Married at First Sight featured Chris Williams admitting he still loved his pregnant ex-fiancee and considered getting back with her after an explosive altercation with cast members, Jacob Harder catching Haley Harris in a lie after the pair slept together, and Vincent Morales and Ryan Oubre getting slightly annoyed with their wives during the Season 12 episode Wednesday night on Lifetime.

At this point in Season 12, all five Married at First Sight couples are on their honeymoon in Las Vegas: Chris and Paige BanksErik Lake and Virginia Coombs, Vincent and Briana Myles, Haley and Jacob, and Ryan and Clara Berghaus.


The five couples were matched for matrimony by the show's experts Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Dr. Viviana Coles.

Married at First Sight  Season 12 Episode 6

The Married at First Sight broadcast began on Day 4 of the five marriages.

Clara and Ryan's romance was progressing nicely, and Clara shared with her husband how she had dated frat boys in college and then went through a three-year relationship with her ex before experiencing a string of terrible first dates.

"I fall in love all the time. Yeah, [I'm] a big L-word gal," Clara shared.

"I would say for me, I've never been in love with somebody," Ryan replied.

"I feel like it gets thrown around really loosely sometimes, and I've always been taught that should be a really, really uniquely-reserved verb. So at this point in my life, I've never told anybody 'I love you' to them."

Clara realized she and Ryan weren't a great combination in that regard, admitting in a confessional, "That sucks!"

The guys were then shown meeting up to do some gambling together while the women got together for a mixology class. Paige was noticeably quiet, according to Clara, after receiving the shocking news that Chris' ex-fiancee, Mercedes, was pregnant.

But Clara wasn't really surprised and noted, "If anybody was going to have a secret love-child, it would be Chris."

Briana gushed about how she and Vincent were getting along wonderfully and had similar personalities, and Vincent agreed they had no dull or boring moments. Vincent told the guys Briana was super smart but also bossy, but he called her "a dream come true."
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Erik also boasted how his connection with Virginia was "unreal" and he couldn't explain how great they were as a match. But Erik was a little tipsy at the gathering and the guys laughed about it.

While Erik insisted he and Virginia hadn't discovered any issues yet, Virginia rattled off a list to the girls about how she's younger than Erik and had been promiscuous in the past few years, which Erik apparently didn't like.

Virginia also said Erik is a traditional southern boy while she's pro-choice and believes in gay marriage. In addition, Virginia complained about how Erik wasn't okay with her having guy friends, whom she claimed were her best friends and didn't want to sleep with her.


At one point in the honeymoon, Virginia even broke down about the couple's differences to her new pal Clara.

Jacob expressed concern about combining all of his friends with Haley's giant group of friends, and Haley admitted she was still trying to process everything.

But Haley complimented her husband on being "really respectful" and the girls agreed Jacob seemed "so into" her.

Clara then revealed Ryan checked all of her boxes and they had a lot in common. Clara said if she could have made her dream husband in a factory, Ryan would pop out. Ryan's alleged perfection, however, made Clara question when the other shoe was going to drop.

Clara, for example, was worried Ryan had been in multi-year relationships before and never dropped the L-bomb to any of the girls.

Ryan told the guys that he's more of a reserved person than Clara, which he needed to get used to, and Erik understood where he was coming from.

Chris then brought up intimacy and Erik shared how he and Virginia hadn't consummated their marriage yet despite being on the same page about their physical connection, and both Jacob and Ryan said they'd let their wives do the talking on that subject.

Clara told the cameras she and Ryan had a physical relationship and it was "good," although Ryan had asked her not to share details with anyone, which Clara said she respected.

Haley then spilled the beans to the girls that she and Jacob had slept together after a fun night of drinking, and Paige expressed how she was just going through a lot.

Paige told the cameras that she felt "overwhelmed" and needed to emotionally recharge for things to turn around.

Virginia acknowledged in a confessional that she wasn't a big fan of Chris, and Paige told the group, "I thought this was going to be a fairytale, but I didn't expect to have so many challenges so soon... It can hopefully only go up from [sub-zero]."

