Married at First Sight featured Domynique Kloss asking Mackinley Gilbert for a divorce only 12 days into marriage, Nicole Lilienthal telling Domynique that she'd regret her decision, Gina Micheletti moving in with Clint Webb, and Airris Williams' cousin calling Jasmine Secrest "fake" during the Season 16 episode that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

The five Nashville-based Married at First Sight couples for Season 16 are Domynique and Mackinley, Gina and Clint, Nicole and Chris Thielk, Airris and Jasmine, and Kirsten Grimes and Shaquille Dillon.


Married at First Sight experts Pastor Calvin Roberson and Dr. Pepper Schwartz matched the five couples for matrimony in Tennessee.

The show features strangers meeting at the wedding altar and then spending the next eight weeks embarking on a honeymoon, moving in together, and navigating the joys and struggles of daily life together.

And at the end of the experiment, Married at First Sight's Season 16 couples will reach "Decision Day" and have to decide whether to remain married or decide to end their marriages and divorce.

According to Pastor Cal, this is going to be the "most intense season of Married at First Sight yet."

The Married at First Sight broadcast began on Day 12 of marriage, with Mackinley and Domynique's tense therapy session with Pastor Cal.

Mackinley said he wanted to stick with the marriage even though he felt like "a loser," but Domynique said she was "just kind of over it."

When asked if she was "over" the conversation or the marriage in general, she replied, "I'm over all of it."

Pastor Cal pushed for a more specific answer, and so Domynique announced, "I would like a divorce."

Mackinley said that was "tough to hear," and he was pretty much speechless.

Pastor Cal then advised Domynique to take her time and focus on herself -- including what she wants out of life -- before getting into another serious relationship. He even pointed out how maybe 25-years-old was too young to get married.
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"I don't really think so," Domynique snapped.

Pastor Cal insisted that he wasn't trying to be mean but a person who is ready for marriage is prepared to fight for it and not quit -- which he said takes time, patience, strength and grit.

"What you're doing is choosing to quit after the first real bump... Alright, your marriage ends here," Pastor Cal concluded.

Mackinley said he felt disappointed, to say the least, as well as let down and embarrassed. Domynique apologized to Mackinley, saying, "I'm so sorry," and he quipped, "So am I."

Mackinley then cried and walked away from Domynique, and Domynique packed up a box of her belongings and left the apartment in tears.

On Day 14 of marriage, Shaquille helped Kirsten with her car, and Gina decided to move in with Clint in order to give their relationship a real, honest shot.

While playing Frisbee with his best friend Andrew, Clint complained about how Gina was totally wrapped up in her hair salon and she talked about it constantly. Clint recalled the couple's "interesting times" in Jamaica and acknowledged how he and Gina both lacked a physical attraction to each other.

"How do you get over that hurdle?" Clint questioned, before joking about how Gina's beloved dog also has red hair.


Airris was then shown having lunch with his cousin Fallina, who had been skeptical of his decision to marry a stranger and also wary of Jasmine's put-together personality and beauty-pageant background.

Airris explained how Jasmine is an attractive person but not his normal type and so he had a wall up with her, making it difficult to build chemistry. Airris believed Jasmine would have his back in a health crisis and be a great partner, but he was clearly missing a sexual attraction.

"When we lay down at night, I go straight to sleep. My sexual desire just ain't there... She handled it like a lady and very mature," Airris shared, adding how Jasmine was optimistic his feelings for her could grow.

Fallina told the cameras that Jasmine seemed "fake" because she wouldn't admit Airris' lack of attraction bothered her or upset her. Fallina said a woman needs to speak her mind and tell it like it is.

Fallina didn't think Airris seemed invested in his marriage, but Airris insisted he wanted be married. Fallina therefore told her cousin to buckle down and have sex with his wife that night.

"Get connected with your partner or go and get up outta here," Fallina said.

Meanwhile, Nicole went out to lunch with her friend Julianne. Nicole gushed about how Chris was such a good guy and so nice to her. Nicole suggested Chris was everything any woman would want or ask for, but she also wondered if he'd stand up to her or make demands for his own happiness.

