Married at First Sight featured Lindsey Georgoulis lashing out about how she was done with Mark Maher and hated the "pathetic loser" and Noi Phommasak walking out on Steve Moy and saying he wasn't enough for her on social media during the Season 14 episode that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

The five brides who were selected to wed on Season 14 of Married at First Sight are Alyssa Ellman, 30, Katina Goode, 29, Jasmina Outar, 29, Lindsey, 34, and Noi, 33.

The five grooms who are starring on the new edition are Chris Collette, 35, Olajuwon Dickerson, 29, Michael Morency, 28, Mark, 37, and Steve, 38.


The couples matched by Married at First Sight experts Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Dr. Viviana Coles and Pastor Calvin Roberson are Lindsey and Mark, Alyssa and Chris, Jasmina and Michael, Katina and Olajuwon, and Noi and Steve.

The Married at First Sight broadcast began on Day 11 with each of the remaining four couples easing into life together and preparing to host a housewarming party for family and friends in their new Boston, MA apartment.

The couples would have to decide in just six more weeks whether they'd like to stay married or get a divorce.

Chris and Alyssa's marriage had already ended after 10 days together because Chris accused Alyssa of "having zero try in her," adding, "I want to be with someone who wants to be with me."

Noi, who works in talent and acquisition, was then shown catching up on work, as she was back at her job and things were pretty busy. Since Steve was between jobs and not working, he cooked meals for his wife and said he wanted to do his part in the marriage.

After talking to Pastor Cal, Steve said he hadn't realized the "severity" of how Noi felt about him being self-employed and not working full-time for a company. Noi said Steve living on his own terms made her "nervous" because she was already thinking about their future and having children together.

"Just because I don't fit into a standard definition of 'employed by a company,' it doesn't mean that I don't take care of myself or take care of my priorities," Steve assured his wife.

"But I also want you to recognize I am choosing not to work currently because I want to develop myself further and develop us and create more opportunities for us."

But Noi asked, "Where do I fall into all of this? I am now your wife. We need more of a plan. It can't be this idea that you're just going to do you."
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Steve replied, "I'm responsible for myself. I have my savings, and when I need money, I can always have multiple different sources to get it. I'm not just quitting my job and figuring it out."

Steve said he'd love for Noi to be supportive but that could only happen if she understood who Steve is and what he was trying to do. Noi noted how she loved Steve's passion but she wasn't seeing "the action behind those words," which scared her.

"I want him to have a gameplan of some sort. I've always worked my whole life and have never been without a job, ever. So for me, it's just a little unnerving," Noi told her husband.

Olajuwon was then shown meeting up with his friend and mentor Jeff, and Olajuwon shared how Katina has "a wild side." He said even though Katina is reserved and a lady, "she's definitely a Dickerson" and the chemistry was there.


Olajuwon, however, wasn't ready to have sex with his wife yet. He worried he might change and look at the experiment differently because he hadn't gotten to know her on a full mental and emotional level yet.

Jeff had never seen Olajuwon nervous before about "taking a woman to bed," and he was totally shocked Olajuwon had yet to consummate his marriage. Jeff therefore realized that maybe Katina is "The One" for his buddy.

But Olajuwon was already noticing some red flags about Katina. For instance, Olajuwon shared how she once went to the grocery store and came back with nothing but bread and water.

"I question, 'Man, does she not know how to go grocery shopping?' And her excuse was, 'I only go for one person... so I don't know how to.' It's valid but I think it's bull," Olajuwon noted, adding how Katina liked to dress up and go out to eat a lot.

Jeff asked Olajuwon not to overthink things because he expected a lot from his wife and was stressing himself out for no good reason. Jeff reminded Olajuwon how he had a beautiful woman who cared about him, and Olajuwon agreed he was struggling with his "own mind game."

Meanwhile, Mark told his friend John over a game of catch how he liked how Lindsey was caring, loving and always there for him.

Mark, however, wasn't feeling head over heels for his wife because he's reserved in public settings and her "loud" personality was something he's not used to. Mark acknowledged how Lindsey's behavior in public sometimes embarrassed him and made him feel uncomfortable.

"I don't think if she's really aware of how it's coming across in general," Mark said, adding, "All of these moments don't help me grow... I need to see if I can really connect with her."

John advised Mark to say whatever was on his mind and not be scared of how Lindsey might react.

"Most of my situations in the past, if I had this much difficulty, I would just be out," Mark confessed.

