Married at First Sight featured Jose kicking Rachel out of their apartment and locking her out after she called him by another man's name, Rachel subsequently asking for a divorce and falling out of love with Jose, Myrla Feria finally giving Gil Cuero a kiss, and Zack doubting his future with Michaela during Wednesday night's Season 13 episode on Lifetime.

Married at First Sight's thirteenth season stars Gil and Myrla, Johnny and Bao, Michaela and Zack, Rachel and Jose, and Brett and Ryan.


The five couples were matched for matrimony by Married at First Sight's experts Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Dr. Viviana Coles.

Married at First Sight Season 13 Episode 10

The Married at First Sight broadcast began on Day 23 of marriage, which was about two weeks after each couple had moved in together.

Pastor Cal was hoping each couple would reach new levels in trust and intimacy as they continued to bond and get to know each other better.

Zack revealed to his friend that he and Michaela were having cool, calm and collected conversations, even when working out their issues, and he could tell his wife was making an effort to respect his boundaries and expectations.

"I really appreciate it and I'm happy," Zack gushed.

Viviana then met with Brett and Ryan in their apartment, and Brett said she liked how affectionate Ryan was and he's the most affectionate man she's ever been with. Ryan, however, noted their affection stopped at a certain point and they hadn't seen each other naked yet.

Viviana pointed out how Ryan and Brett are both sexual people and so she was surprised they were holding back, but Ryan explained, "I have questions I need to personally figure out. I know her feelings and her emotions, and I don't want her to take that to a level that I'm not 100 percent [at yet]."

Ryan confirmed Brett's feelings for him were stronger than what he was feeling for her, even though he hated saying that out loud.

"I feel like we started so incredibly but I kind of hit a spot and I've been stuck at this spot, and I'm sure [Brett] has picked up on that," Ryan explained.

Brett said she had no idea Ryan was feeling that way, but Ryan assured his wife that she's "awesome" and "incredibly attractive."
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"I'm just waiting for that feeling where I'm like, 'Yes, yes, yes!'" Ryan shared, before clarifying that he was waiting for "butterflies" and "to be speechless" and have his "breath taken away."

Brett said she had been in that situation before, where her partner isn't sure about her and something is missing. Brett said she's familiar with being told she's great and amazing all the while her man is waiting for the last piece of the puzzle.

"If you don't feel it, you don't feel it!" Brett cried, clearly feeling defeated and deflated.

Viviana said it was still possible for Ryan to get to that place, and so Viviana set out to break down the issue and find some clarity. Viviana wanted to know the root of the problem so that Ryan wouldn't continue to be guarded in order to protect Brett's feelings.

Viviana therefore spoke to Ryan alone, and he opened up about how Brett isn't his type and he was stuck on that. Ryan was also bothered by her high-stress and anxiety when he's always even-keeled.

Ryan wished he got home from work and just wanted to press his wife against a wall and make out with her. Ryan wanted to desire Brett, and he admitted he didn't know how to get there.

"That's kind of Hollywood stuff. I mean, it's a fantasy!" Viviana pointed out to Ryan.

"So, if you're going to try to build a long-term marriage over something that probably only happens on birthdays or you drink a little too much or are on vacation with no cares in the world, I don't know -- you'll probably end up single."


Viviana visited Zack and Michaela next, and Michaela revealed how her trust level was only at 50 percent because her feelings were hurt over a movie-night disagreement.

Michaela said she and Zack had discussed doing something and then it didn't happen, and so she felt essentially "blown off."

Zack, on the other hand, believed Michaela when she said something but he didn't trust her "not to blow up" during an argument.

"I can forgive and forget and try to move past [a fight], but then if I do something for him, it's like, he hold onto it," Michaela explained.

Zack said Michaela had a right to be angry at him for leaving the house without saying goodbye one morning but his issue was the way that she handled the situation. Zack admitted Michaela's blow-up had "scarred" him and he couldn't help how he was feeling.

