Married at First Sight featured Chris Williams and Paige Banks learning Chris' ex-fiancee was pregnant, Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs having heated discussions about her male friends and Erik's demanding career, and Briana Myles and Vincent Morales consummating their "made-in-heaven" marriage during the Season 12 episode Wednesday night on Lifetime.

At this point in Season 12, all five Married at First Sight couples are on their honeymoon in Las Vegas: Chris and Paige, Erik and Virginia, Briana and Vincent, Haley Harris and Jacob Harder, and Ryan Oubre and Clara Berghaus.


The five couples were matched for matrimony by the show's experts Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Dr. Viviana Coles.

Married at First Sight  Season 12 Episode 5

The Married at First Sight broadcast began with a fast-forward of footage featuring Chris in a predicament. After learning some shocking news, Chris didn't want to have an important conversation with his wife.

Multiple Married at First Sight producers apparently begged Chris to tell Paige the "devastating" bombshell and explain what was going on to his new wife, but Chris kept repeating, "I don't want to tell her."

Chris insisted he wasn't scared to tell Paige anything but he simply didn't want to share the situation with her.

Footage then flashed back to the five couples waking up on the first day of their honeymoon in Las Vegas.

Clara said she was "very happy" with her marriage and she and Ryan continued to have evolving conversations. Clara said she had "lucked out" with Ryan and their marriage was "a 10 out of 10" just three days in.

Ryan, however, was used to the same schedule and daily routine -- like reading the same newspaper every day -- but Clara said her life as a flight attendant was far from routine and predictable.

Clara explained to Ryan that her job is difficult for many people in her life because she often has to cancel plans or shows up late to events -- or not at all. Clara admitted she had missed holidays and birthdays due to the profession she loves.

Ryan told the cameras he'd have to adjust to Clara's lifestyle and be understanding, and Clara joked with Ryan, "You can stay routine, and I'll just pop in and out whenever I feel like it."

Meanwhile, Erik was getting used to Virginia's habits and morning beauty routine. Erik, for example, was shocked that Virginia was putting on makeup and doing her hair just to go to the pool. He also learned she's often late for things.
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"We are vibing very well, but I am starting to see that we have similarities and we have differences. I think our age difference is there; we just have to find that balance. As long as we can make that work, there will be no problems," Erik explained in a confessional.


Over breakfast, Erik said something "seemed off" with Chris and he appeared "distant" from Paige. Virginia said Paige was trying harder in the relationship but maybe Chris just needed more time to adjust to married life.

Chris and Paige were then shown eating breakfast together in their hotel room. Chris rubbed Paige the wrong way by not saying a prayer before eating, and then Chris became quiet and the mood was tense and uncomfortable.

"Sometimes with him, I feel like I'm definitely pulling teeth," Paige said.

Paige asked Chris how he was feeling, and Chris said he had "a lot of sh-t going on" and had "found out some information" that morning. Chris said he wouldn't call the news "devastating" but it was definitely "surprising" and something he had to deal with alone.

When Paige asked Chris to explain, he repeated, "It doesn't matter."

Paige was desperate for Chris to open up and share details, but he held the information close to his chest.

"You don't want to share with your wife what's troubling you and how it affects our marriage?" Paige asked.

Chris told Paige that he was "good" and "good with not telling you," but that didn't sit well with Paige, who demanded to know what was going on. Paige said personal matters affected the both of them now given they're married and Chris' behavior was "problematic."

"I don't want to talk about it," Chris said, which resulted in Paige leaving the room.

Paige lamented to the cameras, "This is just too much... Somebody needs to tell me what the f-ck is going on. That's all I need to know at this point."

Paige asked a producer to tell her what was going on, but it wasn't the crew member's news to share. Paige appeared overwhelmed and said the situation was just "way too much."

Vincent was then shown telling Briana that his grandmother had "a scare" and had to go to the hospital but was doing better. Vincent thanked Briana for being sweet and supportive, and he promised to have her back going forward as well.

