Married at First Sight featured Steve Moy accusing Noi Phommasak of hurting him and their marriage, Michael Morency and Jasmina Outar reaching a huge "turning point," Lindsey Georgoulis lashing out at Mark Maher at a couples' retreat, and Olajuwon Dickerson and Katina Goode disagreeing on a timeline for having a child during the Season 14 episode that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

The five brides who were selected to wed on Season 14 of Married at First Sight were Alyssa Ellman, 30, Katina Goode, 29, Jasmina, 29, Lindsey, 34, and Noi, 33.

The five grooms who are starring on the new edition are Chris Collette, 35, Olajuwon, 29, Michael, 28, Mark, 37, and Steve, 38.


The couples matched by Married at First Sight experts Viviana, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Pastor Calvin Roberson are Lindsey and Mark, Alyssa and Chris, Jasmina and Michael, Katina and Olajuwon, and Noi and Steve.

Chris and Alyssa, however, chose to divorce one week into the experiment, and so other than a bowling night with their co-stars, they haven't been featured on the show since.

The Married at First Sight broadcast began with 13 days remaining until "Decision Day."

The four couples left in the experiment were all headed to Peru, Vermont for a weekend retreat so they could hopefully share and learn from one another.

"Hopefully you'll still call me your husband after this," Olajuwon joked to Katina.

Mark and Lindsey flirted and played around in the car during their drive from Boston, with Mark joking about how his wife seemed to have an ex-boyfriend at every exit on the highway.

Michael and Jasmina were also doing well, but he wasn't sure their relationship was enough to say "yes" on Decision Day. She rated their marriage a five on a scale from 1-10 but said she didn't need their relationship to be at a 10 to want to stay together.

Once the couples arrived, they picked their rooms in the big house and got settled in. Katina told her husband that she didn't want to cook for the group.

Meanwhile, Noi and Steve felt closer after a conversation about their finances, but Steve was still upset about the social-media stuff and how Noi had posted something about "deserving better," which Steve figured people would assume was about him.
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Noi insisted the post wasn't in reference to him, but he didn't believe her.

"Not everything is about you. I have other relationships outside of you," Noi snapped. "We can go back and forth about this all day."

Steve admitted Noi was unwilling to make an adjustment to protect his feelings and privacy, but Noi argued that her husband was unwilling to make adjustments to give her the freedom to express herself.

Steve confirmed to his wife, "Then we'll always have a problem in our relationship... because you're going to do something that I'm not okay with. You're actively doing something that's going to hurt me, and I've expressed that. And you're saying, 'I don't care.'"

Steve was surprised Noi maintained her stance and wouldn't budge after even Pastor Cal agreed she shouldn't post about their relationship on Instagram.

"This is going against our marriage. It is hurting our marriage and it is hurting me and it's hurting us. It's an unresolved problem," Steve told his wife.

"Okay, that's great," Noi replied without a care in the world.


Noi said she wasn't ready to discuss this problem with the other couples. She said they weren't on the retreat to fight and so Noi planned to pretend like everything was okay.

The men were then shown cooking dinner for the ladies after a day in the pool and hot tub.

Mark said he had three days of peace with Lindsey in which they hadn't argued and everything was good. Mark suggested he wasn't going to be in love by Decision Day but he just hoped for a feeling that he'd want to be around Lindsey all the time.

Mark shared how Lindsey was always there for him and there was nothing she wouldn't do for him.

For Lindsey's part, she told the other women that she couldn't be the mother figure in Mark's life forever because that would be a full-time job.

And Michael told the guys how he and Jasmina couldn't afford "a dip" with only two weeks left of the experiment, and Jasmina seemed to agree because they had a whole month of not talking. She acknowledged how Michael had been trying but she needed to feel a spark.

Steve then asked for their perspective on Noi's social media activity. Olajuwon said if this was hurting his feelings, Noi needed to stop right away.

Steve was also cooking for Noi five nights a week and felt like it wasn't enough.

The couples then enjoyed a big dinner that Steve mostly cooked, and Lindsey was cracking herself up at the table. Noi called her "quirky, funny and loud," adding how she's "a lot."

Olajuwon could tell Michael and Jasmina seemed closer, and Katina agreed she could feel that energy.

Lindsey then shared how she was trying to stay out of her head and not go to a negative place, and Katina announced how she and Olajuwon were on a good streak and had no recent blips.

Olajuwon complimented Katina for "holding it down" and keeping them strong and united as a couple.

"This is the first relationship where I'm not the leader, but it works better when I'm in a partnership," Olajuwon said, before telling his wife that he appreciated her.