Viviana expressed how Zack was showing a lack of commitment in saying one thing doesn't work for him and so he's checked out. Michaela also told Viviana she had sincerely apologized for her overreaction.

"It sucks because he's saying it scars him and it's a terrible feeling. It's like, 'Gosh, is this even a relationship we should have then? If you feel so uncomfortable with me? Because I don't... want to hurt him. He's a great man," Michaela explained.

Zack said he and Michaela just have a difference in how they react to things but neither one of them is necessarily right or wrong.

Michaela told Zack she hadn't reacted in a knee-jerk manner since their first disagreement.

But Zack was trying to say Michaela wasn't wrong and she just has "a fundamental character trait" that is different from his own.

"You think it's me and that I can never learn from it!" Michaela yelled with disappointment.

"You think she IS the knee-jerk reaction," Viviana said. "I think her feelings and her past experiences have led her to do that sort of thing."

Zack didn't want to label Michaela wrong or bad, and Viviana explained how Zack didn't want Michaela to feel bad about herself.

Viviana said Zack had lost trust in Michaela but it can be built back up -- suggesting that being "scarred" probably wasn't the right way to describe his dilemma.

Zack, however, disagreed, and said, "From my perspective... I think that this cannot go away. There's nothing I can do about that. It's not like I asked for this!"

Michaela therefore did not feel secure in her marriage, and she insisted she was still learning in the marriage and it wasn't right for Zack to sum her up as a person based on one mistake. Michaela said her past mistake does not indicate who she'll always be.


Viviana reminded the spouses that neither one of them is perfect and so they must give each other more "cushion" and benefit of the doubt. Viviana said it's not easy to explore one another's boundaries but they must figure things out together and try.

Once Viviana left, Zack put his head into his hands and kept swearing. Zack was struggling to process all the information, but Michaela assured her husband that she wasn't blaming him for anything.

Michaela felt "beat down," which bothered Zack, but she explained how it's a beat-down when Zack suggests she's fundamentally a certain way and can't grow and do better after messing up.

Zack suddenly broke down crying, saying he wanted to be married so badly and didn't know what else to do. Zack cried and said he didn't want to hurt Michaela or make her feel that way.

"It never works out, man! You don't get it... We are two different people. You don't know how I feel about this. You don't know," Zack lamented.

Michaela attempted to comfort and console Zack as he cried about feeling "heartbroken," and then she started to cry as well.

Zack said the situation was "killing" him and he just couldn't deal with it at the moment, and so he closed himself into the bedroom.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Jose cooked dinner together, and Rachel said she didn't want Jose to view her as a cheater even though she had been unfaithful to a partner in the past. Rachel insisted she had grown from that indiscretion.

Myrla also shared with Gil how she had become more understanding and patient in recent years.

As for Johnny and Bao, they asked each other questions back and forth, and Bao revealed her insecurities is trying to do it all -- and if she fails, she doesn't feel good enough. Johnny worried about not living a purposeful life and playing it too safe.

Johnny said taking a big risk in marrying a stranger turned out to be worth it.

Bao shared with Johnny how she had grown up poor, living in a dilapidated trailer, and so she was ashamed of that as a kid and didn't want her classmates to see her home. She also told Johnny that her father was known as "the local drunk," which would bring her great shame.

As Bao opened up to Johnny, their intimacy grew and Johnny said he wanted to be his wife's rock and the person she can confide in and trust.

On Day 24 of marriage, Viviana met with Rachel and Jose, who gushed about being extremely happy in their relationship. Rachel said their sex was great, and she and Jose gave their intimacy two thumbs up in the bedroom.


Rachel believed her husband was always honest and genuine with her, and she appreciated how Jose had shared the passcode to his phone, which made her feel like she didn't even need to look through it.

"I am just so happy!" Rachel shared.

Afterward, Brett and Michaela met up for a chat, and Brett said things were "weird" with Ryan because it didn't seem like he even liked her.

