she got to know him, the more she was moving away from growing in love with him.

Kevin then asked Derek if he thought that was the first time Katie had an encounter with her ex-boyfriend during their marriage.


"At that point in time, I wanted to believe that, because my greatest fear throughout all of this was that she would have an affair with her ex. But then I find out, just several days ago, that literally the day after the honeymoon, she slept with him," Derek claimed.

"That's not true," Katie insisted.

"I've heard that from five different people... Cast members and other people who have all heard similar things," Derek shared.

"I think things were maybe taken out of context," Katie replied.

"I strongly believe that you did have an affair with your ex while we were filming, and I don't believe anything that you could say because I don't trust you anymore," Derek said.

Katie shrugged off Derek's comment and said, "Okay, that's fine."

Katie confirmed she's no longer seeing her ex and their encounter was strictly "a physical slip-up" because she was disappointed at the time in the lack of connection she had with Derek, both emotionally and physically.

"I felt our relationship was already [done]," Katie noted.

The pair wished each other love and all the best in the future, and Katie explained she had decided to end their relationship before Derek could even have the chance to fall in love with her since she was pretty sure those feelings wouldn't develop on her end.

"There was no way you could've fallen in love?" Kevin asked.

"No," Katie confirmed.

Meka and Michael rehash things

Meka and Michael joined Kevin onstage next, and Michael said his favorite thing about their marriage was their wedding day; however, Meka had trouble coming up with a single thing she liked about her husband.

After Meka said her one-month anniversary was a fun time when she and Michael sailed on a catamaran, she noted that she never doubted Michael had tried to make their marriage work.

On the topic of Michael's struggle with being honest throughout his marriage, Michael still claimed he works as a yoga instructor -- which made Meka laugh and shake her head.


Michael said he taught yoga at his school in Washington, D.C., but Meka claimed Michael's story had changed a lot.

"[Michael said], 'I don't teach at [one] location anymore. I teach at a different location and I'm going to start at that different location in a couple of weeks,'" Meka recalled.

"And I was like, 'Michael, I called all of the locations and you don't work at any of them.' And he was like, 'Well, I don't know what to tell you.'"

Meka admitted, "It was crazy to watch how much I went through," on television. "This was my life for two months. Like, two months of begging somebody to just be honest. And watching it back, that's only a portion of it. It's mind-boggling to me."

Meka said Michael's frequent inconsistencies hurt her, but Michael disagreed and argued that was not his experience in the marriage.

Michael told Kevin his inconsistencies in each situation could be "easily explained," but Kevin pointed out Michael still created doubt in Meka's mind and left her questioning the man she was married to.

Michael therefore apologized to Meka for the inconsistencies in the conversations they had throughout their relationship.

"There were definitely opportunities when I could've came through and I didn't," Michael told his former wife. "I appreciated... you sticking with me through all the hardships. I could've been a better man for you in a lot of those situations, so I apologize for that."

Meka accepted Michael's apology and confessed she was probably "too hard" on Michael at times. Meka said she's "not proud" of how she behaved at certain times and apologized for not reacting in a calmer way when Michael needed her to be softer.

Mindy and Zach reunite

Mindy and Zach joined Kevin on the set next, and both individuals said they were feeling fine about seeing each other again. Mindy was glad to have tried something new and given it her all, and she said she's a better and stronger person now.

Zach said it was a tough position to be in when he was overcome with negative emotions and thoughts throughout the process, which resulted in him failing to make his wife feel special, beautiful and cared for.

Zach told Kevin he had made mistakes during the experiment and miscalculated things. He added that he probably said too much, and then Mindy and Kevin poked fun at Zach for talking in circles during the show and not making sense.


Zach insisted he treated his marriage to Mindy like it "was real," but he had trouble to process what was happening given their relationship developed in a very untraditional way.

"I don't think it got to the point where I'm, like, checked out," Zach said. "It may look that way, but..."

"Oh no, you were checked out," Kevin interjected. "You never moved into the house. You checked out. If you won't go and stay with your wife, it's crazy to come in here and say, 'I never checked out.' You never checked in! That's the problem. Let's be honest."

