Married at First Sight featured Rachel beginning to worry about her sexual chemistry with Jose, Gil Cuero fearing Myrla Feria's disinterest in his dog could be a dealbreaker, a shocking and revealing game of "Never Have I Ever," and Johnny admitting he wanted to run from his Bao marriage multiple times over their stark differences during Wednesday night's Season 13 episode on Lifetime.

Married at First Sight's thirteenth season stars Gil and Myrla, Johnny and Bao, Michaela and Zack, Rachel and Jose, and Brett and Ryan.


The five couples were matched for matrimony by Married at First Sight's experts Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Dr. Viviana Coles.

Married at First Sight Season 13 Episode 6

The Married at First Sight broadcast began on Day 5 of marriage on the couples' honeymoon in the Florida Keys, FL.

Zack was spending his honeymoon by himself because he had tested positive for coronavirus. Zack felt horribly physically but also for letting down Michaela, who had traveled back to Houston, TX, to put her health and safety first.

Zack said he missed Michaela and couldn't wait to get home and make up for the days they weren't able to spend together.

Meanwhile, Myrla accused Gil of talking in his sleep and the pair had a few laughs. But Gil brought up how he'd like Myrla to change her last name, which made the laughter subside. Myrla admitted she likes her maiden name, and so Gil suggested she could hyphen Feria-Cuero.

Gil had imagined compromise to be easy in marriage, but he apparently never thought about his wife being unwilling to change her last name. Gil said they could talk about it more later on and hopefully come up with a solution that would make them both happy.

Meanwhile, Johnny and Bao enjoyed a nice breakfast, and Bao said she appreciated how Johnny had listened to her about her snoring, which she had apparently been bullied about before.

Johnny admitted he thought the conversation led to a "petty" argument and he hoped they wouldn't fight about similar things in the future.

"If Bao and I were only dating and not married, I think this would have been a red flag to me. It would have probably gotten me back on the dating apps," Johnny confessed.

"At this point, I have no other dating apps. I have zero options. I think this is good. It's putting me in a very uncomfortable situation where my gut instinct is saying, 'Run,' but this ring is telling me, 'No, man stick around and figure this out.'"
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Bao revealed her past relationships had started with physical intimacy and then the emotional intimacy developed over time. Bao said sexual attraction comes easily for her and she had a crush on Johnny for a long time.

"Maybe I am a coward for this, but if you had made the first move back then and told me that you liked me, I would have told you that I liked you too. It's just wild how everything's turned out," Johnny acknowledged.

If the pair had begun dated back then, Bao and Johnny agreed they may have had a couple of kids already.

Jose then planned a bike ride for his wife, but Rachel revealed she may not know how to ride a bicycle, which shocked her husband. Jose said he could teach Rachel how to do it and it would be an adventurous day for them.

But first, Rachel asked Jose a serious list of questions, such as what Jose would like to do as a couple before welcoming children. Rachel said she'd love to travel to Switzerland, but Jose worried about that vacation being a lot of money.

Jose looked forward to traveling with Rachel, but he anticipated trips such as Las Vegas or New York, where the expense wouldn't be so much.

Rachel apparently took a trip every month and traveled out of the country every two years, and so to hear Jose say that might not happen, she struggled with that idea and hoped they could find "a happy medium."

Meanwhile, Ryan planned a day of kayaking for Brett, who was a little scared of being in the open ocean water. Brett, however, was willing to face her fears and put herself out there for her husband in order to conquer things as a team.

Ryan promised Brett that if she freaked out, they could find something else to do.

"How did I get so lucky?" Ryan joked with his wife, who was able to laugh at herself.

Johnny and Bao were then shown sprawling out in a hammock together, and Johnny decided to get something off his chest. Johnny explained how Bao struggled to "be in the moment" with him, especially in romantic situations.

Johnny shared how Bao would focus on something in the past or think about some minute detail instead of enjoying what's right in front of them.

"I don't want to lie to you. I had a little bit of a fight or flight kind of moment," Johnny admitted, "and I started having doubts about us. I don't want to scare you, but this is usually the point where I start thinking, 'Is this for me?'"


Bao said she saw that in Johnny's eyes and it was disappointing for her as well because she felt judged. Bao insisted she was trying so hard and wasn't sure that her effort showed.

Bao told the cameras she has the tendency to overthink things but Johnny is very straightforward and frank with her, which helps her not to obsess about little issues.

Johnny politely asked Bao to focus on each other and get the strongest possible start, and Bao nodded her head "yes."

Jose was then shown teaching Rachel how to ride a bike, and she was so glad Jose was willing to help her and boost her confidence. She said she had hit the jackpot with this marriage, and Jose made sure his wife was safe.

Rachel got the hang of riding a bike very quickly, and Jose gushed about how proud he was of her. Rachel said Jose was patient and did a great job of not breaking down her spirit.