As for Michael, he visited with his sister Claire after starting fresh with Jasmina following the couple's counseling session with Pastor Cal. Michael said the wedding was beautiful but he and Jasmina started having conflict on their honeymoon in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The couple had bickered about Michael's negativity and being in his head too much as well as a moment when Michael believed Jasmina had cut him off during a group conversation. Jasmina had also accused Michael of being "aggressive" and taking on a "loud" tone with her that she didn't like.

Michael acknowledged how he and Jasmina had a lot to work through, and Claire asked Michael not to be offended by Jasmina because she was probably trying to protect herself and her space given the spouses were still strangers and trust still had to be developed.

Chris was then shown talking to his mother Florine on videochat. He said it was sad and disappointing to have returned to his old life as a single man, and he had difficulty sharing the unfortunate news of his divorce with his mom, who had really looked forward to Chris getting married.


Chris explained how things had taken a turn for the worse right after the wedding, when Alyssa didn't want to sleep in the same hotel room with him -- both in Boston and then in Puerto Rico on their honeymoon.

Chris recalled his struggle to have a real conversation with Alyssa and said how Alyssa felt "robbed" because the experts never matched her with "the man she wanted."

"It sounds like you got robbed and she wanted her 15 minutes of fame," Florine said.

"Maybe," Chris responded. "But I feel robbed because no one was going to get the guy or girl they wanted; I just wanted somebody who was willing to try."

Chris felt pissed off because he didn't think Alyssa tried at all, and he couldn't believe Alyssa thought the situation was worse for her than anyone else. Chris wondered if Alyssa could just never get past the lack of a physical attraction.

Florine told Chris that Alyssa had actually done him a favor, and Chris said he was ready to find his person but he'd need more time to get past the frustration he was feeling over this failed marriage.

That night, Katina chatted with her pal Ariana about how she had a good first impression of Olajuwon and liked how he could carry a conversation without her assistance.

Ariana, however, admitted how Olajuwon talked a lot and tended to go off on tangents. She also pointed out how Olajuwon had never dated an African American woman before, which she found a little disturbing and worrisome.

Olajuwon had told Katina's family that Black women were never attracted to him, but Katina didn't seem concerned about that. Katina clarified how Olajuwon is half-Irish and had just never been in a "serious" relationship with a Black woman before.

"He looks Black... He's Black. Does he [know it]?" Ariana questioned Katina.

"Yeah!" Katina replied.

But Ariana said in a confessional, "The fact he has never dated a Black woman, ever, it makes me reluctant for [Katina]. It does. He looks Black. He's a Black man. So it's a little alarming he's never dated a Black woman... But I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt."

Katina hoped Ariana would give Olajuwon a chance and get to know him for who he really is.

On Day 12 of marriage, the four remaining couples shopped for their parties and cooked food, and Michael and Jasmina were finally shown laughing and having a good time together.

Alyssa met up with her friend Kaitlin at a restaurant and revealed how Chris wasn't physically her type at first glance and it was hard for her to look past that, although she kept trying to "push through and push through."

Alyssa said the things she had learned about Chris from his family and friends "weren't the best things," including how Chris worked a lot and tended to be on his phone 24/7 in real estate.


Alyssa admitted she and Chris never got to have a deep conversation about what they want in life, claiming, "It was a small resort... If he wanted to talk to me, he could've very well found me."

Footage then flashed of Alyssa yelling at producers in Puerto Rico how she didn't want to talk to Chris or see him and how she hated him.

Alyssa also revealed how the divorce wasn't her decision and he didn't want any part of putting in effort to change their dynamic and better their terms. Married at First Sight then shared clips, again, of Chris trying to talk to Alyssa and compliment her.

Alyssa confirmed the way Chris handles himself is not the type of man that she wants to be with, and she told a producer, "I think I'm going to pack up my bags and move to Texas! I think I'll find my cowboy there, but I will definitely talk to my psychic before making any big decisions."

Meanwhile, Jasmina paid her friend Sam a visit and rehashed how she and Michael had a difference of opinion during their honeymoon and Michael had copped a tone with her that she didn't like.

Jasmina also expressed frustration over how Michael had not been forthcoming about the fact he has two female roommates. Jasmina hoped her communication with Michael would improve.

"My thing is, when he thinks he's right, he thinks he's right," Jasmina explained.

"That sounds just like you though!... It is true! I've known you for four years," Sam countered.

"I can admit when I'm wrong," Jasmina playfully argued.

"You can, but you don't do it often," Sam said.

"Yeah, because I'm not wrong often," Jasmina insisted.

At the housewarming parties, the couples played games with their family and friends, and Lindsey and Mark gushed about how their pals got along great.

While making pizzas, Lindsey told Mark's friends how Mark had become overwhelmed in the process and she just wanted to help him, and Mark asked Lindsey's friends for advice on how to tell Lindsey to change her tone or behave better in public.

