Married at First Sight featured Chris Williams bringing up his ex multiple times and admitting he's not really attracted to his new wife Paige Banks as well as Haley Harris and Jacob Harder tying the knot during the Season 12 episode that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

At this point in Season 12, all five Married at First Sight couples have wed: Chris and Paige, Haley and Jacob, Briana Myles and Vincent Morales, Ryan Oubre and Clara Berghaus, and Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake.

The five couples were matched for matrimony by the show's experts Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Dr. Viviana Coles.

Married at First Sight  Season 12 Episode 3

The Married at First Sight broadcast began with Paige walking down the aisle on her wedding day.

"I'm so excited to meet him, finally. Our paths intertwined for this moment. I do believe this is my destiny," Paige gushed in a confessional.

Chris was about to catch a glance at his wife-to-be for the first time from about 100 yards away, and he admitted, "I have to have that initial attraction, that's important for me."


When Chris caught eyes with his bride, he whispered to himself, "Oh sh-t," and then smiled.

Chris' father whispered to another guest of Paige, "She's gorgeous. She's beautiful."

The couple said, "Nice to meet you," to each other once they joined at the altar, and Chris learned Paige is Christ-conscious, passionate, intentional with her life, and a risk-taker.

Chris was told Paige is capable of adapting and is fast on her feet, as she still holds the 200-meter dash record at her high school.

While Chris discovered Paige loves hard, her family and friends warned Chris to have cold-brew coffee waiting for her in the morning and to avoid snoring at all costs.

In turn, Paige learned Chris is a passionate dreamer and hard-worker on his way to building an empire who enjoys designer clothing and luxury cars.
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Paige discovered Chris' top priorities are God and family and he'd love to have a big family one day -- although he was open to the idea of having "a honeymoon baby," which raised some of Paige's friends' eyebrows.

The pair wrote their own vows, and Chris shared with Paige how he was excited to marry her.

"Where have you freakin' been my whole life?!" he asked.

Chris said he had prayed for a wife for many nights and had been patient with God, and he'd be vulnerable with her as well as proud. Chris promised to give Paige closet space for her clothes, cherish her and never to take her for granted.

Paige in reply shared with Chris how God had brought them to this very moment and her dreams had been manifested before her eyes. Paige promised to go through life with love, honor, trust and respect.

Paige also said she'd be Chris' safe space and hoped this could be their happily-ever-after.


When it became time for their first kiss as man and wife, Chris asked for Paige's permission to give her a peck on the cheek or forehead -- and Paige gave him the green light to kiss her on the lips!

Chris told Paige that she looked "beautiful" and her dress was "fire," and he added in a confessional that she "has a nice shape" and "her smile lights up the room."

During their first conversation over two glasses of champagne, Paige shared how she has a tattoo of an infinity symbol on her arm, which just so happened to match the necklace Chris had picked out for her.

Paige shared how she's a home-owning accountant and realtor and so they'd need to discuss Chris' spending habits, which he confessed was a "scary" thought, and Chris said he's the youngest Black franchise owner of a particular brand in Atlanta and flips properties.

The pair quickly bonded over their mutual interest in real estate, and then Chris revealed he has one tattoo of a cross with a crown to indicate King Jesus.

Since it looked fresh, Paige asked when Chris got the tattoo, and he replied, "A couple days ago."

"Why did you get that? What inspired you to get it?" Paige asked.

"Umm, so, to be perfectly honest with you, last year, me and my ex, we got our names tatted on us and I never had the chance to get it covered up. And I was like, 'I've got to do it now,'" Chris confessed.

Paige called the story "interesting" and then asked if Chris liked dogs. Paige shared how her dog is a small breed, a Morkie, and Chris commented, "Huh, interesting. My ex had a dog... a Yorkie. They are stubborn."

Paige couldn't help but think to herself, "What is going on?"

"He's talking about an ex in comparing me to her, like, 'Oh wow, my ex had a Yorkie.' And I'm like, 'Is she your wife?'" Paige complained with wide eyes.


Paige asked if Chris was holding onto things or had "closed those chapters," and so Chris dropped another bomb that he had been engaged just three months before signing up for Married at First Sight.

Paige said the conversation was definitely one to be had and there was an elephant in the room.

"It's not a huge red flag but it does raise a yellow flag that you decided to take a level of commitment with someone and then, for whatever reason, decide that it was not what you expected," Paige expressed.

