Married at First Sight featured Michaela Clark and Zack Freeman having their most explosive fight yet, Bao Huong Hoang feeling completely "irritated" with Johnny Lam and calling him a drama queen, and Brett starting to give up on Ryan Ignasiak during Wednesday night's Season 13 episode on Lifetime.

Married at First Sight's thirteenth season stars Myrla Feria and Gil Cuero, Johnny and Bao, Michaela and Zack, Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel, and Brett and Ryan.


The five couples were matched for matrimony by Married at First Sight's experts Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Dr. Viviana Coles.

Married at First Sight Season 13 Episode 14

The Married at First Sight broadcast began on Day 43 of marriage, with the five couples packing for a ranch retreat at Chappell Hill Lavender Farm.

Bao said her marriage wasn't going well and it was very disappointing, but she was looking forward to reconnecting with the other couples and having some time to herself to reflect.

After Michaela moved out, Zack and Michaela apparently resolved the situation and decided to move on. Zack, however, still expected an apology from his wife because he believed Michaela had intentionally tried to hurt him, and he didn't think they were on the same page about their fight.

On the drive to the ranch, Brett shared with Ryan how his change in demeanor and attitude towards her seemed to be an abrupt shift and how his sister had mentioned a possible "distraction," maybe a woman returning from his past.

Ryan didn't immediately respond but essentially denied the claim, and Brett said there seemed to be a lot of things he was telling other people that he wasn't telling her. For example, Brett had heard from someone that Ryan was going to ask her to just be friends.

Ryan insisted he had talked with her about how romantic feelings weren't developing and they wouldn't be able to continue on like that.

Ryan apparently didn't feel like he was hiding anything because he pointed out, "I don't think everything has to be said... I pick up on actions way more than words... I feel like my actions have been [speaking for themselves]."

Michaela and Zack decided to stop on their way to the retreat to hash out their residual issues from the big fight, and Michaela said she was in a much better place mentally and emotionally.

Michaela said she was able to pinpoint her trigger and work through her feelings from there, and she called the fight "a learning moment" because she realized there must be more communication in her relationship with Zack -- using their words before just reacting.
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Zack asked Michaela if they could sleep in the same bed again, and she said "yes," which made Zack look forward to having fun "like it always is."

With 13 days until "Decision Day," the couples got settled into their big rustic yet glamorous barn.

"This is the very first time that I've ever been forced to stay in the confines with other humans, such close confines with other humans," Myrla complained. "I would have preferred individual, separate cabins."

But Gil thought the group getaway was "cool" and anticipated feeding off others' positive energy.


Johnny and Bao apparently weren't sleeping in the same bed at their apartment, so Johnny wondered if they should sleep with a bunch of pillows between them at the retreat.

Bao made dinner for the group as "head chef," and they made a pasta bake, grilled and planned to do some shots.

Myrla jokingly announced during dinner that she and Gil were getting a divorce because he wants eight kids, and Zack shared how he and Michaela had clarity about the path they were on and were in good headspaces.

Johnny revealed his romance with Bao had been "bumpy" and he was just hoping to be nice and positive throughout the weekend. Ryan confirmed he and Brett were working through some problems as well, and Michaela advised the couples to be both honest and apologetic about that honesty.

"If you have issues, just address it," Zack added.

That night, Johnny and Bao surprised Brett with adorable cookies in memory of her dog Baxter who had passed away on behalf of the cast. They also gave her sparklers so she could have a little fun.

Brett said everyone reaching out to her meant a lot and she truly felt cared for and supported. Ryan, however, wished he could be a bigger source of comfort for Brett at this time given she was in mourning.

Ryan revealed he wanted to sleep in the same bed with Brett that night to try, but Brett immediately shot him down and said things weren't going to change that quickly and that drastically.

Since the house had six bedrooms, Ryan therefore offered to sleep with Johnny, which would allow the two women to sleep together also.

"Johnny and I are sleeping in separate rooms because Johnny wants to work on building the foundation of this marriage, so I am sucking it up to make Johnny happy and do Level 1, and I am not happy," Bao revealed.

Johnny said his goal was to spend as little time as possible with Bao during the retreat so they wouldn't argue in front of the other couples.

Meanwhile, Ryan told Johnny that just as he promised to put more effort into his marriage, it seemed Brett had totally checked out. Ryan wished he had been more vocal and open about his expectations.

Ryan ended up sleeping on the couch after losing a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with Johnny.

The next day, Jose and Rachel played cornhole against Michaela and Zack, and Jose could see his wife's competitive side, which he called "sexy." And Michaela was glad to let loose and just be silly.

Later on, the ladies talked amongst themselves, and Michaela declared how she and Zack liked each other and were learning how to resolve conflict, compromise and meet in the middle, which made Bao feel "envious" since the couple was clearly building a mutual trust.

