Married at First Sight featured Zack and Michaela consummating their marriage, Bao revealing Johnny had ghosted her in the past, and the spouses learning each other's quirks at the start of their honeymoon -- including Brett's fear of flying when Ryan loves to travel during Wednesday night's Season 13 episode on Lifetime.

Married at First Sight's thirteenth season stars Gil Cuero and Myrla, Johnny and Bao, Michaela and Zack, Rachel and Jose, and Brett and Ryan.


The five couples were matched for matrimony by Married at First Sight's experts Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Dr. Viviana Coles.

Married at First Sight Season 13 Episode 4

The Married at First Sight broadcast, filmed in Houston, TX, began with the five couples enjoying their wedding night post-reception.

"So far, [Jose] is my soul mate. It's love at first sight; I got exactly what I wanted," Rachel gushed. "It's been a dream come true and I'm just excited and happy. It's amazing how everything worked out."

Michaela seemed ecstatic about Zack being her match, and Zack also said he was extremely happy.

Gil also said he definitely liked his wife, although he obviously didn't love her yet.

And when Johnny and Bao entered their hotel room, there were beautiful red and gold traditional Chinese sheets on the bed with 100 children embroidered on them, representing the saying in their culture "100 children and 1,000 grandchildren."

Bao's sister apparently made the bed and joked how Johnny and Bao could get started on their family that very night.

Johnny said his wife's physique looked "divine" in her form-fitted wedding dress, but he wasn't getting the feeling Bao wanted to be intimate, "lovey-dovey" or physically affectionate with him.

Bao even told her husband that she just wanted to go to bed and sleep, and she admitted to the cameras she was a little nervous.

"He's so friendly and warm that it does help to break down the barriers," Bao shared in a confessional.
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Jose and Rachel went to bed making out under the sheets, and Myrla shared with Gil that night how her father had passed away tragically in 2015.

Gil then shared how he also lost his father -- but a long time ago in 1999 when Gil was 14 years old. Gil said he just mourned his father's passing on the 21st anniversary of his death.

The spouses were then shocked to learn both of their fathers had been murdered.

Gil shared the whole story in a very vulnerable manner about how his father had been shot twice in the neck during a home invasion, which resulted in his dad subsequently dying in the hospital.

Myrla said she appreciated Gil's openness, but she apparently wasn't ready to recall the facts of her father's murder just yet, especially not on her wedding night.


When going to bed, Brett said Ryan would probably make her feel comfortable since he seemed to be a gentleman, adding, "I think Ryan is someone I need and I didn't know I needed it."

Meanwhile, Zack wasn't feeling well in his hotel room and one of his friends had apparently tested positive for coronavirus.

Zack gushed about Michaela's beauty and awesome personality, and Michaela said she was "ready for whatever the night brings" because her future was about to be "so f-cking beautiful."

The pair lit candles next to the bed and snuggled under the covers before the cameras left.

On Day 1 of marriage, Rachel and Jose gushed about feeling happy and content, and Jose said he and his wife basically stayed up all night kissing. Rachel told her husband that he's "perfect" for her and she didn't want a partner for whom she'd have to compromise everything for.

Rachel wondered what she and Jose were going to argue about given she couldn't think of a single thing they'd probably butt heads over, but Jose reminded his wife an argument here or there is inevitable.

Gil said Myrla looked "gorgeous" in the morning with no makeup and he felt at ease with his wife and said how they had natural chemistry.

Myrla then opened up about her father, who had gotten remarried.

The new wife of Myrla's father apparently had a daughter, Myrla's half-sister, who claimed her stepfather harassed her all the time and so she stabbed him in her house! The woman's husband apparently helped her kill Myrla's dad and then the couple dumped his body and confessed, which Gil called "some TV stuff."

Zack shared with his wife how he only snores when he's sick and the last time he was sick was over a year ago. Zack was worried about jinxing the situation considering his pal had COVID-19.

Michaela explained to Zack how she wanted to marry at first sight because her tendency to be nonchalant bleeds into relationships and she realized through this process that was just a defense mechanism -- if she doesn't care too much, she doesn't get hurt.

Zack asked Michaela if she lost interest quickly, and she assured him that's not the case although she has a habit of not speaking on her concerns and dislikes. Michaela also shared how she's not jealous but can be possessive.

"Once something is mine, it is mine," Michaela said, which actually turned Zack on.