Chris said Paige was his No. 1 priority and he was very invested in his marriage, but Erik told Chris to "step up and man up."

Chris said he was doing just that and told the cameras he felt disrespected because not only had he been honest with Paige about his ex's pregnancy, but he thought he was totally focused on his wife.


When each couple reunited later on, Haley said she was "starting to like" her husband but was a little afraid of losing her independence and needing to report to somebody every day about her whereabouts.

Jacob said he had a hard time figuring out Haley's comfort level with intimacy because she seemed more reserved in that department and he always had to make the first move. Jacob told his wife that he wasn't sure she liked him, and Haley promised she was "trying to get there."

Jacob found Haley difficult to read and hoped she'd open up more and put her guard down.

"After we had sex, she's not being very receptive to me in general, and this is not what I expected marriage to be," Jacob shared in a confessional.

Chris then commended his wife on her grace and said it was "remarkable" she had decided to "stick with [him]" despite the fact he'd soon become a dad to another woman's baby.

Paige said she was excited to introduce Chris to Bentley, but Chris said he wouldn't let the dog sleep on their bed or go out of his way to take care of him. Paige couldn't believe Chris' reaction since she had essentially agreed to become a stepmother.

Paige questioned whether Chris was really committed, and then the pair began talking about finances. Chris revealed he didn't believe in joint accounts, but Paige had been expecting to share an account for bills.

"I didn't get Married at First Sight for your money. I wanted love... Money does not buy happiness. Sometimes I feel like he's one-minded and it can off a little selfish, and that's concerning and alarming to me," Paige told the cameras.

Meanwhile, Erik really started to worry how Virginia was going to be in their marriage because they were drinking a lot on the honeymoon together and Erik confessed, "This is just not me."

Virginia seemed focused on partying but told Erik they needed to mesh their lifestyles.

Virginia asked Erik to party with her every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, but Erik said he couldn't do that and wasn't willing to risk losing his job for that type of life.

Virginia was concerned that Erik didn't enjoy drinking, and Erik told Virginia they needed to have mutual respect. Erik told Virginia that she could go out and do whatever she wanted but he wouldn't be joining her most of the time and needed to trust her.


"I think he's going to have to do a little give and take on that. I am a very stubborn person... I'm always going to be a drinker and I'm always down for a good time," Virginia told the cameras.

"If he wants to come in and try to change me, that is not okay with me. That's not how I operate and I'm not going to respond well to it."

Virginia predicted she and Erik were going to have issues over the partying, and Erik just reminded her that she was a married woman now.

Meanwhile, Vincent -- who likes taking his time with things -- was working on being patient and open-minded given Briana was bossy and a bit demanding.

Vincent apparently told Briana off-camera that he felt disrespected when she was so assertive at times, but the couple was able to talk things out and then enjoy an indoor skydiving date.

Briana admitted it upset her a little bit when Vincent said he didn't like to be rushed because she didn't want to be bossy or rude in any type of way.

"I need to adjust a little bit," Briana told Vincent. "I don't want you to hold back because I've done that in the past... We don't need [you to explode]. We are each other's safe space."

Erik, Virginia, Clara, Ryan, Chris and Paige then went ATVing on Day 5 of marriage as a fun little adventure. Clara noticed a change in Paige since the start of the experiment, and Clara and Virginia told Chris that he was lucky Paige is such a strong girl.

Virginia and Clara, noted however, Paige seemed more closed off, like she had shut down.

Chris told the girls that no one could relate to their situation and he didn't appreciate their "fake concern." Clara and Virginia argued that they meant well and were being sincere but Chris lashed out and said, "I don't owe you an explanation."

Virginia advised Chris to go "above and beyond" with Paige because they would have left the relationship had they been in Paige's shoes.

Chris said he went above and beyond by telling Paige the truth about the baby, but Virginia thought that was "ridiculous" and she deserved so much more. Clara stopped talking but Virginia kept going, and Chris asked Virginia to stay out of his business.