"I'm so glad we're married. It just keeps getting better and better," Rachel told Jose. "I definitely think we're headed in the right direction. But I'm still like, 'We have to live together,' and I have a lot of pride in my independence."

Rachel admitted she couldn't stop thinking about the conversation they had about their finances, when Jose said he wants them to have a joint bank account. Jose said he worked tremendously hard so he and his wife could be in a wonderful position.

Jose revealed his credit score is 815 and he asked for a wife who would be on his level in a multitude of ways.

Brett and Ryan then went kayaking and Brett appeared to get really nervous when a large manatee approached her and nearly touched her kayak, but Ryan kept his cool and supported her when she needed it most.

"My wife is not a watersports, flying outdoors girl," Ryan acknowledged.

"I thought it would be an issue, but she's been a trooper through it, and hopefully she continues to be open about that, because I have a lot more crazy sh-t [in mind] she's probably not going to want to do."

Brett said she was willing to do things out of her comfort zone but she hoped her husband wouldn't take things too far.


As for Johnny and Bao's day, they went parasailing together and both seemed to love it. They kissed in the air and Johnny called the experience "insane." He felt his wife was "present" being with him in the open air, and Johnny said he felt very lucky in that moment.

Johnny then asked Bao if she'd be willing to move in together once they returned to Houston. Johnny revealed how he's never lived with a woman before and he's a little particular about how he likes things and always lived by his own rules.

For instance, Johnny asked Bao if her "neat" is the same as his own "neat." Bao said they are a little different in that area and so Johnny's level of cleanliness may be a bit of a challenge for her.

Bao said she can be particular about certain things as well and so living together may be a big adjustment for the both of them.

"My fear is that we fight on some of that stuff," Johnny noted.

Afterward, the four couples honeymooning gathered together for drinks at sunset and a dinner on the beach, and they FaceTimed with Zack, who was trying to recover by himself in his hotel room.

Zack worried Michaela was going to resent him for this for the rest of their lives, and Myrla quietly joked, "She's not missing much," which made Gil shake his head back and forth.

Jose told the group he was a little surprised that Michaela had left Florida and returned home when her husband was sick and he would hope Rachel would stay and be there for him in that same situation.

Johnny and Bao shared with everyone how they had their first disagreement but remained open and communicative and talked things out, and Ryan said he appreciated hearing that because the other couples would probably face such difficulties soon.

Brett said she and Ryan had yet to talk about moving in together and other touchy subjects, and Gil pointed out how he had yet to talk about finances with the "princess" and his "particular" bride.

Gil then announced how politics shouldn't divide a house, but Myrla said she disagreed and wouldn't be able to be married to someone with opposing social and economic views. With that being said, Brett told the cameras she and Ryan have different political views.

Brett admitted if she had discovered Ryan's political views during a date, it would probably end the romance for her.


Brett said she was afraid politics could be a potential problem for their marriage, but Ryan announced, "If they care that much one way or the other, they're not for me."

"That's a dealbreaker for me," Myrla responded.

Johnny then asked if any of the couples had consummated their marriage, and it appeared to be a "no" for everybody, although Rachel and Jose were very affectionate with one another.

At this point, only Michaela and Zack had taken their physical relationship to the next level, and it apparently surprised Gil that Rachel and Jose were still waiting to have sex.

Myrla said establishing an emotional connection was much more important to her, with trust, before letting everything else play out. And Brett also announced that she didn't want to move too fast and it was unrealistic for her to want to have sex so early in a relationship.

"We're not that there yet," Brett noted.

Bao shared how emotional and sexual intimacy had grown in her marriage and tension was there but they were taking things one day a time and would let an encounter happen naturally.

Everyone placed bets on who would have sex first, and Bao seemed okay with people placing a bet on her and Johnny. Ryan, however, predicted Zack and Michaela would be first after his COVID-19 recovery.

Myrla and Gil then ate some gelato while they resting on a daybed, and Myrla complained about it being too "chocolatey" although Gil had surprised her with the cool snack.

Myrla shared with Gil how she had grown up in a shack with a tin roof in a 300 square-foot place for five people. Gil also said he was poor as a child, but the both of them always had food.

Myrla said she always wanted to shop and spend money as a kid, and so Gil joked that his wife was born a diva and she didn't just become this way. Gil wanted to better understand Myrla as a person and learn why she does the things she does.

Gil told Myrla he wants seven or eight kids, and to adopt "a few more," but Myrla insisted that will never happen and she's also not open to adoption -- which Gil called "evil" since so many children out there need a loving home.

Myrla said she would only be open to adoption if she and Gil have absolutely exhausted every other option for fertility. Myrla also said she wants to provide a wonderful life for her kids with things she never had and so that would be difficult with so many kids.


"Are you a trust fund baby?" Myrla asked.

"No, I'm not," Gil said.

"Okay, so we're absolutely not doing that," Myrla replied in terms of adopting and having so many kids.

