Married at First Sight featured Zack testing positive for coronavirus, Myrla Feria holding out on her first kiss with Gil Cuero, Johnny questioning Bao's apparent tendency to ruin a romantic mood, Rachel and Jose not seeing eye to eye about how to handle their finances, and Ryan opening up to Brett during the Season 13 episode Wednesday night on Lifetime.

Married at First Sight's thirteenth season stars Gil and Myrla, Johnny and Bao, Michaela and Zack, Rachel and Jose, and Brett and Ryan.


The five couples were matched for matrimony by Married at First Sight's experts Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Dr. Viviana Coles.

Married at First Sight Season 13 Episode 5

The Married at First Sight broadcast began on Day 3 of the couples' honeymoons in the Florida Keys.

Jose said Rachel was everything he had asked for in a wife and he was looking forward to happily-ever-after, but Rachel wanted to discuss their differences instead of similarities.

After Jose said he noticed how Rachel takes her coffee black and he enjoys creamer in his coffee, Rachel clearly had bigger fish to fry and explained how she didn't like it when Jose tried to brush her teeth and fed her like a baby at their wedding.

Rachel shared how she's an independent woman and, although she was excited to have married such a giving and attentive provider who wants to take care of her, she has boundaries that Jose crossed.

Rachel said she's pursuing her own career and wants to contribute to their marriage as well. Jose seemed to take the news well and just wanted Rachel to know that he cared for her and was focused on meeting her needs.

Meanwhile, Johnny told Bao that she had snored, which is apparently a big insecurity she has. Johnny admitted to the cameras he values sleep and Bao's sounds in the night bothered him, but he told his wife that it was fine and he could sleep with headphones in.

Bao then shared with Johnny how she collects bathing suits and likes the way she looks in a bikini. She called them "practical lingerie" in that she sometimes wears a bikini around the house.

Bao told Johnny that she digs a lean guy and she found his body really attractive, before revealing her celebrity crush is Conan O'Brien because he owns his lankiness and awkwardness. Bao pointed out how Conan would be her Hall Pass in their marriage.

Over at Myrla and Gil's honeymoon suite, Myrla said waking up with her new husband felt pretty comfortable and natural.
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But Myrla wasn't impressed by their honeymoon accommodations, as she had expected a beachfront resort, and complained about the "regular milk" she was served at breakfast when she had requested "frothy almond milk."

"My wife is very particular," Gil noted.

"I've been taking little notes on the things my wife likes and doesn't like. Those 'doesn't like' list is much longer than the 'like' list. It's something I've just got to work with day by day."


Gil said Myrla is a nice, kind-hearted person who won't change for anyone. Because of her authenticity, Gil said he could probably grow to trust his wife, knowing that she's "not fake."

On a scale of 1-10, Myrla rated her happiness an 8, saying marriage wasn't "all glitz and glamour" so far but she was enjoying it. And Gil expressed how he felt "content" and focused on getting to know Myrla better.

"I'm a whiner. Yes, I whine. And it's a good thing to know he's such a laid back person and easygoing," Myrla gushed.

Myrla worried her husband viewed her as a Debbie Downer, but Gil assured his wife that he didn't see her as "a Karen."

As for Brett and Ryan, Ryan had learned Brett is scared of flying and isn't good on airplanes, but the pair seemed to start fresh on Day 3 of marriage with positive outlooks.

Brett revealed her last first date was two years prior at a bar, and Ryan shared how he would have taken Brett to a restaurant for dinner on their first date.

Brett told the cameras she was looking forward to having in-depth conversations with Ryan to discover who he is and what he's all about without joking and making lighthearted comments.

Four of the five couples -- everyone except Michaela and Zack -- then gathered at the hotel pool, and Brett and Gil discussed how they were taking it slow in their respective relationships.

Rachel gushed to the group about how Jose had exceeded her expectations, and Gil joked about how Jose had a laundry list of things he needs in a wife.

Footage then flashed over to Michaela, who was still in bed and had woken up alone. She and Zack had decided to sleep in separate bedrooms because Zack wasn't feeling well.