Noi declared at the table how she didn't want to talk about her issue with Steve. She felt he was "intentionally trying to ambush" her in front of the other couples, which made her "so mad." Steve said at least talking about it with each other was progress.

That night, Michael kept the vibe going by lighting candles in his room with Jasmina, and Noi asked Steve if they could wait to talk about social media until they got home. Steve just let it go in the moment because he didn't want to go to bed mad. The couple therefore snuggled.

The next day, with 12 days to go until Decision Day, Jasmina and Michael looked forward to seeing a medium, even though Michael was a little nervous because many beloved members of his family had passed away, and some tragically.


Mark then joked to Lindsey about how they should do something relaxing that day since Lindsey was always hyper, and she immediately became upset and called Mark "rude." She didn't like how Mark allegedly took digs at her pretty frequently.

Lindsey said while she often laughed off Mark's rude comments, they really got to her and she sometimes felt like a punching back. Mark complained to the cameras that he wasn't trying to piss Lindsey off and she always made everything about her.

"I'm going to help his cat on Wednesday and then send him on his f-cking way. That's it. Goodbye!" Lindsey vented, comparing Mark's behavior to her mother who had never shown her unconditional love.

That day, Katina and Olajuwon walked docile alpacas together and got to see a little baby that was just born. Olajuwon helped Katina out when she got a little nervous and overwhelmed, and it seemed to be a good experience for them both.

Olajuwon called Katina "engaged" and "fully involved" with the animals, and he noted in a confessional, "It's so sexy. It's so attractive." The couple then enjoyed a picnic, and Katina said she and Olajuwon had reached a new level in their relationship.

Katina asked Olajuwon if they could have a deeper conversation about their future together, and so Olajuwon asked Katina how they were going to welcome a child in two years if Katina was going to be fresh out of school at that time.

Olajuwon worried it would put a hold on Katina's career, but Katina said a woman can have a child and career simultaneously. Olajuwon feared parenthood and work would be a strain on his wife, and so he suggested she should adjust her timeline since she wouldn't be fully established on her own.

Olajuwon also said it wouldn't be realistic for them to travel with a kid, but Katina disagreed.

"I'm not saying you can't do it," Olajuwon said.

"I know what I can do," Katina snapped. "I know."

"Within two years, I want a baby but I want a woman who's in her career. And I don't want a kid where I'm taking care of a kid and somebody else," Olajuwon explained to the cameras. "But I like Katina and we're deep, and that's why I haven't walked out of this -- because she's worth it. But our timeline is not meeting."

Katina realized in that moment she also had some things to think about before Decision Day.

Meanwhile, Steve and Noi rode Go Karts, went on some rides and jumped on trampolines.

Steve returned to the social-media conversation after having some fun because he still felt tension between them. Steve pointed out how it was a double standard that Noi could post about their relationship online but he couldn't talk about their issue with his friends.

Steve wanted to establish an expectation about what's fair, and Noi shut him down by saying they were still learning to trust each other.


Lindsey then talked to Mark about how he made her feel less than and belittled, but Mark was annoyed she was in a mood and "pissy" over such a dumb comment.

He accused her of having another temper tantrum, and Lindsey said it seemed like Mark wanted to put her down to make himself feel better, which Mark denied.

To avoid the situation escalating, Mark just said "sorry" and Lindsey appeared willing to move on.

Jasmina and Michael then saw the medium, who brought up the ages three to five, and Michael said his brother had died when he was around five years old.

After Michael revealed his brother died from being shot, the woman guessed he had been shot in the chest and the brothers were 13 years apart, which totally shocked Michael.

The medium also pointed out how Michael had been dreaming of his brother, which was true, and Jasmina was blown away by the woman's accuracy. The medium also mentioned "prostate," which is how his father had died.

The medium predicted Michael -- who has triplets in his family -- may welcome twins in a year-and-a-half, and Jasmina had always said she'd like to have twins.

The medium could see the couple living in California with a boat, and Jasmina noted how she'd like to end up in a sunny place.

"You two really have a beautiful bond, but he was really scared to do this," the medium said. "But when you saw her, you fell in love right away. It was love at first sight."

Michael giggled and confirmed how Jasmina had taken his breath away at first glance. The woman also said Jasmina and Michael were meant to be together and Michael would not find another girl like her for at least five years.

The medium told Jasmina that she would meet another man in about a year-and-a-half if she chose to leave Michael but she would regret not staying in the marriage because she did really love him and had a man who would stand by her side.

She predicted they'd have a beautiful relationship without really knowing it yet.

Meanwhile, Mark and Lindsey meditated and relaxed with a sound bath, and Lindsey said she could sense that her grandfather -- who cared for and loved her -- was nearby.