Mindy acknowledged it was hard to believe what she was hearing from Zach.

"I hate to say it, but I have questioned whether or not it had been for publicity for [Zach]. I do feel like that," Mindy said, especially since Zach is pushing a fitness brand on social media.

Zach didn't say anything in reply, and Kevin accused Zach of "abandoning" Mindy.

"I guess I can't say I was 100 percent in it, no," Zach clarified. "There's action that shows otherwise."

"Yeah, videotape doesn't lie," Kevin pushed.

Zach therefore apologized to Mindy for how he had treated her throughout the experiment.

"Seeing how you were and how you handled yourself throughout the whole process, an apology is very warranted here," Zach told his former wife.

"I do truly apologize for not allowing things to grow and evolve and not even giving you the chance to see what I see now -- and the type of Mindy I see now. It's tough to see that, but I am certainly thankful for the position we are in now by allowing that to happen. So thank you for that."

Mindy admitted Zach had really hurt her and so his apology meant a lot.


Jessica and Austin gush

Jessica and Austin then joined Kevin as the only truly successful couple of the season.

When asked how much he needed to travel for work after "Decision Day," which had been a point of contention for the couple during the experiment, Austin replied, "Quite a bit."

Austin had to travel essentially every single week, saying that wasn't ideal. Jessica confessed the first three months were "really hard" and she was "feeling lonely."


Austin, however, said he missed Jessica a lot while he was away and they grew as married couple from it. Jessica pointed out distance truly does make the heart grow fonder.

"You guys chose to stay together on 'Decision Day,' but it's been five months since then. So I have to ask: Are you guys still married?" Kevin questioned the pair.

They both smiled big and Jessica replied, "Yes," with a laugh. "We're very much still married."

Austin and Jessica also confirmed they never even thought about breaking up after "Decision Day."

Jessica admitted she was skeptical when Austin finally said, "I love you" on "Decision Day" but she ultimately believed him and found it reassuring. Ever since then, the couple said they exchange professions of love every single day.

Austin then revealed Jessica had spent Thanksgiving with his family and then he had traveled to Ohio to spend time with Jessica's family over Christmas.

Jessica called Austin's family "great" and "welcoming," and the pair is currently living in an apartment together. Jessica said they'll probably begin looking for a house in Summer 2020.

As far as kids go, Jessica told Kevin, "I think we're going to start with a dog and then getting a house. We'll start there."

"And go from there," Austin said, adding they're two or three years away from welcoming their first child. "We want it to feel natural and be at the right time."

Jessica noted she still wanted to get to know her husband better before starting a family.

Taylor insists her Instagram video was fine

Taylor joined Kevin next onstage, but she was by herself, without Brandon.

Kevin first asked Taylor if the Instagram Stories video she had posted during the season was her way of striking out at Brandon.

Kevin wanted to see if Taylor regretted ever posting the video in which she claimed she was single and looking for a man who could actually meet her qualifications.


"I honestly didn't think he would see the video because he didn't follow me, but I also didn't think the video was that harsh because that is what I asked the experts for," Taylor said.

Kevin reveals Taylor and Brandon were arrested

Kevin then switched gears and revealed an incident happened after "Decision Day" at a bar in Washington, D.C.

Kevin read the following from Brandon's court filing: "She showed up to my local restaurant with another man, pushed me, and then called the cops to state that I had assaulted her. We both ended up going to jail since there was no evidence to support either of our claims that the other person was the aggressor. I have photos to support her aggressive behavior that night."

With that being said, Kevin asked Taylor to share her side of the story from that night.

Taylor began by saying she and her "friend" were at a bar and then his friends invited them to a bar next door -- but they ended up going to a different bar.

"That bar we were at is a place where Brandon was like, 'I'm never going [there] again.' This was a place where Brandon used to work. So when I was at a bar next door with my friend, he was like, 'Please, show me around. Show me this area. I've never been here before,'" Taylor explained.

Taylor therefore decided to show her friend the bar next door with a cool rooftop.