"So I want to make sure that I'm fully aware of the situation at hand and making sure that it doesn't affect or infiltrate our marriage in any kind of way."

But Chris assured his wife that he was ready, happy and excited about their marriage.

It then became time for Haley and Jacob's wedding, and Haley -- who had a history of writing men off for small reasons, such as height -- planned to give her all to her marriage.

Jacob said he's "a random nerd" and so he hoped his wife could enjoy his "weird stuff" and even partake in it. With that being said, he expected his bride to have quirks as well.

Jacob noted he'd love for his wife to look like Jennifer Aniston but all he needed was a mutual attraction and maybe a desire for the pair to lock eyes with each other.

Haley was used to being a bridesmaid and so she was panicking a bit before walking down the aisle, but Jacob appeared to be as cool as a cucumber. Jacob told his friends that he hoped his wife likes dogs since he wouldn't be willing to give up one of his furbabies.

Jacob's groomsmen were worried Jacob would have too many 80s references or jokes his wife might not understand.

"I only want to be married one time, but what if he has no personality? What if he's a terrible person? What if I don't like him? What if doesn't like me?... There are so many things that could be really great, but there are also so many things that could go wrong," Haley lamented.

"I just want someone who is on the same page as me and has a great personality and wants to travel and have a fun, fast-paced life. But because I have been so picky, it doesn't matter who he is as a person, I think it's going to be a shell-shock for me trying to fit my life with somebody else."


Haley admitted she was "full-blown stressing out" and her body was about to shut down. After all, Haley had been married for seven years and she wanted to be married to the right person.

When Jacob entered the ceremony, a couple of Haley's bridesmaids appeared to approve of him and give the thumbs-up.

Haley asked her father, "Are you sure I should do this?" However, she didn't back down, even though her father joked there was still time to make a run for it.

Jacob is attracted to women with larger noses, so he anticipated Haley might have a big nose. However, that wasn't a requirement for Jacob, and Haley was also ready to give this new guy a chance and not repeat her past of being picky.

Haley's friends and family told Jacob that she enjoys last-minute vacations but needs plenty of wine to open up about her feelings and emotions. Jacob learned he must win over her dog Sophie and is a true Alabama girl at heart.

Jacob also discovered Haley would always be willing to help a friend in need, rescue puppies or go on adventures.

Jacob's loved one shared how he's a huge lovable nerd on the inside and so Haley shouldn't let his meathead looks deceive her. Haley heard about Jacob's two dogs, Rex and Chloe, and was told Jacob is dedicated, enjoys do-it-yourself projects and joking around.

In addition, Haley heard Jacob is into video games and the 1980s -- including aviators and "awkward fanny packs."

Jacob's vows included how he likes weird and abnormal things. After losing his place, Jacob continued and said he'd protect Haley's life, keep her safe, be patient, and tend to her needs on a daily basis.

"I'll take your pictures for the Gram in moderation, but let's space those out, please," Jacob noted.


Haley promised to communicate, be open and honest, remain optimistic -- even during their biggest challenges -- and cheer Jacob on at all times. She also couldn't wait to find out which college football team he supports.

"I would say my husband is very quirky. I really am interested to know more information," Haley said.

Haley and Jacob shared a sweet kiss at the altar, and then their first conversation over champagne was a little awkward with some moments of silence here or there.

Jacob said Haley is "very beautiful" and he liked her vibe and she seemed really cool and "majestic."

"I am very attracted to her, and hopefully she's attracted to me -- and we'll be good," Jacob noted.

Jacob shared how he's in IT and Haley said she's in pharmaceutical sales. Haley rated herself a 7.5 on a scale from 1-10 as a cook, and then Jacob admitted he eats steak and eggs for every meal.

The couple bonded over skydiving and making crazy leaps in life, and Haley hoped their three dogs would get along.

At this point, all five Married at First Sight couples for Season 12 had been married.

Chris' father Christopher boasted to his son about how Paige is great and "has a nice shape," but Paige expressed concern to her friends that she was missing chemistry early on in her marriage.

"His vows were immaculate but he was looking at his paper the whole time," Paige shared. "I felt very disconnected."

Paige's bridesmaids, however, asked her to cut Chris some slack since Chris had been waiting at the top of the aisle for hours.

During wedding photos, Paige wished Chris would look at her more and they could open up to each other better, but she acknowledged Chris might have just been nervous.