"I feel really sick. I'm exhausted and tired. I have chills, so I really think I have a fever. I also really haven't eaten or slept much in the last five days," Zack explained.

Rachel and Jose were very affectionate in front of everyone, but Gil shared how he and Myrla had yet to kiss, except for on the cheek. Rachel said she'd be "extremely disappointed" and feel rejected if she happened to be in Gil's shoes.

Gil also explained how Myrla enjoys the finer things in life. Gil recalled how Myrla had called the hotel a "retirement home."

"I might be opinionated, but I handle things a little differently. She'll throw a little tantrum and get cranky if she didn't eat or she didn't sleep," Gil announced. "And for me, I treat it like a toddler, you know, they're going to tire themselves out eventually... and then we're good!"


Johnny felt Gil had shared personal things with the group, and Bao noted how Myrla would "probably have some choice words" for Gil if she knew what he was saying without her being there.

Bao and Johnny then shared how they had known each other for years and they did not meet for the first time at the altar. Johnny repeated how they had met in college and did some cross-collaboration events for similar student organizations.

Bao joked about how Johnny had "ghosted her" when she texted him once, and Ryan told the cameras that Bao seemed to have the control and Johnny would probably have to pay for his mistakes eventually.

Johnny said he and Bao had just hung out as friends in the past and Bao never let him know that she was into him. Bao, however, argued that she had given Johnny pretty clear signals about her interest in him.

"Obviously communication is something we're working on," Johnny noted.

After Bao sprayed Johnny with sunscreen, he gushed about Bao's "great figure," adding, "I have to focus on what she's saying because I am just looking at that ass. She has got a great ass."

Gil made everyone laugh when he painted a face on a volleyball and pretended like Myrla has joined them.

While everyone was enjoying their pool day, Zack revealed he had tested positive for coronavirus but his wife luckily tested negative and he was really happy about that.

Michaela admitted she was "annoyed" but Zack reminded his wife that he didn't plan or expect this. Michaela said she didn't want to be on her honeymoon by herself and she couldn't believe she'd have to spend her honeymoon without her husband, who didn't even want to get close to her.

"I don't want to leave my husband alone. I'm not just here to have a good time," Michaela lamented.

Meanwhile, Rachel planned a boating and deep sea fishing day for her husband, which he was thrilled about, and they caught a big fish with a little bit of teamwork.

And then Gil and Myrla were shown having a sunset dinner together by the water. Gil brought up how he wanted to kiss his wife, but Myrla reiterated how she's not down with kissing a stranger and she's never kissed a man on their first, second or third date.

"Kissing for me is big. Physical touch for me is big. So if I feel like it's the time but she doesn't, then we need to clear some things up. Because you can say you like somebody, but until you actually show it, [it's hard to tell]," Gil explained.

Myrla shared how she had been in four serious relationships and learned she's very solidified in what she wants. Myrla said she wants a partner who will spend time with her, make her feel safe and be reliable.

Myrla insisted she's a touchy-feely person but it takes some time for her to be that way.

Myrla told the cameras she is attracted to a man's heart and soul and so it was important to her to get to know Gil deeply rather than just jumping into the intimacy portion of it. Myrla also shared with Gil how her love language is receiving gifts.


Myrla admitted she'd prefer a Cartier bracelet over a quilt Gil would have knitted on his own.

Later that evening, Gil surprised Myrla with macaroons, a bottle of champagne and two beautiful bouquet of flowers.

"Any time Myrla is impressed with anything, it's an exciting and joyful event. It takes a lot to impress her, so any time she's happy or content about the small things, it's a win!" Gil said in a confessional.

Gil playfully compared Myrla to a "bougie cookie" while he's a simple chocolate-chip cookie guy. Gil assured Myrla there's nothing wrong with being high maintenance but he just wanted her to admit that she is.

Myrla could tell Gil had his "sh-t together" and they bonded over wanting kids.

Gil shared how he had been in four serious relationships prior to marrying a stranger but none of them lasted two years and the last serious relationship he had been in was six years prior, which totally shocked Myrla.

