Married at First Sight featured Chris Williams having "a panic attack" about his lack of attraction to Paige Banks after sleeping with her twice and Erik Lake confronting Virginia Coombs about her partying before the five couples took off for their Las Vegas honeymoons during the Season 12 episode Wednesday night on Lifetime.

At this point in Season 12, all five Married at First Sight couples have wed and enjoyed their wedding night: Chris and Paige, Erik and Virginia, Haley Harris and Jacob Harder, Briana Myles and Vincent Morales, and Ryan Oubre and Clara Berghaus.


The five couples were matched for matrimony by the show's experts Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Dr. Viviana Coles.

Married at First Sight  Season 12 Episode 4

The Married at First Sight broadcast began with the five couples enjoying their wedding night after getting married.

Ryan called his wife Clara "gorgeous," and Briana said her romance with Vincent felt "real and right."

Paige said she had dreamt of her wedding since she was a little girl and so the experience was surreal, and Clara noted her hotel room -- which featured rose petals on the bed -- was
"picture perfect."

"It's hard to put into words what I'm feeling right now. She's absolutely gorgeous," Erik gushed. "She's so cool, the type of person I would easily go for. Her smile is awesome; it lights up a room."

Virginia told the cameras her expectations had been met because Erik is an attractive great guy, and she said she could already see why the experts had matched them. Erik and Virginia even laugh when they are nervous, and so they had that in common.

Virginia and Erik were shown snuggling in bed and kissing multiple times before the cameras left.

"You met my expectations more than anything I ever could have asked for. So this is crazy," Erik told his new wife.

Erik told the cameras he'd love to continue kissing his wife and maybe even take their relationship to the next level, but Haley appeared to be exhausted and so she told her husband Jacob that she just wanted to go to bed and sleep.

Haley admitted it takes time for her to warm up to somebody and so she just hoped Jacob would be patient and understanding.
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Jacob told Haley in bed that he felt great about their marriage, and he shared with the cameras, "I'm attracted to Haley. It's a very natural attraction. It kind of seems like we're on the same wavelength. There is good chemistry so far."

Jacob believed nature would just take its course with Haley, and so he said he wasn't worried about sex or intimacy yet -- although he doesn't usually express himself verbally.

Clara told the cameras that Ryan seemed charismatic, charming, handsome and cute, which were all things she had asked the experts for in a partner.

"I feel like Clara has energy for days and I'm a person who's really comfortable with quiet time. So we'll see what happens!" Ryan said in a confessional with a laugh.

Clara shared with Ryan how her top moment from the wedding was taking her blindfold off, and Ryan recalled the excitement and "anticipation" of the ceremony when he walked into the event room and saw Clara's loved ones for the first time.

Clara predicted a physical aspect to her marriage would not be difficult to attain.

"If sex happens it happens. I feel like the two of us are going to have a lot of fun, and I think the rest of the night is going to be a good time," Clara noted.

Meanwhile, Paige thought Chris was "really beautiful" and "well-groomed," and she said she loved the fact he's a God-fearing man. Paige couldn't wait for what was to come.

Chris, however, confessed his attraction to Paige right off the bat "wasn't a 10" because Paige's looks weren't what he was used to.

"I feel God is calling me to this moment, so I am growing more attracted to her as I talk to her," Chris said. "I do feel like there is a vibe going on there. I mean, I am open to exploring new possibilities. I do like to cuddle, so we might cuddle tonight for sure, at a minimum."

And Vincent and Briana were all smiles in their hotel room. Vincent said Briana was "beyond" his expectations with her petite frame and really "nice face and nice features."

"She's the perfect one," Vincent gushed in a confessional.


Briana said her dream man was tall and tan with a nice physique, and she said that's exactly what she got. Briana shared how she was sexually attracted to her husband and he checked off all of her boxes right away.

The next day, most of the couples woke up happy, including Briana and Vincent, who said he couldn't stop smiling and waking up next to his wife was a "comfortable" and "amazing feeling."