Rachel said she had become comfortable pointing out issues she had with Jose, which made him a little upset but she was okay with that. Brett also shared how she was "take it or leave it" with Ryan, who set out to try something different.


Bao then openly said how she was "mad and irritated" with Johnny and had been very patient "in the face of meanness." Bao recalled how there was a time in her childhood that was really dark, when her father was verbally abusive to her mother.

"I always imagined, 'I'm never going to put up with that sh-t one day. I'm going to marry a man who's going to treat me right and I will never allow myself to be treated that way, but reflecting this past week, I realized that I did yield and back down -- so many times," Bao admitted.

Bao added, "It shocked me when I realized that I just kind of devalued myself, and I can't do that anymore. I came here for marriage; I came here for love. I did not come here to be disrespected by a man who is not worth my time at this point."

"Yup!" Brett agreed.

And Zack shared with the guys how Michaela had moved out after he chose to sleep in his former apartment one night. Zack wished Michaela had just asked him not to leave.

Later on, Myrla and Gil rode horses together, but Myrla wished they could have ridden for a longer time and on a longer trail. Gil wondered if anything would make Myrla happy.

"Myrla is very particular. Even when she's having fun, she's not having fun. It gets under my skin because she says she's open-minded and she's willing to do stuff, but when it comes down to actually doing it, she doesn't want to do it," Gil explained in a confessional.

Gil told Myrla that she sounded like a brat and could be difficult at times when there's no need to be. Myrla therefore confirmed that she had fun, and she was working on changing her negative attitude.

Myrla thought it was helpful for Gil to note something when it's bothering him, and Myrla was good at taking the criticism in and working to change it while moving on from the conversation simultaneously.

Meanwhile, Bao, Johnny, Brett and Ryan went skeet shooting, which was something on Bao's bucket list. Bao and Ryan had fun together, but Brett "completely shut down," according to Ryan, which upset him.

Brett talked to Johnny about how she and Ryan were always civil and didn't fight, unlike Johnny and Bao's dynamic, but on the other side of the coin, they had little communication and conversation. Brett wanted to be more honest with her husband and vice versa.

With 12 days remaining until "Decision Day," Ryan asked Brett what she'd like their plan of action to be going forward. Brett said his actions showed that he didn't want to try but his words said otherwise.

Brett explained how it was strange for Ryan to have suggested they sleep in the same bed when they had been sleeping apart for so long because Ryan apparently told his wife that he wasn't getting good rest with her.

Brett had taken that personally, and Ryan said he was just trying to be open-minded and put more effort into their relationship.

Brett accused Ryan of going negative "so fast," saying that he linked honesty with negativity. Brett therefore didn't feel like she could call him out on his "sh-t," although he has asked her to do just that.


Brett admitted Ryan had broken her, and Ryan acknowledged how his words should have matched his actions.

"I'm not completely giving up on this. I still know what I want in life, I want a wife -- none of that has changed. They got me an incredibly good person. She is amazing in a lot of ways," Ryan told the cameras, adding, "I'm doing everything I can for this marriage to work."

Michaela and Zack were then shown discussing their idea of marriage. Zack thought he had been "consistent" in their relationship, but Michaela said she felt like she was the only one trying to make their dynamic better.

Zack said he had given the relationship a lot of effort, but Michaela pointed out how they had already decided their "end goal."

"Even though Michaela and I talked through our issues and things are feeling better for us, last night, we had a conversation about how neither of us feels like ourselves, and we decided that the best thing for us would be to get a divorce -- and then take a break, come back together and see if there's something there," Zack revealed.

Michaela said marriage had been a lot more work than either of them ever anticipated.

"I don't agree with marriage is more work than I thought it was going to be. That's not true. Marriage with YOU was way more work than I thought it would be," Zack confessed. "That's a big difference."

Zack insisted he's not a naive guy who assumed marriage was going to be rainbows and butterflies all the time. Zack said he went into the process knowing marriage was going to be hard work but their situation escalated things.

"So if marriage with me is so hard, then why continue any kind of relationship after this?" Michaela asked.

"If we got a divorce, then we wouldn't be married anymore. Then we'd be in different circumstances, so we could see what happens then," Zack explained.

Suddenly, Michaela threw her body into a spasm, and shouted, "I can't, I can't, I can't!"

Michaela ran off from the conversation screaming and crying.

"I can't! I can't! Yo, like, I can't make this sh-t up!" Michaela shouted. "He literally just said it would be in a different circumstance!"

Zack's issue was Michaela reaction, saying this had been his issue since Day 1.

"If we're married or not, why would we even be in a relationship?! Because I am still me!" Michaela argued.

