Married at First Sight featured Miguel Santiago demanding Lindy Elloway take his last name in exchange for health insurance, Alexis and Justin having their first big fight, Morgan refusing to forgive Binh for his honeymoon betrayal, and Krysten calling marriage to Mitch "a 10 out of 10" during the Season 15 broadcast that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

The five brides from San Diego who were selected to wed on Season 15 of Married at First Sight were Lindy, a 29-year-old doctor of physical therapy; Krysten, a 32-year-old sales representative; Alexis, a 29-year-old logistics specialist; Stacia Karcher, a 37-year-old accountant; and Morgan, a 27-year-old registered nurse.


The five grooms starring on the new MAFS edition are Miguel, a 35-year-old associate medical director; Mitch, a 41-year-old environmental policy advocate; Justin, a 33-year-old digital marketing specialist; Nate Barnes, a 34-year-old day trader; and Binh, a 29-year-old engineer.

Married at First Sight experts Pastor Calvin Roberson and Dr. Pepper Schwartz matched Lindy and Miguel, Krysten and Mitch, Alexis and Justin, Stacia and Nate, and Morgan and Binh.

After meeting at the altar, the show will feature pairs of strangers spending the next eight weeks embarking on a honeymoon, moving in together, and navigating the joys and struggles of daily life together.

And at the end of the experiment, Married at First Sight's five Season 15 couples will reach "Decision Day" and have to decide whether to remain married or decide to end their marriages and divorce.

The Married at First Sight broadcast with the season's five couples settling into daily life together as husband and wife, and Miguel gushed about how marriage was everything he thought it was going to be and more.

Less than two weeks into marriage, Miguel told his friend how Lindy was a great wife and they were super into each other. Miguel said his heart was invested in his relationship and Lindy only had the best of intentions for their marriage.

Miguel boasted about how Lindy has depth and character. He said she's cute, adventurous, agreeable, kind, quirky and attention -- and he also appreciated how Lindy cooked for him and cleaned their apartment.

"She's like an oasis in a desert," Miguel shared, adding, "I can do this."

Krysten also shared with her friend Joanna how she and Mitch had a difference of clutter and her husband seemed to be a bit of a hoarder. Krysten pointed out how Mitch didn't like throwing anything away and she needs a clean living space.

The five couples were preparing for their housewarming parties, and Krysten apparently wanted a French theme with wine and cheese while Mitch pushed for a zombie apocalypse or end-of-the-world theme. The pair finally landed on "retro-futurism," asking their guests to put themselves in the 50-60s and imagine how people would dress and act in the future.
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Alexis told her sister Amber via Zoom how Justin's dog Maya had attacked and bit Newton.

"If she's aggressive still [after training camp], then we made a plan for her to stay with his best friend," Alexis revealed. "It was a big situation, it really was."

Amber hoped Maya was just overwhelmed and reacted and that it wouldn't happen again.

And Alexis called Justin sweet and lovable, although Amber was a little concerned about how Justin had already expressed love for his wife.


Alexis admitted she had "some reservations" and so she didn't feel "in love" with Justin yet. She complained about how Justin had the tendency to be "vague," which made her feel like he was hiding something or being manipulative.

"He never told me prior to this that Maya had been in several fights with other dogs. If I had known this information on the front end, it may have changed my actions," Alexis explained.

"But I need to get out of my head because you know me; I'll talk myself out of a perfect situation, a lot. And I do have that fear of commitment... Am I not ready to commit fully? I've got to give him a break. Just because he's vague, it doesn't mean he's untruthful."

Amber advised her sister to try to love Justin unconditionally while also asking him to be more open and explanatory.

On Day 13 of marriage, Morgan confessed marriage was hard because her honeymoon with Binh wasn't great, and Binh recognized he had overreacted to the nurse conversation and essentially backstabbed his wife.

Morgan wasn't sure if Binh saw her for who she is, and she admitted to having walls up because she still didn't really trust him. Binh insisted that he was just trying to make Morgan happy and make things up to her, but Morgan confirmed, "I'm not happy right now. I'm not."

Morgan's friend Carl advised her to put her walls down and give Binh a real chance, with transparent communication.