Nicole said Chris was happy and complimenting her all the time, and so she was essentially waiting for the other shoe to drop. She also feared she was going to be the one to mess up or cause an issue.

"You can't not be who you are to protect him," Julianne told her pal.

Gina and Clint were then shown moving in together. Gina thought Pastor Cal had made a valid point in saying not moving in together was the first step to divorce, but she was a little anxious considering she had lived alone for a good portion of the last four years.

Clint was glad Gina had come around, and he intended to be patient and take things one day at a time.

Over at Jasmine and Airris' place, Jasmine admitted to her husband that she wasn't comfortable being around Fallina, who had called her "fake" at the wedding. Jasmine didn't think it would benefit her marriage to be around someone who didn't think she's genuine.

Airris then shared how Fallina had decided on her own not to come and she's just a strong personality with opinions. He said Fallina didn't view his marriage as "real" yet, and Jasmine seemed to understand.

On Day 15 of marriage, each couple had a housewarming party complete with decorations, cocktails and good food.

Nicole bought Chris a loud pink and white striped shirt with flamingos on it for their "FLA-MINGLE" party, but Chris politely rejected the idea of rocking that. Nicole actually liked that Chris spoke his mind and put his foot down.


Shaquille and Kirsten invited two other married couples to their apartment and revealed they had yet to consummate their marriage or bring kissing into their marriage.

Shaquille told the cameras that he liked kissing and so he hoped Kirsten would change her perspective on that and let it be a part of their relationship. Kirsten said she was still "getting into the groove" of marriage and appreciated Shaquille's patience.

"Am I being too patient?" Shaquille asked Kirsten's friends.

Kirsten's pals reminded Shaquille that they were in it for a lifetime, not just eight weeks, and he should let the chemistry build with intention.

During Nicole and Chris' party, the group told Chris to challenge Nicole and not to let her bully him into doing things. Chris said he liked Nicole's strong and opinionated personality, and he was glad she hadn't directed her anger or frustration towards him yet.

Nicole shared with Chris' friends how he attempted to appease her on a daily basis but she didn't want to walk all over him. Nicole insisted she was open to compromise and there's a world in which they can both be happy, as long as they're both voicing their needs.

On Day 16 of marriage, Jasmine disclosed at her party how all four of her dogs sleep in her king bed with her. Airris announced how they weren't the best of communicators, and he cited making their guest list -- and including Fallina -- an example of that.

Jasmine explained how she didn't feel respected and so she didn't want Fallina in her space for the time being. Airris would've liked to see the women come together, but it was still early and so he gave them grace.

Airris later told Jasmine's aunt he'd be "super excited" if she decided to give up all of her dogs for him, which caught the aunt totally off-guard and shocked her.

Jasmine then shared with some of her friends how she and Airris weren't having sex and didn't have sexual chemistry. While Airris had made it's clear he's a sexual person, Jasmine thought there was another reason why her husband wasn't sleeping with her.

Domynique was then shown going out to lunch with her beloved mother Toya, who wished she could have spoken to Mackinley before Domynique just pulled the plug on their relationship.

Domynique explained how Mackinley was being "petty" and negative. She admitted Mackinley had been willing to work on that, and so Toya pointed out how Domynique didn't allow her husband enough time to change.

"I didn't come into this process to change anybody," Domynique said. "He felt like he kept apologizing and he was being portrayed in a way that made him feel like he needed to keep redeeming himself."

Toya asked her daughter if she could've been more patient with Mackinley, but Domynique felt she had been as patient as possible. She said she felt in her gut that this was not the relationship she was meant to be in.

Domynique also said she expected a lot more from a 34-year-old, and Toya admitted to the cameras she felt very disappointed, especially since everyone had a great time at the wedding.

Domynique said she didn't feel the need to see Mackinley again and she was dead set on her decision to leave him.


Meanwhile, Clint and Gina were clearly having a good time at their fiesta, where they served tacos and good cocktails. The couple had agreed not to press the physical and to just build a solid foundation with each other.