Vincent and Briana had established trust, and Vincent said the "beautiful" moment made them feel more connected after a few days of marriage.


Over breakfast, Briana said she'd like to live in a high-rise condo, and then she and Vincent discussed having children in two or three years.

Vincent said he'd love to welcome a baby girl first, and Briana confessed the conversation felt a bit strange given they had just met.

"I know he's my husband and he is everything I dreamed of in a husband so far, but I mean, it's too soon!" Briana said in a confessional.

Getting back to Paige and Chris, Paige said Chris' secret was making her feel sick to her stomach. Chris apologized for making Paige upset, and then Paige asked, "How bad is it?"

"You want to talk about it?" Chris asked.

"Yeah!" Paige replied.

Chris therefore brought Paige into their hotel bathroom and turned the shower and the sink's faucet on. Chris also asked Paige to remove her microphone as Married at First Sight crew members crowded around the outside of the bathroom door.

Viewers were unable to see or hear Paige and Chris' conversation.

Once Chris exited the bathroom, he told a producer that Paige was "having a moment."

Paige left the bathroom a few minutes later and appeared shocked.

"I really don't know right now. It's like everything I wanted is being taken away from me," Paige said in a confessional.

"I honestly don't know if I can move forward from this, so I need some time to think about all this. I don't know where to go from here. I don't know what I'm going to do."

Meanwhile, Haley and Jacob enjoyed lunch together and Haley revealed she had seen no red flags with Jacob. Jacob shared how his friends liked Haley at the wedding and thought Jacob had gotten "lucky" by being matched with her -- and Jacob apparently felt the same way.


"I feel thankful and just very lucky to be with Haley. I think she's beautiful, and I'm definitely excited to get to spend some special time with her and get to know her and build the puzzle or complete the puzzle of who we are as a married couple," Jacob shared.

Haley said she liked doing yoga and Jacob suggested he could help teach her some low-resistance weight training.

After Clara and Ryan had a blast interacting with dolphins, Ryan asked for Clara's thoughts on having children.

Clara said she'd like to have kids eventually and she loved her aunt's name Vera for a girl. Ryan shared how he liked the name Elton for a boy, which is his uncle and grandfather's name, but Clara wasn't a big fan.

Ryan told the cameras that he'd like to have three kids, but he and Clara disagreed over whether to raise their children in a certain religion and faith.

Ryan said he'd like to raise his children in church to lay down a moral foundation, but Clara explained, "I wouldn't be against it, but I also don't want to force my kids into religion just because I never felt like I had a choice in that growing up."

Ryan felt he had a responsibility to raise his children with faith, and he told the cameras that was "a top priority" for him. Clara, however, said she'd like her children to discover other religions and not feel forced to believe specific teachings.

On Day 3 of marriage, Paige paid her buddy Briana a visit while Vincent and Chris also met up.

Paige confessed her mind was "all over the place" and she didn't know how to process things, so she was hoping Briana could calm her down and give her some good advice.

"I don't know how to feel anymore. I don't know if I can really continue. I just got the biggest bomb dropped on me," Paige disclosed to Briana.

"So I told you he was engaged and all that stuff... I just found out she's pregnant."

Briana's mouth dropped open in disbelief, and Vincent was also blown away by Chris' revelation, which Chris had described as "disturbing."

Briana expressed how sorry she was for Paige, and Paige admitted she felt "numb" and things were just not adding up for her.

Briana recalled how Chris had been engaged in February 2020, and Paige said Chris never gave her specific details on how long they were engaged for and when they officially split.

"He said just a couple of months and then it got called off," Paige shared.


Chris clarified of his ex during his conversation with Vincent, "We've been broken up since May 2020, but that wasn't the last time we had sex, for sure."

Chris said his ex had known about her pregnancy "for a few weeks."

"But she didn't tell me right away," Chris shared. "I know she's being honest. I'm almost 100 percent confident that the kid is mine. But my concern is Paige and how that affects our marriage."