Nate was then shown meeting up with his friend Derek at a restaurant. Nate said he and Stacia had an "unreal" connection in which there was chemistry and they were always flirtatious and affectionate with each other.

Nate revealed how Stacia knows how to process her feelings and express her insecurities thanks to therapy and so he decided to undergo therapy as well in order to "go deeper" for his wife and better articulate how his past has affected him.

Nate said Stacia was very happy about his decision, but Derek didn't want to see Nate become "a yes man." Nate, however, thought therapy could only improve his marriage, and he intended to go all in with his wife.

While testing mimosas for their upcoming party, Krysten shared more details about her relationship history and how she had been engaged to her prior boyfriend of six years.

Krysten explained how two weeks before the former couple's expensive destination wedding, a woman told her that she had been having an affair with her fiance for the previous six months.

As a result, Krysten called off the wedding, but her family and friends still traveled to support Krysten in her time of need, which Mitch offensively called "weird."


However, Mitch said the story didn't change how he felt about Krysten or the respect that he had for her. Mitch promised to never treat Krysten that way and to always be honest and upfront with her, and she was glad he was so sweet and understanding.

"I fully, fully trust him. I am feeling so good about my future with Mitch," Krysten said.

On Day 14 of marriage, Newton was throwing up blood, and Alexis got angry at Justin for giving Newton his prescription pills when he felt sick and his stomach couldn't handle it.

Newton apparently had an empty stomach and Justin failed to tell Alexis that the dog hadn't eaten in two days. Justin thought he was taking care of things and didn't need to overshare, but oversharing is exactly what she wanted from her husband.

Cameras in the couple's apartment then caught the couple fighting and swearing at each other.

"What the f-ck do you want me to do about it right now?!" Justin shouted.

"Not be vague," Alexis said. "That's why I'm saying I'm frustrated right now."

"I am trying!" Justin yelled.

Alexis said she had been asking Justin not to be vague for days, and he clapped back, "I'm not going to be perfect every single time. If that's what you want then I'm likely to end this! I'm sorry. What else do you want me to do?"

Alexis wanted Justin to keep his word, and she lamented, "You sell me false dreams every single day."

Justin asked for specifics, and Alexis pointed out how Justin had promised he would overcommunicate with her.

"I can't do this," Alexis vented, walking away from the conversation.

Alexis accused Justin of making himself the victim, and he yelled at her for allegedly always walking away in the fact of a disagreement. Justin was tired of hearing Alexis say she's "done" during every fight, and they were both sick of bickering.

Alexis couldn't help but think Justin was hiding things and was disingenuous.

Later on, Krysten wanted to buy some fun decorations for their party, but Mitch insisted they should rent items that they could return.

Meanwhile, Stacia and Nate were planning for their 70s-theme party, and Miguel and Lindy were about to host a "contestants on a game show" party. Binh and Morgan's housewarming party was going to be "tacos and tequila."

Alexis and Justin's party was 90s theme, and so she picked out a lot of candy for her guests. Alexis was trying to put on a good face and make baby steps, even though she wasn't convinced the party was even going to happen.

If the party happened, Alexis was hoping to receive insight into Justin and what he or she may have done wrong. Justin eventually joined Alexis at the candy shop, but their attempt to communicate only escalated the tension and worsened their fight.

Justin said it bothered him how Alexis threatened to be "done" all the time, and she explained how she says she's "done" with a conversation when he doesn't feel heard or listened to. Alexis, once again, asked Justin to overshare.

Justin thought he was being helpful with Newton and knew what he was doing, but Alexis wanted her husband to tell her everything that was going on with Newton.

Alexis said Justin acted like everything was "rainbows and sunshine," which was draining for her, and so he snapped, "Then I just won't say anything at all."

"That's how marriages work. We just don't communicate," Alexis said sarcastically.

Justin then claimed that Alexis got "aroused" from drama and fighting, which prompted Alexis to storm out of the candy shop and leave Justin in his tracks.

"You just want to be heard and you don't want to understand what I'm saying," Justin griped.

"Justin, you just do what you want to do," Alexis said. "You're like, 'You like drama.' What?!... I feel really disrespected... I don't want to seem like I'm running, but right now, I can't communicate with you with this hostility."