On the fourth day of marriage, Michaela FaceTimed with Rachel and revealed how Zack had tested positive for COVID-19. Michaela therefore decided she should fly back to Houston while Zack quarantined in the Florida Keys for a while longer.

Michaela confessed that she felt sad and irritated because she really wanted to be with her husband.

However, Zack didn't want to get her sick. Rachel said she could relate to Michaela's concerns because she wouldn't want to spend time away from Jose and possibly lose their strong connection.

Zack just hoped Michaela wouldn't resent him for the rest of his life.

Brett and Ryan were then shown receiving a couple's massage and getting along effortlessly. Ryan said he'd love to have kids right away, but Brett seemed reluctant to be intimate too quickly because she wanted to take things slow.

"I want to make sure the feelings are there before anything physical happens," Brett said in a confessional.

"I know it's a difficult subject, but I am a pretty sexual person," Ryan admitted.

Johnny then pulled Jose away from his wife to help him plan a romantic dinner for Bao on the beach. Johnny and Jose attempted to pick out a dress for Bao to wear, and Johnny called him "Mr. Romance." Johnny said Jose is the guy he's trying to be.

Johnny said Jose is open and honest and those were things he was trying to work on, and Jose advised Johnny to put himself out there and ask questions.

Johnny feared, however, he'd put everything on the table only to discover Bao didn't feel the same way about him in return.


On Day 4 of marriage, Gil surprised Myrla with riding in a seaplane, but she complained about how she gets motion sickness and may not enjoy the ride. Gil just wished his wife would relax and go with the flow since he had planned the whole surprise for her to be nice.

Myrla claimed riding in the seaplane was "terrible" and she thought she was gong to "throw up." But Myrla did it for Gil, and he said he appreciated her trying.

"I hope he's taking notes on the type of activities I would and would not enjoy," Myrla noted.

Later on, Johnny gifted Bao a pink linen blouse, and she seemed to think the gesture was sweet while giving him a hard time for paying full price. Johnny suggested how Bao was giving him mixed signals in that sometimes she came across cold and other times she came across friendly.

Johnny, however, planned to tell Bao that he "unequivocally" liked her, and a part of him worried how she was going to take it.

Johnny surprised Bao with a romantic picnic on the beach. There was a bouquet of red roses and rose petals surrounded a blue and white blanket. Bao said a man had never done anything like this for her before and Johnny had clearly gone "above and beyond."

Johnny remembered how Bao likes to drink Prosecco, and they toasted to not holding anything back.

"What I wanted to tell you today was... everything I've learned about you so far and what I know about you from the past, I know we're married, but love isn't guaranteed. And I just want you to know where I'm at, which is that I really like you," Johnny said.

"And normally I'm not the kind of guy who would say that upfront because I'm afraid of what I don't know, which is I'm not really sure how you feel about me. But four days in, I really do feel like I can make this work with you and I am starting to grow real feelings for you."

After a moment of hesitation, Bao smiled and replied, "The feeling is mutual."

The couple then kissed and Johnny yelled out with joy and happiness. Johnny admitted Bao could be hot or cold, awkward or romantic, and she was surprised to hear that.

Bao said the "awkward" was because she and Johnny had only known each other intimately for a few days.

But Bao shared how what she was building with Johnny was stronger than what she's had in much longer relationships. Johnny said he appreciated hearing that and then dropped a bomb on Bao, that he had been on over 100 first dates.


"Any time I came across something that I thought wouldn't work, I would run," Johnny confessed to his wife. "Because I wasn't committed to her and I knew I could just hop back on a dating app and find another match."

Bao joked about how Johnny would have saved himself a lot of first dates had he not ghosted her when she invited him to a museum.

Bao explained that Johnny would find things about her that he doesn't like and she was trying not to self-sabotage the relationship.

"I mean well, but it might not always come off well," Bao warned her spouse, before Johnny declared they had made the right decision in getting married.

Afterward, Jose gushed about his chemistry with Rachel being "amazing." They talked about what it was going to be like to live together, and Rachel shared how she had lived with boyfriends in the past and it never went well.