Vincent said he'd be very upset if he was in Paige's shoes, and Paige admitted to Briana that she felt like she had gotten the short end of the stick.

Paige had signed up for a forever marriage yet her husband was bringing "drama" and "antics" to the table.

Paige told Briana that although she was missing chemistry with Chris right off the bat, they turned over a new leaf heading into the honeymoon and she believed they were headed in the right direction.

Paige said she wasn't sure how much she could handle and there was a possibility of Chris reuniting with his ex for the sake of his baby on the way.

Vincent asked Chris whether he would get back together with his ex if Paige never entered the picture.

"I think that it is your natural inclination to want to have a full family -- two parents in a household -- with the kid, but I'm married, so [I] can't think about those things," Chris explained to Vincent.

Chris was concerned where Paige stood because he insisted that he wanted to work through this with his wife and stay with her.

"If I was Paige, I wouldn't do it," Chris acknowledged.

When Briana asked Paige if there was any chance she could stay with Chris, Paige confessed that was hard to think about.

"I know they matched us for a reason, but I'm still trying to find that sh-t out!... I'm literally diving [in the abyss] to find it," Paige joked, adding this wasn't the way she wanted to begin and cultivate a marriage.

Paige wasn't sure whether she wanted to be with a man who has children with someone else, and so she acknowledged the situation at hand was "very challenging" for her to deal with -- especially since her marriage was so new and fresh.

"Damn, if this is what four days looks like, what is four months or four years?" Paige vented.

Paige always dreamed of being married, so she felt extremely confused and didn't know what to do.

Briana advised Paige to make a decision based on what's best for her, and not Chris.


Once Vincent and Briana reunited, Vincent said Chris' ex was six weeks pregnant and she had known for a while before telling Chris. Vincent called Chris "broken," and Briana had trouble imagining Paige playing stepmom to Chris' child.

"Me being a woman, I would've said, 'F-ck no.' If I was in [Paige]'s shoes, I would think about myself first and how much I could take," Briana explained to Vincent.

Although Briana thought Paige staying with Chris was "crazy," she said she didn't want to push her opinion on her friend. Briana planned to support Paige no matter what and be there for her.

As for Erik and Virginia's relationship, Virginia convinced Erik to drink and take shots with her at the pool, which Erik clearly wasn't thrilled about. Erik said he doesn't like to party as much as Virginia seemed to.

Virginia told Erik that drinking is a huge part of her life and she liked to have fun. Erik said he was okay with that but happened to be in a different stage of life given their age difference.

Erik just asked Virginia to communicate with him and remain open.

Virginia revealed she had a male roommate one time and could see Erik was a little bit of a jealous guy. Erik, however, said he gets jealous on a healthy level.

"I just don't want you to get mad if I go out and there are guys there. I just have a lot of guy friends," Virginia said.

"I don't necessarily agree with certain aspects of that. I just have certain rules with guys... I know how guys operate... You can be best friends with a random guy, but that dude, no matter what, has probably thought about hooking up with you or being with you -- 100 percent," Erik insisted.

Virginia said there was no way Erik could be 100 percent sure of that, but he stood by his claim.

"A guy and a girl can never be friends -- ever -- except for a few things," Erik said.

Erik said the circumstances in which it's possible is if the guy or girl is gay and the friend of the opposite sex is dating/married to the girl's friend or relative.


Virginia didn't like the idea of Erik setting ground rules for her, and she told the cameras, "The jealousy thing is not okay with me. That's not how I operate and I'm not going to respond well to it, at all."

Virginia said she wanted to go out with her friends and have fun and so Erik would have to do a little "give and take" in that department.

"My guy friends are guy friends. Trust me! I grew up with three brothers. I'm more comfortable around guys," Virginia argued.

Erik just asked Virginia not to break his trust, saying he's supposed to be the only guy in her life going forward.