Zack questioned why he was even at the retreat to begin with, and he said he was starting to get mad.

Zack explained how it made sense to him to stop being married and then work on a relationship outside of this process, but Michaela said he either liked her for who she is or he doesn't.


Zack said he "absolutely" was not ready to be married to Michaela in this process, even though he was certain he wanted to be married in general.

"I have no more time, I have no more energy," Zack complained.

"Then get up and go," Michaela snapped.

"Okay, thank you. I can't. I wish I could, but I can't," Zack replied, before slamming a door behind him.

The next day, Michaela wondered if Zack was just "putting up a front" since his behavior was different than what they had talked about before.

Michaela confided in Bao, who thought the pair's egos were getting in the way. Bao advised Michaela to not punish Zack or push him away for not being ready because if he felt love for her, that was a lot further than where other couples were at that time.

Bao convinced Michaela to have a conversation with Zack since the pair loved each other, saying that quitting was too easy and she should do the harder thing.

The five couples then played a game in which they had to answer questions about each other. The group revealed that they believed Rachel and Jose would be the first couple to have kids and that Johnny would be most likely to end up in rehab.

When asked who was the biggest "drama queen," Bao actually wrote down Johnny's name. Zack also wrote down Michaela's name as most "petty" in the cast.

After an eventful day, Zack told Michaela their conversation from earlier was "unacceptable" to him and he didn't want to be in that situation again. Michaela thought they were having a great time during the game.

Zack accused Michaela of being two different people, accusing her of being forgetful of their conversations.

"You could literally go home tonight. I honestly wish I had driven up here by myself because I figured you would do something like this -- that way, I wouldn't have to figure out a ride back home because I don't want to drive back with you," Michaela said.

"So you're not going to ride back with me tomorrow? If that's the case, I'm going to leave tonight," Zack replied.

"Good. Bye!" Michaela said. "Go home now."

Michaela asked Zack what she had done to him to make him want to be done, and then she said she would drive with him back and there was just a misunderstanding.

But then the mood changed and Michaela called her sister Shareefa asking for a ride back home because Zack was having "a problem" and there had been miscommunication.

Zack asked for the phone and said he had reached his limit but would definitely drive Michaela home if she wanted to return to Houston with him.


Zack told the cameras that he felt "miserable" and had tried everything he could to work on the marriage and it just wasn't enough.

"I don't like how you make me feel or who I'm becoming. I don't like myself right now and that's primarily because of you, and it sucks," Zack said, wanting to remove himself from the situation.

Michaela advised Zack to sleep on it and drive home in the morning. Zack said he was appreciative of Michaela care but he had "enough" and would be happy driving home by himself that evening.

The cameras were then kicked out of the room, and Michaela could be heard asking Zack to stay, even if they didn't sleep in the same room. Zack could be heard saying the situation was "too much" and it wasn't even about that.

Zack packed up his bags and headed out the door, but then she grabbed Zack's suitcase and wheeled it back into their bedroom.

"I'm petty, remember that?! Remember all the pettiness? Remember not having f-cking spices? Yeah!" Michaela said, as she became increasingly more angry and flustered.

Zack said he just wanted to leave, but Michaela begged him to got to sleep.

Bao watched and listened to Michaela and Zack yelling at each other, and then Zack said goodbye to the whole group, who didn't like the idea of him leaving so late either.

"Just let me leave, please... I'm not mad, I'm going to be very happy on the way home," Zack insisted.

Michaela therefore told Zack to "get in the f-cking car," and Michaela snapped at Ryan for letting Zack leave. Ryan explained how Zack is an adult who can make his own decisions.


Once Zack left, Michaela stormed back into the house, flipped over a wooden bench, threw a stool, and hit other items in the house.

Michaela then went into her bedroom and screamed. A producer, Crystal, was shown holding Michaela back as Michaela yelled at a cameraman, "Get out! Get out!"

Michaela proceeded to slam the bedroom door in the cameraman's face.

Michaela apparently broke down to Bao and left the retreat with her sister, and Bao hoped Dr. Pepper would be able to help the couple.

The next day, everyone was reeling from a dramatic evening, and Rachel was just thankful that she felt "loved" by Jose and the pair could talk about anything that was bothering them in a civil manner.

The episode concluded with four couples visiting baby animals, including goats and ponies, at a nearby farm. Brett told Ryan they should continue to focus on themselves, and Ryan said they should continue rolling on a good night.

Bao also told Johnny that there were moments when she appreciated the journey with her husband, and "Level 1 conversations" were apparently working for them because they were staying positive and optimistic.

Bao and Johnny were finally on the same page, and Bao called it a great weekend and a "win-win." Brett and Ryan were also on the same page moving forward.


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