When Haley was asked to reveal her favorite thing she had learned about Jacob so far, she just said in a little bit of a panic, "I don't know, I don't know." But Haley confessed she was still in shock about marrying a total stranger.


Haley and Jacob didn't want to kiss each other in front of their wedding guests, but they appeared to be on the same page about not wanting public displays of affection.

Haley felt positive and could tell Jacob was trying hard with her friends, so she planned to give the relationship her best effort and truly give her husband an honest chance.

When Paige and Chris shared their first dance, Chris complimented her smile.

"I think we match perfectly on paper, for sure. She is an accountant and I am a finance manager. I'm an entrepreneur, and so on paper, sh-t, that's together," Chris said.

Chris asked Paige if she's a girly-girl or Tomboy, and Paige expressed how she is somewhere in between and actually pretty low maintenance.

"You've got to take me as I am -- all of it," Paige told her husband.

"Oh for sure, I have to," Chris said.

"Well, you don't have to, but I hope you would," Paige replied.

"No, I have to because I want to," Chris assured her.

While enjoying dinner, Haley shared how she likes to travel for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Haley said she had been to six countries in the last year, including Thailand and Sweden.

Jacob, on the other hand, admitted he had just received his passport and had been to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Haley also said her brother previously lived with her for eight months and that's the only roommate she's had for the past two years. Jacob shared he had been living by himself with his dogs for a while in "a weird house" that's "very stylized."

Jacob told Haley that he turned his backyard into a beach and has a sauna, home gym, hot tub and more.

As Paige and Chris enjoyed their meal, Chris revealed he had moved to Atlanta because he had been homeless in South Florida. He said he went to finance and manager school in Arizona and then got hired for an entry-level job in South Florida.


Chris therefore said he rented a car and slept in it for almost four months.

"I believe God let me go through a little small, rough patch for whatever reason to humble me. And when I got hired here, my first check was like $12,000," Chris said.

Paige then asked Chris to divulge more details about his past engagement, and Chris admitted it's "a long story" and he hoped his wife would have time to listen. Chris said he and his ex didn't trust each other and he didn't feel like he had her "undivided attention."

"I did have my friendships, you know what I mean? Because I was missing companionship. I don't have any baggage. I don't have any kids or nothing, but I am going to be honest with you about my shortcomings and tell you what my weaknesses are," Chris said.

"My ego used to be bad, but I don't really have a big ego anymore. I try to learn from each relationship."

Chris then bluntly asked Paige if she's a virgin, and she said, "No, what made you think that?"

Chris joked it wouldn't matter because he's a great teacher, and Paige laughed. Chris asked Paige if she's affectionate -- which she replied "very" to -- and whether she has a high sex drive, which was a question Paige refused to answer in the moment.

"If you make me comfortable, I would definitely say I like intimacy," Paige said.

Chris told Paige that he had abstained from sexual activity for a while in order to enter their marriage with a pure mind and poor intentions, before asking whether she was on contraception. Paige responded with, "No," and Chris appeared surprised.

Chris' father gave a speech and said he always knew his son was going to be successful and he really hoped this marriage would work because he wanted to welcome Chris III and "little Crystal."

Later on, Vincent was shown talking to Briana's father Myron and insisting he was going to be a wonderful husband and son-in-law. He assured Myron that he would take care of his daughter and treat her with respect.

And Briana gushed that she was "so happy" because she could see herself loving and adoring her husband. Briana told her friend Kyerra that she definitely liked Vincent.

"I definitely believe he will take care of me... I don't trust people, but he's very comforting," Briana shared with her pal, adding that she was ready to take Vincent's last name "soon."

Virginia then warned Erik's groomsmen that she's late to everything and loves to party and go out to sporting events, concerts, EDM festivals and more. Erik's friends said Erik isn't the clubbing type because he enjoys just a nice dinner at home, for instance.


As Haley and Jacob got to know each other's relatives and friends, Erik told Virginia's mother that Virginia was "stunning" and definitely had the ability "to light up a room."

When Paige sat down with Chris' parents, Paige said he's handsome, driven and ambitious. Christopher said he was "impressed" with his new daughter-in-law, who is "amazing, very articulate and accomplished."

Christopher said Chris isn't phony and what she sees is what she gets. Paige asked for some advice, and Chris' mom said to take her time having babies and Christopher revealed "the master key" for his son is the touch of his wife after a long day of work.