The morning after their wedding, Brett said she didn't feel like Ryan was a stranger but the urge to kiss him and touch him would probably build with time. Ryan hoped they could continue the easy conversation and learn more about each other.


Bao then reminded Johnny how he had once invited her out and she didn't know if it was a friend date or a romantic date. She said she went into the gathering thinking they were just friends but Johnny was very flirty.

Bao then brought up old text messages with Johnny and read them to him. Bao had apparently mentioned a new museum of fine arts opening and Johnny said he'd join her so she wouldn't have to go alone. However, Johnny never texted her again.

"I got ghosted by my husband!" Bao told the cameras.

"I apologize for my previous self," Johnny told his wife. "But 2021 Johnny is going to make up for it."

On Day 1 of marriage, each Married at First Sight participant met with his or her new in-laws and family members.

Jose told Rachel's mother Alicia and friend Lirice that Rachel is simple, classy, humble, gorgeous and that they definitely had a connection.

Jose said he had yet to see any negatives in Rachel, and Alicia added how Rachel is professional and loves to study -- although messy at home and in her car.

Lirice also shared how Rachel fears being viewed as annoying, and Alicia advised Jose not to pepper his wife with questions because she'll explode.

Rachel told Jose's father Jose Sr. and stepmother Julie how she was wondering if her marriage was "too good to be true," but Jose Sr. admitted his son is extremely structured and obsessed with being on time. Julie also said Jose is extremely organized with finance and his expenses.

"I'm not a huge saver but I know it's something I need to do. I was hoping my husband would be financially savvy in everything," Rachel said.

Ryan met with Brett's father Don and mother Nancy and shared how he's never dated a redhead before but he never thought of backing out from the process. Ryan didn't have any questions for her loved ones, who said Brett wanted nothing more than commitment and to be loved.

Brett learned how Ryan had dated beautiful women with "no substance" who were essentially "props," and Ryan's brother thought Brett's outgoing personality would match well with Ryan's more introverted and reserved nature.


Ryan's family wanted to see Brett pull Ryan out of his shell and yank his chain a little bit.

Gil sat down with three of Myrla's best friends, who were all men, and Gil was excited to just talk to guys, one of whom viewed Myrla like a little sister. Gil said his goal was to have a long-lasting marriage.

When asked to share his red flags, Gil explained how money doesn't motivate him and he's a little worried about Myrla's spending and lifestyle. However, Myrla's big brother assured Gil that she saves before spending and could sustain her own lifestyle fully.

"She's the type of young lady who doesn't need a man at all, she can handle herself," Myrla's older brother told Gil. "But she wants to be with someone, she wants to be with a man."

Gil said he likes a woman who can speak her mind, and Myrla's brother said Gil will never have to deal with his "bad side" as long as he remains true to his word.

Myrla admitted to Gil's family she can be "moody" at times, but she was excited to learn Gil is a loyal and passionate man who speaks his mind and is very honest.

"If you say one thing and your behavior is another, that's going to get on his nerves -- but he'll tell you," Gil's mother said, adding that Gil is tidy.

Myrla shared how she's looking forward to having children but not being a dog mom because "they smell and they shed."

Zack gushed to Michaela's sisters about how his wife had exceeded his expectations and he simply enjoys her company, but he was advised to be passionate about things with Michaela and gas her up with excitement.

Michaela's sisters also explained how Michaela wants a spouse who will protect her and keep her trust.

When Michaela sat down with Zack's family, she discovered Zack loves kids and is amazing with children, although he's a tad spoiled and "particular," according to his mother.

Michaela revealed she believes in healthy arguments and thanked Zack's father for dancing with her at the wedding since her father had been struck and killed by a drunk driver.

Johnny then learned from Bao's best friends that his wedding gift had put Bao in a pretty sour mood before she walked down the aisle. Johnny feared his wife would get moody quickly and easily.


"I'm a little disappointed because it took me a long time to come up with that idea, and who knew she hated sports!" Johnny said.

"That's okay, but at the same time, it kind of gives me sort of a pause. For her to react that strongly over something so, I don't know, it seems kind of small to me. I think it's a bit of an overreaction and I hope she doesn't treat other things that way."

Bao's friends told Johnny to be patient as well as a good listener.

Johnny's mother told Anh told Bao that she could call her "mom" right off the bat, and Bao thought that was extremely sweet. Bao said her heart was "bursting" because she immediately felt welcomed into Johnny's family.