Michaela said her relationship with Zack "spiraled" after Viviana's visit, which was enlightening. Michaela noted how she and Zack were trying to do better but marriage is hard work.

"If this was someone I was dating, I would say, 'You don't like me, I'm wasting my time, goodbye,'" Brett confessed to her friend.

Myrla then shared with Viviana how she was at a "7" when it comes to emotional intimacy in her relationship on a scale from 1-10, and Gil noted how he was at an "8."

In terms of physical intimacy, Myrla gave her romance the same score, considering she takes it slow in a relationship, but Gil scored them a "5" since they hadn't even kissed on the lips yet.

"It's right in the middle. It could be better. I definitely wish it was more," Gil revealed to the Married at First Sight expert. "Sometimes I kiss her on the cheek or on her forehead, and we hug here or there, but that's it."

Gil said if he kept making the first move, only to get rejected, he'd end up pushing back from Myrla and becoming guarded. Once Myrla was ready, Gil worried he wouldn't be feeling it anymore.

Myrla admitted kissing and sex is on the same level for her, but Gil reminded Myrla how he's no longer a random stranger.

Myrla wanted to feel emotionally and spiritually connected to a person before taking things to a physical place, and she explained how she had been cheated on in the past and was "truly miserable and unhappy." Myrla noted how trusting a man is difficult for her.

"You can't say you like me and want to be with me and have kids with me but then not kiss me. Your words have no substance," Gil told his wife. "I still feel like [if you don't kiss me by 'Decision Day,' I will ask for a divorce."

"That's not something I'm worried about," Myrla noted. "We're not going to get divorced."

Gil said all he needed was a kiss and then they won't get a divorce, and the couple laughed over how simple the situation actually was.

Myrla assured Gil that she would "eventually" kiss him but she needed to develop genuine feelings first.

During Viviana's subsequent visit with Johnny and Bao, Johnny admitted he put Bao through little tests every now and then to make sure they can work well together and split tasks.


Bao admitted she's not good at reading signals for romance but the experts' love exercise resulted in the pair having "intense" and "surprising" sex -- "in a good way."

Johnny shared how the sex was pretty "vanilla," which is a good thing for him, and then Bao suggested there was room for them to have variety.

Johnny confirmed the pair had been sexually intimate a few times and he was feeling lust for his wife, and Bao asked her husband to have sex once a day or every other day.

"Okay! I'm not saying, 'No!'" Johnny replied.

Afterward, Zack surprised Michaela with a private poolside picnic since they had missed having a honeymoon together and swimming, which Michaela apparently loves.

Michaela and Zack then asked each other their own personal questions while one spouse was blindfolded at a time. Michaela apologized again for her knee-jerk reactions and not explaining herself sooner rather than later, and she said she wished Zack wouldn't hold onto grudges.

"I miss the happy person you were. I hope you can get back to that person at 100 percent," Michaela shared.

Michaela admitted she wasn't sure if Zack really liked her, and he assured her, "I like you for you."

Zack, however, admitted to his wife, "I can't see our future. It is doubtful but I am holding out hope."

Michaela was therefore left in "a helpless state," not knowing how she could fix the situation.

Later on, Brett attempted to force intimacy a little bit more by cooking Ryan a romantic dinner. Ryan had apparently spent a few nights alone, hoping for a beneficial "reset" by staying at his house to reflect on things.

Ryan told Brett that he felt better after feeling "shut down and defeated." Upon reuniting with Brett, Ryan felt more open and ready to pursue a connection, and he told Brett to call him out on his bullsh-t going forward.

Ryan promised Brett that he'd be more vocal and open about his feelings. He planned to fight for his marriage and hopefully make it work, even though he had doubts about his relationship with Brett and where they could go.

Over at Myrla and Gil's place, Viviana sent them a package and asked them to participate in some sexy activities, such as doing bodyshots and blindfolding each other.

Gil pointed out how it was like "pulling teeth" with Myrla but they definitely had a lot of chemistry.

"I want her to relax and let her guard down and just focus on us right now... and give it a chance," Gil explained.


