Married at First Sight featured the season's three couples getting into their worst fights yet during the latest episode of the Lifetime series' sixth season on Tuesday night.

The six strangers who agreed to marry at first sight were Jaclyn Schwartzberg, a 29-year-old teacher turned sales representative; Ryan Buckley, a 29-year-old firefighter; Molly Duff, a 25-year-old commercial insurance adjuster; Jonathan Francetic, a 28-year-old U.S. Army veteran and former financial associate; Shawniece Jackson, a 29-year-old entrepreneur and cosmetologist; and Jephte Pierre, a 26-year-old second grade teacher.

Jaclyn married Ryan, Molly walked down the aisle to Jonathan, and Shawniece became a wife to Jephte after being matched by Married at First Sight experts Dr. Jessica Griffin, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Pastor Calvin Roberson.


The episode kicked off with the couples on the tail end of their mini-moons. Molly and Jonathan traveled to Orlando, Shawniece and Jephte went to Vermont, and Jaclyn and Ryan spent some time in New York.

Shawniece and Jephte were still reeling from the argument they had in a corn maze, as Shawniece was upset Jephte failed to work together.

"I'm just upset at this point because I went out of my way to be all romantic this weekend, and this is how she reacts. I got married at first sight because I want a partner in life, somebody who can be independent, but right now, I'm seeing this girl who's just so needy, and that's not what I wanted," Jephte told the cameras.

On the way home from their mini-moon in Vermont, tension escalated when Shawniece was driving the car.

Shawniece said she needed more "togetherness" in their relationship, and Jephte got really frustrated and said his wife "f-cked up" what was supposed to be a great weekend. Jephte was also mad that Shawniece had ruined his happy, good mood.

Shawniece pointed out that she can't be in a marriage by herself, and then Jephte noted, "Maybe we shouldn't be together."

On Day 48 of the marriages, Jaclyn and Ryan were feeling great about their relationship. He was showing her in New York that he could be trusted.

Meanwhile, Molly and Jonathan enjoyed each other's company at a waterpark, going down different slides and having a blast.

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Jonathan was patient with his wife and figured physical intimacy would come with time, but about six hours later, a blowout fight would erase any progress they had made together over the last seven weeks.

Jonathan said Molly was talking to a guy at the bar and "ignoring" him, and once he voiced how he didn't like the situation unfolding, she flipped out on him and called him "immature." Jonathan caught some of the exchange on video to have as proof later on in case she denied any of her bad behavior.

"He's actually not 29 years old. He's actually 22 years old," Molly could be heard saying on video. "You're disgusting. You're disgusting."

"She's calling me a monster and disgusting and saying my skin crawls every time I touch her," Jonathan claimed.

"And these are all things she's said to me before after the cameras stopped rolling. I decided I've had enough of this and recorded the conversation to show the experts there's one week until Decision Day and I don't want to live this lie anymore."


On Day 49 of the marriages, all the couples were back home after having their compatibility tested.

"After the cameras left, Ryan and I got into our biggest argument yet," Jaclyn revealed.

Ryan said they had made plans with his cousin and her friends, and on their way to the gathering, Jaclyn jumped out of a cab and headed home. Jaclyn said she didn't want to stay out all night, but Ryan didn't appreciate going alone.

Jaclyn therefore tagged along for a portion of the night and had some fun. But one thing led to the next, and Ryan made a comment about enjoying each other's company until Decision Day, which really upset her.

"We were arguing just to argue. And we were arguing to hurt each other's feelings. Jaclyn gave me her ring back, and at that point, I was so exhausted. I was just over it. Nothing we had to say last night was helpful. We started tossing around getting divorced, and it was just like, 'Honestly, I don't want to argue anymore,'" Ryan recalled.

Jaclyn called the night "a mess" and felt Ryan was distant and unsure about her.


Dr. Pepper then met with each of the three couples to discuss -- and hopefully work through -- their problems.

Jephte explained that Shawniece turned a little fight into a giant overview of their relationship, which didn't sit well with him. He also didn't appreciate his wife's attitude.

But Shawniece said she was upset because she needed to "feel included." Shawniece explained she couldn't express herself fully in fear Jephte would accuse her of pressuring him to go fast in their marriage. Shawniece felt she deserved "a pass" because she really only got mad at him one time.

"I don't know what the hell she wants from me seven weeks in," Jephte said, before Shawniece left the room and vented, "I'm done. I am your wife! I've been your wife for seven weeks!"