Lindsey, however, joked about how her grandfather was stubborn and so she's "used to difficult men."

Michael and Jasmina then hosted a day of activities for the cast and called themselves "The Boss" and "The Real Boss," respectively, and they all had fun playing Flip Cup, volleyball and kickball.

While eating pizza and salad, the group played "Most Likely," meaning everyone had to decide who would be most likely to do or say something.

The group agreed Noi would be most likely to undergo plastic surgery and that Jasmina would probably be the best liar in the group.

Lindsey was voted most likely to spend money on her partner, but Mark wrote himself down, saying he'd buy Lindsey anything she needed, which made Lindsey crack up.


Noi announced how she'd like to stay home with her kids, but Lindsey announced how she's "a two-income b-tch" and it was ironic because Steve wasn't even working at the time. Lindsey also claimed that she was bringing home the bacon, which clearly frustrated Mark.

When asked who would be most likely to lie to friends about his or her sex life, Lindsey replied, "Me, because I tell him it's good," which shocked the group and upset Mark once again.

"My husband is kind of selfish in bed. That's not the way to do it," Lindsey confessed to the cameras. "There's room for improvement and growth."

The entire cast then agreed how Lindsey would be most likely to start a fight, and she shouted at Steve, who brought up her airplane fight with Olajuwon, to keep himself in line.

After Lindsey was also voted "most likely to lose this game," she slammed the pack mentality and declared with passion, "I don't give a f-ck what you think about me. I love me... I'm rising to the top in life, yo, so take note. I don't give a f-ck what y'all think."

Mark could feel awkward tension in the room after this game, and he acknowledged, "This is not going to be fun."

Mark apparently walked away from Lindsey, who accused him of wanting to be a member of production and griped, "I'm done with you."

Michael pointed out how Lindsey and Mark were "up and down a lot," and he wasn't exactly surprised by that. Mark complained to Michael about how Lindsey always grabbed his arm when talking and wanted to fight with him and "get tough."

Lindsey threatened to leave the retreat early, but Mark couldn't get to the bottom of the real problem. He initially thought she was mad at him for just using kerosene in the fire.

Mark then got into bed with Lindsey, who was crying after a conversation with Olajuwon. Olajuwon said Lindsey had hurt her husband with her words during the game and changed his energy, but Lindsey said she didn't know how to honor Mark and herself at the same time.

"I'm constantly feeling like I have to give to you," Lindsey complained. "Since I've known you, pieces of your life have been falling apart."

Mark told Lindsey to relax because he was upset and didn't agree with her statement. Mark asked Lindsey not to say "sh-t like that" to him again, but Lindsey attempted to explain how his patterns gave her "pause" doubts about their future together.

Lindsey said she couldn't keep going in circles with Mark because it was "too much work," and he seemed to shut down in the moment with the following simple reply, "Same."

Mark then left the room and Lindsey vented, "It's going to be so easy to say 'no' to him."

The next day, Lindsey felt really sick and assumed she had consumed something she's allergic to. She apparently couldn't keep anything down and Mark took care of her.

Lindsey thanked Mark for being there for her and apologized for picking a fight when she hadn't meant to. Mark said it was okay and he just wanted her to get better, and he quickly drove her to an urgent-care center.

The remaining three couples enjoyed breakfast together that morning while Mark and Lindsey were gone. Noi said she and Steve were still working on their trust, and Steve said he wasn't sure if he could trust his wife with his emotions and secrets.

Olajuwon admitted having real conversations with Katina sometimes got "ugly" but he liked her being honest and real with him.

"Because possibly, there's love there," Olajuwon said.

The cast all picked up on Olajuwon throwing out the L-word, and Katina joked, "Do you have something to tell me?!"

Michael shared how he felt like Jasmina really cared for him and protected him emotionally during their session with the medium.

"She's really looking out for me, and that was powerful," Michael said, which made Jasmina cry at the table.

Michael said meeting with the medium made him realize how much he truly trusted Jasmina. She didn't want to pressure him to do anything that he didn't want to do, and Michael said Jasmina was caring and compassionate -- which was another "turning point" for them.

"I can see us growing old together and get the life that we always wanted out of this marriage," Michael said in a confessional.

Olajuwon later told the cameras how he had so much passion, care and love for Katina and so he was "all messed up," but in a good way.

On their drive home, Noi shared with Steve how she loved her former apartment and it would be a huge life change for her to leave it. Noi assured Steve that it wasn't about their relationship but rather her independence and a feeling of safety and security she had established on her own.

Noi admitted to Steve that she was scared and still had some fears about marriage. Steve wondered if Noi was really taking their marriage seriously because he wanted her to live with him and commit to him after Decision Day.


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