Vincent said marrying a stranger might've been the best decision he had ever made, and he and Briana didn't waste any time exchanging phone numbers.

Erik revealed he and Virginia kept it "PG-13," but they were both giddy in bed in the morning. Erik said he had tried to be respectful and just get to know his wife better.

Erik, however, spoke to Virginia over breakfast about how he was previously married.

Erik explained his previous marriage was also unconventional because he basically got married so that his spouse could spend time with him and live with him on occasion while he was in the military.

"So for us, we just signed the document in Georgia... We didn't do a wedding. I've never worn a ring. So everything we have done here is the first time for me," Erik assured his wife.

Virginia confessed the news was "a lot" to take in because she had never expected him to be divorced, and she also discovered Erik's relationship with his ex had lasted six years.

But Erik assured Virginia that marriage ended three years prior and he'd be willing to talk through everything with her to address her concerns.

As for Clara and Ryan, Ryan jokingly complained about Clara being a sleepwalker and tossing and turning constantly in bed. Ryan said Clara moved full 45 or 60-degree angles in her sleep.

"We did a little bit of spooning but he did not ask me to go to Pound Town. We'll see how that goes," Clara said. "I have a feeling it will happen naturally, not like, 'Okay, we're married and this is our first night together so time to bang it out,' or whatever."

Clara and Ryan, however, disagreed over their favorite TV shows over breakfast, with Clara revealing she hated one of Ryan's favorite shows, Breaking Bad.


Clara was also nervous about both of Ryan's parents being ministers considering she had attended Bible college for one year and then never returned to church.

Clara worried Ryan's parents were going to be upset about that, and Ryan responded with, "That's tough. To be honest, that is important to them and it's important for me as well. But no one has lived a perfect life."

Meanwhile, Jacob discussed his "carnivore diet" with Haley, explaining how he only ate steak and eggs, as well as his home-gym and workout routine.

"So I'm learning a lot about my husband -- more than I ever thought I would on our first morning together. All I heard about was working out and red meat. Lots of working out, lots of eggs, more red meat and more eggs, and then working out," Haley recalled with sarcasm.

Paige apparently had a very different experience from her fellow brides, as Chris apparently took off in the morning and left his new bride feeling alone, confused and worried.

"Essentially, Chris said he was going to go downstairs to order us breakfast and get the menus. That was around 8:50-9AM and then 11AM came around, and I'm like, 'Well, did he get attacked by a bear? What is going on?' So I call him and [got] no answer," Paige explained.

When Chris suddenly returned to the couple's hotel room, Paige expressed how she was confused because he had gone MIA.

Chris apologized and confessed that on his way down to get menus, he had "a panic attack" and felt like he needed space to clear his head, away from everyone.

"I'm still not all the way good," Chris acknowledged.

Paige asked Chris what was troubling him, and Chris appeared to shut down. As Chris sat on a couch with his hands covering his face, Paige asked her husband to look at her and communicate with her.

"When we shared our vows yesterday, it was with intention and purpose. This is not going to be easy at all, but I need you to at least meet me halfway if this is going to work," Paige told Chris as she held his hand.

"To be perfectly honest with you, I think that on paper, you are everything that I need, but I don't think the attraction is fully there yet," Chris explained.

Paige was shocked Chris had already formed this opinion about her considering they had only been married for about 12 hours. Paige said had Chris expressed himself the night prior -- before they kissed and touched -- she would have been "at peace" with his feelings.


"But we became intimate last night and this morning," Paige revealed. "I am so confused. I have never been with a man who wants to have sex multiple times that didn't desire me or didn't find me attractive."

Each spouse then sat down with his or her in-laws for an open and honest discussion as well as some insight into what the future may be like.

Clara told Ryan's father Earl and mother Mary that she felt "good" and "calm" about her union because Ryan seemed "amazing" and "made one hell of a first impression."

Clara had been "burnt out on church," but she noticed Ryan's family wanted to pray before enjoying their meal. Clara hoped Ryan's loved ones wouldn't judge her or disapprove of their marriage.