When Johnny reunited with his wife and saw Bao in her cute little white dress that she had worn for brunch, he thought she looked beautiful.

Bao mentioned how Johnny's father was absent from the wedding, and Johnny said it was upsetting because his father didn't support his decision to marry a stranger.

"As much as I want to hate him and blame him for all the times he wasn't there," Johnny cried, "at the end of the day, he's still my dad and I know he loves me with his stuck-in-the-70s advice. I want him to tell me it's okay and support me."

Bao assured Johnny that his father would come around because she's "super good with dads" and would be willing to dress up for him and speak Vietnamese for him.

Rachel admitted to her husband she tended to hold in her little grudges and grievances, which would often result in a big explosion. Rachel therefore planned to be honest about her issues as they come and communicate better in her new relationship.

Jose also told Rachel that he just wanted to focus on them and wouldn't be so concerned about their finances anymore because they were in a great place and he had worked hard to get to this point.

Myrla then asked Gil what his loved ones meant when they described him as "emotionally loud," and Gil explained how he's just passionate and can speak loudly when he's excited.

Gil also told Myrla that if she makes more money, it doesn't hurt his ego because making money "isn't that important" to him.

Myrla explained she's always like, "How can I make more?" She said she's "very driven" by money and so it was "a little worrisome" how Gil seemed to be the exact opposite. Myrla said she had grown up poor and therefore wanted to attain a better lifestyle.


Gil reiterated how money doesn't motivate him or get him going, and Myrla seemed concerned about that.

That evening, Zack and Michaela apparently discovered another reason why they're a great match.

"I'm not going to get into it because it's kind of inappropriate, but let's just say if last night keeps happening, I am going to die a happy man -- sexually," Zack said, confirming he and Michaela had consummated their marriage.

Each couple then received a gift basket informing them they'd be traveling to the Florida Keys for their honeymoon.

While packing, Brett admitted to Ryan that she's scared of planes even though she loves to travel, which seemed disturbing to Ryan given he loves to travel, and Johnny discovered Bao makes an Excel sheet for all planning purposes, including packing.

"Bao really feels like me on Steroids because instead of checklists, she has Excel spreadsheets," Johnny joked. "It's particular but it kind of makes her -- her. It's funny and it's unique."

Jose, Ryan, Gil and Johnny seemed optimistic some "sweet stuff" could happen during the honeymoon.

Each couple then moved into their honeymoon suite, and everyone was really impressed except for Myrla, who had anticipated a larger pool and beach view at more of a more exclusive resort.

"This is so sad... I don't think I had a dream honeymoon, but if I did, this is not it," Myrla told Gil.

She also complained to the cameras, "A honeymoon to me would be, like, a beach-front resort, not the senior-citizen center in Florida."

Myrla, however, insisted she's easy to please, and Gil said the vacation was more about them just spending time together and getting to know each other.

Rachel also got turned off when Jose asked if he could brush her teeth before bed.

"I did not expect that. I feel a little freaked out to be honest. I mean, I'm a grown adult; I don't need someone to brush my teeth. I really hope he was kidding," Rachel said.

Jose promised his wife he'd be willing to do anything for her, maybe even skydiving, and he gushed about how his wife was just "amazing."

Rachel kissed her husband and appeared ecstatic, but she admitted to Jose his request to brush her teeth was "freakishly insane" and not a good look.


Brett and Ryan arrived at the resort in one piece and Brett said Ryan had won "brownie points" with her for making her feel safe and comfortable on the plane, but Ryan called the trip "rough" and joked about how Brett's behavior on the plane made a baby cry.

"That was almost a disaster," Ryan noted.

"I learned she is terrified of flying. If somebody acted like that on a plane in a dating scenario, I would have definitely never been on a plane with them again because I probably wouldn't be dating them anymore."

On the first night of their honeymoon, Bao suggested maybe she and Johnny should sleep in separate beds so he could get a better sleep without her snoring. But Johnny said he'd rather sleep with his wife than sleep alone and get better rest.

Johnny said he was ready to be Bao's emotional support and be there for her needs.

Bao told Johnny some of their private kisses had signaled a lot to her in a positive light and showed her a lot in terms of how he'd be as a lover.

Bao, though naturally reserved, appreciated Johnny being upfront with her when talking about sex, and she said he was really cracking her shell. Johnny said he's into "vanilla sex" and nothing crazy like "bondage or anal."

"I love hearing that. That's awesome," Bao replied with a laugh.


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