Lindsey's friends told Mark to be open and not make Lindsey feel like she's wrong when trying to reel her in. Mark was warned that Lindsey can be "fiery," and he explained how he wasn't comfortable enough to speak his mind yet, which could eventually make him burst with anger.

Over at Noi and Steve's place, Noi predicted her friends would be protective and ask Steve some difficult questions. It turns out both Steve and Noi had gifted each other a similar scrapbook journal on their wedding day, which everyone found sweet and eery.

When asked if Noi's dog Sushi was going to have a sibling any time soon, Steve said they hadn't discussed a timeline for children even though they had discussed how many they'd like.


Steve said having three kids wasn't the problem for him -- it was Noi's lack of flexibility and open-mindedness that presented a bit of a problem. And Noi's problem with Steve thus far was his lack of a job, and she wondered, "How are you going to show up for me?"

Noi discovered from Steve's friends that Steve had a vast network of people who wanted to employ him but he was making a choice not to be employed.

Steve assured Noi's pals that Noi would never be the primary breadwinner but he hoped to make money in his own way. Steve hoped Noi would accept him and see him for who he is -- an "adventurous and trustworthy" person who could take care of their needs while also living a spontaneous life.

Steve noted that if Noi couldn't come around to that notion, the marriage may not work out for him.

At Michael and Jasmina's party, the pair got very competitive when playing some games such as charades, and Michael was happy that his wife wasn't turned off by his serious desire to win. In fact, Jasmina had matched his level.

Jasmina gushed to Michael's sister about how she liked Michael and considered him to be caring and kind. Jasmina noted how she hated the idea of making Michael feel insecure since she hadn't been the best at giving him compliments and expressing her feelings.

Jasmina's friends told Michael not to go back and forth with Jasmina all day and to nip an issue in the bud, and Jasmina was advised to challenge Michael and stand up for him when he needs support.

On Day 14 of marriage, Katina's friends set out to see if Olajuwon was as invested in the process as Katina happened to be. They didn't like hearing how Olajuwon and Katina had yet to consummate their marriage.

Olajuwon said Katina's personality naturally matched his loved ones but she was holding back from him, and Katina's friends asked him not to put too much pressure on his wife when it comes to cooking and other expectations.

"If he's acting hot and out of place, just keep calm," Jeff warned Katina, adding that she seemed patient and shouldn't take any of Olajuwon's outbursts personally.

Later on, Noi offered to cook Steve dinner, but she apparently wasn't watching the food and so Steve complained the noodles were completely over-cooked. Noi snapped at Steve to stop complaining, and then she suddenly picked up Sushi and left the apartment.

"F-ck this," Noi said on her way out.

Steve apparently texted Noi multiple times and said he never meant to upset her and hoped everything was okay.

"And she didn't respond," Steve claimed. "She basically won't get on the phone with me. I don't understand why she's so upset."


On Day 15 of marriage, Katina did a large grocery shopping for their apartment, and Olajuwon showed off his new short haircut for his wife since she wasn't feeling his mohawk.

Meanwhile, Steve was still trying to get in touch with Noi but she allegedly wouldn't answer him or speak to him. Steve said he would've apologized had she talked to him, and he feared how she might react in serious situations given this fight was over noodles.

Once Noi returned to their apartment after spending the night away from Steve, she said she was still trying to process what happened. Noi didn't want to say anything that she couldn't take back, so she was clearly very upset.

"You can't really just leave me hanging. We are married. It's not like, 'Oh, I'm upset,' and then you walk out," Steve explained.

He added, "I woke up to a social-media post that's kind of ambiguous. But at the same time, it seemed directed at me. Was that in reference to what happened?"

Noi replied, "Yeah."

Noi apparently wrote the following quote on social media: "Learning to say 'nah, this just isn't good enough,' will enhance your life greatly. You're allowed to say 'this is simply not for me.' You're allowed to have a vision for yourself, your life, your relationships -- and refuse to settle for anything less. Say 'NO' often.'"

Noi said that was the first time she had ever cooked for him and so it hurt his feelings that he would comment on over-cooked noodles instead of being grateful and saying "thank you."

Noi called Steve's behavior "rude" and said it wasn't the first time he had made comments like that. Noi apparently felt triggered and shut down after that and so she took some time to herself to bounce back.

Steve told Noi that walking out of their apartment and ghosting him is not a healthy relationship and she should've communicated if she needed time away from him. Steve also said it was "not acceptable" for Noi to bash their relationship to her friends on social media.