Virginia called Chris "arrogant" and then Chris called Virginia "a drunk," to which Virginia replied, "Okay, I like to drink." Chris said if Virginia was going to throw shots, he'd throw shots back.


Clara told the cameras that Chris had "poked the bear" and dared to make "an angry man angrier."

Chris said he didn't appreciate Erik and Virginia's comments about his marriage, like when Virginia had asked Chris if he was sure the baby was his.

Virginia insisted she was just trying to give Chris some advice and he went "off the rails." Clara then cried, saying it was hard for her to see that Paige wasn't happy. Virginia and Clara told Paige that they were there for her in every way possible.

When Chris caught Clara and Virginia talking to Paige about the situation, he flipped out and said he was "ready to explode on somebody." Erik begged Chris to calm down, but Chris said he didn't feel comfortable talking about his marriage with strangers.

On the bus ride back to the hotel, Chris said he was ready to make his co-stars' lives hell because they had been "disrespectful all week."

Virginia told Chris that he was being "disrespectful as f-ck to [her]," which made Chris yell back, "I don't give a f-ck about you!"

Chris and Virginia started to scream over each other in the bus to the point where Paige had to hold Chris' arms down and tell him that she had enough. Paige apologized to Erik and Virginia and begged them to just leave her husband alone.

On Day 6 of marriage, four of the five couples -- minus Virginia and Erik -- joined together for a dinner and Paige thanked everyone for their support and for being open and honest.

Paige prayed there could be some reconciliation because she didn't want Chris and herself to always be a source of drama, and Chris told the group prayer had also calmed him down.

Chris apologized to everyone for his harsh reaction and told Paige in front of the group that he owed her everything and she had behaved like a woman of God, unlike himself.

"I'm going to work towards being a better spouse to you because I have been emotionally distant," Chris told his wife.

Jacob said he didn't "really give a sh-t" but had decided to give Chris the benefit of the doubt. Chris also apologized to Clara for disrespecting her and said he simply felt attacked by the girls.


Virginia and Erik then arrived to the dinner late, and Virginia asked Paige to take a shot with her, which was clearly taking a stab at Chris.

And Erik immediately decided to establish some boundaries with Chris.

"I can't allow you to ever talk to her like that again," Erik declared. "From now on, we can go our separate ways or whatever you want to do, but if you need to say anything to her, you can go through me. So we'll just [be] man to man."

Before the conversation escalated, Ryan explained to Erik that Chris had just apologized for his behavior and so the men were seemingly trying to say the same thing.

Erik told Chris that he was borderline "scaring people," but Chris reminded Erik how he had asked the couple to respect his privacy and then Virginia made "inappropriate" jokes at his expense in front of the whole group.

"Today, I was fed up and tired of that bullsh-t," Chris said.

Erik and Virginia decided to leave the table, but Chris insisted he wasn't finished talking yet. As the bickering continued, Vincent physically pushed his buddy Chris out of the room so things wouldn't get any worse.

"Unf-cking believable," Erik said, waving goodbye to everyone as he and Virginia left the dinner.

Clara commented that Erik and Virginia were past the point of being civil with Chris and vice versa.

Virginia said Erik did a great job handling that situation and her father and brothers would have acted the same way, but Vincent took Chris' side and said it was wrong how Erik had decided to come at Chris like that.

Paige also felt Erik and Virginia didn't give Chris a chance to apologize, and Briana had Paige's back after the explosive argument. Paige said it was bold of Chris to admit he hadn't been acting like a man of God, and she was seemingly proud of him.

"I understand why he's being defensive," Paige said.

"Yeah, it's nobody's business!" Briana added.

Chris revealed he had lost all respect for Erik, who had "crossed his boundary line."

Later on, Clara decided to just focus on her husband because she was "over people acting like children." Clara was thrilled Ryan was drama-free with her, but he told Clara she needed to control the things that come out of her mouth.