"So we go to the rooftop and then we were leaving because it was late. I went to get [free] water... by the time I go get a napkin because my water spilled, I turn around and I see Brandon talking to my guy friend. So I do a double take, like, 'Is that Brandon? That's wild!' And I immediately said, 'We need to go. We have to get out of here,'" Taylor recalled.


"[My friend] was like, 'Do you know this guy?' And I was like, 'Yes. We have to leave.' So Brandon follows us from the bar to the stairs -- he's pulling out his camera and he's trying to take pictures of us. I turn around from the stairs and look up at Brandon and he's like, 'Haha! I got you! I got pictures.'"

Taylor therefore claimed she attempted to talk to Brandon and stop him from acting "crazy."

"So I turned and I walked back to Brandon, and I was like, 'This has to stop.' And he's like, 'Just leave me alone.' He's like, 'I got you. I got you,'" Taylor said.

The police were then called and Taylor was arrested.

"Honestly, I wanted to talk to the police, but I wanted to talk about getting a protective order," Taylor said.

After Taylor spoke to the police, she said Brandon was arrested -- and they were both arrested that night. Taylor said it was the first time she had ever been arrested in her life and she spent about a day in custody of law enforcement.

Kevin said Brandon claimed he had seen Taylor making out with her guy friend at the bar.

Taylor laughed and insisted, "We definitely weren't kissing. We definitely weren't holding hands. We definitely weren't doing anything like that... [But] he is more than just a friend."

Kevin asked Taylor why she brought a man he was dating to a bar where Brandon used to work and might have been.

"The thing is, we decided on 'Decision Day' -- a month or two months I ran into Brandon at the club -- that we don't want anything to do with each other. So the fact I'm with whomever I'm with should not be a problem to him," Taylor said.

"I've been to that bar plenty many times before I met Brandon."


Kevin went on to reveal both Taylor and Brandon subsequently filed restraining orders against each other.

"Yeah, he got a restraining order on me three days after I got one," Taylor said.

Taylor explained Brandon can't come close to her again and vice-versa, "which is what I want," she said. "And I don't plan on going near him."

The cast talks about Taylor and Brandon's arrests

The entire Married at First Sight cast -- except for Brandon -- then sat with Kevin on the stage. Everyone was aware of what was going on between Taylor and Brandon, and the women disclosed they had attended Taylor and Brandon's court appearance.

Katie called the court scene "intense" and said it went on for two days. Mindy admitted the experience had given her anxiety, but Meka said it was good Taylor and Brandon were able to end their relationship once and for all in court.

Michael dubbed it "a sad situation," and then Kevin asked to speak for Brandon on his friend's behalf.

"I think Brandon is disappointed how the marriage worked out. I think there were just a lot of things that happened throughout the marriage that probably shouldn't have happened. I think there's blame on both sides, but nonetheless, I think there will be a speedy resolution and they can both move on with their lives and act as two functioning adults," Michael explained.

Taylor added, "We're going to leave each other alone. There's no reason to confront me if you see me out. Let's just leave each other alone, ignore each other. We both don't like each other, so let's stay away from each other."


Taylor said she and Brandon couldn't even communicate with each other through a third party.

Taylor insisted she had tried to leave the bar but got followed, which is why she sought a protective order.

Michael gets upset and walks off stage

Kevin asked Michael if that's the way Brandon recalled things happening, and Michael replied, "Not as I understand it... I heard in court there was some altercation that happened at the bar -- but I don't think it was Brandon. I don't [think he initiated it or was the aggressor."

Taylor asked Michael to give her some specifics, and then Michael said Brandon had taken a picture of Taylor with her boyfriend. Taylor said she tried to leave but Brandon followed her and began taking pictures of her.

Kevin went back to Michael, who said that's not what he heard had happened.

Meka called Brandon out on saying in court he didn't want to be with Taylor from the beginning when he so obviously said he wanted to make his marriage work during filming of the show.

Clips then aired of Brandon's outbursts on Married at First Sight's tenth season, including him lashing out at production during his Panama honeymoon and at the subsequent couples' retreat.

The cast agreed they had an issue with Brandon's treatment of production because the producers were such nice, sincere people, and Austin noted it was "uncomfortable" watching that footage back.