Alexis admitted that she wasn't in a good space, and she asked producers to take her microphone off so she could have a break from filming.

The parties, complete with good food and crazy costumes, commenced on Day 15 of marriage.

Nate and Stacia's friends said it seemed like the couple had already been together for years, and Nate shared how his relationship was "natural" and he has a lot in common with Stacia

However, Stacia, at age 37, wanted to have a child in a year, and Nate wished they had more time, like three to five years. Nate wasn't sure how Stacia was going to be around kids, especially since she didn't like dogs and was a workaholic.

But Nate's friends explained to Stacia that Nate didn't have a mother in the picture growing up and so he just wanted to feel totally secure and confident in his partner before welcoming kids into the picture. Stacia didn't have the best childhood either, but Nate apparently needed reassurance that his wife wasn't going to leave and abandon him.

Nate also shared with Stacia's friends how he planned to be more vulnerable with her considering Stacia thought he had "no feelings." And Nate's friends asked Stacia to be patient with Nate because she'd probably like the results after the work he puts in.

During Lindy and Miguel's party, Miguel told Lindy's friends that his wife is "marvelous," and Lindy also gushed to Miguel's friends about how he was witty and energetic.

However, there was a point of contention between the couple. Lindy wanted Miguel to put her on his health insurance at work since she didn't have any healthcare of her own, and Miguel wanted Lindy to take his last name, Santiago.

Miguel, in fact, wanted Lindy to take his surname before he added his wife to his health insurance.

But Lindy had been an Elloway for 29 years and received her doctorate under that name, and so her identity meant a lot to her. Lindy said her long-term goal was to become a Santiago but many boxes needed to be checked off in order to feel ready to take Miguel's name.

Lindy and Miguel were both apparently hesitant to make these changes in fear their marriage may not work out. They both had doubts.

"Fine. If you don't want to protect me, okay. That's where we're at," Lindy complained to Miguel's pals.

"But it literally costs him a phone call. That's what I'm asking from him, to care for me as his wife. And that is a red flag to me. I don't understand why that's such a big deal."

During Morgan and Binh's party, Binh was hesitant to talk about the issues he was having with Morgan, who therefore took the liberty of announcing to the group how Binh had betrayed her.

"It was good at the wedding and then the honeymoon happened," Morgan declared, later explaining to Binh's friends how Binh had accused her of lying about being a nurse.

Binh had also promised Morgan they wouldn't talk about finances on their honeymoon, only to call her finances and family "a red flag" for him the very next day. Morgan said Binh had thrown her completely off-guard, but she didn't think Binh was a bad person with bad intentions.

Binh admitted to Morgan's friend Melissa that he had been judgmental on the honeymoon but was working hard to make it up to her. Binh said he'd randomly buy Morgan flowers or pick up her favorite chicken sausage at the grocery store.

Melissa told Binh that actions mean more to Morgan than repeated apologies, but Binh didn't think Morgan was seeing his effort. Binh didn't want Morgan to hold a grudge, but Morgan was used to dumping men once they hurt or burned her.

"Binh has hurt me very deeply and I'm trying to work through it, but I've never done this before. I've never worked through a deep hurt before with someone," Morgan told Binh's friends.

Binh's friends asked Morgan to forgive and forget or else her marriage would never be able to move forward.

Over at Alexis and Justin's place, they were tense and quiet while cooking and putting up decorations.

Alexis opened up to her guests about how she and Justin had fought and were struggling with communication, and Justin didn't seem to mind about the group conversation.

Alexis expressed how she's not perfect and didn't expect Justin to be perfect but sometimes she worried, "I don't even know who I married... I get concerned." Alexis couldn't be fake, acting like everything was going well.

Justin explained how he didn't have time to process his thoughts if Alexis asked him back to back questions, but she insisted she had never grilled him and he was being deceptive.

One of Justin's friends told Alexis that men tend to live in the moment without mentally preparing for something or thinking ahead to potential consequences. Justin's friend essentially suggested that Justin just didn't think to share things from the past because he deemed them extra or unnecessary.