Jose said he'd like for them to live on his side of town, and Rachel acknowledged how she was scared to move into his house rather than moving into a new house together. Rachel admitted she was going to feel pressure to pull her own weight.

"I always want you to feel like what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine," Jose responded.

Jose was a little disappointed because he wanted to provide for his wife, and he told Rachel how he'd love to have a house with a pool and a pool table and basically never have to leave to have fun.

Rachel, however, didn't want a lifestyle she wouldn't be able to afford on her own. Jose said he wanted to share everything with his wife, but Rachel seemed concerned.

Brett and Ryan also enjoyed a romantic dinner near the beach, and Brett's goal was to pull her husband out of his shell. Ryan shared how his biggest dealbreaker would be a woman who doesn't want to have babies because he wants two or three, ideally two boys and one girl or twins.

Brett explained she genuinely wants to have a family and is onboard with having kids, and so Ryan felt good about their conversation.

"Are you falling in like with me right now?" Ryan asked his wife.

"Right, exactly," Brett replied. "With me, it's really early. But I feel like the more time I spend with you, the more attracted I am to you."

Ryan agreed that he was growing more attracted to Brett every single day and what he was feeling for her was much more than just physical.


The night ended with Rachel and Jose eating dessert at their hotel room with a couple of beers, and the couple agreed they'd like to get a dog such as a boxer. Rachel appeared excited about the idea of getting a pet, and the pair agreed "dog before kids."

Rachel said it felt great to be with a man who viewed her as the future mother of his children, and Jose acknowledged Rachel would probably be a wonderful parent.

Before bed, Gil waited "forever" for Myrla to get through her skincare routine. He said they bonded through joking around together and he was just waiting for a kiss from his wife.

But Gil was forced to go to sleep on Day 4 of marriage without getting a kiss from Myrla.

Michaela then made it back to Houston safely, although her plane and luggage was delayed. Michaela said it sucked to leave her husband during her honeymoon and she missed Zack, who also said he missed his wife.

After dinner, Brett and Ryan snuggled in a hammock together, and Ryan said he was understanding and very willing to wait to have sex with Brett, although he felt differently and noted how they were married.

"I feel like it hasn't been that long but I want to be around you," Brett said.

Ryan told his wife that he trusted the process and was fully committed to her and getting to know her. Ryan said he didn't want to just go through the motions with her.

Before going to bed, Rachel pointed out her "biggest concern" to Jose, which were their financial habits. Rachel said Jose clearly saves and is big into financial investments but she's not the best saver and can sometimes spend recklessly.

Rachel revealed how she had applied for a credit card and then put a trip to Europe on the card.

"I want to let you know it is a problem," Rachel said. "I need to grow up."

That raised a couple of flags for Jose, who wanted to get some boundaries in check.

Rachel said she wanted groceries and bills to be 50/50 and have separate accounts, with one joint account for mutual expenses, such as their mortgage or activities.

Jose admitted he likes to feel like the head of the household and would prefer for them to have a joint account from which Rachel could pull from after all expenses are paid.

"It kind of feels like he's giving me an allowance," Rachel complained. "And I don't want an allowance."

Johnny decided to pursue more intimacy with Bao that evening, to progress from kissing to making out. The couple snuggled in bed and cuddled close, and then Bao shared with Johnny how she's insecure about snoring.

Johnny told Bao that she had nothing to be ashamed about, but Bao recalled staying up all night every night at leadership camps because she was embarrassed and afraid to wake other people up.

"But it's you. It's natural. It's part of who you are," Johnny insisted. "But I understand, I get it."

The mood suddenly shifted when Bao replied, "I know you're not trying to make fun, but it actually really hurts."

Johnny said Bao kept hitting him with curve balls and every time he tried to be romantic, she would essentially go off on a tangent and ruin the moment. He hoped that wasn't going to be a red flag.

Johnny assured Bao that he just cared about her and didn't want her to feel bad about the situation.

"I won't do it again," Johnny said.

"The thing is, if it does bother you a lot and you bring it up enough, I just feel like I need to be in a different bed," Bao suggested.

"Wow," Johnny responded, before taking a deep breath.


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