Michael defended Brandon by saying people often have outbursts if they have anxiety or reach a breaking point. Michael blamed the stress of the entire MAFS process for making Brandon angry, but Meka argued Michael was never going to see anything wrong with how Brandon had acted.


"If you ask him, that's basically just like literally asking Brandon, because he's going to take Brandon's side no matter what -- even though no matter who you are, no matter what you look like and no matter what your relationship is to them, what happened on the Panama bus was wrong. Period. There's no other way to look at it. It was wrong," Meka claimed.

Michael suddenly stood up and left the set, and Meka joked he was probably about to call Brandon on the phone.


Kevin chases Michael

Kevin chased Michael down backstage, and Michael explained he didn't feel comfortable answering questions about someone else's relationship and court case. Michael didn't want to be put on the spot as Brandon's sole defense or spokesperson.

"That's not my place. That's not my marriage," Michael said.

Kevin said he just wanted Michael to tell his friend's story, but Michael said such questions put him in "a precarious situation," especially since he and Brandon are "both black."

Kevin didn't seem to understand why Michael was making this an issue about race, saying, "I'm black too! [Taylor] is black too. Don't try to turn it into that. Brandon's behavior on national television was asinine, and so he's hurting us all by acting like that."

Meka thought Michael just didn't want to disagree with his friend on national television, suggesting it was "a loyalty" thing for Michael. But Meka said loyalty is also telling a friend when he or she does something wrong instead of enabling the person.

After Michael and Kevin calmed down, Kevin could see where Michael was coming from, so the reunion host changed the subject once he and Michael sat back down with the cast.

Zach talks in circles about Lindsay

The girls then shared how they had become great friends and received matching tattoos of the word "ten" on their ring fingers, signifying their participation on Married at First Sight's tenth season.

It was Jessica and Taylor's first tattoo ever, and Meka said she was so grateful for the ladies who had come into her life.

Switching gears again, Mindy expressed how Zach's secret friendship with her pal Lindsay -- whom she had been friends with for several years -- was a crushing betrayal.


"She hurt me so badly, and I have no words for how hurt I am," Mindy said.

Mindy's best friend Shannie joined Mindy on the reunion show to share her take, and Shannie claimed Zach and Lindsay had been talking "most days."

"Of course I don't know for sure about anything because all the texts had been deleted by the time we asked," Shannie noted.

"But I do know -- and I have proof -- that she truly believed [Zach] was going to visit her and that he was into her and that he believed she was a better match for him."

Zach shook his head and called this revelation "interesting," before denying both of the claims Shannie had just made.

"We didn't have anything beyond that short span of a friendship, no," Zach insisted, although he confessed it was "crazy" to begin talking to Lindsay to begin with.

Shannie then noted, "I think in a really sad way, [Lindsay] was kind of proud of herself that she could take something away from Mindy."

Mindy revealed she had not spoken with Lindsay in a long time but would maybe consider opening up the doors to communication again since they have a lot of mutual friends.

However, Shannie felt otherwise, telling the group, "I don't want to be friends with her ever again. She is not a quality person."

Zach revealed he had talked to Lindsay the morning after his anniversary dinner with Mindy in which he texted Lindsay, "Hey," but she didn't respond. Zach confirmed he hasn't spoken to Lindsay since although he allegedly texted her accidentally.

"I have a client named Lindsay, and I texted her, 'Hey, call me when you get a chance.' And then no reply. So I go back and was like, 'Holy sh-t, Mindy, I've texted... the wrong Lindsay,'" Zach said.

Mindy, however, didn't know what to believe since she had been lied to by the both of them for so long. Mindy apparently had no trust in Zach or what he had to say.

"I was doing my own thing by this point. I didn't need to talk to Lindsay," Zach told Kevin.

Katie says she felt Derek was fake all along, Derek spills more tea

Kevin then asked the cast who had told Derek about Katie allegedly connecting with her ex-boyfriend after the honeymoon, but no one spoke up.

Meka, however, pointed out she was not the person who had confided such information in Derek.

Derek announced he had previously promised not to divulge anyone's name and so he wasn't going to throw anybody under the bus. With that being said, Katie told the group this person or persons "must have heard something wrong," and she called Derek "crazy."