"He wants to be intimate with his wife, and he doesn't want that to be once a month. Once you understand and grow together, he wants that to be pretty consistent," Christopher explained.

"Once you work and give out, you want to receive back. He's not really complicated -- being nonargumentative in being intimate."

Paige responded, "No I get it," and seemed a little bothered and frustrated.

Chris then revealed to Paige's bridesmaids he had proposed marriage to another woman in February and broke up a few months prior. Chris said it took him "a minute" to get over that relationship because it was "a whole complicated thing."

Paige's bridesmaid Nancy had a little bit of a pause after hearing that because she wanted to make sure Chris was fully ready for marriage and committed to her friend Paige.

"So Paige is different from the type of woman I'm used to," Chris told the girls. "[I'm used to] the opposite of Paige, like the real fritzy girls, pretty girls -- but you're fronting everything and paying for everything... like trophy wives."

Nancy said Paige is a trophy wife because she's aesthetically pleasing, but Chris disagreed until he acknowledged, "She's got the body of a goddess, for sure. It's there."

Chris then gushed to the cameras about how his wife has a "nice, fat azz."

Nancy explained that most guys saw Paige's body but not her soul or her heart, and Chris assured Paige's friends that he enjoyed talking to her.

"Paige is probably the woman I need but not the woman I wanted," Chris confessed to the bridesmaids. "I think on paper, it's there, but marriage is more than just careers and money."

Producers clearly asked Chris for some follow-up after that conversation, and so he admitted in a confessional, "So I am not 100 percent attracted to [Paige]. When I saw her initially, it was like, 'Oh f-ck! This is different from what I was used to!'"

"But just because that's not what I'm used to doesn't mean that I'm saying she's the opposite of being beautiful. That's not what I'm saying. It's just different, that's all. I think she's beautiful in her own way. I think she's beautiful -- in her own way."

Chris said his conversations with Paige were amazing and he predicted they could become best friends, but at the same time, he needed to figure out what he was attracted to.

Chris also continued to joke about "a honeymoon baby" with the girls, saying he has "a strong pull-out game."

Meanwhile, Clara's friend Heidi told Ryan that Clara is "big on the physical" and so she hoped he was good in that department. Ryan didn't know how to respond and laughed about how that would be a conversation to have with his wife.

And Virginia realized Erik matched her touchy, handsy nature, and Erik told his friends, "Dude, I'm all about it!"

Chris was shown telling his friends about how he noticed Paige's butt when he bent over to pick up her train. Paige said she was "definitely attracted" to Chris, but Nancy didn't like Chris' "honeymoon baby" comment since it was so soon after his first engagement.

Paige's bridesmaids shared how Chris clearly has a plan for his life and what he wants, and as long as Paige fits into that plan, things could be perfect.

But Nancy admitted to her friend, "You are so much more than a beautiful woman with ovaries, and he really needs to recognize that quick and keep his commentary [to a minimum]."

Paige's other bridesmaids, however, thought Chris meant well and just has a dry and inappropriate sense of humor.

"Every now and then he does something that makes me like him too," Nancy noted.

Clara then shared how she felt like her relationship with Ryan was "meant to be" and she was feeling very optimistic about their future together, and Jacob thought his wife was "awesome" and their wedding day "was a dream come true."

Paige said Chris is super charismatic, funny, lovable and God-fearing.

And Virginia called her big day "perfect." She said she felt so comfortable with Erik and couldn't wait to cuddle with her husband and talk to him all night.

On the wedding night, the grooms helped the brides get out of their dresses. Clara said laying with her husband in bed felt good and the sparks and chemistry would not be difficult for them.

"If sex happens, it happens. But maybe we'll keep that to ourselves -- we'll see!" Clara told the cameras with a laugh.

Chris complimented Paige's sexy sleepwear and finally felt "a vibe" with her. Chris thought Paige had a really nice body, and he said he was growing more attracted to her with every conversation.

And Briana was discovering how caring and supportive Vincent seemed to be. He checked off all of her boxes so far.

Haley's plan for the night was to pass out after a long, exhausting day, but Jacob had the urge to kiss his wife.

"I doubt we have any sex. I think we're still getting to know each other," Jacob said.

Virginia gave Erik the signs that she liked to be near him, and so Erik thought the attraction and physical type of stuff would come easy for them. Erik decided to let Virginia take the lead, but he was definitely feeling his wife.


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