Over a nice dinner that night, Clara and Ryan discussed moving in together. Clara agreed to live in Ryan's house after their honeymoon, but she asked that they make it into "our home" instead of allowing her to feel like she was just living in his place.

Clara also warned Ryan that she's messy and doesn't like to do the dishes, and Ryan let Clara know there isn't much closet space in his home and he's pretty particular about the things in his house.

The pair, however, made some compromises, such as Clara agreeing to fold Ryan's clothes and put them away if he's willing to do the laundry.

Clara was afraid Ryan was being "a little too optimistic" about living together because living with a man apparently created problems before with her exes.

Vincent set up a romantic poolside dinner for his wife in which their feet were in the sand. Vincent told his wife that he loved being around her and spending time with her.

"Vincent has exceeded my expectations as a husband. I never thought I'd be in this space with someone who just allows me to be myself. That makes me feel really good, that he just accepts me for who I am," Briana gushed in a confessional.

Briana also revealed she and Vincent had consummated their marriage the previous night.

Briana felt like Vincent was trying to make her feel like she was his "everything," and Vincent called the couple's first sexual experience "magic" and noted that it happened organically.

"We are more than husband and wife; we are a match made in heaven," Vincent sweetly told his wife.

Haley and Jacob were then shown enjoying dinner in an aquarium, and the pair had silly conversation until Jacob brought up their past relationships.

Haley shared how her first serious relationship began at age 15, and Jacob revealed he was 19.

"I think there is chemistry there and I learn more and more, and I think he's learning more about me. Dinner was so good tonight!" Haley shared with the confessional.


The couple's date ended with Haley giving Jacob a little kiss as they watched the fish swim.

But Paige was pretty much "checked out" of her marriage because finding out Chris' ex-fiancee was pregnant was "a tough pill to swallow."

"Marriage is no joke -- and it ain't for the punks, as Pastor Cal would say," Paige told the cameras.

Chris asked Paige to share what was on her mind, and she asked how far along his ex happened to be. Chris said six weeks, adding that it had been six weeks since he last interacted with her.

Chris explained the woman's father had passed away and the former couple reunited when Chris paid his respects.

"Even though me and her wasn't on good terms, we were intimate during that time," Chris shared.

Chris said his ex was "stressed out" after discovering he had married someone else, but Chris insisted that his main concern was Paige and he owed her an apology "for probably the roughest first week to a relationship you've probably ever had."

Chris told Paige that she deserved way better than what was dished out to her and he really wanted to work things out with her.

Paige hadn't arrived at a decision yet, and so Chris asked, "If today was 'Decision Day,' what would you say?"

"I would probably have to walk away," Paige confessed.

Chris said he felt emotionally drained and was nervous Paige might leave him. Chris insisted, however, he wasn't going to give up on his marriage and he was "in it for the long haul."

Paige explained that she didn't want to waste Chris' time or allow him to waste her time since she wants children and a happy future with her husband.

Paige asked Chris if he still had strong feelings for his ex and if she thought there was a possibility of them getting back together.

"Right now, it doesn't matter if she's pregnant or not. You are my wife and nobody comes before you, so it doesn't matter what is going on with that. All that matters is the woman I made a vow to," Chris insisted.

Chris told Paige that she even came before his own mother and his future child.

Chris said his attraction to Paige had grown since their first night together and he considered her to be beautiful and his "queen." Chris also told Paige that she is an amazing, beautiful and smart black woman.

"The experts did a great job of matching you with myself. I wouldn't have a negative thing to say to you; you are so sweet," Chris said.

Chris promised to support Paige in whatever she decided, but he admitted he might have to chase after her if she opted to leave him and quit their marriage.

Paige had basically been a stepmom in her last relationship, but she said it didn't really work out because his child was always going to come first.


Paige said it was "major" for Chris to acknowledge she'd come before his child because remaining his wife was going to be "very, very challenging."

A part of Paige didn't want to be around Chris and another part of her wanted to stay married under God's plan. She felt her vows were definitely being tested.