At one point, the pair sat in silence in each other's arms with their eyes closed and took deep breaths, and Myrla said she loves to cuddle and enjoyed the relaxing moment with Gil.

Gil complimented Myrla on her compassion but said he wanted desire from her and more intimacy, and Myrla asked her husband for continued patience.

"I feel closer to giving my husband a peck! Stay tuned, it will happen soon," Myrla teased after the intimacy exercise.

Suddenly, a clip aired of Jose looking really upset. Jose recalled how he and Rachel had been relaxing upstairs in the clubhouse.

"And Rachel, umm, calls me by another man's name. So I'm not very content and I'm not happy," Jose confessed to the cameras.

Rachel had apparently apologized for the mistake in flashback footage, but Jose yelled and cursed about how it wasn't enough and they were married -- not just boyfriend and girlfriend.

"You say this is a marriage, is that how you're going to f-cking talk to your wife?!" Rachel argued. "I am sorry, but no one -- nobody -- will talk to me like that."

"Then f-ck you!" Jose replied. "Get the f-ck out! Get the f-ck out. Pack your bags, bounce! Alright, f-cking go."

Jose threatened to throw something at Rachel, and she said she wanted to know the person she is married to.

"Is this who I'm married to or am I married to the guy who said, 'Happy wife, happy life?'" Rachel asked. "I would like to know."

Jose responded by saying he had stuff to do the next morning and didn't have time to keep talking about the issue.

"Get out!" Jose repeated. "Go!"

On Day 27 of marriage, Brett and Ryan tried to create a spark by meeting with tantric sex experts and doing some sexy yoga poses together.

Ryan told Brett that she has incredible eyes and he thinks she's a good person and would like their relationship to progress, and Brett asked for more emotional vulnerability from him, which he agreed to work on.

The day after Rachel and Jose's argument, Rachel said Jose's behavior and the way he had expressed himself was not okay. Rachel said her parents raised her better than to allow a man to talk to her that way.

"I don't trust you at all," Rachel said.

"Same," Jose snapped. "You called me by a different man's name!"

"And I immediately apologized, and it was a sincere apology. But you locked me out," Rachel said.

Rachel apparently tried to get into their apartment around 1AM but Jose had locked the door on her. Jose accused Rachel of disappearing, but Rachel said she had simply walked a friend out and returned to a dead-bolted front door.


Rachel proceeded to knock on their co-stars door and call friends in the middle of the night, looking for somewhere to stay.

Jose said he always secures his property before going to sleep, but he didn't apologize or say it was a mistake. Jose said he didn't know where Rachel was or what she was doing.

"Then ask!" Rachel said. "I feel like you don't care."

"I don't know. I really don't know, seriously," Jose replied with anger.

Rachel felt she was talking to a wall and that Jose was not remorseful or apologetic at all, which really bothered her.

"And yeah, I cannot be your wife," Rachel insisted.

"Okay," Jose responded. "Makes sense. Good. Sounds good. Okay."

Rachel then packed her belongings, and Jose didn't stop her. Jose said he would help Rachel if she needed it as he cooked a meal for himself and ate it.

Jose told a producer Brittaney that he wasn't going to fight for his marriage because Rachel had already given up on them.

"I'm not going to convince her. If she circles back and says, 'Maybe I was premature about my decision,' then okay, we'll talk about it. But as far as right now is concerned, no, you made a decision and okay," Jose explained.

Rachel wondered if Jose wanted to improve, and so she decided not to give up too early with things left unsaid.

Rachel therefore returned to the kitchen and asked Jose to give her eye contact. Rachel said she didn't want Jose to think one fight was making her run for the hills because there had been a build-up of issues.

Rachel said she wanted to plan things out with her husband and not have everything planned for her. Rachel also said she didn't appreciate Jose telling her to move into her house after the show and have a joint bank account.