Clara learned that Ryan keeps his house and yard clean and is "very particular" about stuff.

Mary admitted Clara and Ryan's marriage was not what the family was expecting but they believed God had a plan for their son and would guide him down the right path. Mary just wanted to see Clara love and respect Ryan all the while honoring God.

Ryan shared with Clara's parents that he's "a calculated risk-taker" who would respect Clara, and Ryan discovered Clara may not handle conflict the best and would probably struggle with communication.

"Divorce is not something that we really think is an option," Clara's mother Londa said.

Meanwhile, Virginia's father Daniel admitted to Erik that he wasn't thrilled about his only daughter marrying a stranger sight unseen, and Erik shared with Virginia's parents how he had been married before.

Erik insisted he had a clean break with his ex and they hadn't talked in years. In fact, Erik noted there was probably a good chance his ex-wife had married again.

Daniel said his only concern would be if Erik's previous marriage was very recent, but that clearly wasn't the case. Daniel said Virginia had seen divorce in her childhood and so that's not something that would probably freak her out.

Daniel said if Virginia came to love and trust Erik, he would be Erik's best friend, confidante and biggest supporter. Daniel, however, warned Erik that it takes a lot for Virginia to give everything because she's very guarded and doesn't open up quickly.

When Erik asked if he should be concerned about anything, Virginia's parents laughed, and Daniel replied, "You saw how she is with her girlfriends. I mean, she's not 33. She's 26."

Virginia couldn't help but gush about Erik to the women in his life, including Donna.

Virginia asked if Erik could get wild or was always a put-together conservative, and Erik's mother assured Virginia that Erik likes to have a good time but doesn't try to be the center of attention.


Virginia also discovered that being a pilot's wife, she'd be home alone a lot. While that would be a struggle for a lot of women, Virginia said she likes her own space and so Erik being gone would probably provide for her "the perfect balance."

"We just really have to cherish those days that he is in town. Donna is the wife of a pilot as well, so I'm glad I have her to turn to if I have issues," Virginia said in a confessional.

Donna then blurted out, "Please want children," adding, "I want grandkids so bad."

But Virginia replied, "I've always been 50/50 on having kids, so that's kind of a concern of mine."

Donna said Erik wants kids and would be a really good dad someday, and Virginia pointed out, "It's going to be a couple of years on that."

When Haley met with Jacob's parents, they bragged about how Jacob was always a great kid who never raised his voice to them -- but was "kind of loner." Teachers apparently called Jacob "five going on 85" because he tends to be quiet a lot.

Haley, however, was used to a social lifestyle and hoped Jacob wouldn't have a problem with that.

Jacob was then shown talking to Haley's relatives about his house again, including his sauna and home-gym. Haley's brother Hunter told Jacob that Haley loves diving, but Jacob explained that one of his ears fills up with water because his brother had punched him when he was a kid.

The conversation was a bit awkward, but Jacob was at least warned to feed Haley and let her sleep in order to avoid conflict. Jacob was pleased to hear from Haley's father that her favorite food is steak and she can sear a steak really well.

Haley's mother also told Jacob not to push Haley and to give her space if she needs it.

"With Haley, she can be a hard nut to crack, but hang in there with her," Hunter disclosed.

When Paige met with Chris' parents, she revealed she and Chris had already hit some bumps in the road and she was feeling unsettled and unnerved.

Paige hoped to gain some clarity, advice and insight from Paige's loved ones, who were surprised to hear Paige already felt "lost" in her marriage and needed them to fill in the blanks for her.

"Last evening, we stayed up until probably 3:30-4:30AM just talking and getting to know each other, and we shared a moment... and then this morning, he said on paper we really do match but I'm not his typical type," Paige shared.

"To give myself to someone like that and for that to simply backfire on me makes me question a lot of different things. It's confusing more than anything."


Chris' father Christopher thought a mutual attraction existed at the wedding, but he was happy he had raised a gentleman who wasn't trying to be secretive or deceptive about his feelings. Christopher was glad Chris was upfront and honest with his wife.