Katie complained of Derek, "I felt like he was fake all along."

"Oh really? You've done a good job as well, I'll tell you that," Derek countered.

"He's very fake," Katie said. "Do you think we broke up because I cheated on you?"

"No, we were going to break up beforehand, but that doesn't justify you cheating while we were still trying to make it work," Derek responded.

Katie argued she didn't cheat because they had already had the conversation about being friends and sleeping in separate bedrooms.

"No. Two weeks in, you said, 'Hey, let's be friends,' and I was like, 'Okay, but let's leave the door open and not shut it'... And then several days later, she's like, 'Alright, let's sleep in different rooms.' I'm like, 'Okay,'" Derek explained.

"And then five days later, which is when we went to Nashville, you said, 'Hey, let's get separated.' And I was like, 'Okay, she's already checked out. I might as well be checked out as well.' And then we set some ground rules, like, 'Let's agree to see other people but never bring anyone back home.'"

Derek continued, "And then about an hour later, she was like, 'I just want to come clean. I kind of had an affair with my ex. And then she was like, 'It wasn't yesterday or today or during filming. It was a week ago.' So in my head I'm doing the math and was like, 'It was right when she asked to be friends and I asked her not to close the door.' And she said, 'Yes,' to all of that."

Derek accused Katie of cheating essentially two weeks into their post-show marriage, but then Katie argued they didn't have a real marriage to begin with.

Katie claimed she said, "Yes," on "Decision Day" to give their relationship more time, but Derek scoffed at the idea of Katie giving it two weeks.

Katie said they had just met for dinner the previous week to discuss this and had agreed not to air their dirty laundry, but Derek insisted she had "low-key threatened" him not to disclose details.

Katie said she didn't want to talk about her ex because he had nothing to do with why they broke up. Katie blamed Derek for stirring up drama, but he insisted he was done with it all.

Meka admitted she was surprised Katie and Derek had broken up -- but Michael felt otherwise.

Kevin reveals Katie and Zach went on a date

Before the final commercial break of the reunion, Kevin told the cameras, "I've been informed two people on this stage from different marriages may have flirted with the idea of flirting with each other and even went on a date."

Those two people were Katie and Zach, who apparently got drinks together one night, a couple of weeks before Christmas.

Katie said they wanted to talk about the show and their experiences, but Kevin pointed out it didn't look good that they were the only two people to grab drinks together.

"Nothing really surprises me anymore," Mindy said, before revealing Katie had texted her about the date since she was feeling guilty about it.

Zach said Mindy had told him, "Katie, Zach?! Really? F-ck you!" And Mindy didn't deny being that harsh because she was afraid to be betrayed by yet another friend.

Zach told Kevin he was "very removed" from the situation emotionally and so there was "no motive" for him in meeting up with Katie.

Zach implied he had no intention of dating Katie and didn't remember how they initially communicated with each other. Zach thought it was a passing invitation from Katie.

But Katie clarified, "Zach suggested it. We were having a conversation just about stuff related to the show, and he was like, 'Yeah, it's been crazy. We should catch up and have drinks,' and that was it."

Katie said she and Zach went out for drinks before the season aired.

"After seeing what had gone down between Zach and Mindy, I feel for Mindy a lot more. Obviously he didn't handle it very well, and that is something I would want as far as dating goes. I wouldn't want to be involved in that," Katie shared.

The reunion special concluded with Austin getting down on one knee and presenting Jessica with an engagement ring to solidify their union, his love for her, and the commitment he wanted to make to her for the rest of their lives.

Austin gushed about how Jessica meant the world to him and he truly loved her. Austin said he never could have anticipated the show would turn out so well for him.

As for everyone else, no one seemed to be in a rush to hop back into the dating pool.

Zach said he was "genuinely having fun," and Mindy confirmed she was "starting to date again" but wanted to wait a while before getting into something serious.

Finally, Kevin confirmed Season 11 of Married at First Sight will be based in New Orleans, LA, and the cast advised future participants to be open and honest and only go into filming with pure intentions.


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