Alexis told Justin's pals how she loved Justin and cared about him a lot -- but wasn't "in love" with him.

"My heart's in it now... so when you tell me, stuff, I'm hanging onto it," Alexis noted.

Justin also said he really wanted his marriage to work and the show wasn't just an eight-week process for him. Justin feared losing Alexis and letting her think that he was a "f-ckup."

When settling into bed after their party, Miguel asked Lindy what she needed from him in order to feel at ease and peace with taking his name. Lindy said she'd want a join bank account and solid plan on where they'd be moving in six weeks.

Lindy said tangible things needed to happen before she'd be willing to change her "identity."

Miguel said he'd be willing to make Lindy feel safe -- and thought he had been doing so already -- but she said he was asking so much of her and she didn't feel secure with him at that point.

Lindy called the name-change a "legality," but having the same name is how Miguel had envisioned being married.

Miguel said Lindy taking his surname was important to him, but Lindy said she needed her last name and didn't need her insurance.

"If I get hit by a car then f-ck [me]. If you don't want to take care of me, that's painful and I don't understand that, but that's your decision," Lindy complained.

"You can't even extend a hand to help me see a f-cking physician. So if you can't do that, then how the f-ck do you expect me to take your last name, Miguel? How?"

Miguel admitted he didn't like that "version" of Lindy, but she said she was being "authentic and real."

After Mitch and Krysten's party, Krysten gushed to her friends about how Mitch was being incredible and easy to live with. However, Krysten said Mitch's extreme views on environmentalism was more than she thought it was going to be.

Mitch's friends pointed out how their radical anti-plastic outlook was hard to look with, but Mitch gave his wife props for trying her best. Krysten found the topic important as well, but her friends wanted to make sure that Mitch was also compromising, adjusting and meeting his wife halfway.

Krysten had been walking around on tip-toes, afraid to piss Mitch off, and so she just wanted patience from him.

The only other problem the couple was having was Krysten's dog Luna snoring and keeping Mitch up at night. Mitch called Luna "useless," while Krysten dubbed her "a sweet baby angel."

Krysten also said she thought Mitch had a lot of great qualities but she wanted to make sure he could be serious when necessary.

Later on, the MAFS 15 brides got together to chat, and so did the grooms.

Krysten said her marriage had gone from zero to 100, which pleased the other women, and Krysten went as far as to call it "a 10 out of 10." Mitch said Krysten liked his crazy and weird sides, and the couple was very happy.

"I know we're going to make it the eight weeks, [and] I think this is a lifetime marriage," Krysten announced.

Stacia advised Alexis not to expect Justin to change over night, and she took Justin's side on the oversharing debate.

Stacia didn't think it was possible for a person to share everything in one situation, especially since the marriages were only two weeks in and there was still so much more information to learn about each spouse.

Stacia seemed to believe a fact may not be at the front of someone's mind, but that doesn't mean he or she is lying when it's not shared.

Krysten was also "Team Miguel" on the topic of Miguel wanting Lindy to take his last name before putting her on his health insurance.

Justin then announced how he hadn't gotten lucky at all, although he's tried.

Krysten also confirmed she and Mitch had consummated their marriage and they were going at it morning, noon and night. Mitch, in turn, suggested to the guys that he felt comfortable in his marriage and was attracted to his wife after all.

Nate said he and Stacia hadn't consummated their marriage yet but he had "dessert after dinner." Nate called himself "a giver" and said there were "fireworks."

Morgan shared how she was taking things day by day because she liked Binh and enjoyed spending time with him. Lindy thought there was hope for Morgan and Binh as long as she could give him some grace and let his mistakes go.

Krysten suggested to Morgan that she should start fresh and just go on a date with Binh, and Lindy agreed there needed to be some "lightness" in the situation.

"We've been put together for a reason, and I need to explore that," Morgan acknowledged to the girls.

The episode concluded with Miguel telling Lindy that he'd be willing to put her on his health insurance, and Lindy apologized for having been so angry and defensive during that conversation.

Lindy wanted Miguel to see her true self, and she wanted to see Miguel's true self as well. While Miguel didn't like "that place" inside Lindy, the pair knew their marriage could last long-term if they're able to overcome adversity.


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