However, Christopher seemed displeased his son chose to sleep with Paige already knowing what she looks like.

"And not even just that -- it was last night and this morning," Paige disclosed. "I don't have sex with people I'm not [committed to]."

Chris' family told Paige that she's amazing on paper and off paper and they'd have her back going forward. Christopher joked, "You are my type for a daughter-in-law," before advising Paige to just "ride it out."

Briana was then shown meeting with Vincent's loved ones, especially his cousin Jinette, who said she's basically Vincent's big sister.

Jinette asked Briana to explain her intentions, and Briana shared how she wanted a man who would be a presence in her life and add to her life. Briana said she works as an engineer and hoped to find a man who would love and care for her just like her family does.

Jinette warned Briana that Vincent was "a workaholic" and so she'd have to talk to him about that. Jinette said Vincent even typically worked on the weekends, and Briana told the cameras, "Work can wait, to be honest. We need to be present in each other's lives."

Jinette also told Briana that Vincent can get "pretty mad" about things and so Briana might need to calm him down at times.

Vincent revealed to Briana's family his last relationship ended two years prior because his ex didn't agree with his career choice to start his own business. Vincent said he wanted a wife who would have his back and be there for him.

Vincent said if Plan A didn't work out with his business, he was working on his real-estate exam so he'd have that to fall back on as a Plan B in order to support Briana or at least contribute financially.

Chris later admitted to his parents that he wasn't initially attracted to Paige, and Christopher expressed surprise that Chris would consummate his marriage under those conditions.

"Going in, I wasn't planning on having sex with her, but I felt like maybe having sex with her would bring this closeness to her... maybe I would generate some type of attraction [or connection]... but I was wrong. There was nothing there," Chris explained.


Chris told the cameras he felt "embarrassed" because Paige shouldn't have talked to his parents about sex. Chris felt like Paige was trying to "tell on" him, as if he's a child.

Christopher asked his son not to hurt Paige because she seemed like a wonderful woman, and Chris replied, "Yeah."

After brunch, Ryan told Clara that he really liked her parents, and Clara explained she had been in a three-year relationship in which she and her ex never argued. Clara said she and her ex would pick at each other but not really communicate and confront their issues.

Clara admitted she's not a confrontational person or very patient, but she told Ryan that she'd work on those things.

Jacob told Haley that he had learned to give Haley space in times of struggle and stress, and Haley said she had heard funny stories about her husband and really enjoyed the company of his parents.

Briana then confronted Vincent about his alleged anger problem, but Vincent insisted he doesn't yell and scream, adding, "That's not true. It takes a lot to make me mad. You'd have to do some blatant disrespectful stuff."

Footage then flashed to Chris crying in the hotel room because he wasn't happy Paige had discussed their sex life with his parents. Chris told Paige that he ultimately felt disrespected and talking about sex wasn't in his culture.

"With all due respect, I didn't want to have sex coming into yesterday, but I wanted to feel a closeness to you, that maybe I would generate some type of attraction. Whether you think it was right or wrong, it was mutually agreed upon," Chris explained to his wife.

Paige told Chris that her guy friends were confused about the idea of a man engaging in sexual activity with a woman whom he's not physically attracted to. Paige said that was a "different" situation.

Chris told Paige that he didn't feel comfortable with her talking about their sex life with her male friends either, reiterating how his sex life is "private" to him.

"It seems like you have a lot of problems with a lot of different things," Paige snapped.

Chris told the cameras he felt like trust had been "betrayed" in his marriage, but Paige apparently felt disrespected as well.

The couple got into an argument and Paige walked off.


As the couples' first day of marriage continued, Erik said he understood that Virginia liked to go out and party given she's younger in age. Erik even acknowledged he was "pretty crazy" in college.

Erik said as long as Virginia's partying didn't affect their relationship, then it would be okay because he wanted to have a healthy marriage.

Virginia said her partying had been at an all-time high the past couple years because she was "super single" and so she'd be willing to meet Erik in the middle since he didn't like to go out all the time.