Gina shared with her pals how the positives in her marriage were outweighing the negatives. Gina also confessed that she was overthinking the move-in situation, and so both she and Clint felt encouraged.

On Day 17 of marriage, the cast gathered together in their apartment building's common room, even Mackinley and Domynique. Mackinley said he wasn't excited to see Domynique and he was dreading sharing their bad news with everybody.

Gina gushed about how Clint is a great cook and was a great host to an apartment filled with women.

"I'll be putting extensions in, in no time," Clint joked of Gina's salon co-workers and friends. "I'm looking forward to diving deep with Gina... [and] the depths of who she is."

Mackinley then suddenly and awkwardly asked the group if anyone had sex yet, and Domynique appeared annoyed.

Nicole and Chris announced how they had consummated their marriage, and Airris joked about Nicole being the only bride to get her "back blown out."

Jasmine shared how she and Airris occasionally kissed but she wasn't used to having to initiate in her relationships. This situation was apparently new to both Airris and Jasmine.

"You guys are not alone," Gina confirmed.

And Shaquille also pointed out how Kirsten wasn't initially attracted to him but that can grow.

Mackinley and Domynique had the floor next, and Mackinley disclosed how they had made a decision to get divorced.

Domynique said Mackinley had made a few comments suggesting that he wasn't happy and she's simply a person who avoids negative vibes and energy in her life. Domynique thought it would be best to cut things off before their dynamic became "toxic."

Mackinley, however, said he didn't agree with that and was "100 percent blindsided" by Domynique's demand for a divorce. Mackinley said he had faith in the process and it was Domynique's "belittling" during the honeymoon that wore him down mentally and emotionally.

Mackinley expressed how he has faults and wants to work on those things but Domynique wasn't compromising at all.

Clint accused Domynique of taking "the easy way out," and so he challenged her to take a step b back and figure out if there's something there. Kirsten also advised the couple not to give up on each other so quickly, before they could even get to know each other on a deeper level.

Nicole the announced, "Domynique, I really like you and I care about you a lot. I really like you two as a couple, and I say this out of love -- but. [Domynique], you are going to regret this. You will regret not even trying."

Nicole recommended that the pair should take some time apart and then start fresh.

When asked if that was a possibility, Domynique replied, "Maybe," which made the entire cast cheer, including Mackinley, who celebrated the news and appeared happy.

"All the back and forth is such a younger thing to do. That's what you do when you don't know what you want when you're not in tune with yourself and your emotions mentally... [That's] a young woman's game, and that's what Dom plays," Mackinley told the cameras.

Domynique and Mackinley then reunited in their new apartment, and Domynique admitted that she felt a lot of pressure during that cast gathering and it wasn't one of her favorite conversations.

Mackinley asked Domynique why she had said "maybe," and she explained that an entire room of people was glaring at her -- especially Nicole -- which was a lot to deal with and she didn't appreciate it at all.

Domynique confessed that she considered getting back together with Mackinley only because of peer pressure.

"I feel like 'no' wasn't an acceptable answer. You know I'm very honest," Domynique said.

Mackinley acknowledged the situation was awkward, and Domynique said she wouldn't mind being friends.

"I don't want to be your friend," Mackinley snapped.

Domynique therefore said she felt like a carcass in the middle of the road that kept getting run over. She thought Mackinley was taking jabs at her and being petty, which she called "immature" behavior.

Mackinley explained to the cameras that he didn't need any more friends and Domynique didn't seem ready for a real relationship and what it takes to make one work.

Domynique then left Mackinley in the apartment as he was packing up his own bags. She said it was okay if Mackinley didn't want to be her friend and she wished him all the best.

"I've been pushed to my limits, and I think I'm going to go on a soul-searching journey at this point to try to piece myself back together," Domynique noted in a confessional.

Mackinley said while he and Domynique weren't a perfect match, he had been prepared to give their marriage time and effort -- which were two things he didn't receive from Domynique. Mackinley was still hoping to find his forever person and his wife.


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