Rachel had written down two weeks prior that she was starting to wonder if Jose was "controlling," which is her "dealbreaker" in a relationship. She worried Jose wasn't going to compromise for her because she allegedly doesn't fit the mold of what he wants "in a perfect wife."

Jose said Rachel had clearly kept this secret the whole time when he thought their relationship was all happy and rainbows. Rachel had all of this bundled up, and Jose didn't think that was right.

"I'm very willing to be like, 'I should've told you and I could've handled it better,'" Rachel explained.

"I can admit when you are right and I am wrong -- you cannot. You have not taken accountability in any of this... You have part in this too, of me wanting to give up."

Meanwhile, that evening, Bao and Johnny ramped up intimacy by playing dress-up and a sex game in which one person was blindfolded at a time and had to complete certain "raunchy" tasks, such as kissing particular body parts.

The next day, the men got together at a driving range to play some golf while the women -- except Michaela, who wasn't feeling well -- met up and took their frustrations and aggressions out by breaking stuff.

The past few days had been emotionally difficult for Rachel, who said she and Jose had reached a breaking point and she had a lot to think about.

Rachel broke a TV over her anger about getting locked out, and the other women just watched with open jaws.

Gil revealed to the guys he and Myrla had finally kissed and it was "surprising." Gil described the kiss as a peck and then Myrla went in for a second kiss.

And Myrla gushed, "My husband is truly amazing. He is so patient, and so he got his first kiss when it felt good for me and comfortable. I love it, I love it. I needed someone who's patient, so thank you Jesus!"

But Jose told the guys that Rachel had asked him for a divorce the night prior.

Jose told the guys he may have overreacted to Rachel calling him the wrong name but Rachel left the apartment and so he locked the door -- which ultimately locked Rachel out.

"I can understand you locking the doors and all, but not when you know your wife isn't at the house," Gil told his pal. "Did you hit her up to see if she was going to come back?"

"No, I did not," Jose said. "But it was not intentional."

Johnny, Zack, Ryan and Gil didn't believe Jose fully and all agreed they wouldn't have handled the situation in the same way. In fact, Ryan said he's "never accidentally locked the deadbolt."

Gil accused Jose of leaving some details out of his story because he and Rachel probably didn't go from her calling him the wrong name to suddenly asking for a divorce.

When asked what prompted Rachel to say she's "done" with him, Jose said he didn't understand where that was coming from.

Meanwhile, Rachel expressed to the other women how it seemed Jose didn't care for or about her. Rachel said she and Jose were technically but not emotionally married.

"It felt like talking to a little child, talking to wall," Rachel explained, adding that Jose refused to say what his wife wanted or needed to hear.

Brett suggested that Jose had not acted like a decent human being, and Rachel recalled Jose being unresponsive, deflecting blame and having rude body language.

"It's showing that his ego is super, super vulnerable and sensitive," Bao suggested, adding that Jose seemed to retaliate.

And Rachel conceded, "It just felt very vindictive."

Jose came to the conclusion that he can no longer trust Rachel because she had called him the wrong name and then allegedly taken off. And Jose recalled how Rachel had confessed to cheating on a man in her past.

Jose said he didn't think Rachel was sleeping around but he no longer trusted her.

Ryan then announced to the group Rachel had accidentally called Jose "Johnny," which could be a simple mistake. It's clear Rachel was not thinking about a man in her past, and Gil pointed out how Johnny and Jose are both "J" names.

"We're always talking about each other and we're always with each other," Zack agreed.

Ryan didn't feel bad for Jose because he thought Jose had caused the problem.

"But I also think he can come out of it, and I think it can still work. But he has to change his thinking about their relationship right now," Ryan told the cameras.

Jose said he still loved Rachel and missed her, and he had apparently let her know that via text.

When asked if Rachel still felt the same way, Jose didn't reply.

Meanwhile, Rachel confided in her girls, "I do not love him anymore... Now I'm in totally unmarked territory. Could I regain trust? Can I love again, the same person? I have no idea."

Myrla acknowledged how Jose had broken a major boundary with his wife.


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