"You shouldn't post it and be like, 'This relationship is not working.' I wonder why it's not working -- because we haven't even talked! I'm willing to apologize, and I am sorry for upsetting you," Steve said.

"But do you know how many of my friends and family follow you right now? They're going to come to me and be like, 'What happened?' And I'll say, 'I told her how to cook pasta and she's saying this relationship is not enough.'"

Noi agreed they shouldn't be sharing their issues with the public.

It then became time for a group outing for the Married at First Sight cast, including Alyssa and Chris, who obviously arrived separately. Everyone went bowling, and Noi and Steve attempted to put on a good face even though their previous fight was still bothering them both.


Jasmina and Michael announced how they had left their issues in the past and could tell that Katina and Olajuwon were great together.

Lindsey then declared how she read that a couple can't have intimacy without having conflict and resolution first in order to establish boundaries, which made Katina roll her eyes.

"I'm not trying to argue with you on-camera again. You know not to talk to me, girl. Stay over there," Katina snapped.

Mark told Lindsey that they didn't need any arguments that night, and Mark was annoyed about Lindsey being outspoken about things that could cause a fight.

"These things don't need to happen. It's super uncomfortable," Mark vented in a confessional.

Chris announced how he and Alyssa had decided to divorce, and Steve admitted that he saw that coming and it served as a wakeup call and reality check for everyone, showing what could happen if a couple failed to work through problems.

Alyssa insisted in tears she had tried her best and wanted a happy marriage very badly, but no one thought she had put forth enough effort into her marriage. Olajuwon flat out said he didn't agree with Alyssa and felt bad for Chris.

While bowling, Lindsey called Mark out for having shifted his whole demeanor, and Mark said he didn't like how she had spoken to Katina in front of the group.

Mark said when Lindsey called people out, he felt awkward, especially given her history.

"What did I do wrong? You literally watched this woman act like a child and roll her eyes," Lindsey said.

"And then you had to jump in... and you know what that's going to do! That tone is going to piss her off," Mark explained. "And you pissed her off."

Lindsey said Katina was already pissed off, which was evident by her eye rolling, and Mark pointed out how Lindsey pissed him off when she did things like that.

"I don't like to push things under a rug," Lindsey noted.

"Well this is a team, and if you don't get that, then this isn't going to work," Mark said.

Lindsey insisted she had been there for Mark as a team throughout all of his "chaos," including when she had taken a day off from work to clean out his bedbug-infested apartment.

As Lindsey got louder and more confrontational, Mark walked away from her.

"Call your mom and see if she'll let you in tonight!" Lindsey shouted.

"Have another drink!" Mark yelled in reply, before telling the cameras, "I just can't. I can't do this anymore."


Mark complained about how Lindsey just couldn't let things go sometimes or bury the hatchet, and that's a quality he didn't want in a wife.

"I can't fall in love with that," Mark determined.

Chris then came to Mark's rescue and gave him the support he needed in that moment. Chris said a person needs to pick his or her battles and Lindsey picks every single one of them.

Lindsey then went into a bathroom and could be heard saying, "I'm done because my husband is a f-cking idiot. Like, I'm sorry you're not a strong man and you can't speak up right now because your life is in a f-cking crisis."

Mark overheard Lindsey's confessional since he and Chris were sitting in a stairwell by the ladies' bathroom.

"But I am accepting you for all of your f-cking flaws," Lindsey griped.

"And not once are you congratulating or thanking me. I mean, real talk -- he makes 60 grand a year selling gym memberships. Okay, simmer down. Alright, little boy, let me teach you how to be a big badass b-tch!"

Mark thought Lindsey was acting ridiculous and he couldn't talk to her because it would cause a fight. He said he was trying to get to know her but couldn't, which prevented him from catching feelings.

Meanwhile, Lindsey refused to leave the bathroom and lamented, "I hate my husband. I'm sick of dealing with his bullsh-t. He is a pathetic loser. I'm all in until I'm out. And then when I'm out, you never get me back."

Lindsey said another wife would not deal with Mark's "bullsh-t" and support him through challenging times.

"It ain't gonna be Alyssa!" Lindsey shouted.

Mark determined he and Lindsey have very different personalities, and then Lindsey vented how the least Mark could do was make her orgasm.

"All I need is an orgasm, and he was like, 'I want to pull it back. I'm not emotional right now,'" Lindsey complained to a producer. "And I'm like, 'Why? Because you've got small balls? I don't seem him right now as good."

Lindsey said Mark had pushed her too far and he could have fun living in his roach-infested apartment with his crappy income.

"I'm gonna go back to South Boston where I had a good life and have fun," Lindsey concluded. "I don't need you. Where are going back? With your mama?"


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