The four couples then went out on a boat together and played "Never Have I Ever." Ryan revealed he had been "streaking" during the game, and Bao shared how she had a one-night stand a long time ago.

Bao then said, "Never have I ever cheated," and Myrla and Rachel both took a sip, showing they had cheated on significant others in the past.

Jose was surprised to learn that and told the cameras that he believes cheaters are very selfish. Jose's father apparently cheated on his mother and so that's something he's totally against.

"I was very young and dumb," Rachel insisted to the group.

The cast members then went paddleboarding, which scared Brett and Gil. Johnny ended up paddleboarding way too far away and a boat nearby nearly hit him. Bao was panicking a little bit, and Johnny had to paddle quite a distance back.

Bao said she realized how much Johnny really meant to her in that moment.

On the ride back, Rachel shared with the girls how she was struggling a bit to let her husband take charge and take on "that man's role" in a relationship as caretaker and provider given she had always been so independent.

Brett agreed it was uncomfortable to let Ryan do all of these things for her and be such a gentleman, but Myrla said she loved the chivalry and being doted on. The girls agreed they were looking for the good in their husbands and marriages since they'd probably be in it for the long run.

Brett said considering she's not a country girl and she and Ryan have different political beliefs, the experts must have matched them based on something much deeper.

Bao admitted she was worried about the fact Johnny had never lived with someone before because he may have hardened into his routine and may not be very flexible. Bao also said she believed Johnny had noticed some things about her as a travel companion that he didn't like.

Bao noticed how Johnny showered a few times a day, and she said she may only shower a few times in a week. Bao said she typically showers once a day but may skip a day here or there when being clean wasn't her top priority.

Bao also explained there may be a night she hops into bed without brushing her teeth or showering after an exhausting day. Johnny said that's fine and asked Bao to not think that he's disgusted by such behavior.

"I don't think I'll ever get to the point of showering three times a day," Bao said.

"That's not a requirement," Johnny assured his wife, before asking her to shower after working out.


Bao asked if she could pass out on the couch after working out instead of showering, and Johnny told Bao to sleep in the bed but change the sheets -- or just quickly rinse off.

Johnny realized he and Bao had some major differences, which gave him some anxiety. Johnny admitted he would've walked away from Bao had they just been dating.

On Day 6 of marriage, Zack revealed he was almost 100 percent better and looked forward to reuniting with Michaela. Johnny and Ryan apparently tossed Zack a few beers the previous night, which Zack said he appreciated.

Jose was learning to pull back a little bit and allow his wife to be independent, and over a glass of wine, Rachel brought up how they had yet to consummate their marriage. Rachel hoped she and Jose were going to click sexually since they clicked in every other regard.

Jose said intimacy is very, very important, and Rachel agreed. Rachel, however, said if she and Jose went months without sex, she would assume something is wrong and she'd be concerned.

Jose explained that he needed boxes checked before having sex with a woman.

Johnny then surprised Bao with an amazing meal, complete with dessert, and Johnny opened up about how he had talked to his father, who refused to attend their Married at First Sight wedding.

Johnny's father was apparently glad to learn his wife is Asian, and after learning more about Bao, he felt relieved. Johnny's father said he was happy for Johnny at the end of the phone call, and both Bao and Johnny came down with goosebumps over the good news.

The encouraging response gave Johnny more hope about the future, and Bao and Johnny both gushed about how they were happy.

Later that night, Myrla surprised Gil with two or three dozen of chocolate chip cookies. She wanted to show how she appreciated him being so patient with her all the time, and Gil was thrilled and said this gesture was "close to foreplay" for him.

Gil said Myrla's actions were finally matching her words and their first kiss may be coming sooner rather than later. Myrla no longer viewed her husband like a stranger, and Gil was happy to see his wife letting down her walls.

Myrla said she looked forward to creating a home with Gil, who was interested to see how Myrla would interact with his dog. Myrla said she wasn't going to take his dog out on walks or pick up after him, and Gil felt a little disappointed.

"I hope it doesn't ruin something that could be special," Gil said in a confessional.

Myrla suggested they could hire a dog walker, but Gil confessed that's a complete waste of money for him when there's clearly an able body that could do it. Myrla disagreed, but Gil assured his wife that she wasn't going to run a doggy daycare.

Myrla didn't like the idea of this responsibility being "forced" on her, and Gil replied that Myrla's attitude may hinder him from wanting to get to know her further.

Over a nice dinner at their hotel room that evening, Brett brought up how societal issues in the world are a big deal to her and Ryan's fiscal conservativeness worried her a little bit, but Ryan didn't think their political differences were a big deal.

On Day 7 of marriage, Rachel warned Jose that she has "hoarding tendencies," while Jose said he's a minimalist. Rachel also said her belongings tend to "clutter" and reality was about to hit.

And while Bao and Johnny weren't always on the same page, Johnny planned to try to see things from Bao's point of view in order to embrace their differences rather than complain about them.

The four couples were then shown traveling back to Houston and getting back to the real world.


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