Shawniece told Jephte that she wanted "to feel wanted" and didn't want him to hate her, so she wouldn't communicate her feelings or insecurities to him. Shawniece didn't want her husband to view her as needy, but she explained that sometimes she needed things from him -- and she shouldn't be blamed or shamed for that.

"You're right," Jephte noted, apologizing to his wife. "You're absolutely right. It's not fair. I feel like now that I've seen it through this aspect... I'm just not a great communicator. I will take blame for how she's acting... and I need to try to be more open... I want this marriage to work."


Shawniece forgave Jephte and they hugged it out; she just hoped it would be enough for them to stay together.

On Day 50 of the marriages, Jonathan revealed he hadn't spoken to Molly since their trip to Orlando.

"I think I'm just so mentally moved on at this point that I'm ready to be done. I feel bad about the whole situation. I don't like it. It's not pretty, but what are you going to do? My wife, Molly, doesn't know how much it hurts to care a lot about someone and have them look at you and say, 'I never cared about you,'" Jonathan told the cameras.

"In the fight, she said when I touch her, it makes her skin crawl, and that hurts. So at this point, I don't want Molly to know anything else about me... How and why should you care about someone who doesn't care about you? I just don't even care. I'm here, but I'm done and emotionally raw."

Dr. Pepper was then shown meeting with Ryan and Jaclyn, who were not in a good place. They weren't seeing eye-to-eye, and this is the last thing Jaclyn wanted to happen going into Decision Day. Neither Ryan or Jaclyn, however, had given up on their marriage.

Jaclyn cried to Dr. Pepper about how Ryan wanted to go out and she worried about not being fun.


Dr. Pepper didn't understand how this issue became a big deal, but neither did Ryan or Jaclyn. Dr. Pepper told the couple they can't threaten to end their marriage every time there is conflict. She also told Ryan he needs to be more flexible, that he can't fit his life with Jaclyn into a frame.

Ryan realized sacrifices and compromise still needed to be made, so he assured Jaclyn, "You're the one I want to be with."

Jaclyn was so thrilled to hear Ryan say that, knowing that they both still wanted to fight for their marriage. Jaclyn was so emotional and vulnerable that she had the realization she cares for Ryan deeply.

That night, Jephte surprised Shawniece with an adorable puppy. She always wanted her own dog, and the pair called her Kiki. Shawniece said she was starting to feel like a real family with Jephte.

The episode concluded with Dr. Griffin meeting with Molly and Jonathan on Day 51 of the marriages. Molly and Jonathan each described his or her version of the story about the man at the bar, with Molly saying she was talking to someone and couldn't hear Jonathan because karaoke was playing.

Molly said she didn't know Jonathan was even upset until he started voicing his anger and speaking to her sarcastically. When Jonathan left the room, Molly suggested Jonathan was fighting unfairly but neither of them ever "fought dirty."


"I don't think there are any good feelings between Jon and I. I was afraid at some point that the physical part of our relationship being nonexistent that he was going to eventually just snap, and that's kind of what happened. He said a lot of nasty things to me, and that's just not my style," Molly told the cameras.

Once Jonathan got some time with Dr. Griffin, he explained that Molly grew "irate" with him at the bar and it wasn't the first time she had spoken to him in that manner. Dr. Griffin didn't agree with Jonathan's decision to tape his fight with Molly, but she understood why he did it.

After Jonathan said Molly had been sending him "mixed messages" all season long, Dr. Griffin was surprised they had even made it this far.

Dr. Griffin then spoke to the couple together. Molly said she felt "betrayed" by Jonathan's video, saying he was doing whatever to tear her down and showing his true colors. Molly insisted that fight was the first time she had ever spoken to Jon that way, but Dr. Griffin didn't believe her, saying that she often sugarcoated things.

"I understand you don't like my honesty, but I don't like your lies," Dr. Griffin told Molly, telling the cameras afterward that this argument probably "put the nail in the coffin" for their marriage.

Molly said on a scale from 0-10 -- 0 being "completely done" with the marriage and 10 being "all in" -- Molly gave it a 2, saying she just lost trust in her husband, and Jonathan gave it a 1, saying he was pretty much done.


Dr. Griffin asked the pair to think things through before making any rash decisions, but then Molly immediately blurted out that she was moving out of their place and going home right away.
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