Chris suggested they should build a friendship and get to know on a deeper level, and Paige said she liked that idea because "God doesn't give you anything that you can't handle."

Chris gave Paige a rose and concluded their conversation by saying he'd like to give her babies.

Meanwhile, everything was going "so well" for Erik and Virginia, who enjoyed dinner with a beautiful view. Erik said he'd support Virginia in whatever made her happy.

Virginia said she'd like to contribute 50/50 to the marriage through working splitting their finances.

Erik told Virginia that he'd be forced to fly on three or four-day trips in which he's gone two nights in a row and that would happen about 15 days a month.

Erik would be gone half of every month as a result, but he said he'd love being home with his wife and cooking for her in that time they're together.

Erik could tell he and Virginia were matched because she's independent and could handle the distance, but Virginia did point out, "I will miss you."

Virginia worried about feeling like a single mom if she and Erik were to have kids because he'd be gone so much and miss a lot.

"I'm definitely nervous that our lifestyles might not mesh like we want them to. I'm scared there are some differences that will end with it not working. The more we're with each other, the more those differences do come out," Virginia admitted.

"I'm not sure how that will play out once we're in Atlanta and living our lives."

Four of the five couples -- minus Erik and Virginia -- then got together for drinks. Briana and Vincent called each other "perfect," and Haley said her relationship was "good" as well.

Ryan called his marriage "really strong," saying he and Clara had some "weird and intricate connections," like things the experts didn't even know about. For instance, Ryan made Clara a mixtape, which was something she used to do for her ex-boyfriends.

Clara gushed that her relationship felt "meant to be."


Paige shared with the group that she felt optimistic her shared faith with Chris could keep them together, and then the couple announced how Chris' ex-fiancee was pregnant and he just found out.

Clara said she was heartbroken for Paige and angry at Chris and the situation was "horrible."

"I think she wants this so badly that she's sticking with it, Stockholm Syndrome," Clara told the cameras. "I would've been on a plane back to Atlanta."

The couples expressed how they were behind Paige all the way, and Chris felt like the group wasn't really supporting them as a couple.

Chris was a little disappointed but said his focus was on keeping himself together.

Suddenly, Chris whispered into Paige's ear and left the gathering. Chris said he felt horrible that all of the other couples were happy and the grooms were matched with the women they had wanted and described.

Chris left the room and cried by himself due to the disappointment that neither Paige or himself was happy in their marriage.

Paige found Chris and asked him not to compare their story to the other couples. Chris appreciated Paige's support but confessed to the cameras that he didn't want to be bothered.

"I feel like I'm stuck in this and I'm crying because I've got a baby on the way. There's a lot going through my mind," Chris said.

Erik and Virginia joined the group later on, and Erik gushed about how he knew Virginia was The One for him from the moment they first met. Erik said they had yet to experience a problem, but Ryan joked, "Hashtag three days!"

Erik and Virginia were very affectionate around the other couples, and Virginia asked the group to share who had been intimate already.

Briana responded with, "We have," but Virginia confirmed she and Erik weren't there yet.

"It can happen at any time but we just want to build on [our connection] and [the] emotional portion [of our relationship]," Erik added.

Ryan confirmed the physical attraction was not a concern for him but he wanted to get to know Clara better first.

Chris got Erik and Virginia in the loop by explaining the baby situation, and Virginia asked Chris if he was sure the baby was his, which rubbed Chris the wrong way. Chris called Virginia's question "disrespectful."

Erik told Chris that everything was going to be alright, and then Chris asked to change the subject because he felt like a zoo animal in that moment.

"If you want this person right here," Erik said pointing to Paige, "you better start focusing on that right now."

Paige could feel Chris getting tense and ready to tip over, and Chris just asked the group to respect his privacy and not be intrusive.

"We're just here if you need us," Erik noted.

"That's all I'm going to say about it," Chris concluded.


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