"Sometimes it feels like Ryan is controlling me a little bit," Clara lamented in a confessional.

"He has made it very clear that he wants me to be the best representation of myself, and that involves keeping my mouth shut a little more than I'm used to. And I don't really know what I think about that."

That evening, Jacob asked Haley how she felt and she just responded with, "I don't know." Haley apparently told Jacob that something was missing and she needed some time, and Jacob didn't know how to react to that.

Jacob recognized Haley was starting to pull back, and he seemed desperate to find out what was missing between them. Jacob said things were "awkward" between the couple and Haley's guard was up and she wasn't being receptive to him.

Jacob told Haley that he was trying to treat their relationship like a marriage, but Haley said their conversations had hit a wall and they weren't getting to a deeper level.

"There is just something that's not clicking for me," Haley confessed.

Haley suggested they had sex too early because she did what she thought she was supposed to be doing, and Jacob said Haley had pulled away from him and he couldn't see their relationship being successful at that point.

Haley acknowledged that she and Jacob were viewing their relationship from totally different perspectives, but Jacob said his wife shutting him out was making things worse. Haley said she'd try harder but the process was very difficult for her.

On Day 7 of marriage, Erik talked to Virginia about how Chris had allegedly taken out his frustrations on them, and Erik insisted he's not a confrontational person who gets wrapped up in drama and he was done with Chris.

Virginia worried she and Erik were going to "reach a breaking point" when they could no longer "gloss over [their] differences."

Jacob then told the cameras that Haley said she was going to a girls' night the night prior and he told her to have fun, but when he went into the lobby of the hotel to get food, he saw all of the couples there together.

"As soon as I turned the corner, [the guys] bolted. The truth of it is [Haley] did not want me there, and she did not tell me that she did not want me there. It's just kind of unacceptable, to be honest," Jacob said.

"When you intentionally lie like that, benefit of the doubt is gone now for me, and it's been pretty awkward ever since. If we want this to work, we have to change the playbook. The playbook she is playing by right now is destined for failure."


At the end of the honeymoon, Paige was struggling to find out where Chris stood mentally and emotionally.

Paige asked Chris where he saw his relationship with his ex going, and Chris said he was figuring stuff out day by day.

Chris told Paige that he and his ex had blocked each other but now he didn't know how to proceed since she's pregnant. Chris admitted he was concerned about raising a child in a separate home from the child's mother.

Paige asked if that meant Chris wanted to get back with his ex, and he confessed, "That thought has crossed my mind."

"To what level or degree. Y'all have been talking about it?" Paige asked.

Chris said he and his ex had conversations about what co-parenting would look like, including the idea of getting back together.

"Because I still love her," Chris admitted. "But loving somebody doesn't mean that you should be with them, and that's what I've been processing. I'm not sure. But I know that I don't want another man raising my kid."

Paige said she didn't know where that left them, and she left the hotel room angrily. Paige felt that was a slap in her face since Paige had insisted she'd be his No. 1 priority going forward -- even before his child on the way.

Paige didn't know what she was working and fighting for anymore.

"I can't be with someone who is telling the mother of their child that they would want to be with them while they're married. You literally took an innocent person and, like, dragged them in your mess. I am done," Paige declared in a confessional.

Paige said she was okay with Chris having a child but he was ignoring the covenant he entered with her. Paige said she couldn't continue in this manner.

Paige demanded clarity from Chris, but Chris said he never said for sure that he wanted to get back together with his ex. Chris said "those conversations were had" with his ex but he wasn't sure about what he wanted to do.

Paige told Chris that she cared about him but wanted to be treated like a wife, which would require changes from Chris' end.

Chris said he wanted to work through stuff with Paige because he had become attracted to her both physically and spiritually. He said he could envision them lasting beyond seven weeks, and Paige told the cameras that she believed in fighting for love.

"I believe in the possibility of love... and I pray that Chris is my person for the rest of my life. I believe in us," Paige shared. "This could potentially be a beautiful story for the both of us."


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