However, Virginia admitted, "I'm always going to be a drinker and I'm always going to be down to have a good time. I don't think that's necessarily a phase, so it will be interesting to see [whether] he accepts that about me."

Virginia said another problem was that Erik's mother wanted grandchildren "tomorrow" and she was "50/50" about the idea of having a child but not totally opposed.

"Yeah, I want them for sure," Erik shared.

After Chris and Paige took some time away from each other and Paige got her hair down, Chris apologize for how he had acted earlier that day.

"I feel like I came across as an assh-le and I wasn't trying to. I do also owe you an apology because I think my attitude was horrible and that's not me at all," Chris said.

"I was honestly kind of checked out at that point," Paige confessed. "But we both committed to this process so many months ago, and to just kind of throw it away due to issues... would be doing us a disservice."

Paige told Chris that they owed it to themselves to figure out why they were matched, and Chris ranted and raved about how he's a loving, loyal, dope, cool, smooth, charismatic and charming guy.

"But you haven't seen it," Chris noted.

Paige said she hoped to see those qualities in Chris and she'd also like to show him more of herself. Paige just hoped the couple could figure things out together.

Each couple was then given a gift basket to help celebrate their marriage, and the cast members learned they'd be enjoying their honeymoons in Las Vegas.


While packing for the trip, Haley discovered Jacob's love of fanny packs and a good graphic T-shirt. She laughed at her husband's quirks and joked, "I love your style. It's great."

Chris and Paige decided to start fresh and remain optimistic about their romance getting better and stronger during the honeymoon. Chris told Paige that he was looking forward to bonding.

"I don't see things getting worse at all. I hope getting away will bring us closer together. I hope this is a fresh start for our lives," Chris explained in a confessional.

The five couples then met each other before heading to Las Vegas.

Chris said Haley seemed like a sweet, sophisticated and nice lady so he "felt bad" she'd have to "put up with Jake," although "Jake is a good guy."

Once Vincent and Briana got settled into their hotel room, Vincent found out his beloved grandmother had suffered a heart attack back home and was in the hospital.

Vincent considered the fact he might have to fly home to be with his family, but he was sad about the idea of potentially missing out on his honeymoon with his new wife.

However, Briana was totally supportive and noted that family comes first. Briana hugged and consoled her husband, saying he wouldn't "ruin anything" by leaving. Briana asked Vincent not to worry and assured him things were going to be just fine.

"My wife having my back shows me that she's a very caring person and she doesn't just talk; she does the walk as well," Vincent told the cameras.

"It certainly brought more trust and I was able to let my guard down with her and be myself and know that she's going to be there for me. This is real... It meant a lot to me and she doesn't even know."

Clara said she was ready to take her marriage to the next level in Las Vegas because she and Ryan had already established a friendship.


Paige and Chris had a tough day, but she envisioned their relationship getting stronger once they figured out each other's communication styles and agreed to be open and honest with each other.

Paige said she was ready to dive in and find out why Chris was chosen as The One for her.

On Day 2 of marriage, the couples' first full day in Las Vegas, Haley and Jacob popped some champagne and Haley decided to be open-minded. Jacob thought they had a good base for success and looked forward to romantic excursions in Vegas.

"Jake is such a nice guy. He really is. He's very mellow and even-keeled," Haley shared. "On the honeymoon, we're going to continue to get to know each other better and potentially build that connection and chemistry."

Haley and Jacob shared a sweet kiss before bed, but Virginia was ready to let loose with her husband and have some fun.

Virginia tried to convince Erik to do some drinking at the mini-bar in their room, but Erik only agreed to enjoy a couple glasses of champagne. He could tell Virginia was a little bit more of a party girl than he was comfortable with.

"But she gives me that feeling I have been wanting and looking for, for years," Erik said in a confessional.

"I think we're going to have a great time on our honeymoon... She's super hot. Our chemistry is definitely amazing. There is definitely sexual tension there. There is no doubt with that. When it happens it happens. I've been ready and I think we both are."


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